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AmEx Shop Small - Spend $20 and Get $10 Statement Credits (up to 5 Times) [November 2017]


This year, you can earn $10 statement credits from up to 5 different participating small businesses, as opposed to 10 like back in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Registration Link

Edit (2/11): 100,000 card enrolments reached.
Edit (3/11): 18,000 more cards can be enrolled.
Edit (6/11): 118,000 card enrolments reached.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Save the offer to your eligible Card between 31 October 2017 and 30 November 2017.
  • Limited to the first 118,000 Cards to save the offer.
  • Spend $20 or more on the eligible Card in one transaction in-store at participating small businesses listed
    on between 1 November 2017 and 30 November 2017 to receive a $10 credit. Offer is limited to five credits per registered Card, with no more than one credit per participating small business.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly at participating small businesses. For example, purchases made through a third party such as a department store (e.g. David Jones, Myer or PayPal).
  • Excludes online purchases and gift cards.
  • Business Cards that are affiliated with a wholesaler partner, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Government Cards, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Corporate Meeting Cards, Corporate Cards and David Jones Storecards are excluded.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from date of qualifying spend.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is subsequently refunded or cancelled.

Full Terms and Conditions
OzBargain Shop Small Event Tag. Past deals, forum discussions etc.
Shop Small Map & Wiki including Opal & Myki Top Up Locations
Spreadsheet of locations thanks thydzik

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (7)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points

Centurion Personal Charge Card: random (1)

Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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closed Comments

  • What's a good AMEX card

    • +13

      No fee - American Express Essentials
      Low fee - Platinum Edge
      Higher fee - Explorer card/Qantas Ultimate/Velocity Platinum

      HIGHER HIGHER FEE- Platinum Card.

      • what's a good card for an 18 yo ?

        • +1

          Platinum Edge

        • @John Kelvin: thank you

        • +6

          @Savas: Getting one of the high fee cards for the first year might make sense, because Amex only let you get a signup bonus if you haven't held any of their cards for 18 months. (Cancel and apply for the plat edge after the first year, or cancel and wait 18 months.)

        • +3


          Well it's a bit uncommon for a 18 year old to be earning $65k too, thats one of the requirements for the Explorer Card.

        • +33

          what's a good card for an 18 yo ?

        • +2

          I would say the David Jones card is better than the Platinum Edge card just for the points and lower fees.

        • +3

          The Platinum Card, comes with +5 to getting girls stats.

        • +1

          @Speedz: Ah yeah, that's a thing.

        • +1

          @endgame: I got points bonus for upgrading from standard to platinum DJs AMEX ^_^

        • +1

          Yeah more near impossible, they're still in school.

        • +2

          None; don't get a credit card if you're 18.

        • +1


          How do you figure that? DJ Amex points aren't worth as much as Ascent Amex points. When the points are converted to a common denominator, the DJ Amex only beats the Edge for spend at DJ's (which you can work around by using the Edge to buy DJ gift cards), and service station spend (which you can work around for Coles and WW). EDIT: This assumes that you take the Qantas points option. It looks even worse otherwise, unless you're chasing Starpoints.

          As for the annual fees, $195 for the Edge, and you get a $200 travel credit. The DJ Amex is $99, and you only get a couple of basic perks at DJ's.

          Or am I missing something?

        • @suicine94:

          Not sure what you're talking about.

        • @nightelves:

          I would say the David Jones card is better than the Platinum Edge card just for the points and lower fees.

          He was asking you in relation to this comment. How did you come to the conclusion that DJ card > Platinum Edge?

        • @illumination:

          Then what do you make of this comment? The Platinum Card, comes with +5 to getting girls stats.

        • @Colin2905:

          You're correct I'm chasing starpoints so I value DJ Amex more.

        • @nightelves:

          Clearly a joke comment and wasn't taken seriously by me.

          Do you mean you were joking about DJ AMEX > Plat Edge?

          edit: Ah, from a Starpoints pov. Otherwise I definitely think Plat Edge > DJ Amex

        • +1


          I've had great success with Starpoints and close to getting my 3rd Marriott travel package so hence why I favour starpoints more.

        • @nightelves:
          Hi Nightelves,

          May I know which airline miles do you get with Marriott package? I am looking into this now and feel hard to choose between BA Avios and Alaska.

