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[Warning - Read Comments] Call of Duty Black Ops CD Key for Steam in Stock Now! - USD $24.99 CDKeysHere.com


What will you get:

You will get Call of Duty Black OpsCD Key for Steam (scan of the cd key from original DVD box). Delivery time usually 10-15 min after your payment. You can activate and download the game from Steam. The default language is Russian but there will be a way to change to language to English like COD MW2 keys. Now Steam doesn't allow to try this because it will be playable on 9 November. We can't give a guarantee for changing the language before November 9, because we don't have a chance to try. Please read this informations before buying. Thank you.


Fifa 11 CD Key:

Medal of Honor CD Key:

Civilization V CD Key:

Our key samples:

Also you can read our comments here:

We are not selling stolen keys or basic text keys which are coming from keygens. We are selling real photo of your original dvds and we destroy the dvds in 3 months.

Please read our reviews before your purchase.

Thank you.

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  • -7

    Not really a bargain. More like an ad.


    Is where the real shits at.

    • hmm will wait to see if this pans out well. coz 24.99 is bargain

    • +1

      How is a link to a thread with over 70 pages going to help? Try pointing to a specific post, doubt many will bother reading even a few of those pages.

  • +1

    How is 24.99 not a bargain?

  • -8

    Because it will always remain at this price. And this isn't really a 100% legitimate deal.

    • +5

      I dont get it. How isnt it 100% legitimate? This is a bargain. cheapest key out there..

    • Here we go again…. The Bargain Nanny Patrol… Find smething better to do like find us all a bargain instead of negative comments.. Do you work for EB Games or something…

  • i just spoke to sales, apparently alertpay is no longer accepted. also they are waiting for a new batch of cd keys as existing ones have been sold.

  • +6

    My Russian's a bit rusty, I guess I could use the practice.

  • Purchased and activated..
    Two More days..

  • I'm going to purchase - Will you re-issue keys if Steam/Activision ban keys for being activated/used in the wrong region? (they did this last time with MW2)

  • I heard this but i'm selling MW2 since March 2010 and sold at least 500 keys and never had any ban problem before. People says this but i didn't see anyone who banned because of region restriction. I can't give a guarantee for this, it's your risk. But as i said none of my customers had ban problem before. All of them changed the language to English and played.

  • +2

    Nice, I used to live in Russia and remember when Far Cry came out it was under $5 for the official version, the only way they could beat the pirates was to price things so low. A tactic they don't seem to use here in Oz.

    • +14

      Instead they just sue everyone.

  • Should we pre-load the game first? Or wait until a download link appears for english version?

    • Yes you can, i downloaded and waiting 9 November.

  • Are you gonna have any English region Cd-Keys for black ops anytime soon?

  • Can you install the key over the English pre-load?

    I have the pre-load files, it's asking for a key - will the Russian key work at this screen?

  • Date Ordered: 07/11/2010

    Your order has been updated to the following status:

    Waiting for stock

    I hope this works out, this is my first time buying keys online.

    • It'll be fine, I bought my MOH key from this place, nice and cheap and quick and easy. :)

  • How do you change to english then?

    Will the game be in Russian lol?

    • +2

      Perhaps you should try reading the big red size 14 font paragraph that they put onto the page:

      The default language is Russian but we will make a file package on 9 November (it's preload now will be playable on 9 nov.) to change the language to English.

      • Ya panimayu, drugu! :)

        • Pekroy menya, ya dolzh prezeriditsya!

        • +1

          No probs, I've got your back bro! ;)

          [edit] ROFL, it looks like I took a neg grenade to the back whilst scrimshaw was reloading! :p

      • I read that but did you not see this part, we don't give a guarantee.

        So will the menu be in russian or the game?

        I dont think they would have done all the voices in the game in russian.

        • The answer to your question has already been given dude, menus for the game you buy will be in Russian!

