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20% off Click & Collect @ 31 Stores @ eBay


Another 20% coupon at eBay. Includes delivery despite the code.

Click the related tab above to see all PICKUP20 deals

To search for all stores in the sale, click the main link and scroll down to the searchbox with the blue button 'search the sale'. Picture

The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.

Please read the terms and conditions

Links to sale categories:
Kitchen & Dining
Small Appliances
Fashion & Beauty
Toys & Media
Sports & Fitness

The 38 included stores are as follows:


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    nice .. pickup

  • +85
    • +6

      Not worth looking now though, look tomorrow 10am to see what prices have been jacked.

      • +5

        Can't we add shit to our cart now, get all lubed up at 9:55am, and then buy it on the dot of 10am?

      • +31

        Well its worth to check prices now and take screenshots then when they jack the prices up tomorrow take more screenshots and report to ACCC. That is the only way to fix these fraudsters believe me….

        • +1


        • +11

          Haha, we haven't had the old price jacking/ACCC comment for a while.
          Just waiting for the Amazon comment now.

        • +7

          @WatchNerd: You missed it. 32 mins before this comment… it's only just below…

          mit commented on 20% 'Selected Tech' at eBay
          ffs. I don't understand why they haven't just done an indefinite one that resets every 2 weeks and name the code "20OFFuntilAMAZON"

        • +2

          @pegaxs: Oh yeah, it was well hidden. My night is complete now.

        • -1

          Everyone is too lazy to do anything about it except complain on OzB every single f'ing time!!!

        • +14

          @bricabrac89: Nah I have made complaints every time someone jacks up their price….I have put in about 6 complaints so far…Only if we did get enough complaints against a single Seller, ACCC would definitely pursue it…
          Why do you think Kogan doesn't get involved in any of these ebay sales anymore? Check this out :

          The system does work, we just need to get more complaints in…

    • Thanks as always

    • +1

      How do you find these search links?

      • +1

        You can create them by editing a similar search and replacing the store names in the url.

    • You are an appreciable fellow.

    • One or more of the seller user IDs you entered was not found.


    • -1

      When I use the search box it returns results from every store it seems

      • +1

        Happened to me on mobile, worked on desktop.

      • +2

        Happened to me returned results with stores not on the list.

    • You the real MVP

    • +54

      Let me fix that for you…

      Oh look, another 5% off price jacking eBay sale pointless comment by Orpheus.

      • -21

        Oh look, another biased, bluepilled tightarse comment silencing the truth, that he gets away with due to popularity.

        • +8

          Tightarse is popular because they post lots of deals and don't make shitposts.

          You, Orpheus, on the other hand, seem to enjoy collecting neg votes and have made 5 posts since your 2008 join date.

        • +5

          Yeah. He's one that cannot be talked against. Getting a nice list together of which people and places are the chosen few. Saves me time when I couldn't be bothered having a troll fight while trying to offer some advice or assistance.
          And everytime, the first thing people attack is your post count. Just because we don't post every email deal that gets sent to us like most seem to be doing doesn't mean we don't contribute to this site.

        • @d1s34s3d: While I understand where you're coming from, saying "Oh look, another 5% off price jacking eBay sale." is not "trying to offer some advice or assistance".

        • +2

          @BradleyDS2: I have never said that once. Never ever. I was merely commiserating with Orpheus as to the way the community treats people who may make a non favourable comment on the chosen few people/stores. Regardless of offering advice or assistance.
          I personally hate seeing the "oh no they jacked the prices up again!!" comments as much as I hate the "I just spent x amount of dollars yesterday" and can someone find me this product cos Im too lazy to search myself.

        • Haven't you learned?
          Life is a popularity contest!

        • @pegaxs:

          Orpheus isn't wrong, these Ebay post's should be curbed as they're just spam. Long term members who don't post much make up 99.9% of Ozbargains population, without them there would be no purchases to make this site what it is - maybe attacking this group isn't such a great move.

