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$1 Each: Socks, Bags, T-Shirts, Tub Heroes, Hoddies, Beanies, Earrings, Purses & More @ EB Games in Stores or Online


$1 Stuff for sale, either in stores or online (delivery fee is around $9).
Socks, bags, T-shirts, hoddies, beanies, earrings, purses …


Tube Heroes

star wars posters:

Halo 5 caps/socks

Mario Laptop Bag - Blue (in stores only)

Adventure Time Beemo Messenger Bag (in stores only)

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  • Thanks dude - picked up a few pairs of socks a cap and jacket for the boy. Hope he likes them. Cheers

  • Stocking stuffers galore . Awesome work O.P.

    • Total rip .
      One of my six items was sent then I was sent a refund for the remaining items .
      I'll be lodging a paypal complaint .
      I only got them as stocking stuffers but when you end up paying $11 for 0ne crappy gym bag . It could of been worse I guess , I could of ended up with a pair of socks .
      I should of been given the option of cancelling the entire order .

  • Nice find OP.

  • Thanks for this. Got a mario t-shirt and goomba purse for the wife and an assassins creed top hat for my brother. Not bad saving of $99.

  • +2

    $1 top hat! Thanks OP :)

  • $1 goodies totes worth it, thanks OP.

  • +1

    bought some cheap but likely useless things again

    thanks ozbargain you have done it again

  • thanks OP!

    hope they have enough stock

  • Is this available In-store? Just to save on shipping for buying a few items?

    • Ring the stores to find the stock status. Then you may ask them to reserve some for you.

    • Each item tells you if it's delivery only or in-store.

      Most are online only and need delivery.

    • When i had a look at the items added to cart section the site checked to see if your local stores have stock of each item.

  • Hoddies. That is all

    • +1

      Aye lad. I hope I can get me hands on a hoddie for me wee lad.

  • I think I got the last Megaman Hoodie! (Medium)

    Here's hoping it goes through!

    • I tried adding more than one and said not enough stock, maybe they limit to one per order.

  • Thanks op, socks hoodie and beanie for my boy. Shame I had to pay $11 delivery, lol.

  • +3

    Ozbargained already!

    Well not quite

    • +3

      Hi Broden.

      • These Broden jokes are going over my head lol

        What's the joke?

        • +2

          Number #2:

          "Broden is the term given to a person who will buy a large amount of a product at a reduced price and try and sell it for profit".

        • Iirc a past member who purchased heaps of an item just to resell. So any time somebody buys many multiples of an item its a bit suss and not really liked. Regardless of your intentions.

        • +2


          I didn't buy multiples of an item, I bought one of each…

        • +2

          @Rusty4: Ah the way you made it sound is trying to buy more than 10 of each item. That is where the down voting and Broden references are coming from.

        • +1

          @Ravensbane: Nah, you can't have more than 10 items in total in your cart. Presumably so EB can gyp you on postage.

          Here you go doubters: http://i.imgur.com/YO5V5QX.jpg

        • @Rusty4: lol

        • @shtgnjns: I'm sorry that I have a wife who is smaller than me! lol

  • +5

    Don't need a top hat, bought a top hat. Thanks OP.

    • I bought one as I need one for my dinner dates :) hahahaha

    • damn just had it refunded and rejected

  • Stock is going quick. Went to buy the Mario Tee, but was gone by checkout.

  • +1

    Bought 2 hoodies, with shipping about $10 but oh well.

  • Called an EB store (Craigieburn, VIC) and they said that no allocated area for $1 items, these are 'Clearance Specific' and stores are likely to have 1-2 items. Best to buy online.

  • +1

    Out of top hats. Arse.

  • +1

    No more TopHats :(

  • -2

    Sweet. Just placed an order for 8 top hats.

    • why on earth would you buy 8 top hats for?

      • You stuffed up my order! I had 1 in cart and now I can't buy anything!

  • Thanks for the heads up.
    Lots of goodies for the kids for Xmas. Thanks!

  • OP perhaps amend title to Hoodies.

    • Hoodies sold out now

      • Superb price but they only had Medium when I looked.

      • Small sold out, medium still available.


  • +1

    the diamond dogs shirts are pretty cool. surprised they aren't sold out

  • Pretty much cleaned out now, mainly womens tank tops left

  • GJ guys we crashed the payment website.

  • just received a refund from them with message;

    It seems the team couldn't find all your item(s). They searched high and low, but zip.
    We will refund the amount listed below automatically. (Please be aware this can take between 1-4 business days).
    Our deepest apologies.
    The EB Games Team.

  • bought hoodie 30 mins ago but just got refund notice also :( They could not find the stock

  • Thanks OP, I bought a few stuff from $1 to $4.

    even at $4 they are a steal

  • ordered 10 items and saved $304.06!

    • +4

      No, you bought 10 items that you don't need and will never use and spent $19.

      • +1

        I love how people think theyre saving money by buying crap just because it is discounted.

  • Welp, most of the stock online is gone.

  • Damn the Diamond Dogs shirt went out fast. Didn't even manage to get one :(

  • Just got a email saying 8 things out of 10 of my order have been canceled

    So I paid $2 for 2 items and 9.95 shipping ahhh

    WTF not happy at all and I ordered when it was first published :(

    • Same here. $10.31 for a single item (and the least wanted)

    • Cancel the order, they can't do that surely?

      • They didn't cancel it as they kept 2 items and canceled the rest which pisses me off as shipping out weighs it and if I knew I would never of ordered

  • want the "Adventure Time Beemo Messenger Bag". but out of stock….

  • +1

    Same here.
    Bought 6 items and 5 could not be found.
    Also it was the least wanted item that they have sent.

    For an order that over 80% of the items were missing it would have been nice to be given the option to cancel.
    I've complained and stated I feel as though I'm the victim of false advertisement.

    • I just rang them and they were happy to refund the shipping cost .

      • They also did the same for me.
        SO whilst I'm annoyed I didn't get the full order, they at least provided some good follow up service.

      • did the same for me. decent result

  • Woah, already got my Megaman Hoodie (and a pair of socks) delivered. And they were only ordered yesterday morning!


  • I got my top hat! Had a pair of socks cancelled, but rest of order came in shipped in three lots

  • Thankfully I got all 7 items I ordered.