          On or shortly after the 9 Nov, someone will create a simple patch to change the language to English (if not these guys, then there will be dozens of clever little richards out there scripting away)! This is the same way it was done for MW2! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

          Polʹzovatʹsya tovarisch! ;)

        • Phew good I did not order it from here!

  • Will you sell the Xbox version and ship it my way? Will pay for shipping too :)

  • So I placed an order and it now says "Waiting for new stock"… how long will it take?

    • Did you get your cdkey?

      Can the rep confirm if keys are available?


      • Placed my order midnight last night and still haven't received it. It's been almost 16 hours. They say 10-15 mins after receiving payment -.-

        Oh well, I can dispute it with PayPal if I don't get it.

        Edit: current status says "Waiting for new stock"

  • I can confirm that I got the key for Football Manager 2011 (had to wait acouple of hours as they were out of stock) and managed to activate and download off steam (I'm with iinet so the steam download was quota free :))

    edit: I got the key from cdkeyshere that is.

  • +1


    We will get the new stock at this evening (Turkey time) and send your cd keys asap. Thanks for your understanding.


    • will the price change after the release of the game??? if it does how much will it be??? And someone else also asked… Will you have different versions of the game anytime soon??? (other country/language) because I can wait for next week to play the game lol

      • Seeing as MW2 from their site is still in Russian, there won't be an English version.

    • can we pay extra for the case and dvd

  • is this a discount price available for a short period of time or is this going to be a standard price from you guys? If its a sale, how long until you bump the price up? Don't need to pre-order so just want to confirm that the english pack will work

  • Turkey time now is 10:25am. Should get some stock after midnight Australian time hopefully, just in time for Steam release.

  • +2

    So this price will be the same after release?
    Would prefer to wait and see if no-one gets banned and language change will work

  • COD Black Ops PC dedicated servers are now online. Now, I need the game!!! loll

  • Ok I've purchased a key now. Does anyone know if when we are actually able to change the game to English, it's not going to change just the menu text to English, but change the single-player and cinematics to English as well?

    • +1

      If we'll be able to change it to English, then EVERYTHING would change, as if you have an English version of the game… single player, multiplayer.

      For now, the only question is if we can do it at all… we'll just have to wait and see.

  • cant we just preload the english version and use the russian key to activate….

    i hate using steam.

    • same question, I plan on downloading a pirate version and simple put the CD-Key to it so I can play, I dont need steam to play it… + if u download with steam maybe you can replace the cod files from the steam folder with the ones from the English pirate version… I have done it with previous call of duty games, I can even change the language in options lol

      • could u reply back if this works as i already downloaded the iso and cbf downloaing it again through steam

        • +1

          Steam is the exclusive platform for the PC version of the game. The game is inbuilt with 'SteamWorks' and VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat). Therefore, steam is REQUIRED to play multiplayer online. The cracked ISO's will NOT work for this reason - they circumvent the steam authentication which means you wouldn't be able to connect to legitimate servers, even with a legitimate key.

        • sorry but I got the cd-key from cd keys direct for a higher price but I have an english retail cd-key of black ops,it worked with steam and im currently downloading it.
          good luck tho.

  • +2

    Just waiting on a few things to be cleared up before i purchase
    1)longevity of special
    2)changing to english
    3)not being banned on Steam
    4)possibility of sending out the game disc for a bit extra?

    this is an incredible deal, as i'm looking for a pc version to play my mates on pc as i already have the prestige version for ps3, and a price like this is hard to beat. :)

  • Has anyone got a key yet? I purchased it on sunday night but still nothing.

    • Same here and still nothing.

  • Just got my key, won't be able to try until later. Anyone else get theirs?

  • I got mine just a few minutes ago.

  • Still haven't got anything either…..

  • Hi all, we recently got the new stock and started to sending your keys. We have too much orders and sending takes too much time. We r working hard for you. Please be patient, we ll send all of the orders to the noon.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • I think that Naz is taking photos of the keys with his iphone and then emailing them out as fast as possible.

