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1 Ounce Gold Round for ~$1460 Posted [$170 under Spot Price, but May Incur Import Fees] from APMEX eBay


Note there may be an import fee, but still works out to around $100 under spot price.

Courtesy of a member on Silver Stackers: https://www.silverstackers.com/forums/index.php?threads/18-o...

Great price from a well trusted seller (APMEX): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121556311471

Original 18% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • If you ever wanted to sell it, where would you go?

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      Silver Stackers :D
      or ebay or a bullion dealer (but make sure you get what it is worth).

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      Ghostbusters! Oh wait.

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      Which bank?

    • I'm completely curious how they ship it!!

    • https://www.ainsliebullion.com.au/

      have purchased bullion from these guys previously with no issues what so ever

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    I thought the Bullion category was excluded?

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      Those in the coins category are not excluded, I did check the discount applied in cart.

      • Ah dammit I was hoping something like this was on but didn't see it in the main 18% off post. Oh and Subscribed now

  • Title can be worded better.

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      Suggestions welcome.

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        Title guidelines.

        Price + Shipping Cost in title for starters.

      • What about GST import duties with items over AU$1000 at customs?

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          GST is not applicable on qualifying bullion, see https://www.border.gov.au/Factsheets/Documents/importingprec...

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          @Bullion Baron:
          From your link;

          For GST purposes only gold (99.5% fine), silver (99.9% fine) and platinum (99% fine) in an investment form are precious metals.
          Precious metals have a free duty rate and are not subject to assessment for GST at the time of importation (no duty or GST is payable).
          Proof coins, other collectable coins and jewellery made of gold, sliver or platinum are not precious metals (duty and/or GST is payable unless a concession or exemption applies).

          So are we looking at the second paragraph being applicable at all?

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          @chyawala: This is straight up a bullion coin, not a proof or collectible. The document goes on to explain what a collectible coin is "usually traded at prices largely determined by their rarity, condition and beauty", definitely not the case here.

  • buying gold off ebay isnt a good idea

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      Generally agree, but it's APMEX. As safe as an online bullion purchase will get IMO.

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      Agreed. Use the DarkWeb like the rest of us preppers

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        If you're already on the darkweb, why not just buy the addresses of the people who bought these coins? :)

  • Will this incur a foreign transaction fee with bank? I suppose it probably would.

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      Has to be via PayPal using the code AFAIK. Don't think that would apply foreign transaction fee? I could be wrong.

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        Paypal will usually give you the option of which currency to charge - actual price in USD or their own exchange rates to calculate in AUD. Fees will usually apply to the first, but not the second. If you have a fee free card then option one will generally work out better.

      • Don't be fool by that. I paid with paypal in AUD and got charged foreign fee (banggood website).

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          Some banks charge a fee for overseas transactions in AUD as well as for transactions in a foreign currency. Surprised PayPal came up as such though - pretty sure they guarantee that the AUD price displayed is all you'll pay.

      • Don't think that would apply foreign transaction fee?

        PayPal will charge a currency conversion fee, it's currently 3.5% above the exchange rate.

  • Listed in category: Coins>Bullion>Gold>Coins & Rounds

    I thought Bullion was excluded.

    EDIT: Saw your comment above, didn't realise Coin was excluded.

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      Excluded from the exclusions. Included.

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    Does that include GST?

  • So, if we have to apply 18% discount to get the coins barely under the spot price, does it mean that it is not for someone looking for investment? I can't imagine I could be ever able to sell the coin at APMEX prices and would probably end up losing some money.

    • Good for coin enthusiasts …

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      You should be able to get spot price under normal circumstances. You would be buying it for around 5-6% under spot taking into consideration import duties. It is a good deal for those looking to invest in gold. You could end up making more or losing money depending on what spot price does between now and when you sold it.

      • Do to know if paying import duty and release are automatic, e.g. by post, or how else are these usually done?

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          It has been a long time since I did one (years), from memory paid by phone with a credit card.

      • What import duties are you referring to, and how much are they?

  • not sure if now is a good time to buy into gold given the Feds just put the gear into rolling back QE

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      It's a crazy world out there. The gold bear market beginning in 2011 started just as the Fed announced QE3. I've given up trying to guess what the price does based on specific events, but I do think it's worth owning some physical gold as a hedge against turmoil.

      • How about Bitcoin?

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          I owned 10 in 2012, wish I'd held onto them :)

        • +2
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          @Bullion Baron:
          Ooh that must hurt. Still kicking myself when they were on ozbargain in 2011 for just $20, and I thought "that's just some made up currency(!)".

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          When I first looked into bitcoin it was 12 cents. I was looking to buy $100 worth but as far as I could find you had to mine it so I gave up lol.

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    Username checks out OP.

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    Thanks OP. Something unique to add to the collection.

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      Get out

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        What's up sour puss

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          shhhhhhh…he might be one of the poor

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        I love that movie

  • Thanks OP, bought 3

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      Hope you didn't do them all in one transaction or you wouldn't have maximised discount code (max $500 per transaction)?

