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Telstra Friends & Family: Phone (Galaxy S8, Pixel XL + More) + 15GB Data - $59/Month (24 Month Contract)


Facebook post for the promotion

Family and friends of Telstra staff can get a Pixel 1 32GB, Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung S8 64GB, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2 when they take up our $59/mth Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24 months with a huge 15GB of data and no additional phone repayments (Min cost $1416. Data for use in Australia).

The offer ends 25 December 2017, while stocks last

It's basically a repeat of this deal but with a ~$800 phone included as well (on 24 months instead of 12 month term).

Compared to this $49/month JB BYO deal, you are paying an extra $240 over the 24 months and giving up $200 JB gift card & 5GB of data; however you are getting a $600-$900ish phone included instead.

If you value the Galaxy S8 at $800 (I think the cheapest deal we saw was $799 for Bing Lee) then you are paying $640 over 24 months for the 15GB contract = $26.66/month which seems like a great deal on the Telstra network and also no upfront cost required. That's probably the best value there since the Pixel XL and iPhone 6s are older models but they are options for Apple users or someone not wanting to go down the Samsung path.

CIS for the $59/Plan. 15GB data, unlimited calls/sms/mms/voicemail, no international calls.

Only available for recontract, new activations and port-ins on the $59 Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24mths with a Google Pixel 1 32GB, Google Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2. Not available with any other offer (including second service credit or port in credit) except Telstra staff discount.

Note: You may be able to receive an extra 5GB of data via the chat popup. See here.

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  • Thank you: got s8 on back order, with extra 5 go via chat. I have other Telstra product so no dramas.

  • Can I take advantage of Jbhifi cash back then can I upgrade to telstra this offer? Is it the best option?

  • +1

    Did it all in JB Hi-fi just now. Ported my Daughter's Aldi prepaid to the $49 sim only plan & got the $200 GC. Bought the wifey an iPhone 6 Plus 32gb ($749 on sale) & used the GC. They then upgraded the plan to the $59 deal, applied the extra 5gb & $10 credit and gave me an S8 64gb!.

    • How did you get $10 credit?

      • I told the salesperson that's what Telstra was offering online.

    • Was it online? If not which store?

      • In-store Cannington WA. I only went in to do the $49 sim plan initially, but when I told the salesperson what I was doing she said she was aware of the F&F deal & offered to try to process the upgrade in-store. Once the port went through she processed the upgrade and I can confirm from my account login that it is showing 20gb data. I'll have to wait for my first bill to confirm the $10 credit.

        • +1

          Cool. Thanks for the update.

        • Cannington or Carousel? Which salesperson did you speak to? Did you also get the New Phone Feeling when signing up through JB? Bloody good deal if you got that all done in store. Thanks in advance.

    • You were able to do all this in store and get the phone on the spot?

      I'm currently on Telstra Prepaid, reckon I an do this?

      • I went from Prepaid to this plan in store at a local Telstra dealer, picked up the new phone, and got Telstra Chat to apply the 5GB bonus this morning. They wouldn't have a bar of the $10 discount though.

        • Cool, thanks.

          I might try in store, will be better than trying to be home to take delivery

  • just upgraded to this from my existing telstra plan. went with the samsung galaxy s8. thanks op.

  • Got 5gb data added
    $10 credit applied
    Can see cash rewards on my account

    • Can you see the $10 credit on your bill?

      • +1

        Yes,can see

    • Hi,

      I got the $10 off too but haven't seen it when logging into mytelstra. Did you see it on your account ?

    • Nice work - how did you convince them to add the $10 credit (as in what did you say)?
      I tried and they said the F&F deal is already discounted and can't be discounted further.
      I said I had a friend who was given the $10 credit over Live Chat.

    • Could you please send me a copy of your transcript? Will see if I can get them to match it.. I'll DM you now

      • can you please forward me the chat transcript as well so i can get $10 credit

    • Would also love a copy of transcript if posible

      • can you please forward me the chat transcript as well so i can get $10 credit

  • Got the gift card, f&f plan, bonus 5gb and $10 discount per month. Thanks all.

    • +1

      Bloody hell, how? I can't even get the $10 discount

      • Same here . Tried my best but no luck

      • +1

        Actually got it first go, just said I was looking to have the extra 5GB and $10 porting discount applied to my account and if the agent can assist me with it.

        I also have home phone and internet plan with Telstra for the past 5 years paying $115-150 per month.

