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Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System $119.95 + Shipping (~ $7.70) @ EB Games


The SNES classic mini is available again @ EB Games

Free pickup at stores available in selected stores or approximately $7.70 for shipping.

Also in stock online at Big W for $119 (~$9.90 Delivery)

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    With how much it seems stock is going to be plentiful with these, gotta wonder whether its worth waiting to get them at a discount on ebay etc.

    • +13

      Good luck with that

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        With Nintendo now saying they are going to produce more NES mini as well, and make these well into next year, I think they'll be fine.

        • +2

          That doesn't mean they'll be common place either.

        • @scuderiarmani:
          Yeah, scalpers will just buy more and take longer to resell.

          If Nintendo hadn't announced it would be a limited run in any capacity, this wouldn't be happening. Manufacturers of other products just don't announce that they've stopped production. Or if it WAS particularly popular, they'd announce that they're going to stop because demand isn't high enough and costs to maintain the line outweigh the profits, allowing people to place orders one last time for whatever it was.

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          Wasn't the issue with the original NES mini that they had sourced x number of some component as remainder stock, and that they couldn't source more?
          While I agree Nintendo does try to build excitement by slow production, I think the end of life was legitimate (at least, if the comment I am remembering was true).

        • I never saw that Nintendo said they were going to produce more NES mini? Where did you hear this?

        • +2

          @T Man: they did, back in September. I had to look it up when people started mentioning it.

    • Seems like plenty at the moment.

    • They are pretty moddable now that hakchi2 is out. It's a very ideal emulation machine for SNES and NES games.

    • +24

      Must not be a 90's kid.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, ordered one. $30 deposit for store pickup, with the rest paid when collecting.

    • Was just playing mine for the first time tonight. It's rad man, you're going to love it. So weird seeing 90s Donkey Kong in 4k.

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    When will Sega bring out the 'Master System II' mini???!!!

    • +2

      No one wants that lol.

      • +18

        I was born in 1986 and the Sega Master System II what the beez neez my friend. Early 90s with Alex the Kidd in Miracle World etc thats the real sh*t right there~!!!

        I will pay as will many people from my age group

        • +1

          You don't want what they're offering in terms of Sega revival consoles, trust me.

        • +1

          SMS II was my first console (won it in a colouring competition), and I played the heck out of Alex Kidd. I would pay for a proper HDMI version (not that horrid AT Games console stuff).

    • +10

      AtGames has the licences for Sega flashback consoles, and they're terrible.

      • That's a shame. I'm gonna try score an original one on eBay if I ever have enough money lol

      • I remember getting one for ~$30 a few years ago. Since the success of the NES mini I noticed they're now priced around $90. Controllers were shocking.

      • You can always get an unlicensed console: https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32817177996.html?trace=wwwde...

      • Are they that bad? I know there are some audio pitch issues and the wireless controllers could have better range but other than that I haven't heard of any other problems.

        The advantage of AtGames Sega consoles is that a lot of them can play the original carts, which the official Nintendo consoles cannot do.

        • Apparently it's riddled with software issues, like buttons that need to be hit twice on startup, sound, mediocre pack-in games, battery door requires a screwdriver, and it doesn't even seem to emulate the games all that well.

    • +1

      Or Sega bring out the Mega drive mini and not that stupid AT Games ones which is made like shit.

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    Thanks OP, merry christmas kids!

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    Thank you for posting, been on the lookout for absolutely ever. I grew up as a Sega kid and was always anti-Nintendo out of fanboy silliness. By the time the Saturn flopped, it was confirmation of all my suspicions that I'd backed the wrong horse. Time to right those wrongs with this!

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    That lovely grey area between ‘waste of money’ and ‘I must have this’….

    • +3

      Same. Then I get all up in my head about 'am I just contributing to landfill' when I stop playing this after 2 months.

      • +3

        I think I'll wait and get a Switch instead, they are planning on releasing SNES ports for it.

    • I have drawn my line;
      <might need | waste of money>
      Envelope | chromecast .. Nintendo Classic Mini

  • +4

    Haha, love reading the not a bargain comments.

    • +7

      Some people truly have no life at all.

      • +2

        Yep, so many other posts, but just one can rile them up, gets them so mad that it got to the front page.

        Love seeing their downvoted comments haha.

      • -2

        Cheer up

  • +1

    this is great, wait for the raspberry pi and broden comments

    • +1

      Ahaha… while you've all been distracted with this deal, I've been brodening all the Raspberry Pis!

  • +2

    Well, at least we are lucky that we don't have to line up like the Japanese do:

    • +1

      I can't imagine anything in life worth lining up hours for except for food and water supplies when World War 3 starts with North Korea.

      • +1

        Haha my sentiments exactly. I only queue up if I need to. I've never got a free Ben & Jerry's ice cream because the queue is always too long haha.

    • +2

      I'd rather be in one of those Queues in Yokohama right now, than at my desk :(

  • +5

    Worth it for a bit of nostalgic fun. Never understood the love for Starfox though. And I bet Mario Kart is pretty unplayable now, like when you go back to Golden Eye and realise it ran at something like 8fps.

  • Yay got one, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Legend! Thanks OP! Now my brother can order one too. And yes technically it is a bargain ozb fam, because otherwise you'll pay double or triple elsewhere after this closes!

  • Has anyone been able to order more than one with the same account?

    • yes they will allow you to order more than 1 however they will cancel one before charging. this is what EBgames support told me when I placed another order so I can pick this up on Saturday instead waiting for a Monday delvery.

  • Thanks for posting. Can't take the risk of missing out.

  • -3

    Pi bro.

  • Can we play other games rather than those which are built in the console?

    • Nope.

    • Not yet but Nes was hacked so SNES will be too IMO

  • +3

    If only it had Shadowrun

  • +3

    Thanks. But still got the original from 20 years ago

    • With that lifetime warranty?

    • +2

      Same I have all of my Nintendo consoles, but not all of these games. And some of them go for way too much money. Plus this should look better on a modern tv through HDMI.

  • +1

    thanks liyuw

  • I want to know where do i get more games from? Like this console has 21 preloaded but if i want more other than these where can we get it from? And generally how much would it be for.

    • +1

      You can't add more games to it.

      • Im sure things will change after a few days of release

        They should have a online system with it where you can download games at like $3 to $7 to add to the collection then people might not want to hack it

      • The NES mini got hacked and so far it looks like the same hack works for the SNES mini. The people who make the programs that make it easy to transfer the new games to the mini said it should be ready in a week.

  • Gameboy classic please!

    • But that'll be a brick! Lol

      I still have mine in working condition :)

  • Want it just to feel that i am playing the original Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario RPG on a Legitimate SNES. Although its just the "Mini"

  • Is there a way to add on to the games without doing anything outside of Nintendo?

    As in, will Nintendo have updates, USB games, or something?

    • +1

      Not a chance Nintendo do that

    • +1


  • +2

    Surprised not gone yet it has been 2 hours

  • +4

    Thanks OP got one! now I am moist

  • +1

    Lol, totally forgot that I've already pre-ordered. What a nice surprise!

  • So are you bound by the games provided? or can you buy/download other SNES games on it?

    • Someone hacked the NES Mini so they could load roms on it, so I'd say the same will happen to this, but out of the box you're stuck with only the games it comes with, no way to buy/download more.

    • No extra games for sale. It's set in the rom.

  • This Isn't OzRRP.
    Not a Bargain.
    Get A Raspberry PI
    Just Bought 10, thanks OP
    Get a PS4 Instead

    • forgot OzStock

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