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Sundays Only - List Items for Free and Only Pay $1 in Final Value Fees Per Item @ eBay


Looks like this will be happening every Sunday until the end of the year.

Super Sundays, Sell for $1

Edit: Fee is actually $1.10 incl. GST - Thanks scuderiarmani

The promotion runs from 00:00 (AEST) every Saturday in 2017 to 23.59 (AEST) every Sunday in 2017 (“Promotion Period”).
Items must be listed and available for purchase by 23:59 (AEST) on Sunday in order to qualify for the promotion.

Pay a maximum of $1 in Final Value Fees for any items you list and make available for purchase in a single category during the Promotion Period.

All www.ebay.com.aumembers are eligible to participate in this offer.
Store subscribers are not eligible to participate in this offer.
Sellers whose accounts do not meet eBay’s minimum performances standards are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
All it takes is for AusPost to be a little late delivering your items to not meet minimum standards.

Full T&Cs here.

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  • Open to all eBay members, but if I click the link while still signed in to my eBay account I get the usual “Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only” message that’s associated with targeted offers?

    • Sellers whose accounts do not meet eBay’s minimum performances standards are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

      • eBay must have high minimum performance standards. I’m no power seller, but I do sell often. I have 100% feedback (235) and close to a full 5 stars for all the seller criteria. Seems like a lot of people will be excluded from this deal that is open to “all eBay members”.

        • Wow! That sucks, maybe contact them via live chat and see why you have been excluded… I've got much less sales but 100% feedback and was included

        • @urbancartel: Ah, i’ll just accept it. In the last month I’ve ended 2 listings (buy it now) because they’ve sold outside of eBay. Maybe that’s enough to upset eBay. Great deal for those eligible.

        • Only the rich and most successful can get the best deals :(

        • @aja12:
          Good one. I've done the same and continue to do so. I already got a warning from eBay saying i shouldnt be contacting buyers directly :)
          If I can get around the RIDICULOIS ebay and PayPal fees, then I will.

        • @Cusack: The two items were sold on Gumtree, but I can just imagine that eBay assumes they were sold to another eBay user.

      • 100% feedback (1050) … not eligible

    • 4 criteria:

      • Transaction defect rate
      • Late shipment rate
      • Case closed without seller resolution
      • Transactions (number of transactions in 12 months)

      However, I do find eBay seller promotions tend to be quite inconsistent.

      • So im not invited because I havnn't sold in last 12 months ?
        Im fairly certain I was on top of the first 3 criteria, I was a "top seller" with 100% feedback and went out of my way to deliver excellent customer service, when I sold often through ebay 3 years ago.
        Also, would making 1 or 2 sales, then waiting till the following Sunday, put me back into being eligible ?
        Then I could sell my higher value items without the expensive final value fee.

        • There’s no logic or consistency to eBay’s criteria. My main account (I posted above) got nothing. My second account, from which I’ve never bought or sold anything, got the offer.

        • All 4 criteria are assessed based on the transactions in the last 12 months only. Even though you were a top rated seller 3 years ago, none of those transactions count in the current assessment. That's how feeBay operates it seems - strictly business.

          I am also on the very low end of the total number of transactions. It's just not worth the trouble when the FVF is so high so I didn't bother selling many items on feeBay.

          And, yes, with these FVF deals, it is more luck of the draw.

        • @aja12:
          Same for me - but there is perfect logic.
          Loyalty is no longer rewarded in today's world. The aim is to encourage new sellers to participate and expand the market.

  • Awesome - going to be doing all my eBay listings on a Sunday for the rest of the year!

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to change my account from a UK one to an AU one? It's saying I'm not eligible so I assume it's because of that. My addresses are all Aussie ones and my region is set as Australia. Plus my PayPal is also Aussie so not sure I'd there's anything else I can do.

    • Yes, it's possible but you may have to call Ebay support. I did that couple of years ago when I moved from the US. They changed my Ebay account from US to AUS over the phone.

    • You can definitely change country registration.
      I think you need to be on full site (not mobile).
      Account settings—> addresses—>change registration address

    • You can, but you need to contact eBay support. I've done this - you'll find you actually have two eBay accounts, one from each country, and eBay support will just change your default from one to the other.

  • Thanks Op, worked for my account!

    Note for all: T&Cs claim one category listings only.

