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Lycamobile $1 (Was $29.90) Sim Unlimited Plan s up to 7GB Data for 28 Days for New Customers


Offer valid from 19/11/2017 for new customer who is ordering the SIM with plan online. Limited time offer valid until 30/11/2017. Maximum two plan per house hold. Bundle automatically renew at the 28 days with original price, unless customer cancel the autorenewal.

unlimited calls to 12 countries

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

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  • How much data you will get after 1st month?

  • What's the latest date to activate the service?

    • Would like to know also - but guess it’s worth a shot at $1

      EDIT - will just activate this before Kogan XL which I know I have until end of January

    • Just got off the phone with CS, you've got 15 days to activate the sim (counting from when you receive the "activation email")

      • I wish that I'd noticed this before ordering. Oh well, it was only $1.

        • @Colin2905 yeah I purchased mine before I knew about the 15 days too. My Kogan sim expires soon though. Was just hoping it wasn't something silly like 7 days

  • What's up with the data 3+3?

  • Lycamobile does not enable personal hotspot on my iphone. Sucks!

  • lycamobile customer service sucks. i expect they will make it difficult and time consuming to cancel

  • Is the instruction limited to only 15 days of activation can't we do it as & when we want?

    "Your SIM will be delivered within 5 working days.
    Your SIM with plan PIN will be expired in 15 days. Please redeemed the PIN before expiry, otherwise you will lose your plan"


    for new customers - lycamobile, HEY! joining for the very first time

  • +4 votes

    "If you do not want your plan to renew, dial *190# and follow the instructions to cancel the plans auto renewal."

  • When does this need to be activated by if the offer is valid until the 30th? Also, do blank Lyca sim cards need to be topped up to be activated?


    Last time I gave LYCAMOBILE my credit-card they just kept billing until I had to Cancel my credit card entirely and had to write to the Bank to get Chargebacks for the $49.90 they kept charging me!

    Would never use them again!

    All Call-centres are in INDIA, they have absolutely zero authority over anything including either to give refunds nor adding extra credit on your account.

    You have to go to the TIO to get things done, and even then, you have to escalate your issue to the next TIO level to force them to refund you.

    I don't even know why they call them "Lycamobile Customer Service" - they have no authority to do anything, unlike Telstra, which can and does instantly add credit for their mistakes.

    Ring them yourself now, it's the same number you use when you are a Lycamobile customer, see if you can understand them, how long they take to answer, and even answer basic questions:


  • Do blank Lyca sim cards need to be topped up to be activated? I looked at the steps of activation without a current sim card and it doesn't show an option for recharge or payment.

  • Just received the sim card, letter says it's already preactivated!!! WTF!!!

  • Does the 30th of November mean end of business or 11:59pm?

    • Generally it's 11.59

      • So I can order it say at 10pm and if it arrives in 3-5 business days I can still take up that offer?

        • @Fobsessive:

          i dont think so, i went to activate mine yesterday (when i got it) and they say i have no credit, nothing, so i have to pay more, i never got the 7gb, nothing, support is terrible

        • @perplex: That sucks! PayPal claim?

          They sent me two SIMs by accident so I don't know which to use

        • @Fobsessive:

          it was only $1 i cant be fked wasting my time with them anymore

        • @perplex:
          I was concerned given your comment that Lyca was not supplying Plan we bought.

          Activated SIM 3 hours ago & everything is OK. Data & phone working.

          Balance shows $0 because you have bought a plan - shown below Credit by clicking link.

          Checking MyLyca Account (need to register with SIM number):
          Lycamobile Number 04xxxxxxx
          Balance $ 0.000
          Last Recharge date 13/12/2017

          Click Here to View Bundle Details

          Currently active plan: UNLIMITED PLAN S
          Plan expiring on: 09/01/2018
          Auto renewal status: Inactive
          Activation Status: Active View Details

          Clicking on that Activation Status - View Details gives plan inclusions…

          Bundle Name : UNLIMITED PLAN S
          Expiry Date : 09/01/2018
          Minutes: Unlimited
          SMS: Unlimited

          DATA: 6044.00MB (plan is 6GB + 1GB when set up auto-recharge, which I havent)

        • @perplex:
          Did you Register & check your MyLyca Account to see your Plan? The Plan included unlimited calls etc, but no credit!

  • I find it hard to locate Lycamobile's Activate/Porting page on their website.
    Can it be done online or it's something you have to call up and get them to do it?

    • You should see 4 orange circles in middle of page. 2nd one is activate your sim. If that doesn't work then call them on 122.

  • I cannot proceed to the second step on the "YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS PAGE". Am I doing this right?

  • This offer ended up finishing before 11:59pm. What flogs! lol

  • This whole process has been painful - can't wait to port back out

  • Has anyone successfully activated with the inclusive Call/data plan? Mine has nothing.

    • You have an email from Lyca with the PIN for recharge coupon. Just dial. *116*PIN# and you will get the plan activated.

      You can check bundle balance by dialing *137#

  • Port in has been an absolute joke! Their online processes are so disorganised and nothing works properly.

  • Rang customer service to explain the situation only to be hung up on, never would I recommend these amateurs to anyone!

    • Maybe a problem in their tech. Also was hung up on a minute into talking. Rang back & they set my account up. Actived SIM 15 minutes later & all OK so far.

      Even though message said there were large volume of calls this morning, was connected to person in about 1 minute each time - can't get much better than that in answering calls.

  • Your Sim Req request cannot be completed. Please try again later or call 122. Why I cannot use the code ? Done registration and login, but unable to add the plan. Any advise ?

  • Do they work 24/7 ?

  • WORST account creation and porting-in EVER.
    Disorganised website, conflicting activation instructions.
    Their "116PIN#" letter and email instruction failed.
    I waited on hold for 30mins for their "122" helpline number - ended up with a Chinese-only call centre, then they transferred me to an English centre and the call hung up.

  • I have never seen such complicated and confusing activation/porting process.
    Took forever to get through to their customer service. Absolutely useless. I just threw their sim card in the bin at the end.

  • They want an account number, but when your prepaid there is no account number, you can't type Prepaid either, what else are you meant to do when porting to them?

    • What I did was type 00000000. At the end it will show up as error during the porting process. Then I call 122 and they manually port me over.

  • I checked my balance and found i had $17.45 credit from this offer, so subscribed to the All in One Plan for $10 so have another 28 days of standard calls and texts plus 1GB data. To check your balance on Lyca dial *131# for data balance dial *137#
    To subscribe to All in One Plan dial *139 *510
    To disable auto renew dial *190#

  • Was just charged $30 even tho i turned auto renew off, called them asking for a refund and apparently ill get one in 7 to 10 days but i'm not counting on it…