expired Inoreader (Web RSS Reader) Black Friday Deal - Buy 1 Year Get 6 Months Free. From US $14.99 (~AU $19.85) Yearly


For anyone happy to pay for an RSS aggregator/reader - pay for a 1 year plan and get an extra 6 months for free.

I've used Inoreader since the demise of Google Reader, and love it (Had a brief dalliance with Feedly before finding Inoreader and didn't like it). The usual RSS reader stuff, with a lot of added extras for paid plans.

In addition to the (limited) free plan, paid plans increase what you get the more you pay - but pretty much all are features that you probably won't miss unless you've already used them. Details of each plan on the linked page.
* Starter : US$14.99/year
* Plus : US$29.99/year
* Professional : US$49.99/year

Monthly payments are available for Plus and Professional plans, but this deal only applies to yearly plans.

With previous offers, I've purchased multiples (i.e. pay for special deal and them immediately pay for same special deal again) and it's accepted it and added to the duration of my paid status. Haven't tried that with this offer though, so can't say for sure that it would work if tried.

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    With respect, have you tried Feedly? I use it regularly and it is a very nice app.


    I used Feedly since Google Reader ceased and I've just switched Inoreader. I'm really quite happy. It has a lot more in the free version and the paid plans have a lower starting point. I've been waiting for this offer.


      I've similarly been using Inoreader since Google Reader's demise (and similarly tried Feedly and didn't like it as much).
      I just don't see the benefit in paying… apart from keeping them alive, I happily have my Adblocker turned off on their page to "pay".
      Every time they offer one of these promos I take a look at the offering but nothing is compelling.
      And the ad targeting is pretty good! It's almost a feature of the site!


    Thanks. Tried to use this offer last night but it would only add 1 year to my existing sub, but it is now working correctly (paid up till 2020). Been using InoReader since inception as well, it's a great service.