This was posted 4 years 2 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nintendo Switch Console $449 @ Harvey Norman ($349 with $100 AmEx Cashback Offer) (Available in Neon & Grey)


Howdy ya'll,

Awesome price for the Nintendo Switch!

I don't believe I've seen it as this price before, happy to be corrected :)

Credit to: easternculture

Standard Delivery: $7.95

Updated @ 5pm: Price lowered to $449.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      Amazon is due to launch this month too.

      • Ummm, everything I've read predicts a 2018 launch.

    • good eye, feel like this should be added in the deal's details. I don't need a Switch until June 2018, before my overseas trip.. But I feel like even then it won't drop below this price..

    • Yeah, I'm probably going to hold out until closer to Christmas to see if any other retailers drop their prices and HN will price match that.

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    how i wish i got an american express card … :(

  • Just picked mine up from Nunawading, VIC. I hadn't done price match online as I moved too quickly. I did however ask to action price guarantee. The guy who served me, possibly the manager, said he'd have to contact the online department to okay it but that he was trying to get the online price dropped to $448 hence there'll be no need for price match soon as HN will be cheaper by $1.

    • Well they'd better lower it again to price match Big W's $429 one !

      I bought the mario odyssey one, price matching with big w.. got it home now :)

      • +2

        For others: Big w is $529, so $429 after price match and amex.

        I got excited for a moment.

  • Can we claim TRS with this?

    • Yes, it's over the $300 store threshold and if you're travelling within the next 60 days.

      • ahh nice one, perfect for holiday next month

  • So from reading the AMEX thread this come from can we confirm that if you wanted to get a amex card for this offer, this would be the place to go? (0 annual fees)

    And with Target doing $449, you should be buying this online after doing an pricematch online chat request on the HN site, bringing it to $349 ($100 off).

    • +3

      there's a high chance that by the time you get your amex and activate it, the registration for this promo would have hit capacity.

      • Excellent reason to keep in this thread and see when people are saying the capacity has been reached! :)

        • +1

          Someone below in this thread has said that you can no longer apply for this offer through AmEx as the capacity has been reached.

  • If I wanted to take advantage of TRS and get mario, would the best deal overall be to get the Mario bundle pricematch from big w?

    • -1

      I think as long as you have the console and the game with you when traveling then it should be fine. They both need to be in the same receipt.

      • +2

        Don't have to be in a same receipt.
        your purchases are from a single business with the same Australian business number (ABN) and total AUD 300 (GST inclusive) or more. For example, if you bought items from one business, even on separate invoices, that together total AUD 300, these items could be eligible for a tax refund under the TRS
  • -3

    If anyone buys the $349 Target pricematch one and gets it shipped to me, I'll paypal them upfront the $349 plus shipping, plus an extra $15 for the trouble?

    Willing to post a screenshot of my ebay buyer page with perfect feedback for proof that I'm genuine.

    Just don't own an AMEX card and don't really want to get one just for this one deal.

    Doubt I'll get any bites on this, but just thought it was worth a shot..

    • Same problem. I can't get an AMEX as I'm not an Australian :(
      Can anyone please help me buy one and I'll come and pay you by cash straight away? I live in Melbourne and have 2 days off to kill :(

      • same .. will meet up at any HN in the city.. u can get the points and i get the machine !

        • I can do it only if you agree to meet in Hurstville, NSW!

        • @lippy: haha thanks for the offer. but the 100 in savings will not be enough to cover my trip there from melbourne! saying so, i believe lots of ppl from NSW will be sending u a msg soon lol

    • +1

      No offence, but if there is one thing I wouldn't accept a money transfer from its paypal.

      • Fair call, didn't know that. Happy to do bank transfers or whatever is least risky to the other party!

  • Thanks
    grabbed one
    xmas present sorted

  • +1

    Wouldn't the price of the Switch go lower closer to Christmas and after?

    • +1

      I am hoping so too.

    • Don't think it will be lower than AMEX offer

  • Thank you OP!
    I got the mario odyssey bundle price matched with Big W - $529!

  • Great price, beats the EB Games/eBay deal from a few weeks ago. I've played a few Zelda games before, couldn't get myself to finish the Wind Waker HD version on Wii U but when I picked up the Switch and Zelda last month I've been hooked. I spent more time playing Switch/Zelda compared to all the time I spent playing video games for the past 2 years. Picked up Mario last week but still sitting in the shelf, I can see myself spending/playing Zelda till New Year to collect all the hidden stuff and completing each mini quests etc.

  • Any of you guys found any good cases/screen protectors to go with the switch? If so, please link!! :D

  • -3

    Make sure you enrol in the offer before you buy! First time I have used an AMEX offer and didn't know you had to enrol first. Seems like an awfully archaic system. AMEX livechat were absolutely hopeless and suggested I ask for a refund and then re-purchase.

    • +5

      I hate to have to say this, but you're probably the only amex holder who ever made this mistake…

      • Welp, sucks to be me I guess.

  • +1

    I negotiated the deal online and got the email code.
    I'm wondering if this will work in-store as well?

    If so, I'd be willing to meet one of the unprivileged non-amex-hodlers in the HN store there and help them buy one for a the price + $15 ;)

    (I have 2 registered Amex's)

    • Oooh, where are you based? (Please say Perth, please say Perth!)

