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[VIC] Skybus to Southbank & Docklands 10% off (One-Way $16.20 Round-Trip $31.50)


Received this deal via email:

SkyBus has a new direct express service to Southbank and Docklands. To celebrate our new service we’d like to offer you an additional 10% off our already reduced online fares!

Use SPRING10 as promo code at the checkout. Tickets are valid for three months

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  • A bit stingy that they're only valid 3 months…6 would be reasonable.

  • Still no public transport to Melbourne airport - what a joke. Why can't they get the regular Melbourne buses to go there?

    • Does route 901 not count as a regular bus? It goes to the airport and connects to Broadmeadows railway station.

      • I just checked then- a bus/taxi is 23 mins from southern cross to terminal 2, where as train/bus as you suggested is 1hr 8mins… Not even close to reasonable IMO (Considering, Syd, bne, and even Perth (soon) have a train that can get you there within half an hour from their CBD's..)

        • I don't believe you can fit the services in those other cities in the same categtory. Sydney airport railway stations have an access fee which makes the total fare pretty close to SkyBus fares. Express airport services generally attract a premium fare over public transport fares.

        • @octagonalman:

          That's all fine, except that I've never sat on the Sydney train for an hour trying to get to the airport. I think the latest I have ever been is 5mins..

          Who can say the same thing for the sky bus, which sees a private company operate a bus on public roads, sitting stationary during every peak hour and accident..

          I reckon the trip has taken over an hour more than 20 times for me door to door

        • @ptrg: Maybe not Sydney, but on more than one occasion in Brisbane, I've had to wait close to an hour for the Airtrain to actually show up (for what's meant to be a half-hourly service).

        • @octagonalman:

          Express airport services generally attract a premium fare over public transport fares.

          Yeh, at least in Australia.

      • Sort of. Doesn't it go to the bus exchange at the airport? That's not the same thing as being dropped off at the terminal.

        • It goes to Terminal 4. When someone says public transport to the airport, I interpret that as looking for a cheaper option. Like how some people will walk from Sydney Domestic to Mascot Railway Station to avoid the station access fee.

    • Completely agree. We should have a train service to Melbourne airport. Can we stop dicking around with this and just do it?

  • When you buy online, are tickets issued immediately? Suppose I am at the airport and buy online (instead of buying from the skybus booth), intending to use the tickets straightaway, is it practical? Or does it take considerable time before being issued (like buying Wish e-gift cards). Buying online does save a few bucks, even if there is no promo code. Thanks in advance.

  • If you're travelling with 2+ people, probably best to grab an Uber!


    Says not valid even tho its meant to expire tonight?

  • Thanks op, worked on their southern Cross service.

  • Code isn't valid anymore I think