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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 Keyboard $85 @ MSY


Good price for a solid mechanical keyboard with nice lighting. Probably to clear stock for the new splash resistant model.

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    so cheap :o

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      if I'm not mistaken, it uses Chinese switches (increase margin?). u r buying the brand name, as boards with same OEM switch are cheaper…


        "Razer Switches" and not Cherry switches. Too bad these are manufactured by Kailh as Gateron switches are the better clones.

    • $15 for shipping.

      You can price match at your local EB if you want.

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        I don't know about EB, JB refuses to pricematch MSY so i'm assuming EB will do everything in their power not to as well


          Jb price matched msy for my netgear nighthawk x4s earlier this year, even though it was around $200 cheaper than their price. That being said they did have to "get the manager"

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          It's store by store. One JB refused to match MSY on a G502 so I called another and they happily obliged :)


    No macro keys :(


    What type of switch is this? I know they are not Cherry but what wonder what it's equivalent is


    Hmm was just looking for a replacement for my keyboard. This may do


    This isn't rgb?


    What would be an equivalent but quieter mechanical keyboard to the MX blue? My bros bday is coming up and his MX blue is loud.

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    For christmas 2018 I wish for a kboard with 18 macro keys on the left and 30g switch activation aka the combined best designs of Topre's 30g boards and the Corsair


    Might get one to annoy the shit out of my work colleagues. My one at home is loud.

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      Noooo don't
      The éxtrovert in the office just bought a Tesoro mx blue. Combination of loud clicks and his loud laughs will make me snap one day

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    Good price but has to be delivered, which is pricey. Brings it back to 'ok' pricing.

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    MSY coped a 750k fine last month

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      oooohh why is that?

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        It is true
        MSY Technology ordered to pay penalties of $750,000 for consumer guarantee misrepresentations
        25 October 2017
        The Federal Court has ordered penalties totalling $750,000 against MSY Technology Pty Ltd, MSY Group Pty Ltd, and M.S.Y. Technology (NSW) Pty Ltd (MSY Technology) for misrepresenting consumers’ rights to remedies for faulty products.

        MSY Technology operates 28 retail stores across Australia and online, selling computers, computer parts, accessories and software. MSY Technology admitted that it made false or misleading representations on the MSY website, and in oral and email communications to consumers about their rights.

        “MSY had misrepresented consumers’ rights to a repair, replacement, or a refund where a product developed a fault. Businesses must ensure their refund and returns policies, and any representations accurately reflect their obligations under consumer law,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

        “These proceedings and the penalties imposed signal to businesses that the ACCC will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action where it identifies misleading representations about consumers’ rights.”

        “This is the second time the ACCC has taken action against MSY entities. The court imposed penalties in 2011 for misleading consumer warranty representations,” Ms Rickard said.

        The Federal Court also made other orders by consent including injunctions, a comprehensive ACL compliance training program, publication orders, and payment of $50,000 towards the ACCC’s costs.

        Following the commencement of proceedings, MSY Technology made admissions and agreed to joint submissions on liability and relief (including penalty) that were filed with the Court.


        MSY Technology operates nationally, with 28 retail stores and an online site that sells computers, computer parts, accessories and software to consumers.

        In 2011, a number of MSY entities were penalised $203,500 for false and misleading consumer warranty representations, following action by the ACCC.

        Consumer guarantees cannot be excluded restricted or otherwise modified by a seller’s terms or conditions. Retailers must ensure their practices do not contravene the ACL when consumers try to return a faulty product or ask for a remedy under the ACL.

        To find out more about consumer guarantee rights, visit the ACCC's page on consumer rights & guarantees.

        Release number:
        MR 182/17
        ACCC Infocentre:
        Use this form to make a general enquiry.
        Media enquiries:
        Media team - 1300 138 917
        Mr Duncan Harrod - (02) 6243 1108 or 0408 995 408

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      Does everyone who cops a fine get a neg too? Lol

      R u a frustrated JB employee?

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    i had razor keyboard and mouse before, from experience the build quality has been shocking. Sticking with logitech for the foreseeable future


      Razor products have been pretty bad for me too… No adjustments can be made on my mouse, have to go through their software. Takes forever to update. I installed office faster than razor installed their "Synapse" or whatever the crap is called.

      Don't buy razor…

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        Well i've been running a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate BF4 edition for a long time now and it's still going strong. But this is an Ultimate 2013 release from when there were real Cherry MX Blue keys on Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboards. Now those were the best.

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