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McDonald's McFlurry for $2 until 7/11, Available from 10:30am-Midnight


Sorry in advance for the bad quality photo as I was in a rush to leave the place before they made me stay back….

Anyways, so I was at work today and saw this poster for an upcoming promotion of everyone's favourite McFlurries for $2. This is an amazing treat for a bargain.

Update: Seems to have started a day early at some locations.

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  • And now we see how long maccas allow this to be up lol

  • They removed the poster, in a quick flurry.

    • the thumbnail was removed by Ozbargain's system, but the link will point to an image file.
      Mcdonalds do not like us using their logos or trademarks on our website.

      • I've seen this here before and I've never questioned it, though I have meant to.

        What law are they claiming ozbargain as an entity is breaking? I've dealt with quite abit of copywrite/branding law here and it doesn't fall into one of the obvious categorys.

        • What law are they claiming ozbargain as an entity is breaking?

          I don't really know: you'd have to ask scotty about this one.

          That is a long story from 8 years ago., way before I became a moderator. Maccas deals were banned for a total of 3 years from 2009 to 2012 before Scotty decided since Mcdonald's were being quiet and not responding to his emails he decided to lift the ban just to see if they complained any further (they didn't). But still keeping their golden arches logo off the website just for good measure.

          Similar type of story 5UBW4Y, we also mask the thumbnail images, but I can't find the backstory behind this one. Probably before my time.

        • @scrimshaw: Well, I'd be very interested to know about it, I might throw a PM or two out.

          Thanks for the best explanation you could give though!

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          Probably no law, it is just they are such a huge company that you wouldn't want the hassle of crossing them.

          If they say "take our stuff down", you comply. Sounds like basic intimidation to me.

        • @Juddy: and that's why I take an interest, I (profanity) hate when people have to tip toe due to commercial intimidation.

        • @dfaktz:
          Maybe Ronald McDonald has a few skeletons in his closet. Sort of like Subway did…

  • McFlurrys are just cups of disappointment compared to the old days…..

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      They've even ditched the iconic spoon.

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        They’re not even mixed anymore are they?

      • They used to put the spoon on the machine to mix them at my local, now the spoons changed and it's not mixed lol

      • I went tonight and the old spoons look like they are back and a new ice cream machine too, maybe they are on the way back? Have proof of spoon if required.

    • It was already way too pricey for when it was introduced but at least worth the occasional buy; but then when they even got rid of the spoon and the machine mixing it was just completely pointless IMO.

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    Better off ordering an ice cream cone sans the cone and ask them to put it in a cup with some topping.

    This creation is called a McOzbargain, most stores know it by name now so all you have to do is go up to the cashier and do an O with your thumb and forefinger. πŸ‘Œ

    This is if you want a flake with it: πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ˆ

    • Much less icecream when they put it in a lid, and still costs you $1.10 inc topping

    • What's the signal for maltesers?

    • I tried that once, back when soft serves we're 50c.
      $2 for 2 soft serve cones, 2 lots of toppings and a cup of water.

      1. Drink water
      2. Empty cone contents
      3. Apply toppings
      4. Apply 1 crunched up cone for that biscuit crunch feeling.
      5. Keep remaining cone for the pool room.

      I like it when my McFlurry is creamy - what about you, Scab?

    • do an O with your thumb and forefinger. πŸ‘Œ
      This is if you want a flake with it: πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ˆ

      I… I'm tempted to do this. Maybe.


    • Followed McOzbargain instructions, got arrested for doing πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ˆ to an underage cashier.

    • I tried this once back when it was first (?) posted here a few years back. They took my order fine, but I got to the window and the night manager refused to fill the order and just stood at the window holding out two plain cones, he was absolutely livid but refused to look at me just stared off into the store with his back to me as much as possible holding these cones and just kept loudly repeating "you can't have that".

      Eventually I had to make him crawl back to the register and refund me whatever difference I had paid for toppings (like 20c probably lol) and also give me the cones in lids like I had asked given that I can't eat gluten anyway so it's legit that I needed them in the lids. Oh man he was a bit of a nutter that one, and thats coming from the guy who was trying to get a ghetto mcflurry.

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    That photo is actually hurting my eyes

  • For those wondering, monopoly ends on the 17th

    • Was there any point to it this time? (Last time it was about to begin, I overheard two female customers ask about it, and a manager told them not to even bother with it, that it was a big con, and no-one ever won anything. LOL!)

  • Hope this is not like the 2$ sundae which you can only get as an add-on to a meal

  • I don't mind McFlurrys but they are nothing compared to a DQ Blizzard. Oh how I wish Dairy Queen was in Australia.

  • Jokes on you guys. The machines will be broken the whole time

  • Good deal if only their soft serve machines weren't undergoing maintenance half the time..

  • From the FAQ on the link β€œCan I get a plain McFlurry?”

    Are there actually people out there who pay $4+ for a plain McFlurry? o.O

  • For those that have trouble reading the poster picture, here's a text version: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/168819/52876/lcm.jpg

  • This is the day after Maccas monopoly ends? Wow cheap much.
    The thing is, I'm not even sure if it's worth $2, let alone $4+??

  • its about time they reduced the prices on these, full price is $4.40 which is pretty outrageous since its just a large ice cream with some oreo/m&ms, no sauce even. Actually Maccas has become way too expensive in general, so i prefer HJ but the nearest one is about 15m drive away :(

  • Hi @Vincent

  • how can it be on special if the machine is broken ?

    • There bloody machines are always broken, you'd think they'd ditch the manufacturer for a decent one..

      • Its called bait and switch

        • The girlfriend always says if I want an ice cream or thick shake , you know the machine will be broken, so many times I've come back, your right grrrrr..

          So one day I decided to go to Dominoes they have the best thick shakes in my opinion, never had there pizzas but there thick shakes are brilliant and there machines always work

        • didnt even know that was an option , ill check it out next time im there , cheers

  • Mcflurrys ain't what they use to be… Wish they would come out of with new flavours or bring back bubblegum.

  • Got mine yesterday. Watch out, I was almost charged full price until I reminded the cashier. Seems the change is not automatic

    • more evidence of their bait & switch i reckon, like ice cream machine not working, the app not working so i cant get the 'golden meal' specials, & that rigged bs called Monopoly

  • Hey McDonald's, got a McFlurry in Sydney CBD today and this is the sad product I received


    So basically ice cream with a scoop of Oreos. Why would anyone pay over $4 for this normally? Hell I feel ripped off at $2.

    What happened to the days where the Mcflurry's were actually mixed with the square spoons and the machine to actually make it like a thick ice cream?

    Instead now it's some ice cream that melts quick, and something dumped on top. Nothing even on the bottom. Mixing it yourself just leaves a poor product.

    Wish Dairy Queen would come to Australia for some competition.

  • Anyone been getting their McFlurry with this spoon all of a sudden? http://i64.tinypic.com/1zbzznm.jpg Note the hook in the spoon. Are the good McFlurry coming back?

  • Oh no! Last day today :(