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20% off Click & Collect @ 31 Stores @ eBay


Another 20% coupon at eBay. Includes delivery despite the code.

Click the related tab above to see all PICKUP20 deals

To search for all stores in the sale, click the main link and scroll down to the searchbox with the blue button 'search the sale'. Picture

The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.

Please read the terms and conditions

Links to sale categories:
Kitchen & Dining
Small Appliances
Fashion & Beauty
Toys & Media
Sports & Fitness

The 38 included stores are as follows:


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  • Looking for Galaxy S8 64GB at good price

  • Was hoping pro.gadgets was on this list, need a Spigen case for my new phone…

  • +1

    any note worthy HDD deals or intel CPU deals etc ?

    SSDs ?

    • How'd you even find that

      • +1

        it will be here until someone buy it

    • i'll take all 4 of those sweet, sweet rims thanks :)..

  • -1

    ppl really find decent deal off these so-called-20% posts????

    • Philips Fidelio X2HR $255 through K.G Electronics. Only released in Australia last month. Retail for $400. Bargain.

      • You can get the X2 for under $200 (previous sale)

        • I know, these are the X2HR's. Same sound, improved materials, better resale value.

  • Is there any graphics cards in this sale can't seem to find one ?

    • +1

      None worth buying. Pretty lame for a 'tech' sale.

      • Thanks

  • Does anyone ever struggle checking out with PayPal using one of these codes? I tried to buy something a week or two ago and it just wouldn't work, after a bit of googling it seems it's been a common problem for years, just wondering if any fellow OzBag's have experienced it.

    • you can only use them so many times per paypal account(also minimum spending limits normally apply) and also limited selected items, once you go outside the targeted main page it will start searching into the normal products where seller don't hop on-board.

    • Yep. Ive got 2 items in my cart from the search the sale link above. Can't for the life of me work out how to get the code to work.

  • +3

    Ryda online are good for not jacking up prices. Last 20% off I picked up Garmin Fenix 5x for $760. Great watch very comfortable to wear. It retails between $850-1000.

  • +1

    Any TV deals?

  • Related events - 20% off selected kitchen and dining, 20% off selected small appliances and 20% off selected fashion and beauty, using PICKUP20.

    Also, would you recommend this? i7 8gb ram 2 in 1 for $719 - but that weight is a killer!!

  • -1

    Any specials on drones??

  • -1

    Any good price on Gear S3?

  • -1

    Any s8+ better deals? Or still hoping around $800

  • -1


  • +1

    Please don't post any deals for the Xiaomi Mi Robotic Vacuum that's lower than $349. Was happy with the purchase yesterday until I saw this code.

  • Is there any way to search for an item within this sale instead of the entire eBay?

    • 3rd comment down from the top.
      Credit to :

      Willy Orwontee
      search link(

  • -2

    Why do I keep clicking on these blanket deals, I haven't seen a single bargain after scanning through the items, yet 200+ votes!

    • You could always click on the Related deals to get examples. Just because you don't find anything of personal interest, doesn't mean no deals exist.

  • +3

    Just ordered something, can confirm that I was able to choose postage and still received the 20% discount (did not have to use Click & Collect) thanks OP!

    • And thanks for the confirmation mightyboost!

  • Any DJI Mavic flymore deals? Don't care if HK stock.

    • $1880 for a Mavic Fly More Combo is a pretty good price

    • -1
      • Just out of interest, the Mavic is more than 4x the cost of the 4k UpairOne+ that was advertised a couple of days ago. In what ways is it 4x better. Serious question. I saw the Upair only has a 2 axis gimble? (Guess the drone itself does the 3rd axis). But other stuff? cheers.

        • I don't have Upairone+ but it looks like dji Phantom 4/3, Mavic is smaller and foldable.

          dji have a nice app and easy to use. Return to home, waypoint, follow people etc2 which is quite good and easy to use.

          DJI frequently update their software but its hard to update it to the machine.

          I got the mavic, love it but too much regulation around.

        • Ive got the mav and the Xiaomi 4k, and the mav craps all over it.

          Range, Hovering stability, camera quality, camera adjustments etc

          Not 4x better but its just a better built drone, you get what you pay for. If you want to skimp on a drone, perhaps look into the Xiaomi 4k or Phantom 3 SE instead which is a little deaer then the Upair.

        • @BargainKen: Nephew has a Mavic. The collosion avoidance, ease of use and tracking were impressive. Price on the other hand! Upair + seems to get decent reviews on Youtube. Is the tracking system, collsion avoidance unique to Mavic?

