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Indya Crown Basmati Rice 5kg $7 @ Coles


Crown Basmati Rice 5 kG @ 7 $, i think it's really cheap price for basmati..

Looks like the deal is statewide..

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    Yes it is statewide
    Bought this yesterday
    RRP $10

    • How is it compared to Indiagate, Sunrice, Maharajah's Choice, etc?

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        Much Better than maharajas choice and sunrice. Not surea about india gate.

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          You get rice, I make curry

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          @curryblender: sounds like a good plan bro.

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        Some like rice to be skinny, long, and dry (usually more expensive options) others like it to be fluffy, fat, and sticky (cheaper). Indiagate is the first and maharajah/sunrice is the second (although all are basmati). Not too sure how this crown rice is but probably closer to maharajah choice.

        • Is this short or long?

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        You owe yourself to try India Gate Golden Sella. I will never be the same again. I buy nothing else.

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          +1 for India Gate Sella. Nothing even comes close!

        • @mikstylo:

          never tried sella, but I think i had issues with parboiled rice in the past. India gate classic is my goto.

        • @simulacrum: What issues?

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          Sells is Indiagate's bad rice.

        • @tightwad: I guess I like "bad" rice then. It's the best I've ever had.

        • @jazoom:

          Correction Sella not sells. Damn. Autocorrect even changed that one to sells until I noticed it!

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          @tightwad: No its not. Sella has a different purpose to Basmati. Sella is good for biryani, basmati for everything else

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        Avoid sunrice. Bought some the other week on special and it was extremely starchy for a basmati.

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      Perhaps your sweaty socks smell like Basmati rice?

      • My sweaty socks smell like fried rice.

  • Given the OP's username, can one surmise this is for SA only if this is 'state-wide'?

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      Looks like state wide

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        Available in Vic.

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    For Basmati experts….Would Daawat be considered the gold standard? And how does this compare?

    • Daawat is better than most of the basmati rice available in OZ.
      Haven't cooked yet, so no comparison :(

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        India gate > Daawat/Indya

      • Daawat is most certainly better quality then Indiagate.

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      I prefer Indiagate.

    • I purchased from Coles for $14 top quality

  • The King of Basmati Rice is Lal Quilla or Tilda mostly available from Local Indian Grocery Stores

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      Tilda is available at Coles/Woolies too I think

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    Bought this last week at $7. I think it = sunrice = Maharajah's Choice. I have to mix it with with Indiagate to get through it..

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    India Gate classic, or if on a budget, India Gate Premium (go figure!).
    Last month, I tried another rice which is as good as India Gate Classic - Daawat Select Baasmati Rice, which is good and cheaper than IGC.
    I would 'personally' stay away from the Coles variety- tried one, and then used it only for dosa batter mix.( Even that came out terrible).

  • What's a 5kg bag of the good stuff cost in comparison?

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      It depends on the brand can be upto 24$ for 5kg

      • Yes, but sometimes on promotions, you can get 5 Kg for 18 AUD. I guess it would also vary from place to place.

  • I got Daawat Select Basmati from Coles last week for $14.

  • No idea about Indian rice. Never tried it before. Is this soft and fluffy when cooked just like Sunrice medium grain?

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      Usually, Baasmati is lightly fragrant rice, long grains, and not sticky at all. Also good for diabetics.

      • Thanks. Then I'll pass

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          Try it once- just not the Coles variety.
          Each grain is fluffy and seperate.
          Anyway, everyone has a different taste, and I respect your choice.

    • Not just Indian. A lot comes from Pakistan. Indians think the Pakistani variety is inferior, but TWWT?

  • I buy 5kg of Devaaya basamati rice from a local Indian store next to my coles and it's like $9.50 regular price.

  • You get what you pay for with these.
    Ordinary rice.

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    India Gate Classic and Daawat Select Basmati are the only ones that I choose from. Most other brands available at Coles/Woolies are not that great (some are not even true Basmati rice but are still labled Basmati)

    • I agree. I don't like those small thick sticky rice

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    Not available in Sydney. Statewide mention in title please.

  • India gate classic, but everyday use sella as it is more lighter

  • Out of stock

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