    • Hi,

      I got the $10 off too but haven't seen it when logging into mytelstra. Did you see it on your account ?

      • Hello, just had a look around and could not see anything, I was going to wait for the bill to arrive.

  • Man I thought I did ok getting the 5gb (and it seems some people still aren't so maybe I did) but I tip my hat to the people managing to get the 5gb, jb gift card and $10 a month off! Just goes to show that with OzB you should always read the comments (unlike with the rest of the internet)

  • Okay and I understand you are a Telstra Staff to have availed this offer. Now, I have checked the eligibility and that regardless of what you were advised with ~~~, then the $20 is invalid. As I have checked via my resources:

    INCOMPATIBILITY - We’ll monitor provisioning to ensure these incompatible credits aren’t being applied

    So even if we do apply it, it will still be removed by the system and there is no override we can do with this system limitation but the following are compatible:

    25% Staff Discount also applies if eligible
    Multi-Product 5GB Loyalty Bonus Data Offer

    Seems like their system is sweeping any addons / offers added onto this plan.

  • +4

    they are now offering the Pixel 2 as an option

    • +2

      Wish they can add iphone 8

    • the consultant argued with me that the pixel 2 wasnt an option. i finally got them to actually load the website and refresh the page so they could see that it was.

    • Cant see that as an option

      NVM. Appeared after a while

  • trying to sign up the mrs now however the chat consultant is being difficult and not adding the extra 5gb. might have to cancell it any try again with another consultant.

    their reason for not giving the extra 5gb:
    " the 5GB data has an eligibility and you need to have at least 2 or more services on a single account as that is a muti product holding bonus data and will only appear as an add on when you have 2 or more service"

    however when i did it for myself on sunday they just added it no questions asked. they seem to be very inconsistent with their offer.

  • Same… getting the multiple devices deal for the 5g

    • 3rd time lucky. Got the 5gig extra but the $10 off isn't vaild on the F&F deal

  • Pixel is mine

    • Looks like the Pixel 2 is available now. Got that and an extra 5gb on top with the mini as a bonus :)


      • Mini as a bonus?? Did I miss something?

        • Order the pixel 2 phone with telstra on any plan and they'll gift you a google home mini.

          Similar to when they offered the Daydream VR free with the pixel last year

    • +1

      Patience game worked!! Pixel 2 is mine!!!

  • Can someone please explain how to get the 5GB bonus?

    Do you sign-up to the plan online, and then go on chat and ask?

    Or do you just go to chat and negotiate the plan from there and get them to sign up on your behalf?

    And what's the cashrewards thing?

    • +1

      I was asking live chat about ordering and they suggested if I order this online they'll add 5gb on top.
      They need your order number so I kept the chat window open until I was done and gave them my order and they confirmed it. Hope that helps

      • +1

        Perfect thank you, just placed my order and got confirmation of the extra 5GB with the online chat agent! Thanks!!

  • has anyone tried signing up to this deal but asking if they would supplement the costs of the phone towards an iphone 8 or X?


  • Read here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/342509 and here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/342769 and if you need more.infonill post it up tonight

  • +1

    JB Hifi includes a $100 gift card, and this deal is available with the Pixel 2 too..

    This is no longer a great deal..

    • Just tried to upgrade at JB and they came me some bs that I need to be on the $49 deal for 3 months. As it's not fair that I'm getting another $100 GC.

      • that seems completely reasonable lol. try online or at telstra store? you wont get the $100 gc though

  • Merged from Telstra $59 "Two turtle doves and a Samsung S8."

    Telstra have offer for a Samsung s8 for $59 on a 24 month plan. I have never been on a plan so excuse my lack of understanding.

    After 12 months you can "Telstra New Phone Feeling" for around $149 plus extend for another 24 months..

    Is there a catch to this or am I missing something?


    • +1

      You have to give the phone back in good condition so you don't get the full ownership. Not sure if they will take phones that have cracked screens etc, possibly not will be in the small print. Optus charges $99 for the same thing.

  • +1

    This is now available for Business customers too


    • Thank you for pointing this out! Thought it was personal only but this will help my dad out heaps with how he's set the plans out.

