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[NSW] Car Green Slip Refunds via Service NSW


The NSW Government is reforming the CTP Green Slip scheme and is making premiums cheaper for most vehicles from December 2017, so if you purchase or renew your Green Slip before 1 December you would have paid pre-reform prices. Those people will be entitled to a refund on their premium. It will be calculated on a pro-rata basis so the closer you purchase a policy to 1 December, the greater your refund will be.

Is worth putting a reminder on this (click on the reminder link below) so that you can claim you refund in December. CTP Refunds have started. Please visit the main link to lodge your claim. You will be required to enter your bank account (BSB + Account) number.

Note refunds don't apply to motorbikes - instead, injured motorcycle riders will get more benefits and their prices won’t increase.

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  • +7

    I'm sure Gladys will manage to stuff this up too ….

    • +20

      Were you around when Labor was in charge in NSW?

      • I moved to Victoria while that whole thing was going on…

      • -2

        It doesn't matter as they (all) going to stuff up something once they come in power. Like NBN, electricity, medicare, coal, cheap No English China labour import etc.

      • +18

        Come one mate….. Labour did heaps for NSW mate…. They built like……………….0 roads in 12 years….Had excellent line up like Obeid and Teflon Joe…They really did well to turn long life labour voter like myself to switch sides…

        • +7

          still rather have 0 roads than have lockout laws, govt assets privatised for a motorway nobody really wants, another casino and crap NBN

        • +3

          BOTH labor & liberal are useless, just in different ways. Two sides of the same coin, so we think WE made the choice when we 'voted'.

        • @furythree:

          your statement makes 0 sense

          All your saying is that you'd rather the government do absolutely nothing than try to create some sort of infrastructure for this country.
          If you ever drive down Parramatta road you'll see how badly we need a solution for it. WestConnex may not be a fantastic solution but its an attempt to solve the problem.
          Your comment on the other hand suggests its not worth even having a try and its better to sit around, not do anything and hope for the best

          I shudder to believe 7 people agreed with this sentiment

        • @icejester: my comment suggests the current administration is doing a shit job, that the NBN wouldnt be the biggest waste of taxpayer money that it is now if it werent for the liberals for example

        • @furythree:

          They are doing a crap job and indeed the NBN is a massive waste of money.
          But they have to do something, they just have to get better at it.
          They need to learn from the Japanese about efficiency

        • @icejester: or give it to someone else to do

        • @icejester:

          they actually made Parra road and all the other main roads far worse after introducing a Toll on the M4. So the rich can have a faster road while the majority of others just moved onto other non-toll roads which created an influx of extra traffic. I noticed it immediately after the toll arrived. It basically increased my travel time to and from areas close to the M4 by around 20%….

        • @lonewolf:

          That's because the majority of people would rather save a few dollars and travel an extra 30 mins on the road.
          Most people can't make the calculation that 30mins is worth way more than $5
          Everyone can afford tolls, they just choose not to.
          There are other things much more expensive then tolls which we pay for such as a cup of coffee

        • +1


          Sorry not everyone can afford tolls. I dont buy coffee or lunch but rather make my own at home and bring it in to work. I cant afford to be paying 10-20$ per day on tolls like what some people do. And the extra 30minutes is because of the tolls, if the tolls werent around traffic was significantly less on all the other roads as it was shared around.

  • Thanks OP.

    • +8

      What are you on about ?
      This thread is to inform people of refunds applicable to their NSW greenslip.
      Its not a comparison website or some discount offer thread …for the type of discussion that you want, look in the forums

      • There is a link through to the calculator to 'see how it will effect you' or something along those lines.

        Edit: under 'green slip check'. Nevermind they have a blunt comparison feature (metro, heavy vehicles etc etc savings) but "A new Green Slip calculator will be launched later this year". So not much use if you really want to see how the changes will effect you and your vehicle.

        As a general rule perhaps take your last green slip amount and reduce it by the amount in the table, however it is unclear how the loadings, surcharges, GST will effect the final price so I'll wait until the calculators and the insurers incorporate the changes into their pricing models before I get too excited.

