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Free Upgrade to 5GB on Basic TunnelBear Accounts (Usually 500MB)


Pretty well regarded free easy to use VPN, perfect for travelling. Normal basic account usually has a 500mb limit, but found this link thanks to Techradar that gets you 5GB instead. Should be more than enough for most people using it on their phones.

Edit: People are reporting the link is still only giving them 500mb, so try going via the link via Techradar

Edit 2: Link updated. This one seems to work, sorry about the earlier stuff up.

Edit 3: Seems to be new accounts only, and verifying your email nabs you an extra 500mb!

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  • I signed through here where it told me I get extra 5GB

    However my account only shows 500MB
    500MB remaining this month

    Are you sure you get the 5GB for free accounts?

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      Should've worked, I just created another dummy account and got the 5GB through the link.

    • +1

      same only 500gb

      • btw, is this 5gb reoccurring or one off?

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        That's a lot for free :P

      • +1

        Only 500Gb ?

    • +1

      just tried again with different link in comments, worked!

      thank you

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    Phone is not fine

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    Yeah my account still only shows 500mb, maybe only for new accounts?

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    Tunnel Bear is the only VPN to go through a public security audit. Would be nice if other VPNs would consider following suite.

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      It's a good start but I care more about privacy/logging which the audit didn't cover.

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    Sorry guys, try this link and let me know http://click.tunnelbear.com/aff_c?offer_id=42&aff_id=2940

    Not sure why it's not working.

    • Just signed up and received 5.5gb.

    • This link worked. 5500MB remaining this month.

      • The link takes me to the site where i had to download the installer. Do u sign up via the installed app? or is there a place to sign up via the site?

        • I signed up on the web page. I clicked "Get Started, it's free". Then I installed the client and chose to "Log in" with my credential.

        • @alvian: Thanks =)
          I realised its chrome that wouldnt let me sign up via the webpage. Probably coz blocked pop up or watever i have on here. Changed to another browser and i was able to sign up.

    • +1

      I only got Only 500MB with this link :(

    • Got 5.5gb. Thanks

    • got 500mb only via the link, new account, dunno why

  • Still nothing extra.


    That link just downloads the installer.
    New or existing account still only 500MB

    Does anyone with existing account get 5GB extra

    Or explain what you did to sign up?


  • I signed up with new account and got 5gb. Why some people are getting 5.5gb?

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      Verify your Email.

      • Cheers it worked!

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    Ok. either I need glasses (oh wait, I wear glasses); or something changes when you log back in. Anyway - logged out then back in and its is saying 5000MB remaining. So, not sure if I just didn't see the third "0" before or not.
    BTW - Thanks OP

  • +1

    Used an email which I'm pretty sure I had signed up before and it stayed on 500MB.
    Signed up with a new email and got the extra 5GB.

  • Great, thanks. Created account through link (took 5 seconds) and that's it. Didn't download tunnel bear through link or anything, just logged in though my android app and it shows as 5500MB.

    • The page with link does not have a sign up (for me anyway).
      The Get Started goes to a download

      Where is the sign up online link?

      • All good now.

        As in post further down, went icognito using internet explorer (not my usual browser)

  • +1

    496MB remaining this month
    Tried everything… no go.

    In case it's helpful ->
    Tunnelbear extension for Opera (v36) works on XP-SP3, when you install Dotnet 3.5. The main vpn wont install on xp due to dotnet 4.5 requirement.

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    This video is sponsored by TunnelBear

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      Calm down Linus, the camera's aren't even rolling yet.

  • Doesn't seem to give the extra 5GB for existing accounts. I signed up with a different email for a new account and got it.

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    I got 5GB with the deal, 500MB for confirming email, and 1GB for tweeting.

    I hope this is per month and repeating?

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      The 5GB is recurring, but you need to retweet every month for the extra 1GB bonus

  • Same as other posts existing account wouldn’t work so created new account and received the bonus data.

    Cheers OP!

  • Does tunnelbear support traditional vpn types? Ipsec, sslvpn, etc?

  • Will this work for US Netflix?

    • sometimes, though not reliably (haven't tried again for a few months though so things may have changed)

  • I cant download from torrent when connected using this? I wonder what is the use of it if we cant download?

    • +1

      Correct. You can browse sites such as TPB but you have to disconnect the VPN to actually download the torrent…

      A friend told me…

      • hmm I thought apart from other benefits, VPN allows you to download torrent without releasing your identity.

        • Need a paid VPN for that. Or, you know, don't pirate…

        • @zeggie:

          so this bear is free ?

    • +1

      Note these 1GB top ups expire at the end of each month so you can't continually accrue more data each month

  • singed up new and got 5GB

    • A great read.

      I do use tunnel bear for easy stuff like cheaper region game purchases but I probably wouldn't subscribe for any major usage.

    • Tldr: don't buy it

    • +2

      Isn't it thatoneprivacyguy?

