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Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Stone $49 + Shipping or Can Pick up @Centrecom (Sunshine, Nunawading, Hawthorn, Bendigo VIC)


Was browsing around eBay for a cheap MX Anywhere 2 and couldn't find one. Starting searching and found Centrecom are clearing them. Delivery to me was about $8.50, but can also pick up if you're near one of the stores that have them in stock.

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    Any deals on the Logitech MX Master /2?

    • Logictech MX Master $71.10 with PAINT coupon code.

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        Shipping is added. So it ends up being more than $71.10

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    Awesome mouse, highly recommended. This is the cheapest I have seen it.

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    Have an MX Anywhere 2 and love it, excellent mouse.
    The only minor issue is the button behind the wheel is middle click and pressing on the roller toggles it between notched and freewheeling mode.
    Love the ability to toggle modes, but occasionally it catches me out if i press the roller to middle click.
    Thats about the only negative i have and it's an incredibly minor thing.
    I got mine for ~$46 @ Office Works, but am considering a second one at this price.
    Great value anytime it's under $60 delivered in my opinion.

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    2 Stone, I'd suggest going for something lighter.

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      How about this one, but you need solar energy. 😁

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        Solar power, when will people learn.

  • I'm a little confused, is there also the "Anywhere 2 S" model out now which is the newer model?

  • The 2s is newer. Kinda like iphone 4 and 4s.
    Bought one on friday and tried to post but wouldn't allow me for some reason and i gave up.
    Only other time I've seen it for this cheap was when dick smith was closing.

  • Is it really made of stone?

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    Beige computer products are back in style?


    • No, which is probably why on clearance.

  • Been using this mouse for a couple of months now as my daily driver for work (9-5) and personal use. I get around 3-4weeks of heavy use out of it. When I opened the packaging, I knew that I was going to lose the USB receiver. And what happened after a month? I lost it. Bought one off eBay for $14 and works like a charm. Therefore i would highly recommend Logitech make a slot for the USB receiver just like the MX master.

    Overall, mouse is powerful little device and fun to use with the fast scroll wheel.

    • It also works very well as a Bluetooth mouse without the receiver (with a Bluetooth device, obviously). Also: there are 3 buttons at the bottom for different connecting profiles. Great mouse if you are OK with it being a bit heavy.

      • I did look into getting a bluetooth dongle but managed to get the small original logitech dongle for $14. I spent a few days looking around for decent BT4.0 dongles but couldn't find any. I use that button everyday as I connect to dongle at work and then come home connect to my SP2 via bluetooth in a second.

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    I don't like it. It's too small and the wheel is fiddly.

    • the small size is why it's a great travel mouse

    • fiddly can be changed - PRESS DOWN on the wheel to swap between fiddly wheel or freewheely spinny wheel…
      not sure if you knew that :)

  • Just missed out, looks like its In Store only now, no online order.

  • no more online order :-(

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    for the one who missed it: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/351356500420 $77. Apply coupon code PICKUP20. You pay $61.6 delivered and you get 1.3%(=80c) cash back from Cashrewards. coupon expires today

    • The code has already expired

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