    • Grr. Popped into the Telstra shop and they said I need to prove friend or family for a business account

      • Damn that’s weird, recontracted today in store without any need to show proof of friend or family and I’m on a business account.. JB couldn’t do it but the Telstra store (Telstra owned) did it no worries

        • you needed to show proof of friend/family at JB? or is this only talking about the business account

        • @aorusozbarg:

          Didnt need to show Proof at either one, JB didn’t have the option in their computer because Telstra block signups for that plan except for their own stores, so walked into Telstra and they recontracted with no issue, got a Pixel 2.

        • @doweyy: JB definitely does have the option…

        • @Dealhunter967671:

          For business accounts? Both JB and Telstra told me they don’t..

        • @doweyy: yep, just under a different sim plan but same deal available…As of last week I believe.

        • @Dealhunter967671:

          Ugh oh well, wasn’t too much of an issue cause it was for dad but would’ve loved the extra gift card lol

        • @Dealhunter967671:

          That is available for business ONLY if you were on the siebel system

        • @kogi: there were ways for My Business Mobile SIM PLAN $59 through both legacy and siebel, I'm fairly sure…Could be wrong.

        • @Dealhunter967671:

          Lol, I didn't mean to sound so authoritative.

          That was what the jb guys said was the reason I couldn't get the $100 gift card deal on a business account

  • I'm not having any luck obtaining the $10/month discount to make this $49/month.
    Despite having recontracted one of my service and having the $10 discount applied on that one, seems everyone at live chat has had it made clear to them that there is no $10 discount to be offered on this plan.

    Perhaps a $10 port in discount via JB might be the go.

  • I can't find any cashrewards offer to go with this deal


    Can someone post a working url please ?

    • Cashrewards no longer applicable on this deal.

  • +1

    Fair warning to everyone who is trying to/has combined this offer with the JB Hifi prepaid offer to get the $200 gift card (by signing up with JB prepaid first and then switching to the Friends and Family offer) - I spoke to a JB rep yesterday, and she said while these are going through initially, there will be a $200 charge applied to first bill to claw back the cost of the gift card.

    She didn't seem to be bullshitting me (it cost her a sale by telling me) and she said JB reps weren't told about this initially. It seems this charge has already appeared for some people and they had come in to complain.

    • No JB reps were told initially, and clawbacks from Telstra will be likely happening - including account sweeping possible for ineligible $10/m credits.

    • +2

      They can remove extra data or discounts if it contravenes the T&Cs you signed but they can NOT charge you for the gift card. That would be illegal. There is nothing to say the service must remain as is for X number of months to keep the $200 gift card.

      If JB need you to stay on it for X months to recoup the cost of the gift card they should have made the offer "receive a free $200 gift card after staying connected for X months"

      • +1

        I agree, that's completely true. I mean the clawbacks will sweep back to JB (sorry for not clarifying) - so the sales teams will not process the upgrades, and will leave notes on customers accounts letting Telstra know of the JB Exclusive deal with gift card to try prevent such a thing happening (as JB could lose exclusive deals and awesome discounts if theyre circumventing Telstra's offers and profitability).

  • Has anyone ordered this online with Telstra and not have it delivered after a week and a half? They haven't contacted me to say it was cancelled… It just says pending on the tracking.

  • awesome got the 5gb and $10 discount on the 24 month contract!

    • I tried last night on chat to get the additional $10 discount , rep was amiable but then refused all other discussions on discount.

      Maybe its luck of the draw still ?

  • Any good Samaritan’s out there willing to provide me with a reference number or screenshot of Telstra promising them $10 discount/month on this friends and family deal? Been trying the last couple of days and not having much success. All I’ve been able to get out of them is if I can show them proof that someone else has had the discount than they’ll honour the discount

    • https://www.my.telstra.com.au/myaccount/track-my-order?order...

      I think there are two possibilities for me getting this:

      • is ongoing so can be carried across from my previous offer.

      • Got in before the system prevented operators to do this anymore. They told me they are thrown an error when attempting to apply this to my other F&F service.

      • I tried last night on chat to get the additional $10 discount , rep was amiable but then refused all other discussions on discount.

        Maybe its luck of the draw still ?

      • Thanks so much! After tons of calls, i've finally gotten the discount!

  • +1

    Just got my first bill and it did not include $10 credit.. It seems like telstra is not honouring the $10 credit?

    • If you have a record of this being promised - let them know.

  • Is the data charge per KB or MB increment?

  • +1

    Thought I'd update on the $10 discount.

    If you were already receiving the $10 before the new plan, contact Telstra and they will 'reapply' the discount. And yes it shows on your monthly statement.

    Just confirmed with my new statement, today. :)

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