      • +1

        freudian slip

  • I'm assuming existing account can't upgrade to 5GB

  • +4

    Where does it say recurring 5GB?

  • Worked!
    Fantastic, thanks OP.

    You get an additional gb if you tweet about it on Twitter :)

  • Pretty new to the whole VPN thing. Been using WindScribe. Anyone had experience with both who could recommend one or the other?

    • +1

      Have only used TunnelBear (have the 1 year plan) and it's great. No speed issues as such when connected to Autralian, NZ or Singapore servers.

      I have found that I can't connect to Steam or Origin whilst connected to the Australian server though. Works fine through Singapore one.

    • windscribe for HOng kong , USA
      tunnelbear for japan

      but tunnel bear is so slow today ~

      • Thanks guys appreciate the feedback!

  • Thanks OP. Not sure if they have another page for registering new account instead of downloading the installer package. I tried installing but it stopped at "Greasing the tunnels", and actually I'll not be using it on Windows, will probably only use it on my Ubuntu.

  • +2

    Signed up and got the bonus, now what do I need this for?

    • +2

      Encrypting data, so using free wifi at coffee shops etc is safer, or for making sites think you're in another region (good for bypassing region blocking, or region based redirects like Lifehacker does).

      • Why do you need vpn if the site you are connecting is already using ssl? I'm confused

        • A few different reasons, one being that sadly not everything uses SSL so you're susceptible to a MITM attack, especially with how poorly fixes for KRACK have been rolling out, and coffee shops tend to not care too much about security.

          Also, someone performing a MITM can use a tool such as https://moxie.org/software/sslstrip/ to trick clients into using HTTP instead of HTTPS unless they're wary.

          There's plenty of other valid reasons, but those are two that I could think of off the top of my head.

        • @BradleyDS2:
          With sslstrip, it will divert the user to non ssl page, I guess this is the reason why we need to ensure the login site you are accessing has "padlock" icon and the domain name is correct/based on the page we want to go. Correct?

        • +1

          @televisi: Yep, allowing the traffic (such as passwords, credit card details etc) to easily be sniffed if you aren't careful.

          For an idea of how easy it is for people to carry out these attacks, google "Network Spoofer" and "Wireshark".
          Both can be run on a phone to redirect wifi traffic through the phone and capture it, they're also both free and easily accessible to the public. If someone were to take advantage of the KRACK vulnerability, they'd be able to route traffic through a device and capture it even if it's a password protected private wifi connection and they don't know the password.

          Sadly, it's easier to ignore the problems and not block potential exploits, the popularity of WPS (which is significantly flawed) is perfect proof of this. A WPS pin takes under a day to crack, and a very large number of households and businesses use WPS.

  • Doesn't work for me not matter what tried 4x emails

    • Same for me, new account was created still 500MB

      • Finally.

        I used chrome before. Went incognito in internet explorer. New account. Got the 5500MB
        Maybe clear cache cookies etc before accessing the site

        • Tried that previously also. No go

  • I got PIA subscriptions but Free is always good. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Except for with a VPN if it's unlimited for free, then something is fishy.

  • +1

    Don't need it but got it anyway.

  • Perfect. Thank you.

  • Got the 5.5GB .. now wondering what I'd use this for.. ?

    • Encrypting data, so using free wifi at coffee shops etc is safer, or for making sites think you're in another region (good for bypassing region blocking, or region based redirects like Lifehacker does).

  • +2

    any IT expert can tell me what is that data used for? I thought VPN is for something like hiding your IP address or pretending you're somewhere else or something? Teach me please.

    • When you're pretending to be somewhere else you are still online, so you have 5gb worth of VPN bandwidth usage

      • oh didn't know VPN service limits your data with payment too

        • If you're paying for TunnelBear, it's unlimited. This is the free version, so it's limited.

      • +1

        Excuse my naivety, but does that mean that you're not using your own data when using tunnel bear VPN 5gb?
        I had assumed that while I'm undercover I would be using my own 5gb data

        • +2

          Yep you would be using your own data too

        • You're charged for the data Tunnelbear sends/receives to/from you. They are the middle man so the data they forward/receive to/from the site you're hiding your IP from is charged to Tunnelbear. This is why using a vpn in the system slows download/uploads by at least 50%.

    • +2

      I don't know why you got down voted for asking a question have a +

      • +1

        I did not know why too. Thanks for the + :D

  • Is this for mobile or mobile and PC?

    EDIT: Deleting an old account and creating a new account with same email address doesn't seem to work either.

    EDIT 2: Actually it does, after I did it a 2nd time when had to clear cache and cookies. And this was on the pc.

    • +2

      I got it working for both, PC and mobile just log in using the same email

  • nice deal - although was hoping they would have china.

    • Hong Kong is available for subscribers.

    • As in to use vpn from China (when you are in AU) OR to use AU VPN when you are in China?

      I thought Chinese government has blocked any VPN outside their country?

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