        • @kenl:

          I suggest reading about the advantages and disadvantages of those two airlines on pointshack

        • @nightelves: I love starpoints too…though haven't used the Marriott package yet, but have booked a 5 night stay in an Island cottage at Maldives which is currently going for A$5K over xmas for 111K SPG or about 212 Amex MR points and have booked another 5 night stay at Disney World Orlando for about 80K MR points fetching approx A$2K.

        • @endgame:

          Does this apply to bank issued AMEX card?

        • @Craze: Generally, no. If you only have a bank-issued Amex you can often apply for an Amex-issued Amex and get the bonus points.

        • @endgame: best advice. I only wished I had seen this before. My only regret with amex is applying for essential card first and thus ineligible for the huge sign-up bonus for explorer. Beating my head everyday for this rookie mistake

        • +1

          @Jared17: Yeah well I missed the 110K explorer bonus in favour of taking 80K velocity through a mate's referral link. We all make mistakes while we're learning.

          It's shop small season this month but after that it might be worth dropping the amex and waiting the 18 months to get a signup bonus. Or calling up Amex and saying you're thinking of moving to a better card but only if you can get the bonus. (I don't know if it actually works, but it's worth a try.)

        • @endgame: I was tempted to drop it after the last SS. But chickened out as I wasn't sure the huge bonus points offer would still be available after 18 months and/or if my application would get accepted at that time. My employment.situation can be volatile.

          Might try the second option but I did ask CS before abt the bonus points and they reaffirmed only for new customers unfortunately.

      • +1

        Can one person apply two different cards?

        • +2


          You can have a maximum of 2 AMEX Primary Credit Cards issued by American Express.
          You may also have an additional one "Charge" Card issued by American Express.

          Bank-issued credit cards do not count towards this quota.

        • +3

          and to add what the gentleman above is saying, you can also add someone else as supplementary to your amex cards, no limit to that and each one has different card numbers and should be eligible for the offer.

        • +1

          @tajid: Is there any age limits? My kids are younger ;)

        • +1

          @AG1304x: seems to be 18 minimum. The cat is almost eligible.

    • +7

      I'd also add the Qantas Discovery and Velocity Escape cards in the no fee category too :)

    • Jumping on this - what would be the AMEX with the lowest income requirement? For someone without another credit card (I've only used Mastercards).

      • Lowest is 35k.
        Qantas Discovery

      • +1

        Amex with the lowest income requirements are the no-fee cards : Qantas Discovery ($35K), followed by Amex Essential or Velocity Escape (both $40K). Only Amex Essential gives a $50 bonus ($75 bonus via referral) to the applicant (after $750 spend in first 3 months). Info about Amex Essential and Qantas Discovery.

        The current Velocity Escape post is a bit inaccurate - there is no longer 7500 Velocity points given Edit: reported and post now expired.

        Check the website direct if interested in the Velocity Escape card.

        Note that income is based on household gross (pre-tax) annual income.

        • Can I use my parents' income to bolster my own? I live under their roof but my income is a little short of $35k.

        • -1

          @niggard: I would think so - according to this

          Household income is a measure of the combined incomes of all people sharing a particular household or place of residence.

          But just to be sure, perhaps give Amex a call to confirm.

        • @bluesky: it would be good to get some new cards to offset the abysmal CBA awards card/s I currently hold under my own income and name. If I can use my old man's income to supplement mine, I can have much nicer credit cards!

        • +1

          @niggard: use his money too and you can have much nicer things!

        • Note that Amex does not just assess household income; I tried to refer my stay at home mother wife to get the Velocity Platinum a year or so back during a promo (100k for her, 60k for me) and they wouldn't let it go through, in spite of the household income being well over that.

          Also looking at the eligibility on the platinum edge right now it's explicitly mentioning personal income

          I have a personal gross (pre-tax) annual income of $50,000 or more

        • @elyobo:

          Website says different

          I have a personal or household gross (pre-tax) annual income of $50,000 or more


        • +2

          @elyobo: Most likely for circumstance where applicant's income satisfy a large portion, and a small portion from household income to cross threshold required. I cannot imagine them allowing the majority income to be from other household members. I looked within Amex site for exact definition/clarification when niggard asked the question, but found none. That is why I suggested to check with them.

        • @bluesky: Not sure how accurate/true this is (although it sounds logical) because I have a friend who got an AMEX approved for her mum as the primary applicant even though she earns $0 income (i.e. it was approved based on household income).