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        There are many transactions of 2 and 3 coins. I wonder did they buy it using the party18 code and not realising the max discount is up to $500.

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    Nice, thanks OP. Card got charged for $1391.68!
    Plus Cashrewards, plus credit card points.

    Works out to be A$1360 for an ounce delivered. Bargain.

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    Would be interested to know if people get charged import fees by customs

  • Fantastic price. I would have loved to buy one, along with the tools so that later if need be I could melt it down. Just don't know what good it would be. The selling costs would make it so that it has to rise in price at least 15% before you could make your money back. In a end-of-the-world shtf situation, gold would not be as valuable as say antibiotics or even regular alcohol. Maybe it could be used to bribe corrupt officials.. gold has always had that sheen that enchants the greedy and stupid, but an ounce is a lot. You'd have to melt and recast into smaller pieces, which carries its own challenges. A gold ring would be easier to bribe someone discretely with I would think, and seeing as how most people don't have a lot of contact with gold these days I wouldn't expect them to know the difference between solid gold and plated gold, so you could probably get away with electroplating a copper or lead ring, vastly decreasing the amount of gold you need.

    What are people using this for?

    • Just to slightly diversify my investment portfolio/ good to have as a backup if end of the world comes. Plus, it's shiny.

      • Ah, that's what I was forgetting. As a counter to a period of moderate to high inflation. Now I kinda wished I'd got one

        • Investment,… hahaha. There are much better gold investment vehicles than buying physical coins.
          The benefit is that you get to enjoy looking and showing off the coin.
          A jewellery buff could probably melt and alloy the coin to 18ct for example, which probably would be more cost effective than buying 18ct.

        • @trendisyourfriend: I would like to know what you consider a 'much better' gold investment vehicle than physical under spot price?

        • @Bullion Baron:

          obviously the paper contract that never get delivery…isnt there like 10 times more paper gold than actual gold? lol

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          @overlook: A paper contract is not worth the paper it is written on …

    • +3

      I hug it to sleep every night.

    • if there is no way to test the purity of the gold. if u melt that coin down into many smaller segments. you would be selling that gold for probably 1/4 of its worth. no one would touch it. its needs that recognisable, official look, its fineness stamp, depending on the coin country of origin etc.

      people buy it because about $40,000+ is what an oz of gold should actually be worth. and with the world going the way its going. it could rise drastically sooner than you think.
      look into it…

    • Why do you want to melt it down

      If you give someone a loose nugget of gold, how do they value it

      They have to test its weight and purity

      Tests cost time and money

      • Does anyone serious belief this has any value as a coin? The seller itself is only selling them as a way to bypass restrictions.

        Anyone buying any serious amount of gold will run tests on it, whether it a coin or bullion or whatever. They will measure density and compare it to weight, plus more tests I wouldn't have the faintest clue on.

        • These are well known coins, unless the buyer has reason to believe it is fake, they will accept it as worth 1 ounce of gold.

          It is not the same as someone trying to sell gold jewelry

        • @Superannuation:
          Good luck with that.

  • so did you buy any?

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    Gutted I missed out - thanks though OP.

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    I read somewhere that each ounce of gold in the world has 9 owners, so make sure you take possession of any gold you buy.

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    "In a end-of-the-world shtf situation, gold would not be as valuable as say antibiotics or even regular alcohol. "

    So stock up on James Squire Amber Ale? Got it!

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      I bought a still and 100kg of sugar

  • lol buy bitcoin instead gold is worthless

    • Bitcoin dropped 40% from a recent peak in 2 weeks and has seen price declines in excess of 80% in the past. Not everyone has the stomach to ride that sort of volatility even if it does eventually head higher over the medium-long term.

      • +1

        That means Bitcoin is 40% off whereas this is only 18%.
        Why not diversify and get both.

        • +1

          I don't think there is any harm in holding a small speculative position in Bitcoin.

          A discount to spot price (for gold) is not the same as a 40% decline in the value of Bitcoin.

        • +1

          @Bullion Baron: Bitcoin is easier, cheaper to store, spend and transact with than gold. Unfortunately with Bitcoin you are buying a brand name, anyone can create thousands of Bitcoin clones. There is only one gold, someone can not create a new gold currency or a light variation of it. As a store of value, gold is superior to crypto currencies.

        • -1

          @Bullion Baron:

          i hope you bought bitcoin instead of gold

    • What a time to be alive

  • Do they accept payment in organs? If so, which ones? I have a spare kidney.

    • Can I put it on layby?

  • Any had their order ship yet?

    • Mine hit australia today - customs fees of $93.95 in total

      • Did Customs contact you directly to make payment?

        • +6

          No, DHL put a note on the tracking and I called them up. $10 of that charge is a fee DHL add.

          All said and done, cost me $1563. Bullionmoney buyback on buffalos is $1640 or so, so still ahead.

          Notes for future 18% sales:

          • Get a fee free visa (save the 3% fee)
          • Order 2, because the customs fee is the same up to $10K