expired [Windows 10] Free Game - Flight Unlimited 2K16 @ Microsoft Store. Was $22.45


Flight Unlimited 2K16 for Windows 10. Free again at Microsoft store.

Download Size: 3.44gb

* Ultra HD Satellite Imagery covering over 800 SQ Miles of the San Francisco Bay Area, Switzerland, and Las Vegas
* 4K HD Cockpits for each aircraft modeled from the ground up
* Campaign mode with GTA style missions
* HD Volumetric 3D Clouds
* 24 Hour Day/Night Cycle
* Weather effects including sun, clouds, fog, rain, and storms
* Trigger failures such as engine trouble and detached wings
* 14 aircraft each modeled with accurate flight physics. New aircraft released weekly.
* Landmarks such as Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, AT&T Park, Oracle Arena, Las Vegas Hotels, and more

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