        • @illumination: Very interesting …

        • @bricabrac89: My quote was also from their website


          I have a personal gross (pre-tax) annual income of $50,000 or more

          My point is not that they won't necessarily take it, just that it's a grey area and that they will use their discretion; household income alone is not necessarily enough.

        • @niggard:

          Unfortunately no. I called them to ask exactly this, but they define "household income" as joint income between you and your spouse.

        • Please note as of today (31/10/17) Amex Essential no longer gives the $50 bonus ($75 bonus via referral).

    • Amex Explorer is great. $395 annual fee but you get $400 travel credit per year anyway. I'm sure all of us travel even for a weekend at least once a year so it's great value.

  • +3

    Nice, reminder is set.

  • +7

    Finally!! Almost the whole year without Amex shop small.

    • I thought we had our usual weekend mini one in June or July.

      • +1

        Not this year we didn't. Last year was awesome. This year seems to have died down.

        • Ahhh yes. I got confused with the Mid Year deal. Doh.

  • +1

    2 months away?

    • +1

      Yeah I know, and closer to the actual registration start date and November itself we will be reporting heaps of duplicate posts etc. Sometimes I'd like to just have the ability to bring older posts like this back up to the front page as it it was freshly posted on the first day of the registration.

      As it is, I have to rely on the subscribe and register buttons to keep front of mind.

      • It is in the front of my mind every minute of everyday. I will be exhausted by 31 Oct. :(

        • It is good to give notice so people can organise additional card holders. I will for sure add wife for some of my cards I accumulated in the mean time.

        • @noskich: I agree. I will also be researching my shop options well ahead.

        • @Peck:
          Yes, also looking at adding David Jones card to my collection of 3 cards plus 2 supplementary.

  • -4

    Remind me in 2 months

    • +9

      There's a reminder button at the top.

  • Is the map working for anyone else?

    • +2

      turn off your ad-blocker to see the map

      • that was the first thing I did, to no avail

        • +8

          Chuckle, 'the map' has always been the Achilles heel of the whole Amex SS experience. Even when it 'works', it kinda' doesn't. You can read all about it in previous OzB posts over the years… I have now concluded that there is some sort of ulterior motive behind the fact that it is basically inherently dysfunctional/misleading/almost unusable etc. Many peeps have complained to Amex about it over the years, and supplied detailed accounts of the problems that need fixing; to absolutely no avail. So the bottom line is, you cannot trust any information at all that is yielded by 'the map'. Specifically, the fact that a place is featured on 'the map' is not in fact a reliable indication that that place is part of SS (or even still exists!), and conversely, the fact that a joint does NOT show up on 'the map' is no indication whatsoever that they are NOT part of SS.

          The bottom line is that while perhaps you may find 'the map' to be a little bit useful for some initial screening/if you just have one card/lots of local places to use it etc., otherwise it's essentially useless. As it has always been, for many reasons other than those mentioned above.

          Don't get me wrong, I love SS. I just hate 'the map'/can't understand why Amex chooses not to fix the very basic problems with it that remain year on year. It makes no sense!

        • +2

          @GnarlyKnuckles: You know how you spent a lot of time/effort collecting and collating all the issues with the map last year? And both you and I, and possibly others had called them, to forward them your write-up of the issues found. The Amex Manager with Email Servicing I spoke with sounded genuinely interested, and assured me that the next time this come around, most of the issues would have been resolved. Well, it will be interesting to see if any improvements result from it.

          Your write-up was very clear and detailed, if they are serious about fixing the issues, they should be able to do so.

        • The need to both improve the website map and also have a dedicated app that (similar to Entertainment Book) will allow you to search for the nearest potential stores via map or list view etc. Basically what the Entertainment Book app does in terms of filters, displays and favourites.

        • +1


          Hi Blues, yeppers I remember it well… after creating a fairly detailed summary of the issues with the 'infamous SS map' I was a bit exhausted/had to go to bed, and it was with great joy that I subsequently learned that you had personally forwarded it on to someone of relevance at Amex!

          Sadly though, my bet is that nothing will change this year/ever, re the infamous SS map. The fact that some of the problems with it that have persisted over the years would be so simple to fix (they could be fixed by one savvy IT dude in a single afternoon) but never have been suggests that the flaws in it are not actually accidental. For example, as well as the 'publicly declared'/advertised purpose of SS, maybe Amex is using SS as a cunning mechanism to use card-holders as cheap 'secret-shoppers' who will report specific retailers back to them who do not in fact accept Amex payments, despite claiming a payment each year from Amex on the basis that they supposedly do. Other possibilities spring to mind re why it may be in Amex's best interests not to actually fix the map. For example, currently the fact that it is so crap and they openly admit that means that it has no actual legal implications/connotations whatsoever (everything is 'may or may not').

