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10% off Sitewide $75 Spend @ eBay


Just saw this on eBay's home page, details to follow as they come to hand, reports coming in from reliable sources that this will be 10% off Site wide. This is nocure signing off for OzB news.

Click the related tab above to see all PEARLER deals


  • Total discount is capped at $500 per transaction. Limit 2 transactions per person during the Offer Period. Multiple items can be purchased per transaction (up to 10).
  • The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
  • Excludes Bullion (178078), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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  • +17

    Any bargains?
    Does it have band 28?
    Does it comply with Australian electrical standards?

    We need to know more!

    • +3

      seller not located in aus

    • Qc35

      • running on eneloops

    • Sounds like grey imports are not for you.

    • +1

      You forgot to use bold

      • +1

        Damn & forgot to say everyone raised their prices by 11%….

        • +2

          No - only 9%, you typically get a very small discount on these sales.

    • +1

      TRS? (Because everyone who buys on ozbargain is about to go overseas!)

  • Beat me to it by 3 mins :-(

    • +16

      3 minutes is the difference between a free gym towel and a heap of eneloops in OzB time…

  • -1

    Crap! Just spent $500

    • +10

      You bought on ebay without a coupon?! :(

      • +3

        Yes. :( I know I failed at SYDNEY HOUSE PRICES.

        • +22

          Hand in your ozbargain membership

        • +3

          And all remaining unsmashed avocados

        • NO WAY ….

        • +1

          And all remaining uncharged Eneloops

        • +2

          @bti_jet: and your eneloops (from japan)

        • Anyone selling Sydney houses 🏡 on eBay? I might use a coupon then ;)

        • @user27:


        • +1


          Your willing to buy a house only to save $500, u also need to hand in your ozbargain membership

    • giftcards?

      • +1

        Dog food. Was on sale.

        • +3

          Was on sale.

          Correction - Is on more of a sale now

        • +1

          where do you get your dog food from Turd?

        • Time to stock up more Scooby Doo.
          Perfect for halloween trick or treat.

    • Pls handover your membership

    • +3

      Being an OB member, you should by now know the essential checklist before buying anything online:
      - Check cashrewards
      - Google "your item and ozbargain" to see if there are any deals
      - if purchasing on eBay, check to see when the last 10% or 15% deal was (or any other eBay deal) and decide whether it's worth waiting for the next one
      - Search for promo codes online and try them out

      • I did that! And used the 5% off voucher, had I known that 10% would be coming I would have waited.

        Oh well!

        • Same … I just bought a laptop using "PINCH5" (-_-)

  • +2

    Waits for inevitable: Get ready for the price jacking.

    • prices are jacked befor this deal even went up.
      some might double dip from last 20% deals

  • +5

    Was eyeing out LG V20 and LG G6. They have now been jacked up by $50.

  • +6

    Here I go spending again

  • +1

    Just for 1 day? Oh, so little time, so many decisions to make )

  • +3

    In before OB is filled with ebay deals.

  • +2
  • +7

    Just received an email saying 10% off everything 10am to midnight today only code PAINT max discount $500 min spend $75 but when I click on link in email it goes to the PEARLER one :) haha

    • +4

      I received the same email. If you go to the terms page for PAINT it has the offer period listed as '10.00 (AEST) on 4 September 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 8 September 2017'. So maybe an upcoming coupon?

    • +4

      Reported to the mods.

      • Aaaand banned. Thanks for your report, Scab.

  • Damn could've saved another $7 if I waited…

  • +1

    Cannot use this code for everything on eBay, it doesn't seem like sitewide discount

    got this error: "This code can't be applied to some of your items."

    • Maybe items are in currency other than AUD and/or item is international.

  • Oops…spent $3k a couple of days ago and used the 5% off coupon!

  • Anyone recommend a cheap 250ish or less tablet for my father, wants it to do spread sheets and work ect on the go.

  • -3

    Any iMac deals?

    • +9

      How about you hit the search button.

      • I have a track record of looking at deals that aren't deals, buy it and end up being told its not a deal :(

        • +2

          stop making a deal about it

        • Search for Product - filter based on Lowest Price + Postage - Apply code :)

          should guarantee you the lowest possible price for the model you searched

        • Deal with it! Hoohahahaha!

  • I have a large order I want to place ($994.33 after applying the 10%) with ACQM. The postage on the order is $170 and there is an option to "commit to buy" and send the order to the seller to calculate the postage.

    I have never done this before, and was wondering if you can apply the coupon after submitting to the vendor to calculate the postage?

    • What are you buying that costs $170 in postage ?

      • Its 25 items that each have a shipping cost attached to them.

    • If you're unsure, add it to your cart, then add the coupon before committing to buy.

      • I think our friend somerlott wants to know if the seller can commit to the postage price based on the current prices and then pay later when the coupon is live, that way the seller cant jack the prices and our friend can use the discounted coupon.

      • My question is, does the coupon entry form still appear at the checkout once you've "committed to buy" at x price?

  • -1

    I'm waiting for a sitewide 15% off deal. There were four such deals in June and then nada.

    C'mon TA, do something!

    • +1

      Hopefully don't have to wait for next EOFY deals to see higher offers again.

  • Now the usual question, Mobile Phones… Any good value S8 etc etc!

  • Some very tempting pricing on the Pana 65 OLED $4311 - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PANASONIC-65-OLED-4K-Ultra-HD-TV-...

    • +1

      d***p ( 5 ) AU $4,290.00 1 27-Aug-17 17:13:36 AEST lol

  • yay, finally a 10-20% off but not limited to $500!

    going to buy that big item ive had my eye on

  • -1

    Any dishwasher or fridges at good price?

    • +1


  • Well, ain't that a pearler.

  • I got an email for 10% till midnight but the code was PAINT, not PEARLER.

    • Second code?
      Double the "Limit 2 transactions per person"?
      Care to share? :D

      • I just assumed everyone got it.

  • I came across price matching that ebay are offering price matching could be useful to combine with this offer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/326925

  • Looks like $422.10 is the best you can get on an Nintendo Switch at the moment through the Target ebay store.

  • It sucks that it doesn't apply to suitcases as TRAVEL is a restricted category :(

    • +1

      Message the seller and get them to change the category it is listed in to "Clothing, Shoes, Accessories>Adult Unisex>Adult Unisex Accessories>Backpacks, Bags" :)

      They usually oblige unless it's like Myer or something you're trying to buy from.

  • Perfect timing. Had a couple of things I needed from eBay :)

  • About a day late as I just order $300 worth on ebay yesterday. All good though, just cancelled all those orders and re-order less $30. Thank you!

  • Nice deal BES870 $630 down to $567 :)

  • Looking cctv system. Any suggestions?

  • Cashrewards is down

    • +1

      Can you please elaborate. All systems are fine at my end.

      • +1

        Its back on now.

      • +1

        Three minutes it took TA to respond. Ever considered the fire brigade TA? Cash Rewards is spoilt by your service =)

        • +1

          lol, I'll stick with what I do best :)

  • Is tbis already started i thought someone said monday?

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