    • +3

      You need to remember that your CTP is to cover people, not cars. From what you've stated, your car is worth less than $4500 which probably means it's cheap (quality), old, or both. Likely lacking the safety features of newer cars, it's easy to see why the price of your CTP is quite high.

      FWIW I had a car that was about 7 years old, but had quite good safety specs (Holden Statesman) and it was at Max CTP rate just because of the age.

      But yeah, you can't really compare the cost of a CTP with the value of your car… just like registering a brand new car vs an old car won't make much difference in cost.

  • +8

    I guess it's better than nothing.

    However considering:
    1. NSW CTP is still roughly double most(?) other states.
    2. I paid $361 in my mid 20s. Mid 30s $740 pre reform. Estimated $600 post reform.

    They basically let insurance companies charge whatever they please for the past decade. After the prices have doubled they reform it down by 10-15%. I'll take it but it's hardly a bargain IMO.

    • -3

      It costs more to live in nsw. It's just how it is.

      • +5

        … and salary is about the same as other states for most jobs,

        • +1

          Yeah, but you have the privilege of driving on those awesome freeways and using other great infrastructure like hospitals and the Sydney Opera House.
          (I am not associated with the NSW Gov't)

        • +6

          @matt3: surely sarcasm at it finest.

        • @matt3: Pot hole central is amazing to drive in.

        • @Munki:
          It's a daily roller-coaster for all NSW residents to enjoy, and a safety mechanism to prevent accidents by those prone to micro sleeps.
          NSW Govt, thinking of the children!

    • +1

      They basically let insurance companies charge whatever they please for the past decade.

      It's not just the insurance company, take a look at your cover and you'll see about 25% of the cost goes to the State Government for the Medical Care and Injury Services Levy.

      When the Labor government introduced this (Morris Iemma I think), he told us it would only be about $20 a year for quality medical cover for everyone, so much for that.

      I'm at a loss to understand the purpose of the Green Slip if you also have to pay a levy, that's what the Green Slip is for, medical care and injury.

      State governments are masters at putting Stamp Duty and levies on everything.

      • +7

        It's not just the insurance company

        While this is true, insurers are definitely feeling this change. I work for a major insurer and basically we've been riding the wave of very good NSW CTP margins for a while (don't know exact numbers). The NSW government has basically told us that, "Yeah nah, can't do that anymore" and our margins will be drastically eaten into. Fair enough, IMO.

      • The thing about the MCIS levy is that it covers anyone who is seriously injured, even when they're not at fault.

        Before then, if you were at fault in a car accident and got a spinal cord injury or whatever, you were up shit creek.

    • IMHO It's better than 0%

      • Makes you wonder what they'll steal shortly afterwards in its place.

  • I seemed to save about one third of my slip cost, by moving 100k from Sydney. Still spend 5 days a week there though, seems daft. I assume it's the reasom why every rental car has Vic plates as well. Maybe that's a tax thing?

    So essentially, every registered NSW vehicle, except bikes get cash back on rego started before December? Hope their system will be robust come 1st December…. Gonna be a zoo.

    • +1

      I assume it's the reasom why every rental car has Vic plates as well.

      Maybe victorians are just desperate to get away. ;-p

    • Yes, the biggest factor in the green slip cost is the garage address of the vehicle.

      The same thing happens in Victoria, too. Regional areas get a discount over city areas.

  • +1

    This is part of the problem why your premiums have been going up.
    Hopefully this should make a real-world difference when it comes to rising premiums …..


    $11 million fraud. $11 million !

    • $11 million is an absolutely tiny amount compared to what the scheme takes in. The average green slip for all vehicles is $652. Multiply that by the number of vehicles registered in NSW - 4,217,440 - and you get $2,749,770,880.

      That's 0.004% of the overall scheme. Absolutely (profanity) all. Fraud is not what's pushing the prices up.

  • +1

    If you sell your car which CTP was paid before Dec by you, do you or the new owner get the refund?