          Top points to the effort people expend compiling & posting these by the way, love your work even if I grow tired of the "Ebay Specials".

          Mod edit: Removed personal attack

      • +18

        Why are you sticking up for price jacking? it's very clearly happening with a lot of stores no one can deny it isn't happening at all.

        • +1

          Price jacking happens literally everywhere. As with every other eBay post there are plenty of genuine bargains. Can you say the same about every other sale posted on OzBargain?

        • +3

          Because he works for cashrewards. The more they jack the prices the more he gets out of it.

        • +5


          20% 'Selected Tech' at eBay

          Because he works for cashrewards.

          They're not even the same company? eBay don't jack the prices… the stores themselves do. Someone always has to take a stab at TA in every eBay post.

        • +2

          @Clear: oh. You hadn't noticed how he constantly reminds everyone not to forget cashrewards?? Must be only me who seems to see it constantly then.
          And I'm not having stab at him. I was merely stating why he would justify price jacking. If I were in his position. I would do the same. Maybe.

        • +2

          @d1s34s3d: Yeah in Store Rep posts which are limited to 1-4 posts a week. You can actually get banned for circumventing the post count rule and the mods are very good at picking up on it.

        • +2

          @Clear: you forgot the *

          • unless you are the chosen few

          It's been shown and pointed out multiple times before and still nothing gets done. Don't ask for proof or where. Im not that passionate about it to be bothered searching for the instances I recall seeing.
          Oh wait. In store rep posts. Missed that part as I'm only half reading what replies are. But that's only when he tells us about the amazing 0.1% extra increase for the week. When he posts about anything else he is allowed to advise people about the cashrewards program as it isn't directly related to the post.
          It's annoying but that is all.

        • +4


          Don't ask for proof or where.

          Because there is none?

        • -2

          @Clear: yep. Go with that. Sounds awesome.
          As a brief pointer. On a few of the posts he put up on ozbargain. In the comments.

        • @Clear: not literally. Practically maybe. Almost yes. Definitely not literally.

        • @d1s34s3d:

          When he posts about anything else he is allowed to advise people about the cashrewards program as it isn't directly related to the post.

          Anyone is allowed to promote their 3rd party websites within our guidelines and limits. We have a number of companies post for their 3rd party websites regularly.

          Example - Fashionlane
          Example - Pressstart

          The limits can be anything from 3 times a week to once a month depending on the vote average of previous third party posts.

          For deals:

          Guide for Third-Party Site Operators

          If you wish to link or mention your site, place the link to the relevant page of your website at the bottom of the description

          Such deals are subject to referral posting limits determined by vote average of past 'Third Party' deals, similar to the store rep posting limits

          These posts have 'third party' tag (previously 'referrer') on them and all third party posters are subject to those same posting limits.

          For comments:

          Store Representative Expected Behaviour

          Representatives are free to participate in other posts as long as they don't
          Promote or link to their own store, website or products that they sell.

          Any store representative linking to any store/website they are associated with will automatically be blocked from posting until a moderator actions that report, our procedure is 1 final warning and then penalty box time for subsequent offences.

          All limits, guidelines and similar are automated and the same for every company/user. Should you have any concerns or similar please contact mods and please avoid making any accusation against individual members, genuine concerns should be reported.


        • -6

          @hamza23: is there a tl;dr version?

        • -2

          @nocure: cool. Good work g. Now search for a non specific version of what I said. I have been known to adlib a bit when quoting people for dramatic effect.
          And if you're in a searching mood, there's a fair few people while already asked for assistance in using eBay's search engine. Can you help them too?

        • @nocure: oh you fibber. You didn't even check. I found one quite quickly in the link you posted.

        • @d1s34s3d:

          That post is marked as "referrer" and the reference to CR is part of the description NOT a random comment.

