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Free Sendle Premium Membership (Usually $10/Month) - Parcels Delivered Nationwide for $6.95 (Via Carousell)


Update - here's the current pricing for Sendle Premium, as it's changed a little:

Parcel Size Same City Nationwide
Satchel (500g/A4) $5.80 $6.95
Handbag (1kg/4L) $7.90 $9.45
Shoebox (2kg/8L) $9.90 $11.90
Briefcase (5kg/20L) $9.90 $14.45
Carry-on (10kg/40L) $9.90 $20.95
Check-in (25kg/100L) $9.90 $27.95

I found a deal on Carousell, offering free Sendle Premium membership (usually $10 per month), & is available for both new & existing Sendle members.

It entitles you to $6.95 delivery, nationwide*, for 500g/A4 satchels (usually $7.95 each with standard, free Sendle membership), & you can send up to 50 per week! For comparison, the same sized parcel would cost $8.25 to ship via Australia Post. Their full price list is available via the link, & includes prices for larger, heavier items across the different membership options available.

There's no minimums, lock-in contracts or sneaky fees, plus they have great features like tracking for all packages, online bookings, weekly invoices, door-to-door service, the ability to use your own packaging, eBay & Shopify integration, & they're 100% carbon neutral! And they're about to launch international delivery too, so that's worth checking out too.

So far, I've only sent one package with them, but it was a smooth & painless experience, & I'm looking forward to doing it again soon. Great for eBay sellers or similar, or just people who are sick of Australia Post & want to try something better!

*some exceptions apply, although they claim only 6% of locations attract a remote surcharge

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  • +11

    Even if it was the same price as Auspost, I'd still be inclined to go with this. Surely they can't be as unreliable as Auspost. Plus it's cheaper!

    • +3

      Quicker too, from my limited experience.

      • is it thru aus post or a private courier company?

        • +2

          Mine gets picked up every time by Fastway Couriers - not sure about Australia wide though

        • +6

          Think they have various companies the work with. Quality of courier will vary depending on the driver in your area. I send about 20 parcels every couple of days with them, some same city parcels gets picked up in the morning and delivered in the arvo. For rural and PO BOX lockers still have to go through Auspost.

          Auspost ain't as strict about size and weight. You could use a 5kg size parcel bag to send something under 500g and they wouldn't give a damn. I heard when things goes missing with Sendle, it's pretty hard to get it back or get properly compensated. Auspost long as you have tracking then they generally will be happy to send you out a money order for the claim, though might take 2 4 weeks for the turnaround.

        • Not Aus post. Usually Couriers please or Fastway

        • +20

          My experiences with Fastway have been horrific.
          The quality of their delivery drivers is varied. They do not knock at the door and do not even leave a could not deliver slip. I have also had people send me things that never arrived and got lost in the Fastway ether!

          Australia Post have been way better than Fastway and that is saying something.

        • +5
        • +4

          @bargain_knight: fastway is horrible, they dropped my $800 laptop right on the front door. Luckily it was still there when I got home.

        • @lgacb08: Fastway used to be good in my experience but since the introduction of their Blu Couriers service it's gone down hill fast.. Terrible, terrible!

        • @bargain_knight: I agree, I avoid Slowway, OTOH Auspost parcel service has been excellent.

        • @bargain_knight: same as my local delivery guy working for Auspost: never knock, never leave a card. never ever, ever ever.

        • How do you know if they're not useing fastway or courier please.

        • @shapers: Couriers please - more like b***h please. Fastway, more like no way.
          Auspost doesn't exactly have a great track record but at least they don't leave parcels out in the rain…

          (Fastway have actually done that, btw)

          My Auspost guy is quite good except with his obsession with our doorbell. He rings it at least 10 times, even if a signature is not required. Experiences elsewhere though? Well.

        • Fastway:

          Wondered why a $500 item was taking so long - checked tracking, said delivered 2 days ago, signed by "Front door". Checked security camera - nothing. Checked front porch of neighbour's empty holiday house 100m up the street, got item.

    • +5

      They also pick up from your door - saves me heaps of time…

    • +1

      yea ok Auspost is $$$ but does this mob to international? Also the worst part of AUSPOST are their contracted delivery drivers… they are just hopeless and always take shortcuts with delivery…

  • +3

    Awesome. Used them for ages!

    Upgraded both my personal and business account.