    See who can get this right?

    • +3

      The new owner

      The insurance goes with the vehicle and is generally included in the sale price of the vehicle. The refund will be calculated based on what the previous owner paid and will be made available to the owner of the vehicle as at midnight on 30 November 2017

  • +1


    So it looks like if you're eligible they'll send you a letter, and a refund cheque automatically.

  • About damn time. Does anyone know why the rego price in NSW is much more expensive than other states? Don't tell me it's because accidents happen more often in NSW.

    • Read my reply above, because it was privatised and because the State Government charges a levy.

      • +8

        Corruption you mean.

      • corruption mate…. they are now doing it on large scale by loading busses full of newly arrived refugees and staging accidents….

        • Fake claims aren't exclusive to NSW though.

    • +1

      Obviously it's to fund all those well-informed projects like 2 lane freeways and the subsequent need to "expand" them. They're obviously not fixing our roads since they're riddled with holes and cracks.

    • Because government - different state governments - and inevitably, one of them has to be the greediest.

    • It's because NSW has a no-fault levy which ensures that anyone who is seriously injured in a car accident, even if they are at fault, will get their medical treatment funded.

      In addition, NSW CTP generally pays out a much higher level of benefits than other states.

      There was some paper done which showed that on a cost basis, if QLD and VIC's CTP/TAC benefits were adjusted to the same level as NSW, the cost of CTP/TAC levies would be about the same. Also, Victoria's TAC scheme runs at a $1 billion deficit every year (whereas NSW's runs at profit as per the privatisation).

  • Just renewing mine this month - thanks OP.

    We only do, on average, about 4,000km per year: I wish CTP & rego was based on distance travelled…

    • +2

      I have 3 motorcycles and 3 cars in my household. I just wish that CTP was per driver, not per vehicle.

      • Yup my car sit idle 90% of the time.
        Motorcycles: While their CTP prices will not go down, they will get up to six months of benefits including: NOTHING.

        I have a slow 1200cc bike and the CTP is $840.

    • It wouldn't be workable if it was distance-based, people would just lie.

  • This belongs in the forums.

  • Look I can't understand how they work in NSW
    Alll private user have to register vehicle in nsw with expensive green slip but most of the hire car( thrifty) and transport companies have Victoria and Queensland plates

  • +1

    I have learnt a lot due to this post. Thanks

  • +2

    All I can perfect timing. Renewing my car next week. Something is better than nothing, if even for a couple dollars. Can spend them on the gearbest .01 deals

  • +2

    I won't be surprised this new scheme will work out to be more expensive eventually.

    We worked hard over the last 2 years upgrading everything to reduce our electricity bill by 20% only to be negated by the recent single price increase.

    • +4

      If it's anything like Opal, yes. They start off with short term savings (e.g. free after 8 trips) and then a year later change rules and hike prices… It's better to have savings at first to make everyone feel better about change, then raising prices later.

      • This is exactly what I am talking about, Opal is one of the many examples. Just another scheme to get everyone to buy in with the initial savings instead of opposing it. After the honeymoon period is over, wham bam thank you mam!

    • Yeah, tell me about it. All lights switched to LED, induction cooker instead of the electric stove that wastes a few minutes to get hot, laptop instead of desktop… and I get the highest bill. I'm thinking about setting up a solar system on a trailer in the backyard, flipping off the mains switch, locking the fusebox, telling the electricity providers to get lost, and plugging the trailer into one of the house power points on each circuit.

  • Rego due in December, refund of about $8.12 for me.

  • The date is December, but the refunds will happen in January by the looks of it:

  • Knew this was coming. Just renewed for 6 months, $265. Probably get pennies back, but will be good to be reduced when its due again in Feb.

    I recently turned 25 and my CTP halfed with QBE, while the others all charge the same as when I was 21. Hopefully this makes it cheaper for young people, it's unaffordable, and leads people to buy and sell shitboxes with rego.

    • Q: If my Green Slip is due before prices come down am I better off just getting a six-month policy?