        • -6

          @nocure: seems to be a misunderstanding here than. The comments I refer to back up there was I reference to proof of people calling him out and feeling nothing was being done. Maybe it was all above board according to the automatic rules as listed by our lovely moderator, hamza23. Maybe it was a loophole someone was pointing out that was being exploited. I don't really recall the specifics, only there was an outcry by multiple people and no mods stepped in to provide information for or against the claims.

          My reference to don't forget cash rewards was to him pushing to get more money from the kickbacks. A completely separate scenario that seems to have been blended into one. I'll take the blame for the blending. As stated previously I'm not really that into proving or what not as it's a repetitive annoyance to me and that is all. Not unlike a persistent fly on a summer day.
          I was hoping for more of an entertaining exchange of comments when I bit back before but it's been a little disappointing. Too much having to explain things.

        • @d1s34s3d: Don't we all remind each other to use cashrewards?

          Would you rather we say "Don't forget to buy the item you want and then later regret not getting an extra amount in cashback!"

        • -4
      • Reported for personal attack.

        • -1

          Reported for useless comment

        • +1

          @BrodenIt: No such thing.

  • +26

    ffs. I don't understand why they haven't just done an indefinite one that resets every 2 weeks and name the code "20OFFuntilAMAZON"

    • +1

      Haha.. Burn…👏👏👏

    • -5


  • +12

    So sick of these pricejack scams

    • +5

      Have you tried the search bar that eBay provides? I may stand corrected here, but if you go there and type "LG V30" in there and hit search, then select "sort by lowest price + postage" that may have been quicker than making a post on this site and asking everyone else to do it for you. Less typing, no waiting for replies. Just sweet sweet search results…

  • +1

    DM removes some of their whisky during these promos :-(

    • +14

      I think you drank too much if you think it falls under 'tech'…

      • Ah so luckypetsupplies sells iPaws, Tamagotchi, etc?

        • No they don't. You're thinking of thevetshed.

      • +1

        Couldn't get drank - DM removed my favourite whisky during 10% site wide off…

        • +2

          Well you could have fooled me, you certainly appear 'drank' :P

  • +7

    Doesn't seem to be a tech sale only


    and few others don't seem to have anything to do with tech

  • any premade gaming pcs around 1k?

    • +2

      If you're spending 1k you'll most likely be better off building it yourself. More customisation so it suits your needs much better and usually cheaper.

      • Some people couldn't bothered or have zero interest in building custom rigs.

        • +8

          This is Ozbargain though, you're going to get helpfull comments like that, advising members how to save money.
          It's what this awesome website is all about.

        • @WatchNerd: Aww, thanks. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now ♥

        • +1

          That's the cheap whisky from Dan Murphys.

    • just build a nice rig around ryzen1500 for 900$ 1050ti as well.

      • yeh just youtube this. you'll be done in an hour.

  • +1

    I can't seem to find anything to buy in the 20% off deals in the past 6 months.

    • +9

      Sounds like you've got a pretty good life.

  • Any raspberry pi deals?

  • Please note may be Click&Collect only will update when it is known.

    Whilst the code does hint at this, it appears that not all of the listed merchants support click and collect.

  • +13

    LOL just checkout the Gopro hero 5 (item in the thumbnail for this deal) at sydneytec's store, its (profanity) $658, you can get these in JB for $500 (standard price), and good guys currently have them for $470 on their ebay store, which you can use one of the 10% Ebay discount codes to get down to ~ $425.

    What a joke

  • +2

    eBay must be desperate trying to make a sale

    They do so many sales these days, kind of like a whore who is always on sale

    • +13

      Can you the provide link for the 'whore who is always on sale' just want to see if it's a bargain :)

      • +4

        Also interested….
        ….for research reasons

  • Any reputable sellers on that list sells CPU and motherboards?

  • +1

    Any qc35? Thanks

  • -1

    Good time to get a moderately priced drone?

    • Yes.

      • +2

        The is a clinical reply.

        • Are you after suggestions for drones, suggestions for retailers or something else?

          Also, what's your budget?

    • Don't know what you consider moderate but $1880 for a Mavic Fly More Combo is a pretty good price

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