  • Just got my key thanks! How do we go about activating the English version now?

  • so where is this file package that we have to download….

    Im still waiting for my 2nd copy that i ordered from Cdwow for my brother, if worse comes to worse i may have to use the hard copy to install the english version.

  • -2

    the things people will do for a cheap game :p

    • +3

      Only a fool would pay the full $89 and buy it from steam.

  • Are the keys still being sent out?

  • Bought mine the other day, still waiting for it to be sent out

    Order status is: "waiting for stock"

    Will update when/if I get it.

    Am hoping this is not a scam.
    (order id: 4482)

  • Mine is order : 4552

    status is "Processing"

  • My order is #4565

    Still in 'Processing'

  • wohooo got my key, now off to download, its goin to take years!

  • I am having some issues with this. I tried to pay for it 3 times now and twice i got an error, and on last one it never really confirmed properly and now I dont know if I bought it or not. Nothing has been debited from bank account so I assume not. But I dont want to try again incase there is a delay to charging. I reaaaly would like to play this game soon. Can people tell me if they got charged straight away or only when hteir request got processed.


    • What payment method did you use?

  • I would buy it right now, but it looks like a lot of people are waiting a long time for the keys to be sent out.

  • My order is 4600…

    Still in ‘Processing’

    Oh well :P

  • So i got the key but its not allowing me to download it through aus region, so i guess i have to trick steam into thinking im from russia?!

  • Yeah, mine says "Sorry this item is not available for purchase in your country". What do we do?

  • i keep refreshing my mail inbox , hoping the key would come !

  • How come NaZ ? FiX iT !!!!!

  • This is a sign telling me to finish playing my current game. Mafia2

    • +1

      But that game is the worst.

  • not so bad ,playboy magz gotta collect em' all !

  • Has anyone managed to use the cdkey purchased to play in aussie ?

    • I've managed to activate the cdkey on my steam but everytime I launch the game it says "game not available, please try again later"………….

  • Here comes thousands of refunds… feel sorry for the seller.

  • How should we do the refund? Via paypal or emailing them?

  • Not sure, but the seller better give us aussies refunds… the damn keys don't work.

  • +6

    Hi again, i can't understand where s the problem. We tryed these keys in Europe and South America and all worked, but something is wrong now. I will talk with my supplier and try to find a way to solve this problem. If we can't i will refund all of your money, don't worry. I'm really sorry for this issue and still can't understand. I will update the news soon, sorry again my friends.

  • glad i waited now

    • I was waiting………….
      then I saw a video……….
      and then………
      stupid impulse buying :/

      • ahah I know how you feel xD

  • +2

    Naz, This problem needs to be resolved quickly or at least timely updates provided ( as you have done so far). Anything short of this will ruin your reputation and make it difficult for you to sell to Australians again.

  • Thx to all you guys posting your results, it helps many of us trying to make up our minds whether to chance it or not.
    For those looking to get refunds, good luck.

  • +3

    Well I'm wishing I never did go ahead and make the purchase now.

  • can't you change your location in steam and play anyway?

  • Not looking good.. cdkey warehouse has handed out refunds. Read the comments on the "All keys will be sent out later today, there's alot to send" post.


    Im hoping cdkeyshere do refunds quickly so we can buy elsewhere.

  • -2

    That's why I always said a little bit worry if it is a steam key.

  • We need a new bargain then… what is the best price for aussie version… are aussie cd keys available? Looks like D2D are having same problem with maybe US versions. $79 at WOW is starting to look much easier..

  • +2

    Hi all again, Steam put a region restriction on Russian cd keys last night. Btw we found a way to activate the keys via VPN (using Russia ip). We need your steam info to activate the key to your account. You can do this yourself but vpn service is 10$ per month. If you can trust us we can activate your key, if you don't we can refund, np.

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