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Bauhn 65"/165CM Ultra HD 4K TV $797 @ ALDI


Looks like a decent price.
If anyone has the specifications it would be awesome as i dont see anything listed in the catalogue.

Display Device: 65” (165cm) Ultra High Definition LED LCD TV
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
HDMI version: 2.0
HDCP version: 2.2
Viewing Angle: 176 (H) / 176 (V)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Speaker Output Power (RMS): 2 x 8W
Multimedia Playback
Format under USB Mode:
Music: MP3, AAC
Text: TXT
Power Source: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 220W
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Without stand: 1465 × 87 × 849 mm
With stand: 1465 × 305 × 849 mm
Net: 21 kg
Gross: 26.8 kg

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  • Are these tv any good? have they still got the long boot time and long time between channel change?

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      Aldi has had about 10 different 65 inch Tv's. Some smart some not. You'd have to know what model people are talking about because some of the early versions and smart versions were crap, but others not so bad.

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      I've got a 65" 4K dumb TV from their previous deals. It's fantastic for the price. From memory they came with one of 3 panels, ranging from shithouse with vertical bands all over the place to pristine with crystal picture. The beauty is if you turn it on and you got the dodgy panel, just take it back and swap it within 60 days no questions asked.

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    Yeah I got one of these and it has a pretty long boot up. Also the input lag makes it impossible to play any games on it. Speaker are pretty bad so have to get a sound bar. Picture quality is not the best but does the job.
    enjoy salvation episode 10

    • just finished Salvation Episode 10.. :) there's more to come.. i thought it was the end of the season

      • 3 more episodes to go.
        Awesome first season so far.

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    The family have one of these and it handles stock 4K footage pretty well, rubbish upscaling, slow but forgivable load times, and has average file format support. Also Contrast isn't flash hot (then again I've seen OLED in store so anything else looks poor now hahaha)

    For the price though it does represent great value for those on a budget or looking for a TV to fill a spare room but don't think it will be as good as a big branded TV (that for this size can cost $2k and upwards). The cheapest 65" I would consider would be the Hisense N7 which has been on special between $2000-2100 recently.

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    You can never tell if the ALDI tech is any good. Its a different supplier under the Bauhn badge every few months.

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    This does not appear to be a "Smart TV" and frankly it's probably all the better for that. Use a Chromecast, Media Player or HTPC etc!

    I bought one of these last year as an addition (see below). I already owned a Soniq 65" 4K Smart TV which is ok as a TV but the Smart features are poor. Still for $999 with a 3 (now 4 after a survey) warranty I'm ok with that. This was for our downstairs HTPC room where we really only play content from a server or occasionally from FTA. It does the job.

    As an addition for upsatairs, the Aldi TV worked ok for a while but died after a few weeks. This may have been because our A/C unit dripped some water in but who knows? I think not but can't prove. In any case, it was refunded without question and was picked up from home. I also tried a $799 "Polaroid" from Big-W. It was terrible…. Interesting the same company serviced both Aldi and Polaroid. Make of that what you will.

    In the end I bought a Changhong 65" 4K (non-Smart) from Binglee and it's been brilliant. It cost £799 in their January sale but was only $999 normally. It has a 3 year warranty, ARC works great with my Yamaha receiver, light consistency across the screen is very acceptable and comparable to many big brand names I come across every day. I also checked the Warranty return logs before purchase (sales guy was ok with showing me) and out of several thousand sold, only 3 had been returned.

    Summary - try the Aldi. It may well be fine and has a 60 day return policy. If not, give the Changhong a go. I was impressed and would recommend to anyone.

    • Was about to buy the same Changhong TV you mentioned, but the box wouldn't fit in the car.. So had to buy a 55inch Hisense 😭 great TV though

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    I purchased the Sep 2016 version and it is still going good. Picture quality out of the box is pretty bad but once I adjusted it according to the discussion in whirlpool forum (https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2565368) then the colour for 4K looks fine. Youtube 4K contents look great as well. Sound is really tinny and you'd need external speaker for it. Also, it is not very good for free to air TV if you plan to watch non HD channels. For the money, it is a good TV however as Burnertoasty pointed out, Aldi frequently changes their suppliers so this model could be completely different to mine. Worst case scenario, you can return it according to Aldi's 60 day return warranty. Just make sure you keep the box for 60 days.