    Was planning to list an old phone, and a hedge trimmer - can only pick one.
    But looks like once the first item sells, I can reactivate the offer on another Sunday in 2017 and sell the other item, sweet 🍹

    • +1 vote

      I think this may mean you can only list the item you are selling in one category. There is usually a fee for multiple categories for one item.

      Eg. you might sell an old wooden ladder under the ladder category as well as antique category

    • It's one category Per listing. Means you can't list your hedge trimmer under garden tools and also electrical appliances in the one listing.

    • +1 vote

      You can list as many different items as you want, in as many different categories as you want, but if one particular item is listed in more than one category, you will pay a second category fee.

    • Gotcha, I see the light now! Thank you, and I'll let myself out…

  • Unfortunately for me.

  • +2 votes

    Ebay trying to remain relevant whilst Amazons entry is drawing closer

  • +2 votes

    Worked for me. Cheers op

    Edit : blah blah blah amazon coming blah blah blah

  • Definitely invite only.

  • +1 vote

    Add #SundayMarket to the title of your listing to be featured in our top picks! :)

  • And what is PayPal credit card funded fee, 2.5 percent on top of this?

  • "Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only."

    Yet I'm a top rated seller and eBay will let me do $400k in sales a month.

    • Must be a bug, in the terms and conditions it states all ebay.com.au members are eligible as long as their account is in good standing.


      Are you a store subscriber?
      Store subscribers are not eligible to participate in this offer.

  • I've now got 5 active offers from ebay. Is there a way that I can chose which offer goes with which listing, is it pot luck or is there some type of priority?

    • +2 votes

      Nope, that's the annoying thing. Unless you make and cancel a bunch of listings so it wastes the other ones.

      Or you message them later to tell them about it and they manually fix it. Either way you'll waste your time doing it.

    • +1 vote

      Not entirely sure, but I think offers accepted first take priority.

      • I'm on chat now with them. They are claiming that it is the first one accepted… seems odd because that's not how they have been applied. Either way looks like this promo wont be applied to me even tho it has been accepted and showing as active.

        • Ebay chat told me that the first accepted offer would be applied but I cancelled and relisted all my items anyways and they are showing as being used in the 1 Day Only Promo.

    • I had an annoying situation where it was using my free listings that had 3 months use over the ones that had a week. Very annoying. It should go on expiry date.

    • Good news everyone! Seems to use the offer properly this time. You can do mass cancellation of items and then relist and it uses the offer properly.

  • Does it just mean any seller (that lists on Sunday and meets other conditions) would only pay a $1 fee to eBay for that item?

  • Thanks OP worked for me. I've never sold anything on ebay before. Bought a handful of things. I realised I've already claimed several free listing promos already too so r probably won't use this in the end.

  • So it’s only one right? So if you have two toys you can only list one otherwise the second listing you will pay the full FVF?

    • +2 votes

      No, you can list as many as you want and pay $1 for each eligible item in FVF.

      Each one can only be listed in one category, read the T&Cs.

  • so I've accepted the offer. does it automatically apply to the listings created today (no need to apply the offer manually)?

    • You can check at the bottom of the My EBay page. Usually it doesn't apply it properly.

  • So if I activated the offer today but dont plan to sell anything now, does that mean I can't activate it again when I am ready to sell?
    Or does the offer automatically refresh every Sunday?

    EDIT: So I just contacted eBay via live chat, and they said that the one I activated today, expires today. And if I plan on selling anything on any other Sunday, to ensure that I have the offer active before proceeding. Or try to activate the offer again.

    • The offer says "The promotion runs from 00:00 (AEST) every Saturday in 2017 to 23.59 (AEST) every Sunday in 2017 (“Promotion Period”)" so if you activate today, it should allow you to keep doing it for the rest of the year every weekend.


    This is the way eBay should always be.

    • +2 votes

      eBay couldn't financially survive if it only charged $1 per sale.

      Servers and staff cost money.

  • Top Sellers are never invited to these promotions. We cannot wait until we can successfully migrate to the Amazon platform.

    eBay will never have our business again if we can help it.

    • +2 votes

      We cannot wait until we can successfully migrate to the Amazon platform.

      Amazon is harder to sell on, more expensive (at least overseas it is) and they keep your money for 2 weeks.