        • @tunzafun001: no the spark has it also but it's not 4K. Gearbest have the Xiaomi for 413usd which gets you 4K and a 3axis gimbal with 25Min flight time. Not a huge premium over the upair.

          If you want a cheap mavic, Tomtop have the basic for 909USD Delivered.

      • Thanks mate!

  • Freaking Code not working for me….

    This code can't be applied to your order.


  • +1

    I can't figure out how to search for within these stores

    • Click the main link and scroll down to the white searchbox with a blue button saying 'search the sale':


      • +1

        I tried that and al the listed items I clicked were not from stores 'participating' in the sale.

      • +1

        nah, that one isnt working.

        • Any good now? It came up blank for me but refreshed and it's showing again. I'm on desktop. Should be approx 2 million listings:

          2,025,837 listings

          About 1.6 million of those are books from The Nile I think (Books, Magazines (1,642,432)).

        • @hamza23:

          Yes, it is working now

      • +1

        I click on 'go to deal', but for me the blue search box says "Search", not "Search the sale" as shown in your screenshot. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

        • Ah, okay. Do not use the 'go to deal' link. Instead, go to eBay homepage directly, click on the banner for the 20% sale, and then the 'search the sale' blue button shows.

        • +1


          Somehow they've messed it up again somehow, what you tried initially is supposed to work and was previously working. Going through eBay homepage directly and clicking on the banner is the same URL but it gives different searchbox.

          Edit: Now it works :/

  • Code worked for me but i chose free delivery thanks OP got a cpu cooler and 2 teddy bears

  • Is there a dash cam worth getting in this sale?

  • Hmm I used the search link earlier and found some Instax packs but now when I use the same link to search the stores there are no results

  • +2

    LOL @ this item - PriceJack Kings!

    New DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter with 4K Camera

    Before PriceJack: $2,038.79 - Less Sitewide 5% off -> $1936.86
    After PriceJack: $2,638.80 - Less 20% -> $2110.40.

    So it was actually cheaper pre-sale. These guys ought to be reported. Even JB's cheaper then that.

  • +4

    234 +ve but not a single deal posted lol …..

  • +1

    Something wrong with the search, I searched for LG G6 and came up with these result but the seller is not the list.

  • +2

    Looks like it's a bargain deal for the participating stores, not for the customers

  • What kind of company they are "phoneinc_estore" look at their price lol …

    $1249 for S7 Edge …. :p

  • Is this pickup only? Cause I'm looking at the list of stores thinking; I don't where any of them are.

    • Click and collect at Woolworths

    • It's not pickup only. It includes delivery despite the code.

  • +1

    Any thoughts on the Sunyee 4WD Awnings like this?

    They are cheaper than 4WD supacentre but look pretty much identical to me. Bigger than the Aldi one that is going on sale for over $120 this weekend too.

    • I would buy it at that price. I got mine from supercheapauto but with discount cards, code price match, etc; I was lucky I thought.

      Mine also has the led light, bargain here folks. Good find, just in time to be able to justify it with Father's day.

  • HELP!!

    I used the search the sale box. Added smoke alarm and LED downlights to cart. Total $48. Type in PICKUP20 at the bottom.
    It says the code can't be applied? Tried selecting and logging in to Paypal first, still no joy. No mention of minimum spend in T&C's?

    I have no luck with these Ebay poomotions.

    • +1

      What sellers are they from? Definitely in the list?

      Is your Paypal an Australian account?

      Does your Paypal and eBay account emails match?

      You can also try buying each item individually to see if just 1 item is the problem or both (you can use the code for 3 transactions).

      They are the most common reasons the code don't match. If still no good try eBay live chat or phone to get it sorted.

      • I used the search the sale link above. However,the Sellers aren't listed above.

        • Yeah, I had the same issue. The search window seem to pull up hits from sellers that aren't on the list sometimes.

  • Any good UPS deals that anyone has spotted?

  • +3

    This 20% off sale is terrible, I can't find anything worth that impulse buy.

  • Any 3D printing filament shop for this deal?

  • Got an Lenovo Y27g curved 27" gaming monitor for $500, half the price from Lenovo store.

  • can not get code to work.. 100% supported store "thesupportersstore" - $159 product.. select paypal, enter code - Your code cannot be applied to your order. Doesnt matter if i select pickup or delivery.. frustrating useless sale

  • Got a DJI Mavic Fly More from shoppingsquare, brought the price down to a pretty competitive amount (AU $1,423.96).

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