  • I bought a Bauhn 55" UHD 9 months ago and love it. From memory it was only $470. Blacks aren't great, but go on youtube and load up a demo 4K video and it looks epic!!
    By the way, mine's a non smart TV. No issue for me as you are so much better off just paying $100 and getting a Chromecast ultra. Much better than any smart TV.
    My advice: you have 60 days money back. Just buy it and if you dont like it or any better deals come up in the next 2 months you can just return it.

  • I bought a bauhn 55 inch model atvs-0316 but I sold it. It had 4 problem: i couldn't access the service menu, the image cut off when running ps4 pro or pc at [email protected], the does not do chroma 4:4:4 only 4:2:0 so it was not compatible with 2160p rgb and, for the last, o audio out plug p2 did not connect the cable correctly. I bought from a second hand and sold it again. I would buy it again but only if it does 4:4:4 chroma

  • Upvote for your browser open to OzBargain in the background, OP. Not a vote for this telly, though. Free-to-air broadcasting is unwatchable on these Aldi Bauhn 65"/165CM Ultra HD 4K TV's. Took mine back the next day. The B sticker from the BAUHN logo on the bottom bezel came off when I unboxed mine, so watch out for that if you get one.

    • Ahh I was looking at getting these for the parents to watch normal free to air TV. What's so bad about it?

      • I have one and wouldn't say it's unwatchable, but sd FTA is quite blocky, ESP if watching something like AFL. Watching news, regular tv shows is acceptable though.

        With the 60 day no questions asked return policy you can always get it and return it if you don't like it.

      • Free-to-air SD content was horribly smudged due to overly aggressive upscaling and HD free-to-air content looked like decent SD content.

        The picture broke up into blocks every few minutes which is a digital reception issue, so I could only conclude that the tuner in these Aldi TV's are crap. None of the other TV's in my house have reception issues. But YMMV. Good luck.

        • the reason is standard tv shows that are broadcasted are streamed at 576p or 576I, which is slightly better than sd 480P, and who watchs youtube at 480p anyhow. however these tv's are natively 3840x2160 or 2160p, and thus have to upscale the content to take up 4 pixel spaces. Then we have funky broadcast formats like 576I and 576P, which unlike hd 2160p/720p=3 pixels, which means it just enlarges them easily, these funky formats do not equal a whole number, and thus smudge horribly 2160p/576p=3.75 pixels.

  • Damn was hoping it would be good as some sort of monitor for gaming and connecting to a pc or laptop.

    Trying to find a decent 4k TV 55-65" no need for HDR just low input lag and semi decent picture quality and 4:4:4 chroma.

    Will be using it mainly as a large gaming monitor and YouTube display for 4k videos.

    • And you won't find one under $1,000 with those specs.

      • I know. The closest decent one near that price is a Hisense N6 55" 4k but not sure if the upscaling and or if it even has HDR is up to scratch at $1098. The 50" is $998 but I already told myself 55" minimum 65" ideal and above is dream buy status.

        • I have the 60 inch tv from the last sale, My system runs butter smooth on it. Although i spent 3k on my gaming system, the input lag is not noticeable unless you have gotten used to a 120hz monitor, it also makes it easier to get headshots in h1z1 with the 1km distance fights, makes them a couple pixels larger.

        • @Kingsunnys: which the hisense n6? Oh I didn't know they made then in 60 inches I thought only 50 and 55

          Yeah a nice solid 4k TV is on my radar for gaming for the next couple of years just kind of hard which one to choose from.

          There's bargain budget ones which will man I can get my gaming rig built and up and running faster but then there might be done drawbacks like poor picture quality or bad light bleeding or something.

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    Well over substantial time your average television improves in price, sound and quality not just its appearance. Not only your typical familiar brands, just give it some time. I am sure that has been noticeable not?