      Ah, nevermind, just saw you're in Melbourne.. Thanks anyway.

      • +1

        Sorry, Melbourne.
        Targeting the Richmond store (This is where I did the $200 PS4's last year)

        • Can you help me please? I can meet you there today

    • Still up for doing this? Could meet you tonight! Cheers

  • +1

    i'm happy to purchase one for people in NSW and can meet in Hurstville + $30

    • May i ask if that is at 349+30 or 369+30?

      • 349+30

        grey console only

        • pity. i do like a blue one. thank you anyway.

  • -1

    If anyone is happy to purchase one at $349 + $15 convenience fee and can meet at either Joondalup, Osborne Park, Malaga or City West, please let me know. :D

  • +1

    If anyone was holding out to get a Switch, now is the time to stop holding out and jump on it before you miss out.

  • +2

    So can I buy one of these and use it for camping? how do they work?
    Edit: can I use this to play games while camping for few days?
    Edit Edit: eg not to use as a replacement for a tent or hot-plate.

  • +2

    HN's price has been lowered to $349 hence no need for Target price matching.

    • +1

      $449, but yeah, good spot.

    • Haha they probably got sick of everyone asking the same thing

    • The grey one still says $469 on the product page, but if you add it to cart it will be $449 too.

    • +3

      $349?! Dude you almost made me fall off my chair!

      • +1

        Love your username!

        I can just imagine all the big retailers having your pic passed around on a memo "watch out for this guy, he won't buy without price matching"

        • +1

          hahaha! My local EB Games already has any item I go to purchase pre-price matched to save time :P

  • Hrm, seems no stock in any major stores around Sydney.

  • Managed to get one


  • can we get confirmation 100% that this works for NAB AMEX cards? ie Velocity AMEX card from NAB?

    • stuff it, just ordered the NEON for pickup @ QV. Will wait for them to get stock.

      • Yeah I got an Amex issued by nab, worked and got email straight away

        • yep same!

  • +11

    If someone has price match code, you can apply to the new price to get a further $20 discount. In the morning I got it price matched. Waited until I got home to purchase. By then it had lowered to $449. I applied code from earlier in the morning. I got for $429. With AMEX offer $329. Claiming TRS later this month @ $429 ($39 GST) -> $290.

    • What a champ!

    • Nice one.

    • I'm guessing price match code is unique can't be shared

  • It’s $449 at HN now? Have they just reduced it to match Target?

  • +3

    If anyone is interested in this deal but does not have access to this offer or an AMEX card, feel free to PM me.

  • Ordered. Now, what games do I get?

  • Simple I'm sure but how exactly do I get the Amex cash back? Have a card but where do I sign up for it?

    • Sadly you can't any longer as the max number of sign ups has been achieved.

      • So we cannot go for this deal anymore if we haven't already applied?

  • +1

    Do you guys think HN pricematch will with

    As it is $519 at Catch at the moment… Could be awesome to have the Super Mario Edition for $419 after Amex cashback

    • +2

      Went through online chat at HN. They said they don't do price matching with Catch, but offered to sell for $520. I took it up.

      • Oh nice!! So it is possible =]. Thanks for that!

      • Well done!

      • May I ask how you managed to get that price? I tried online chat, the staff wouldn't match the price with Catch and said the best price she could give is $540.

        • Bummer. I guess it depends a bit on luck. It sounds like you essentially did what I did: I just opened an online chat, linked the Catch page with the Nintendo bundle price, and asked "are you able to match this price". They said they would check, came back about 2 minutes later with the offer of $520.

        • @hyhy: No idea how you got that price. Customer chat would only offer me $540 too. Then I said someone I know was able to get $520 and she pretty much called me a liar. Said no way they could have as it is below their allowed margin.

        • @dwhes: They should at least match the bigW price of $529, maybe try that instead.

      • I'm not understand why you want the Mario bundle, because if you buy the $449 ($349 after AMEX), then but the game at target its $69 so you end up paying $418 vs $420 or $429 price match after AMEX deal still $2 or $8 more.

        And the controllers are red not neon and red

  • Does anyone know if you can get refund for the purchase using non-reloadable prepaid visa card??
    I purchased at JB the day before this deal and have not even opened it.

    Just have no idea how whether they can refund to non-reloadable prepaid visa card.

    • They should be able to. I had a AusPost non-reloadable visa card and asked HN to cancel and refund an order and funds appeared back on my card.

  • I registered the AMEX offer two days ago, but I haven't bought switch.

    people said AMEX offer has reached the limit number. my question is Can I still get the $100 back if I buy switch today?

    • Yes you can as long as you're registered

  • Anyone know if Amex Corporate Gold cards are eligible?

    • you would need to register it before make the purchase.

    • from amex offer site — The following are not eligible Cards: Business Cards that are affiliated with a wholesale partner, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Government Cards, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Corporate Meeting Cards, Corporate Cards and the David Jones Storecard.

  • Does a Qantas American Express AMEX work to get $100 cash back?

    What do you need to do to get $100 cash back?

    • Yes - but the deal has ''expired''.
      You had to register your AMEX card for the deal via the website, but it was limited to the first 40,000 entries which are now gone.

      In simple terms: you're too late if you haven't registered even though you got the appropriate card for it.

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