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New Customers Telstra BYO Plan - 20GB Data + Unlim Calls/Sms for $49/Month + $200 Gift Card (for Ported Numbers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi Guys,

First Time poster, long time listener.

JB HI-FI is running a Telstra BYO Plan promo over this weekend for New Customers for 20GB DATA + UNLIMITED CALLS & SMS for $59/month for 12 months.

And to sweeten the pot, they are offering to drop the month cost by $10/month (via credit) and a $200 JB HI-FI Gift Card if you Port your existing mobile service to Telstra.


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        • @diiilpickle:
          I did the same :)
          Did you check your account for included data? Mine was not showing the extra 5GB.. went back to JB and they manually put it through for me. Happy camper here

        • @steve84: Yup the JB guy got it all correct first go, simple as!

      • I too am on Telstra postpaid. By the sounds of things, those on here from Telstra that have managed to get the JB deal have ported out/in/back without issue from prepaid only? If only Telstra would come to the party and at least tempt current postpaid customers to stay!!

      • Curious to know at what point would this fail after porting out of Telstra postpaid and then back in on this deal.. particularly given that number porting is closed on Sundays (I believe) So in theory the port wouldn't actually take place until Monday after which time you should have got your $200 voucher

        • If the port doesn't go through until the next day you will still be eligible as you signed up on the Sunday(You may just have to pick up the card on Monday when complete).
          But most providers will port successfully on a sunday as normal.

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    For those of you porting, make sure the sales assistant is putting something in their notes that its a JB deal ($10 credit and extra 5gb) or else you'll end up going back to the store sooner than you think!! Ported my number but received an SMS saying that I only had 15gb. Called up Telstra and they didn't have any evidence in their notes that I was on any particular deal. Going back to JB Hifi Malaga (WA) tomorrow to sort this all out.

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      I suspect the likely reason for this is because the sales assistant forgets to select the extra 5GB data option during the application process (for those in the know - Siebel). As a result, if he/she also didn't leave notes in your Telstra account mentioning the extra 5GB data and $10 port-in credit, there's a chance a less helpful Telstra Chat Rep. would just force you to go back to the JB store to get it fixed. Pretty annoying/time-wasting, but yeah, just be prepared.

  • For those people who have this plan already, what is the expiry date of your gift card?

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      2 years

      • They even told me you can extend past two years..

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          Forever or when JB HIFI goes insolvent, whatever occurs first :-P

  • If only i hadn't just bought 12 $30 prepaid optus sims for $5 each i would have got this deal.

  • Do Vodafone ports work on a Sunday? I am Telstra prepaid and want to port to Vodafone in the morning then head to jb in the arvo and port back into this deal

    • Worked for me this afternoon if you haven't tried yet. Telstra prepaid to vodafone prepaid literally took 5 minutes to activate, vodafone prepaid to Telstra Postpaid about 2 minutes once the JB employee got it sorted. Totally recommend doing it.

      • It worked for me eventually. Took well over hour for the voda sim to activate though. But I got there and am happy

  • I was out of contract on a current Telstra plan but I had SUCCESS upgrading to the deal, as like some of you came up empty on the 24/7 chat x twice

    Had no luck calling the 1st time, just about zero luck the 2nd time then she put me through to the save team, an Australian form Adelaide.

    She then proceeded to give me the deal offered above $59 15gb+5gb - $10p/m discount = So $49 20gb Unlimited Talk and Text - Recontracted for 12mths (Discount on going until next re-contract)

    Don't give up, Don't give in and settle and keep calling. Get to the save team so you don't go to Optus or Vodafone.

    I also explained Optus we're offering 15gb for $40 and Vodafone offering 17gb for $35 and 20gb for $55 ($5 discount on each Vodafone plan)

    Also stated other Telstra customers we're getting this deal and said Jb Hifi are offering this as a Telstra Deal (didn't mention had to be new sign up)

    1.They were saying thy couldn't do the discount of $10 at first because I wasn't porting in my number, but the save team aussie member gave me the discount as a loyal customer.

    2.Said they could add the 5gb bonus data to make the 20gb as a value/retention customer

    So everyone play bluff to disconnect but you'll need to get to the save team who can offer incentives to stay not just the people off shore who answer your call. The online side is also a complete waste of time so don't even bother. They will just send you links of current advertised plans.

    Hope this helps out others. Good Luck

    PS The Save team person was very helpful and give her AAAA+++++ 110% just have to put up with crap before you get through to them. :)

  • If I've previously been a Telstra customer (4 years ago) with the same number, does that make me (my number) ineligible for this deal?

    • You are 100% eligible, it only matters if your number is currently with Telstra or not(and you get in before the deal expires).

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        Your name speaks for itself

  • I am really keen on this deal and willing to give up my current number for it (currently with BOOST). Would it work if I activated a new SIM today with a different network and go into a JB store to port that number over? Thanks.

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      Absolutely mate, just make sure you give a little time for the porting of your number to be finalised from boost(a window of 1-2 hours should be good) if you want to keep your number.

      • Thanks mate but from what I've read there are no porting of numbers on Sunday so that won't work.That is why I figured the only way is to activate a new SIM card with a new number. Also, apparently BOOST mobile is not valid for this deal.

        Please advise if I am mistaken.

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          Correct. Porting from boost doesn't count as new Telstra mobile customer

        • @neerav:
          In the same situation, any chance of joining this deal today if on boost given the inability to port to a different network on a Sunday?

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          You can definitely port on a Sunday, some telcos are a little slow, but all the big ones should port relatively quickly. Optus is usually quite good with porting.

        • @JLum:

          What I did was buy a prepaid Vodafone SIM. Got a new number and ported that across. All went through with no issues. Only issue is that I couldn't keep my BOOST number. I had to give that up.