      A: There is no need to take out a six month policy. In fact, six month policies are more expensive than 12 months policies, so in the long run you may be better off financially to renew for 12 months and wait for your refund.

      • +2

        Strangely enough, 6 month policies are not more expensive than 12 month policies. Mine worked out to be 1c cheaper.

        • Mine was <$3 difference for 6 month vs 12 month, and not sure if i'm keeping the car for longer than 4-5 months, so I'll renew it if I don't sell it by then. Also knew this drop was coming, and wasn't sure if there would be a refund.

      • Mine is same price

  • so i renewed my rego for 12 months in jan..does that mean i get jack all refund?

  • Well thank f for that, my premium went from $587 to $733… no change in details.

  • What is a green slip?? In Victoria we don't use old fashioned printed labels or slips - everything's electronic now.

    • Same in NSW. It's shorthand.

  • Had no idea about this. Huge thanks OP

  • Only 45 cents* in every CTP dollar collected by insurers goes to injured people as benefits. The rest goes in scheme costs, insurer profit and legal costs.

    Wow Big Fat profit for insurers

  • cool

  • So if my green slip expires on 5 Dec 2p17, should i renew it in Nov to be eligible for the refund. Or would I be better of to renew after 1 Dec?

  • Do we have to do anything to get the refund, or will it just be sent in the mail? The same site that the "Go to Deal" link sends me to is the same broken site that I'm sent to everywhere else.

  • +1

    Hi Guys.. Refunds have started. Please visit Services NSW Link to lodge your claim. You will be required to enter your bank account (BSB + Account) number.

  • I only see a refund for the car I paid CTP on last year and currently own. Not the cars I paid and then sold OR the cars I now own that were paid my someone else last year.

  • I thought they said refunds would be automatic, not that you would have to claim?

  • Thanks, submitted this lastnight
    Its not very often that the government gives money back

  • Got $10 back lol

  • Got $90 back from 3 cars.

  • Thanks. Got back $210.

  • Does it list all your cars? I have two cars registered to me, but only one car appeared in the claim - does this mean the other car isn't entitled to a refund, or do I need to chase them up for the other car?

    • +1

      Mostly likely it would be because it isn't entitled to a refund (eg if your CTP green slip was after 1 Dec 17 then it already incorporated the revised price). If you linked your Services NSW account with RMS and if it is registered in your name it should come up if entitled to a refund. If not sure, you can always follow up with them.

    • +1

      I have a car registered and paid for the CTP on January 2017 which seems like it’s not entitled.

      If you paid the CTP on February 2017 or after you’ll get it.

      • Yep, same here. Registered Jan 2017, so not eligible based on the table biganthony10 posted several posts below.

        Still got $98 from one of my cars, so that's a win =)

  • ANNND it's down (actually it's just very slow for me)

    Services experiencing technical difficulties
    CTP refunds are available to over 4 million NSW citizens and we're receiving very high volumes of refund requests at present. If you’re experiencing delays, we apologise for the inconvenience and ask that you come back later.

  • Thanks heaps OP! I'm due a $50 refund.

  • The FAQ on MyServiceNSW site says it is easy to claim - just click on the claim online button.

    Where is this button? Or have the technical difficulties taken it away?

  • 504 ERROR
    The request could not be satisfied.
    CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection.
    For more information on how to troubleshoot this error, please refer to the CloudFront documentation (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudFront/latest/Develope...).

  • Answering my own question should this assist others - there are problems with the site that are more than just the process going slow.

    I got the claim online button to come up, but it resulted in an error.

    Prior to this, the button would not show at all.

    Live Chat on the site returns an error message that there are not staff members available.

  • Just wait until late at night when the crowds are asleep. OzB'ers don't sleep anyway because of FOMO. :)

  • Funny how automatic refunds has now been changed to having to make a claim!

    Hoping people won't bother?

    Not that you can make a claim at the moment with the site stuffed up for the last two days!!!

  • +3

    Here is a table from the website which shows estimates on your refund if eligible.

    Refunds based on the month the Green Slip was purchased