    “You've been upgraded to
    Sendle Premium!

    Starting today you'll get
    Up to $1 off every delivery
    Plus early access to upcoming features and business tools”

  • +6

    can vouch for these guys. very good customer service too. had courier booked. during a busy period. Courier was late to pickup my parcel by 1 day. I just sent them a friendly inquiry about the delay and they called me, apologised and gave full refund, plus deliver my parcel for free.

    They recently introduced ebay integration too!

  • +11

    The eBay integration is fantastic.

    • +1 to that, plus you get Premium at no charge as well.

  • +1

    I already had the basic account as it was cheaper to send certain sized parcels with these guys (relative to Austpost).
    This link gave me a free upgrade to the premium account!
    Big thanks OP.

  • +6

    I have been using them for 6 months no issue until they lost a parcel of mine 2 weeks ago. If they cant find it I can put a claim in on insurance but I have to pay an excess which is $100! They lose the package and it costs me more money …..

    • -1

      Sorry for your loss, but I'd imagine in that situation the logical option would be to not claim anything then, given the excess is $100 (assuming your item is worth less than $100?)

      • +2

        Lol claim it was an iphonex

      • +1

        yeah exactly , mine is over $100 and I can only find receipt for one thing to prove what was in there, so dont know how I will go . Would be nice to claim a phone but you have to tell them whats in package when they first start looking

        • if that's the case just say a watch, a watch can range from $1 to millions.

  • +3

    I have been using Sendle for a little while now and their customer service is pretty good. Also offer things like signature on delivery for free where AusPost will charge you extra.

  • +9

    I had a few issues when I used Sendle in the past. They use CouriersPlease in my area and on multiple instances I had issues with my package not being picked up for days without explanation. I had to contact multiple times until Sendle eventually said they had contacted CouriersPlease and they said they couldn't be bothered picking it up because they had trouble finding parking in my street.. (I live in an apartment block with free parking lot next door!).
    I found the Sendle business model and system to be very good but unfortunately will not use them in future due to their partnership with CouriersPlease. Just search reviews for CouriersPlease on google and you will see what I mean.

    • +8

      When you placed the order did you say please?

    • +8

      It depends on the couriers please individual that covers your area, this is down to the person not the company as much although they might like to add some punishment for not picking something up.

      My couriers please guy picks up all the time on time and is friendly. I have not had issues with them and out of the 30 parcels I shipped recently at least 25 were with Couriers please.

    • +3

      I too had the same problem, waited 3 days for my parcels to get picked up.

    • I too had this exact problem but haven't had the chance to change courier because of the price difference :(

    • +1

      I had the same experience with Sendle when they first appeared on OzBargain. Couriers Please didn't bother to pick up my package. I live in a side street with plenty of parking in front of the house! :S I had to ring every day for 5 days before the parcel finally got picked up. Sendle asked me to leave a comment with them, which would then influence their decision to use Couriers Please or not, in the future.

      After that, I was put off trying Sendle a second time.

      That said, it sounds like a bunch of other people have had better experiences more recently, with different courier partners.

      • +3

        Yep, initially I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But it continually happened and became very frustrating. Not only was it a risk of the item being stolen from sitting on my doorstep for many days, it also impacted my customers I had sold to on Ebay. They expected me to deliver within a timeframe which I failed because of CouriersPlease.

        After being reported to Sendle multiple times, they kept saying they will investigate and it never went anywhere.
        It was only until I called CouriersPlease directly was I able to get an answer. The customer service lady spoke directly with the driver and then she called me back and basically told me that the driver didn't want my business and refused to pick up from my place. They did not seem interested in pursuing it any further. I've never come across a company that defended the incompetence of their workers over keeping a customer. Ridiculous.

        I went to Sendle and explained the situation. I requested they switch my parcels to be picked up by Fastway (which I hadn't had an issue with in the past). They refused and their only solution was to ask me if I had a friend or family member's house I could leave my parcels at for pickup… I really want to use Sendle, but their poor courier partnerships lets their business down.

        • … dang … I'm at a loss for words … that is appalling

          I think they gave me the delivery for free in the end, but they'd asked me to try their service and see how good it was. … :S
          I didn't want to risk being 1-2 weeks late for people on eBay :S

          I think I'll be sticking to other groups for now.

