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AmEx Shop Small November 2016 - Spend $20, Get $10 Statement Credits (up to $100 Total)


Shop Small November 2016 :)

$10 statement credit at up to 10 different participating retailers between 31st October - 30th November 2016.


Save the offer to your eligible Card between 00:01 (AWST) 25 October 2016 and 23:59 (AWST) 30 November 2016. Limited to the first 100,000 Cards to save the offer. Spend $20 or more on that Card in one transaction, in-store only at participating small businesses listed on between 00:01 (AWST) 31 October 2016 and 23:59 (AWST) 30 November 2016 to receive a $10 credit. Offer is limited to ten credits per registered Card, with no more than one credit per participating small business. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the offer. Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly at participating small businesses. For example, purchases made through a third party such as a department store (e.g. David Jones or Myer). Excludes online purchases and gift cards. Offer valid at Australian locations only. Business Cards that are affiliated with a wholesaler partner, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Government Cards, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Corporate Meeting Cards, Corporate Cards and David Jones Storecards are excluded. Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form. Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date. Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if it has been suspended or cancelled. Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

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    Raw Image, don't like TinyPic's interface.

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      So how about a link to the actual page instead? There's a '1' footnote so there is more to it.

      • Guessing it's in an email. Not me who posted this deal anyway, ask the OP.

  • Awesome! thanks

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    When's registration open?

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      25th October.

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    They need to fix their map. It is awful.

    • +3

      I know, so bad. They should have a list option too rather than map and only 10 places per page

    • +1

      Just in case you missed it, here is GnarlyKnuckles post - to collect together the problems with the map, to be communicated to Amex. Hopefully they will fix it before next campaign. Also, a request to just provide a list of all places.

    • Also need to fix participating businesses - I tried to use it at a restaurant and they said they didn't accept Amex (despite a sticker on the door)

  • When do we have to register?

  • So the stores I went to for the other shop small deal I can shop at again?

    • Yes it resets between events.

  • WOAH! totally worth adding another supp to my cards!

  • -7

    6 cards and 60 transactions .. nice

    • +2

      I am amazed you guys can use that many .. :-)
      The promotion just past, I only managed to go to 2 shops and ended up spending in one!

      • +3

        I spent mine on Opal recharge and Meat/Chicken/Fish

        • Do you have a link to the Opal recharge?

        • Would be great if anyone can summarise opal retailers.

        • +3

          @neil: Now in a wiki

        • @Dacs:

          Cool. Keep in mind the wiki uses Dokuwiki formatting whereas pages use markdown. Best to use a converter from a spreadsheet or a site that converts the code. I used a spreadsheet (with some formulas) then used table generator to output to markdown.

        • @neil: Thanks for the linnk. I made the table manually and it's okay but the generator could be useful in future.

        • @neil: Hi.. didn't understand what you are referring to. There's already a table for Opal accepting shops on Wiki page. Why did you need to use this stuff?

        • @virhlpool:

          Forum post was first, then a wiki page was created from that + other posts.

        • @neil: Cool.. so there was a history to it, which I didn't know. What I see now is a finished product :)

    • +1

      WOW!! This is amazing! 9 cards, 90 transactions!! $1800 spend for $900

      • +1

        Im Jelous , so im calling amex so they can send me an application to add on a few supplementary cards on my Gold AMEX lol

      • Can I ask if you did the paper enrolment for all your sups? It's asks for a licence number?

    • +1

      I dont know why people neg these comments..
      im scared to think how many negs i would get if i posted how many cards i used.. ;)

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    at up to 10 different participating retailers

    challenge accepted :)

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    Enough time to get those additional card applications in:

  • -6


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    Another shop small promo.. Just when I am about to close my Amex card.

    • So you can open another one and get extra referral points? ;)

  • Is that correct do supplementary cards allow another 10 transactions?

    • As long as they have a different card number and signed up separately to the campaign.

      • Well that makes November an even bigger challenge :)

        • You have a month to get through the 10 transactions, not 3 days like the last campaign.

        • -2

          @bluedufflecoat: Only problem is, one per store. Meaning that I can't go back for repeats :(

        • @t25, @bluedufflecoat: Is that right? I can't go to a store I used with my main card with my supplementary card to get another $10 back?

        • @chey: From my understanding, one card per store. But no one has corrected me to say otherwise, just a couple of negs. So I am assuming I'm wrong.

          As for your supp card, I am guessing if they have the same numbers you are out of luck.

        • +2


          If your supplementary card has the same card number, then you can only use it once. If it is a different number, and you have registered both cards separately, then you can use each card at the same store and get a statement credit for each one.

        • @zzyss: Perfect thank you!

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    Time to shop at my own store :)

  • yes, their map is terrible.

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    does supplementary cards qualify for separate credits?

    • Yes

      • Even at the same retailers? So can I get $10 back twice if I use my main card and my supplementary card at the same retailer?

        • +1

          Yes. Been doing that.

        • The card number has to be different…

        • +1

          Yep. My family has supplementary cards from me.

    • +1

      Only if they have different card numbers to the primary card, and if you have registered each one separately on the Amex website.

  • Yay! I keep missing the weekend ones and I find they just aren't convenient for me…

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    Is this the fastest time for a deal to reach the front page?

    • +1

      And fastest to reach +100?

      • +2

        The fastest deal to front page (25 votes) last month was 9.57 minutes, 100 votes was 32.75 minutes. Can see it in the monthly stats post

        This post was about 12 minutes to front page and 45 minutes to 100 votes.