          PS: I did all of this today.

        • @Thelegend23:

          So I can still port to voda today and take advantage of this deal (on Telstra prepaid now)

  • Do jb sell prepaid visa? Could you use gift card to buy one so I can pay out Vodafone?

  • Successfully ported out/in from Telstra postpaid! Used Voda prepaid ported out last night. No issues whatsoever with the sign up at JB.l this morning. Highly recommend Carseldine JB if on Brisbane Northside

    • Wow…! Good to know!

  • Just signed up :D redeemed gift vouchers to google play gift card to fund my family sub for the next ~year

  • Got today at broadmeadows :-) thank you.

  • Just visited Moore Park JBHIFI home and got this deal

    Thanks OP :-)

    Ported from Vodafone prepaid to Telstra within 10 min

    Surprised Telstra's system let me rejoin as a "new" customer

    I had ported out from a finished Telstra small business byo SIM plan to Voda prepaid a week ago, Telstra had only taken $ for my final bill yesterday

    In my excitement I left the store with the paper $200 voucher

    If I go back can they change it into a $200 plastic gift card if I ask?

    • Why wouldn't they let you, you already left them before, it's more revenue for them bringing you back in, dosent matter if it's $49 a month

      • Some people have reported that Telstra stopped them porting out and them porting back in a short timeframe

  • Pretty painless experience, but the staff at JB HiFi can't change my start date to the future date.
    For some reason the system doesn't allow any future date. So I have to port straight away.

    • Yeah me too - signed up at JB Robina (Gold Coast) today - took around 15 mins.
      They said they could not set a future date or if they added a future date as a comment it would make me ineligible for the $200 gift card offer which ends today. Not a big deal as I am already half way through my billing month - and I may get billed a pro-rata amount from old telco anyway.

      My service ported from Amaysim (Optus) to Telstra a couple of hours later - didnt expect it till Monday - so I am now active on Telstra.

  • Thnks OP got it done today at thomastown and ported over from ovo. Working already with everything included

    • Got mine done at thommo too. Took a while cause I had to port to voda then port back. But got there in the end

  • If you are lookihg at this get down quick. Just ported across and was told by staff some people have had to wait 4 hours to get setup.
    Awesome deal

  • Ah damn.. my contract with Voda expires in Nov.. lol

  • Just got this done. But I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning until it ports over to Telstra (something about support in Telstra being slow on a Sunday). Means I have to go back tomorrow, or sometime during the week to get it finalised and get the gift card. Lets hope they still honour it!

    • Mine literally took 2 minutes to port - right after two guys before me ported before the gift card had even been brought up to the phone desk. I'd be questioning that if I were you.

      • Hmm, we'll see. It's ported over, but I'll still be going back tomorrow.

    • I ported two around 3.30pm and they both went through within 2-5 minutes. From Vodafone

  • Out of interest, Today i ported from Telstra prepaid to voda, then into this deal. Had just completed a $40 recharge on the Telstra prepaid last week. Any way to recover this value?

  • I just got this deal at my local JBHIFI. It also comes with 6 months free of Apple Music (for both Apple and Android based phones). The whole process took about 10min and I was ported over from Optus to Telstra. Listened to 'Country Road' from apple music in the car on the way home :D

    • Yeah they offered me that as well - but I said no as I dont use Apple Music and I didnt want the hassle of cancelling later before it starts costing.
      I stream Pandora in the car almost every day - cant be bothered setting up a different music service as Pandora knows what I like.

  • ummm just got this and in my recent charges section in the 24x7 app says 2 dollars. ….. so strange

  • Ported earlier today. First time ever with Telstra from always being on Optus (was on $40month for 10gb) so an extra $9 for double data (yes I go through 10gb occasionally lol) and a $200 gift card for upcoming games was a no brainer

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    Missed out on the gift card. But they can still do this Telstra mobile deal in store and online on Telstra Chat.

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    Oops, was going to do this today, didn't realise it ended

  • My wife and I are currently with Telstra postpaid. What’s the best way of doing this deal? I was thinking we would both port out to Voda then walk into JB later that day. I realise the $200 voucher deal is over, but worth a shot. Can I port out and in of Telstra the same day? Is Voda the best transition carrier?

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      I wanted the $200 voucher to get the Jaybird X3s, which are currently RRP at $199. The guy at JB said he could do them for $109 if I went on the phone plan. still tempting. I think the major carries are all pretty quick with porting. i.e. Optus

  • Woohoo! Got it yesterday. Had been looking for a while at trying Telstra network out. This deal looked good. Hopefully I don't have to make too many os phonecalls, that is my only worry with this deal.

    • At least you have a tonne of data to call overseas via internet means!

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    DIdn't realise this had an expiry date so soon.

    Tried to get Telstra to match the offer via chat and phone and they wouldn't budge. They would do the data etc and the $10/month porting discount but wouldn't touch the $200 as account credit. Didn't even try to offer any account credit to get me to sign up.


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      They're not the ones offering $200, jb was. They've never offered the $200

  • Have anyone received their 1st bill from telstra which shows $59? And without the credit of $10 applied? Thanks.

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      Mine is correct. Did your JB HiFi person set up the deal correctly for you? They had apply two promos to the account and mention both in the sign-up comments for Telstra.

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      Mine has a credit correctly applied.

    • Mine is correct. The JB employee ran through the contract with me (showing where it stated the $10 credit, etc.) before I signed it.

    • Got my bill today - $10 credit shows on page 2. If yours is not there, they did it wrong.

  • I realise this is expired, has anyone had success in getting the offer after the expiry date?

    • Checked at local store, deal still available, but without a $200 gift card. Further they have advised a new prepaid service on vodafone etc cannot be ported unless it's been active for 3 months.