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MSI GeForce GTX 1080 TI Duke 11G OC $679.99 USD (~ $851 AUD) + Shipping @ Massdrop


~$851 AUD according to Google. $2 USD less than the previous deal I believe?

Details from Massdrop:

A Royally Efficient Gaming Experience

As powerful and noble as its name would suggest, the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 TI Duke is built on MSI’s efficient Pascal architecture to meet the next generation of games with a bang. It delivers a core clock of 1645 MHz, which is enough power to take on any game in your collection. With 11GB of GDDR5X memory, it will effortlessly power your applications and favorite games—even VR titles. Using MSI’s RGB Mystic Light, you can change the colors of the card with ease: just whip out the app and adjust them. To ensure the card doesn’t overheat, it’s outfitted with three Torx fans. The fans work together to create maximum airflow while keeping noise to a minimum. Plus, each piece of the card is a Class 4 Military Component, meaning it’s made from the best of the best to last for years to come.


  • Model name: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DUKE 11G OC
  • Graphics processing unit: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • Interface: PCI Express x 16 3.0
  • Cores: 3584 units
  • Core clocks: 1645 MHz / 1531 MHz
  • Memory clock speed: 11016 MHz
  • Memory size: 11GB
  • Memory type: GDDR5X
  • Memory bus: 352-bit
  • Output: DisplayPort x 2 / HDMI x 2/ DL-DVI-D
  • HDCP support: 2.2
  • Power consumption: 250 W
  • Power connectors: 8-pin x 2
  • Recommended PSU: 600 W
  • DirectX version support: 12
  • OpenGL version support: 4.5
  • Multi-GPU technology: SLI, 2-Way
  • Maximum displays: 4
  • VR ready
  • G-SYNC technology
  • Adaptive Vertical Sync
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 5.6 x 1.6 in (32 x 14.1 x 4.2 cm)
  • Weight: 43.3 oz (1,228 g)


  • MSI 3-year warranty (not sure if this is international or not)


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Oct 13, 2017 PT.

Note: This drop does have limited quantities available.

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  • +1 vote

    "MSI 3-year warranty (not sure if this is international or not)"

    MSI warranty is Not international..

    The only GPU manufacturer offering International warranty is EVGA, but even then you'd need to send the GPU at your cost to Taiwan should you require RMA.

    • +2 votes

      I have RMA'd two graphics cards with EVGA, and both times they paid for return shipping.

      • -3 votes

        Yes but what about shipping it to them?

        • +2 votes

          What is it with neg voters?

          My understanding is that EVGA pay for return shipping but you have to cover the cost of sending to them.

          Instead of negging provide proof otherwise.

        • -2 votes

          @Scab: because @boredofficeworker already said "they paid for return shipping". Not sure why that is not clear enough for you.

        • +3 votes


          Return shipping is ambiguous.

          EVGA never used to cover sending it to them and would only pay for "return shipping" back to the customer.

          Not sure if this has changed for this region, but in the US/Canada sending it to them is borne by the customer unless it's within 30 days:

          "The customer is responsible for the costs of shipping in order to return the product to EVGA for the RMA process.

          EVGA may assist with offering a prepaid shipping label, if requested, within 30 days of the original purchase date from an authorized reseller".



          @Scab: As I said, @boredofficeworker already did RMA twice and shipping was paid for so I don't know what more proof do you want.



          And as I said and explained, return shipping is ambiguous.


          @Scab: mate he said he done it and shipping was paid and you said it is ambiguous. Do you understand why you getting so many negs now?

        • +1 vote


          shipping was paid

          He didn't say that, he said he RMA'd the cards and they paid for return shipping, to me that implies he paid to ship them there and they paid to return them.

          Had he just said they paid for shipping then it would have been clear.

          So no, I don't understand the negs.



          because @boredofficeworker already said "they paid for return shipping". Not sure why that is not clear enough for you.

          'Return' is indeed ambiguous.

          It could mean the item being returned to you after shipping it out.

          Or it could mean the cost of you returning it to where you purchased it. In this case, you would need to specify 'return' and 'return of the return' is covered. You can't use the same word to cover both shipments. Additionally, you are not returning it to where you bought it (Massdrop) but to Taiwan, an entirely different place. It would not make sense to call this 'return' shipping. You're not returning it, you're sending it to some place different. This is sending, not returning. The RMA center is not where the item originated, so it isn't 'returning' it there.



          The One time I looked in to RMA'ing GTX970 with them directly, it was left to me to arrange / pay for shipping to Taiwan. Luckily as I'd purchased it from PCCG it was cheaper for me to send it back to Melbourne and have them RMA it. That was a couple of years ago so things may have changed. I should still have the paperwork somewhere in Gmail so will look for and post the info they sent me. ~ May 2015 going by the StarTrack consignment # 01972656 for sending the GPU back to PCCG (https://sttrackandtrace.startrack.com.au/).

  • +2 votes

    Plus $26.50 USD for delivery


    So tempted, but I don't need to upgrade until Q2 2018….. maybe I should wait for GTX1180.

    • +1 vote

      I'm waiting for the GTX9980.


      What's happening in Q2?

      I don't think 1180 will be out by Q2. nVidia are on 18-24 month cycles. If it was releasing Q2, we would have heard something about them by now I'd think.

  • +4 votes

    That's crazy money for a video card. The last time I paid anywhere near a grand for a video card was in 1998, when I imported a 12MB Voodoo2 from the USA. Never again.

    • +1 vote

      Good card. And SLI would have made the Voodoo 2 fast enough for another generation

      Was never priced anywhere near $1000 though?

      • +1 vote

        The 12MB version was close to $1k locally, which is why I made the stupid decision to import one. I ended up getting hit with massive import duty, though, which means that in the end, I can't even remember if I ended up saving anything. You have to remember that back in 1998, the exchange rate was terrible, meaning if you took the US price of a card, you would basically double it to get the AU price. Then factor in 22% sales tax (this was before the 10% GST) on all PC hardware. So if the US price of a Voodoo2 12MB was $300, you'd come to $600 after exchange rate, than $730 after sales tax, then factor in local retail mark-up (much more in those days than today) and you're at at least $800.

  • +1 vote

    Great price. Too bad, I have ordered EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 already. :(

    Is Massdrop safe/reliable ?


      Not in my experience, would never use massdrop again, waited 3 months for their blackvue deal, lots of excuses in the ongoing emails. I cancelled in the end to which they replied oh we can send it now…


        That is what I afraid, so I rather order these kind of expensive stuff from reputable seller like Amazon etc.


    All gone. Am crying.