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Night Owl Chapel St Prahran (Vic) - 50% Off Everything!


Nightowl 24/7 Convenience Store
Excludes Tobacco, Mags, Newspapers, and ePay.
Yeah, same deal as before when he was.. 'closing down'.. really pimping it this time with tons of A4 printouts slapped around the place.
Picked up a big ice coke slurpee or whatever it is for $1.50
Corner of Chapel/Malvern (Prahran) next to HJ's
EDIT: added store descrip

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    Deals should really include the state/city in the title, how do people know which state's/city's Chapel Street?
    There's even more if we go International!


      thanks, edited.

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        Just like when I put into Google Maps for directions from Chapel Hill to Greenslopes.

        Instead of realising they were both in Brisbane it took from Chapel Hill in the USA.

        Made for funny directions though, including a direction to "kayak" from the west coast of the US to Japan and then a whole bunch of directions in Japanese which I assume were to take me to the bottom of Japan and then to "kayak" to the Northern Territory.

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    Surely llama you would have to have your head in the sand to not know what Night Owl was. Should we explain what Coles is too?


      I've never before heard of "Night Owl"
      I've been to Chapel St plenty of times, before you ask…


      Nope - I've never heard of Night Owl. After reading John Kelvin's link, I see that it's a MASSIVE (not) franchise comprising of a total of THREE stores in NSW, all in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. There is only 2 in Melbourne, plus 1 other further south in Vic. None in WA, SA or NT.

      The bulk are in QLD, over 50 stores… so it'd only be widely known up there by the looks of it. Since I live in Northern Sydney it's no wonder I've never heard of them, and I doubt many people in Melbourne would have heard of them either.

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        not according to the mining industry!

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    Pretty sure this is a old dupe, can't confirm
    ATM though

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        the other one is expired? i'll give him the benefit of the doubt that hes actually closing down this time?

        what do others think?

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          since its the same op both times, id unpublish, but then im a'hole lol

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    thanks mate. will be buying some lollies + icecream there.

    how long will this last btw?

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      This Friday (29/10)


    I have no idea what's cooking this time around, all I can say is as of yesterday afternoon it was a legitimate (and I thought worthy of posting) offer. Some folks apparenty found it useful last time, so I thought I would keep them abreast. The chick that served me I hadn't seen before so I didn't bother to ask what the deal was. Disclosure: I have no business relationship with the aforementioned franchise. I live a few blocks away so I am merely a 'regular'.


    Update: Yes, apparently this time they're closing down "for real". Anyway, offer is still good.. picked up a few things this morning.