      Anyone that thinks Amazon is going to create utopia will be sorely disappointed.

      • +1 vote

        Anyone that thinks Amazon Australia will have zero effect on eBay Australia will be sorely dissappointed.

        • it will have an effect sure - but for guys saying "oh cant wait to sell on amazon instead of ebay" makes no sense?

          ebay charges less than amazon in most cases

          for buyers - more competition is always great
          for sellers - ebay isnt a bad platform to sell on - you cant expect stores and volume sellers to be the target of these promotions; they are targeted at low volume sellers and buyers to drive traffic to the site for the rush to christmas.

    • I'm a top rated seller, and invited to this.

  • Armageddon is coming. Unarguable .. :-) .. !!

  • can confirm ebay prioritised this offer and applied it instead of the 75% off FVF that I activated the other day.

    After listing 1 item just now it says that I have used this offer 1 time and 75% off FVF 0 times.

    • Ebay chat told me that the first accepted offer would be applied but I cancelled and relisted all my items anyways and they are showing as being used in the 1 Day Only Promo.

  • Time to cancel and repost my items

  • For me came up as “1 Day Only: Pay $1 When you Sell!“ starts and finishes today.

    • I got a "$1000 off shipping if spending $100 or more" for a couple of hours today. Expired before I could find something worth getting that'd cost $1000 to ship. Ebay's doing some wierd stuff…

  • Wow, I actually got this offer. I'm amazed. Looks like I'l be listing some things I've wanted to sell for quite a while.

  • Ebay is charging $1, why don't people list on Gumtree for free? No fees.

      • Time Wasters
      • Almost everyone experiences extreme low balling from "Sam"
      • Safety and Security (I've been robbed twice from Gumtree, at public locations)
      • Convenience
      • How did the two robberies pan out? I'm just curious, as a life lesson.

      • Like the other guy, I am also interested in the robberies. Did you call the police?

      • That’s why you don’t use scumtree. I’m sorry to hear you got robbed mate.

        When I’m just selling stuff I ask family/friends/people I know if they like to buy stuff! Old fashioned way and much easier and safer!

  • I just search in rich areas like Eastern Sydney beach suburbs for deals, never had any issues. Great deals and easy people to deal with because they are rich, they usually accept an offer if picking up promptly.

  • Perfect timing! Wife was just talking about wanting to sell some stuff on ebay. Thanks OP!

  • "This promotion only applies to single quantity listings."

    This is a shame. I have 40 Dell Optiplex 990/9020 to sell. I'm assuming I would have to create 40 individual listings, one for each item.

    • Yep that’s correct unfortunately.. and you can’t even list them all at once because it says it’s a duplicate. Bit annoying.

    • Gumtree? List your ad in a rich area like Maroubra but meet at Maccas.

  • Cool It worked for me! Thank you OP!

  • Surely their T&Cs "The promotion runs from 00:00 (AEST) every Saturday in 2017 to 23.59 (AEST) every Sunday in 2017 (“Promotion Period”)." mean that the promotion should run for Saturday and Sunday (00:00 being the start of the day)?

  • Had a few minutes to kill so confirmed via eBay chat that listings on both Saturday and Sunday are covered by this promotion. Whether their billing systems agree is another matter I guess.

  • lets see if this will work. I posted like 20 items with $12500 worth. Lest see if they will just charge $1 for each listing once sold.

    • There were some exclusions:

      This promotion does not apply to “Excluded Categories” which include Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircrafts (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans/Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks/Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252) and Vouchers/Gift Certificates (172008).

      Details: https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/promo/5801

      Having said that, I'm keeping a very close eye on my next ebay bill, as I do not trust them at all.

      • Every few weeks I have to check my bill status and contact chat support because something didn't get added correctly. They're usually pretty good about it though. Just a bit of a pain.

      • Yeah I read that, its not on any of those categories. Thanks for pointing out. :)

    • Wow, you are one serious eBayer!
      I've sold probably a tenth of that, ever…

      • Not really. Just have a lot of crap hahahah
        And some things I just buy and sell to make some money on the side.

  • $1 final value fee! That's like half a bread or milk, I demand cheaper fees!

  • So do you have to list AND sell on Sunday or can you list on Sunday, sell on Tuesday and still pay $1 FVF?

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