          … How can Couriers Please even say, "We don't want your business"??? :S

  • +1

    I have just recently over a period of 1 month sent 30 parcels with them and any slight delay was chased up immediately. Their customer service is pretty much second to none in the courier industry. They respond and they actually help, they actually chase courier companies and if a pickup was late they refund you the full amount without asking for it! I never lost a single parcel either. I will be using them for all parcels moving forward.

    Very Happy!

  • +9

    I've only used them once and they were pretty good.

    Only thing I don't like is they don't offer full insurance, insurance is free for all eligible items up to a value of $1,500 which is great but there is a $100 excess payable for a claim.

    This means for lower priced items the insurance is worthless.

    • Do you have to prove what was in the package? What if you say you were shipping an iPad or something?

  • +8

    I get this in the settings: Your premium plan is valid until 13 Nov 2018.

    i.e., this premium offer lasts 1 year.

    • +4

      I got Premium from a similar deal last year. My page reads

      "Your premium plan is valid until 27 Oct 2017"

      but I still get Premium features. I don;t think they remove people from Premium once you have it

      • Have you checked to see if you getting charged for it?. I jumped on this myself, worried in a years time they will start charging me. If so how would I remove or downgrade the plan ?

        • 90% sure I didn't provide payment details so they couldn't be charging me, but I'll check to make sure.

  • Are there any major differences between a personal Sendle account and a business one? Besides giving them a business name and an estimated number of parcels per week?

  • +6

    Tried using these guys 12 months ago. First delivery went well however, 2nd and 3rd attempt at delivery was terrible! They didn't come collect the parcel and couldn't be bothered letting us know that no one was coming. After several emails back and forth, they said they would refund the money… which took 7days…

    When trying to run a business and delivering items on time being a key issue, these guys let us down.
    Personally - I would never use them again.

    • +3

      Has happened to me a few times too. Not good when you have to leave it outside waiting for 3-4 days for someone to pick it up, by this time i usually email them to cancel it and send it off with auspost.

      Most of the deliveries for me have been a good experience though.

      • +4

        Yes agreed! Very frustrating - especially when you promise your customer that it will arrive by a certain date and then have to apologise it will be 1-2 weeks later.. Not good!

        But nonetheless, I won't neg the deal. Just won't use them ever again.

  • Looks good! Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Also can earn VFF points too. Not much but every little bit helps.

  • +1

    Service depends entirely on the person(s) servicing your area.
    The two guys from Courier Please and Fastway are great for us, but have had subpar experience with other areas that we've sent to or have organised pick ups from.

  • +1

    Nice find. thx

  • +3

    It all depends on where you are sending too. Metro deliveries are fine but outside of that it takes forever to get there and I end up dealing directly with the courier instead of Sendle (they just hand ball problems).

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Signed up :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but this deal is for 12 months.

    Account shows the following:
    "Your premium plan is valid until 13 Nov 2018".

    • Was just about to post if this had an expiry.. got a targeted deal last month which shows in my account as "Your premium plan is valid until 12 Oct 2018"

      Was curious if this had a expiry of i had been ripped off lol

      by the way they use couriers please.

  • I use interparcel. Worth a quote if you are looking to send stuff.

  • +1

    Damn, I came here for the free premium sandle…

    • +2

      Just the one. Everything in moderation.

  • +2

    Will be good when they launch door-to-door international soon. For example $18 - $25 (depending on zone) for 500g.

  • +3

    Lost me at "Fastway couriers"…

  • +1

    Love Sendle, automatic tracking, items insured at no extra cost, courier pick up at no extra cost, same day delivery when it's the same city.
    The only times I use Aus post is for express delivery or when it's a rural location, Sendle parcel points can be far away in some places.

    • items insured at no extra cost

      $100 excess applies per claim though

      • Better than Auspost who apply the "shrug shoulder" when your item goes missing.

        • +4

          No problems with Auspost insurance, they will send you a money order for the value + shipping cost if it is lost.

          With this, if you have to pay $100 excess for a claim it makes the insurance worthless unless it's a high value item.

          I'd rather pay Auspost $1.50 for each $100 insured value.

  • +1

    Sent 3 items and received 3 items. Very happy with their service and price. They seem to use local couriers in your area, so there may be a little variance in the quality of service.

  • +3

    used edrop.com.au few days back, prices are very similar to sendle and worked fine. I run a shopify store and they offer integration for ebay,Shopify with the option to view to shopify orders within the dashboard whereas sendle will redirect you to shopify to check order details. both offer automatic sync of orders which is great. parcel got picked up from door and delivered within given delivery eta.