        Edit: In the 2015 yearly post the fastest front page deal was 4.12 minutes, 100 votes 16.03 minutes.

        • Ah interesting! Thanks hamza

        • Thanks!

  • Ten!!! This will be fun.

  • So instead of max 3 businesses, in Nov we can have up to 10 businesses. Wow ! $100 credit per card.

  • +7

    I noticed there are a lot less businesses participating now than in previous years.

    • Yeah I noticed that too!!!! Daiso and Dendy cinemas are not there anymore TT____TT

  • +1

    I went to a local fruit and veg store on Sunday to take advantage of the Shop Small promo (16-18 Sept). The store was listed on the AMEX website as participating in the promo.
    When I went to pay, the cashier told me the store didn't accept AMEX.

    • +13

      Cover the AMEX logo with your thumb, like another poster suggested here.
      Paste a mastercard logo over the Amex one
      Get really adept at inserting the card and entering your PIN really fast.
      Never let anyone touch your credit card

      • +1

        "Paste a mastercard logo over the Amex one"

        This is brilliant.

        • +1

          hahahah that line had me chuckle out loud

      • Is there a pic that I could print off like MasterCard or visa logo? lol
        Some store person is very quick to catch Amex card.

      • HAhaha are you kidding me? This would work? Don't they see something on their side at the register?

    • +4

      Complain to AMEX and they'll give you the $10 back

      • -1

        How can they give you $10 back when they dont even allow you to insert the amex?

        • +5

          "Hello AMEX this is Turd speaking. This shop didn't accept my card even though it's listed on your website."

          "So sorry about that Mr Turd. We will credit $10 to your account."

          "SHIT YEAH"

        • @uggugg: Note they may also ask you for the receipt as proof of purchase.

        • @lplau:

          I've done this about 2-3 times and never had to. But others have had to, so I guess it's a gamble. But if you legit purchased using another card, there should be no problem!

    • +3

      I had that problem at a cafe - contacted AMEX through their secure mail with the shop details and got the credit anyway. They also told me that all the shops on the map had agreed to be a part of the promotion

      • +1

        a head up for ppl try contact amex to get $10 credit back. Don't treat this method is a guarantee way to get your credit. I have done this before since last few shopsmall now. most case you get a credit but sometime you will get a miss.

        Just did this today with river cat convience parramatta store, call up amex and the guy refuse to credit it as he mention amex not account for the responsibility if they not able to take the card and you pay with a different method. he mention we will take your feedback but the guy refuse to credit a $10 and as mention it happens to me before.

        Chance is most amex customer service ppl are generally happy to keep customer cheer to credit them, but some may have a bad day or you just hit a shit person no willing to credit you

        • hang up and try again? speak to someone higher up?

          but may not be worth it for $10.

    • +1

      Similar here. I stuck the card in the machine and it didn't accept it. He said AMEX wasn't supported.

      I've got no idea how they made their list of retailers.

      • I walked into a different retailer on Sunday, WITH an amex logo on the door. Went to top up my Myki, got told by the shop girl that "Oh, we don't do Amex for myki"

        Bullsh!t you do!

        I'm going back there with my modified "mastercard" in November

        • The reason they said that is because they don't get enough profit out of the Myki/Opal sale to cover the merchant fee. The alternative is to offer to pay a surcharge so the merchant does not lose on the deal.

        • @roughana: Well I've happily paid up to $1 in the past to cover their costs, particularly when I know there's $9 heading back my way. It's just disingenuous of them to not allow it altogether.

          I had a similar experience in a cafe - Paying with PIN (amex logo obscured by thumb), being told them didn't take AMEX despite the machine popping up with "Approved" - and a success email to boot!

        • @BadMotivator:

          I think its more due to the surcharge being a manual process, people/employees forget.

          I wasn't given any surcharge at one place some kid behind the register, went back two days later with my other card (forgot first time)… and the store owner was adamant no AMEX

          Too much effort I guess.

          As to why they're under AMEX small stores, I presume they've just been hoodwinked well by AMEX marketing.

          Or they were given small incentives which they took, with no presumption to service or the incentives didn't match the costs.

          If you're a small business owner and someone comes in and offers you something that you think won't cost you or will help you, you take it. Reality is always diff from sales pitch.

  • +8

    I've just added a new Ozbargain Wiki page: Amex Shop Small Guide
    All the Amex Shop Small veterans, please jump in and contribute !

    • +1

      added to the original post

    • Great work!

    • Champion!

    • Awesome job!

  • Just wondering,I have 1 supplement card with my account.
    And if I were to apply another one, does that person have to verify their identity?
    I was thinking creating supplement for my bro but he is overseas ATM.

    • Depends if they are already "known" to that particular bank

      If they are not, they'll need to perform some manner of verification first

    • +1

      My supplementary cards are all in my name.

      • Can you do that?
        How many have you got?

        • 3 sups in my name plus primary.

        • @tonka:
          Did you request them over the phone or online?

        • @Peanut money: both. Last one online about 3 weeks ago.

        • @tonka: do they do new credit checks?

        • +7

          @grasstown: Last one I got I just clicked the get supplementary card option from the Amex account page. Put in the name I wanted on the card and it arrived in the mail a few days later.
          The first couple I got over the phone and I said to the dude I wanna get separate cards so I can track my expenditure and he was like whatever doesn't matter why, we just send them.
          Pro tip, use variations on your name ie Initial and name, Name and middle initial etc to help you track the different cards.

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