$100 Rebate for School Kids Sport Activities (NSW Only) - from 2018


From 31 January 2018, parents and carers of school-aged children enrolled in an approved sport or fitness activity can receive a $100 voucher to cover registration and participation costs for that calendar year.

The program supports the delivery of the Premier’s Priority to reduce childhood overweight and obesity by increasing participation in sport and changing physical activity behaviours of children and young people in NSW.

More information can be found on the deal link, but worthwhile putting a reminder on this deal for future reference.

Basically from 21 Jan 2018, register your school aged kids on www.service.nsw.gov.au and you will be given a $100 voucher you can use to pay for kids sport activities. the activities have various criteria like have to be for more than 8 weeks long, not be organized through school, can't be used to pay for sports clothing/equipment, etc. You can use it on things like:

  • sporting pursuits
  • swimming lessons
  • structured fitness program
  • outdoor education programs
  • approved active recreation (dance etc)

You can claim 1 voucher per child each year for 4 years. Is available for school aged kids aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 who live in NSW (includes kids who are home schooled).

The catch (if there is one), is you can only use the voucher once and can't split it across different activities. Eg, if you use it to pay for an $80 sports fee, then the $20 balance of the $100 cannot be used anywhere else - it is gone.

Not a bad deal for those with kids.

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    enrolled in an approved sport or fitness activity

    who decides what is approved?

    do they organisations have to pay a fee, like with the heart foundation?


      I can't see anything about who gets approved and how the get approved as yet, but presume that is something they are finalising and will be announced on or before it starts. I tried to find the same answer before, but I assume all sports clubs like soccer, basketball, etc would be "approved" but smaller places may be more difficult. You have to enter in your voucher code for payment of the fee (you don't get reimbursed after you pay) so it sound like something the sports provider needs to accommodate in their booking/payment procedure.

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    This is a great initiative. Good to get young kids active and trying new and different sports. Hopefully that translates into their adult life.


    Hooray for NSW breeders!!!

    Will be using my $300 to buy a big screen TV ;)

  • +1 vote

    obviously this is only a token gesture, literally

    $100 a year barely covers basics like swimming entrance fees for a year so yeah… is this something Glady's is using to buy votes?

    • +6 votes

      Feel free to give me $100 as only a token gesture anytime.


      Really? A season of cricket, soccer or netball in my local area is $130 or so.
      With two kids the $260 meant we didn’t do milo cricket this year - last year there were enough rain offs etc that we felt it was a bit pricey.
      With the $100 back each, they’ll be doing something for sure.

      Swimming is overpriced waste of $ anyway. Just take the damn kids to some water and throw them in. An intensive period of daily swimming on a summer holiday will teach them way more than weekly lessons that involve as much time out of the water as in it

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      Yeah this and her no rego if you spend too much on toll, seems like she's trying to win over voters by spending all that money that the govt. made selling off everything we own. Obviously helps that Luke Folly is (profanity) useless.


      It's the projected income from the upcoming Sugar and Fat tax, which will be applied to Drinks and Snacks containing an elevated amount of Sugar and/or Fat.


    $100 doesn't even cover one term of swimming, but it's a great help.

    Thanks for posting this, Syba!

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      $100 doesn't even cover one term of swimming

      just swimming?

      we also have to pay for soccer, basketball, tennis, chess and karate !!!


      Is it meant to totally reimburse parents for the entire cost of the sport?


    So who wants to volunteer and help me make a kid or two?


    Well done NSW, great initiative. Any other States have something similar?


    Nice. That's more than half of next term's swimming lessons covered!


    Why "not be organized through school"?


    Damn, no rebates for QLD. I have three children and this will be extremely useful for their rego fees at their sporting clubs.


    Northern Territory has had this for years. In January and July they get a voucher and there is a site that tells you who accepts the vouchers but almost all places and groups do now. I hear people have used them to buy sheet music for their lessons and we have used the spare ones to buy soccer shorts and socks from the soccer club. Here there is also a swim voucher twice a year for kids under pre-school age.

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    Activities will go up by $100 or more when they register. Parents will be no better off.

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      Sadly I think this will pretty much be the case. Maybe not exactly $100, but fees will likely increase to ensure the majority of the money goes to clubs.

      i.e. Jodie's Dance School Annual fees $295, up from $220 the year before. But new signups will be told "Yes, there's been a slight increase to compensate for the installation of 'XYZ' but the NSW Government's $100 Rebate for School Kids Sport Activities means you will be saving a almost 10% on what you paid last year! We'll do all the paperwork for you, please just sign here."

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    For all the parents with kids who do regular swimming lessons…

    I understand the importance of swimming lessons up to the point where children are completely confident and competent in the water. Preventing deaths from drowning is a great thing, so is being able to safely splash around in the pool with your mates.

    But… past that point I don't understand why so many kids continue with swimming lessons, particularly if it's at the parent's insistence. What is the driver? If the child absolutely loves it or has a burning desire to be the next Ian Thorpe then go for it, that's awesome. But for those who don't (and I suspect that is the majority or at least half) I'd like to understand why so many parents want their kids to continue with regular lessons. Given the expense and the many other choices of interesting sports that arguably build better all round skills than swimming. What is the motivation?

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      For my kids, the primary reason is "because they enjoy it".

      They're competitive, but not world beaters. It's keeping them fit, and they love doing it, and while-ever that's the case, we'll keep taking them. They've tried other sports (running, dancing, nippers) but they love the pool. Not going to argue. It's good for them, both health wise and socially.


        Cool. You fit into "my kids love it" category.
        I probably won't get any honest feedback from the ones who's kids don't enjoy it ;)


    Can anyone confirm whether you need to be applicable for Family Tax Benefit A or B to get this please?

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    For anyone that doesn't want to wait another 2 days, you can apply for a voucher now by:

    Go to https://my.service.nsw.gov.au/MyServiceNSW/PersonalDashboard
    Click on "Services"
    Then "Office Of Sport"
    You should find an "Apply For A Voucher" link


    Active Kids service on my.service.nsw.gov.au is giving

    Please check the following error:
    Sorry, our system is temporarily unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please try again later, or visit Contact us to get in touch.

    Anyone have any luck?


    Yes, tried last night and got it ….

    How to Apply:
    You will need a Service NSW log-in.
    Once you log-in, find the Active Kids section and enter details (you will need Medicare card for each student)
    Eligibility checks are done in real-time and you will get the voucher at the end of the 6-step application process.
    Parents have until 31 December 2018 to claim and use their voucher.

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    Got 2 vouchers yesterday. Form worked fine on Internet Explorer.


      ah Internet Explorer.

      Safari, Firefox on Mac OSX is NOT well supported.

      But Chrome works!

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