    • +2

      I might check these guys out. Thanks for the info!

    • +1

      Wow, cheers for the tip - I just checked out eDrop's pricing, & it would've been $3 cheaper, & quicker, to use them over Sendle for a 5kg box I sent last week (it's a dollar more expensive than Sendle for a 500g satchel though). Have signed up & will be considering them next time I have to send anything bigger. Thanks, I appreciate the suggestion.

  • Site is down.

  • +1

    This is awesome! We need a superiour alternative to AusPost.

  • +2

    I have used Sendle to send more than 70 parcels over the last few months.

    As far as I'm aware all have been picked up and delivered using Couriers Please. All have been perfect.

    Approx 35% cheaper than Australia Post. Picks up from me. Pretty quick delivery and good tracking. It's win/win for me.

    If Sendle ever changed to use Fastway I would stop using them.

    • So lucky. I have a problem 100% of the time when fastway are booked

    • Fastway left an item that was “signature on delivery”. Item was not there when I got home…. $500+ of pc gear gone. They forged my signature, refused to claim insurance…. had to use the senders business insurance.

    • I believe it depends on your area and whatever is cheaper. Couriers Please or Fastway. For me, it's always been CouriersPlease, shipped two items for pickup yesterday one within same state and other to Brisbane. All delivered by 10am this morning.

    • Can the courier pick up the parcel if the parcel is ready to be picked up from your door? Since I am usually out and about and can't wait for a courier to come face to face.

      • You can add special instructions to them r.e. pickup, so I assume so.

  • +1

    This is ace. Excellent find. Local couriers ftw!

  • +1

    There's also officeworks for $7.50 for 500g parcel

  • Only valid for 1 year? :S

  • do these guys deliver to parcel collect lockers?

  • how does this compare to the officeworks one?

    • +2

      Officeworks mailman doesn't charge extra for regional areas, so that's one big plus.

  • +1

    I went with the most expensive last year- TNT. They were HORRENDOUS. So why not go with the cheapest- can tbe any worse?

  • +1

    I like the look of the Sendle account dashboard and integration with shopify but for me the A4 satchels aren't as good a value compared with Fastway.
    sendle premium = $6.95 vs fastway = $7.80
    You have to buy the satchels separately with Sendle
    Only 500g instead of 1kg
    No option to get signature with A4

    Sendle would be better for lighter, low-value items though.

    • You use your own packaging when shipping with Sendle.

    • +1

      You can book it as a satchel delivery and the courier will put it in a bag at the depot.
      As long as it fits the dimensions of course.

  • I'm tempted.
    Australia Post are shockingly incompetent. Even after multiple signs and multiple complaints, parcels are still thrown over the fence instead of placed in my parcel chute.

    Yesterday, there was a parcel in my parcel chute. I thought "Great! They got it right!". It was an express parcel I had posted a month ago to an eBay buyer, returned to sender (me). The buyer never received any notice that it was in their PO Box, and when he had phoned up because tracking said "delivered", Auspost said they couldn't find the shipment. So after 10 days, they returned it to me using slow post.


  • If signature option was available on Satchel I might have given them a go but - it's not available.

    • would you expect to pay more for that service?

  • +3

    Well, I'm not that happy as I was expecting a parcel pickup today but still no one turn up, just receive a notification that pickup is going to be tomorrow. There is no cancel button nor there is a direct phone number so you can make a cancellation. I guess this is not my type of Courier that I would use.

  • +1

    Sendle's customer service isnt that great to deal with. Had an issue with parcel not being picked up during a booked day and they said "sorry, but the date booked is just an estimate, we cant guarantee pick up" huh?
    Basically a courier will come when they feel like it. Used them once but I wouldn't recommend them.

  • Seems delivery instructions is a required field. What do you normally put in there? Seems like their "popular" instructions just give them the authority to leave the parcel if no one is home.

  • They are hopeless. Booked a pickup for Monday, no show. Auto rebooked for Tuesday, no show. Contacted support, said they are following up. Hopes of a pickup today? Slim. Won’t be using them in future. Premium account for nothing.

    • was it couriers please which was supposed to pick up?

  • Tried to use them but satchel service that I need to provide a satchel? no guarantee pick up date? wouldn't recommend.

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