        • +1


          … maybe Amex is using SS as a cunning mechanism to use card-holders as cheap 'secret-shoppers' who will report specific retailers back to them who do not in fact accept Amex payments …

          You know what, Gnarly, you probably hit the nail on the head … Last year, I remember being encouraged to spread the word (which I did on your post), that there was a $10 goodwill credit, for anyone who called a certain line and did a survey informing on the shops with issues. The issues being a very limited number of multiple choice options, such as not accepting amex, impose surcharge etc.

          SS map improvements probably unlikely. But they may do this survey again, so I guess $10 goodwill credit could be on the way :-)

        • @GnarlyKnuckles:
          Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.

          That, or large companies.

          SS will be something that the marketing department dreamed up, they won't get feedback directly from the end-users, the IT guy who dodged up the map five years ago has moved on and marketing don't have their own… it requires someone high enough up the tree to recognise there's a problem and tell people to fix it. Hopefully this email has done just that!

          (I did appreciate the very large spreadsheet someone created by scraping the map last year, that was most useful)

        • @jasonb:

          'SS will be something that the marketing department dreamed up…'

          Maybe so, but given the millions of collars it costs them to run it/advertise it every year, it cannot be summarised as simply a 'marketing gimmick/ploy'; in their eyes, it must serve some legitimate function.

          '… they won't get feedback directly from the end-users'

          Incorrectomondo. In fact every year they receive a great deal of feedback, directly from end-users (refer to posts here on OzB from previous years for numerous examples).

          'Hopefully this email has done just that!'

          I am not sure what 'email' you are referring to, but there have been many sent over the years by various peeps, to zero effect. There is no reason to believe that anything will have changed this year.

        • @GnarlyKnuckles:

          New to Amex SS, and was just checking out the map and surprised to see some listed in my area that I'm fairly sure does not accept AMEX. Glad I read this, so what is the best way to verify the businesses are part of SS (apart from asking when onsite)?

        • @Craze: Just sharing what I would do: (a) either ring the shop first, to find out if they accept Amex, or (b) if you don't mind taking a risk, pay by another means, contact Amex with proof the shop is listed in SS. So far, Amex has always been very reasonable.

    • Nope.

    • Works for me on iPhone

    • Works for me (Chrome)

      • Works on Firefox but not Safari.

  • so this has to be amex direct issued card?

    • +1

      no, both bank and amex issued (take a look at the website)

  • Is there a direct link for bank issued cards?

    • direct link to what? to register for shop small or details of the specific bank issued cards?

      for shop small, link will be the same as amex issued card.

    • go to amex connect au

  • +18

    RIP ANZ AMEX :"(

  • Only 5?

    • +5

      5 is enough for my 12 Amex cards.

  • +1

    So many of my favourite restaurants are on, yesssss!

  • +2

    Only 5 per card this time.
    If you haven't done so, u should get as many supplementary cards if you're with AMEX AMEX.

    • +1

      Or NAB (which is the only big four bank that does different numbered Amex Supp cards now that ANZ dropped it).

      • I thought NAB only allows you one supplementary card per credit card account, has anyone had a different experience?

        I have the Platinum Qantas Amex card and a Velocity Amex card, both through NAB, with a supplementary card for each of them and in the website it doesn't let me apply for a third supplementary… :(

  • +6

    C. Transactions that are not eligible
    The following transactions are not eligible and will not count towards your spend for the purposes of the offer:

    x transactions where you buy a gift card, store credit or voucher, or purchase/reload money into travel
    cards such as Opal, Myki

    Has this always been on the Ts and Cs?

    • +3

      I think that's new.

      Last year's T&Cs simply mentioned:

      C. Transactions that are not eligible

      Transactions where you buy a gift card, store credit or a voucher.

    • +2

      Wah so no opal ?

      See you next year :(

      • +9

        I don't think Amex have any way of knowing exactly what you're paying for, so you might as well give it a go.

    • hhmmm this will be interesting. hopefully they can't tell what we're buying.

      i wait all year for shop small to load up on opal!!

    • Still working of my excessive Myki credit from last time around :D Which is good, because I don't currently have any Amex card :-/

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