    Look at it this way, your other 65 inch television costs 4 folds, at this tiny small sufficient price packed with more than enough feature surely it is sn outstanding product, even hisense does not offer near this price, if you really wanted it any cheaper perhaps waiting for it to be available on Aldi/ eBay and further applying an discount code in near future.

  • Would be a great monitor. Mine's a 65" 4k Soniq.

  • +1

    Would not consider another Bauhn TV again after the 65" I bought last year lasted about a fortnight before blowing its power supply. Tech came out and declared it a write-off, so I opted for a full refund and purchased a slightly more expensive LG. Was not impressed with the picture or sound quality of the Bauhn either. People were talking it up at the time as being "good enough" so maybe my standards are just too high.

  • I bought the 65" Bauhn TV last Sep from Aldi and ended up returning it a few months later due to intermittent flickering. The build quality is quite poor - I had to tighten screws at the top to resolve light bleeding. I ended up spending a bit more and bought the Hisense 65M7000.

  • I got the 4k 65" about a year ago and have been happy with it.

  • I got one from the September sales last year and overall I'm happy with the TV for what I paid for it. FTA is blocky and hard to watch, but PS4/XB1S on it is pretty decent. 4K content from the XB1s and my son's computer is decent and good to look at, at least to my eyes.I don't notice much lag while playing games and I was lucky with the panel that I got.

    I have set it up as per the Whirpool thread (as mentioned above) and it is much better for it.

    I also had a decent sound bar that I use and have ARC setup on the unit and XB1s.

    And as mentioned, with the 60 day return policy you don;t have much to lose really!

  • -1

    had both —-much prefer the Viano 65" with 2yr Warranty $2 dearer

  • Whats in Stores

    48" 4K Ultra High Definition LED LCD Smart TV
    58" 4K Ultra High Definition LED LCD Smart TV
    65” 4K Ultra High Definition LED LCD Smart TV


    Link to 65" setup but not working yet

    • I have the catalogue here every other price they list is correct but the TV.
      here is all the catalogue specials

      • I'd say triple m stuffed up

  • +1

    Looks to be almost exactly the same as the model from last September aside from a higher response time (9.5ms vs 8ms).

    Full Specifications from the manual:

    Display Device 65” (165cm) Ultra High Definition LED LCD TV
    Resolution 3840 x 2160
    Brightness 300 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio 4000:1
    Response Time (gtg) 9.5ms
    HDMI version 2.0
    HDCP version 2.2
    Viewing Angle 176H/176V
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Speaker Output Power
    (RMS) 2 x 8W
    Multimedia Playback
    Format under USB Mode
    Video AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, TS, MKV
    Music MP3, AAC
    Photo JPG/JPEG
    Text TXT
    Power Source AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption <220W
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    Without stand: 1465 × 87 × 849 mm
    With stand: 1465 × 305 × 849 mm
    Net 21 kg
    Gross 26.8 kg

    Link to product: http://www.bauhn.com.au/product-listing/65-ultra-high-defini...
    Link to manual: http://www.bauhn.com.au/_literature_160069/ATV65UHD-0917_IM
    Link to getting started guide: http://www.bauhn.com.au/_literature_160068/ATV65UHD-0917_GSG

  • +3

    Picked one up this morning, no complaints, absolutely awesome tv.

  • Got one too, tooooooo big for my room.

  • Anyone who bought it - what kind of media have you put on it. Free to air? Gaming? Media Players? a mini review would be great

  • I bought this TV.

    This TV is NOT a smart TV. It does have a USB drive input which is OK for .mkv files. The media player for USB does not allow moving to a certain point in movie. All you can use is FFWD. Reverse does not work.

    My 4k samples from 4ksamples did not load. I use it with my laptop for now.

    Sound is good.
    Screen is good and large.
    No HDMI cable supplied.

    Very happy with the TV.

    • Chromma 4:4:4?

      • No idea about Chroma settings. I did not change anything or adjust the factory settings.

  • Just bought one of these over the weekend and so far I'm loving it. However I'm not able to control the volume with the tv remote after connecting an external speaker via the 3.5mm jack.. anyone knows how to workaround this?

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