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Samsung Galaxy S8 / iPhone 8 20GB $59 Per Month with Optus


iPhone 8 64GB EXPIRED

$1 cheaper then with virgin, plus includes 20gb of data, streaming of Optus sport (football and cricket), national geographic and tv/music data free.

Confirmed no student discount. Looks like students can save an extra 10% on plans, but someone would have to confirm.

Edit: Appears to be available for both new and existing customers.

Customers who are still in-contract with Optus may be eligible to upgrade. Confirmed possible on SIM-only plan.

Edit edit: various other phones appear to be included in this $59 deal
From comments:
*Huawei Mate10 Pro
*Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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  • +19

    iPhone 8 also $59

    • Thanks, I'll add that to the deal as well.

    • Good find.

      Thanks OP, about time Optus matched the Telstra deal.

      • +4

        I'd bet Harvey Norman may have offer $200 gift card for switching to Optus sometime this month to sweeten the deal.

        • Optus Stores already offering until Jan 2018

        • @webtherapist:

          Gift card you mean mate, or just this deal in general?

          Sorry, I edited my previous post, but I initially mentioned how the JB Hifi $49 BYO deal + $200 gift card, then going to Telstra live chat and asking to be upgraded to the $59 F & F deal with 5GB bonus would likely be better value for those wanting the S8/Telstra network.

          If Optus is offering a similar gift card in store though, I'd be likely to stick with them, as they still offer 5GB bundling bonus for having multiple plans don't they?

        • +1

          @Baltoski: not gift card, credit. when u port in or get a new number in store

        • @webtherapist:

          Can confirm, that deal is currently on at all Harvey stores til the 11th

        • @jacksbargain:

          HN dont have the Huawei Mate 10 Pro on their website :(

        • @webtherapist:

          Oh wow, cool, thanks for the heads up! For $100 or $200?

          Good to have all these options to maximise the value we receive.

        • @jacksbargain: do u have link for it?

        • @webtherapist:

          Just spoke to LiveChat and they said no port in credit on this offer :(

          If you know a way to get it though, I'm all ears!

        • @webtherapist:
          Not an advertised offer so no link, must be done in store

        • @Rakddon: HN doesn't advertised Optus phones online. Just go in store

        • -1


          This offer doesn't stack with port in credit but does stack with HN $200 EFTPOS card

        • Sorry, just to clarify here, is it a specifically Harvey Norman gift card for $200 or an all purpose EFTPOS (can be used anywhere) $200 card?

        • +4

          @jacksbargain: so should I just go to HN ask to port me to Optus for this offer?

          Just bought 2 iphone 8 64GB with this plan from Harvey Norman Aspley QLD and got 2*$200.00 EFTPOS card as well.

          Crazy deal. Thanks OP

        • @Rakddon: is Mate 10 Pro Dual Sim ??

        • @jacksbargain:

          How do you know it ends on the 11th?
          Is there any documentation of this deal anywhere?

        • +3


          I work for Harvey Norman :)

        • +1


          Thanks for your business today Amir!

        • +1


          Used ANYWHERE EFTPOS is accepted

        • @jacksbargain: So do we have the whole business day on the 11th to get it or is tomorrow our last possible day? Also, does the phone have to be instore or can you choose one not there and wait for it to be sent out? I want the Xperia XZ Premium which I don't think my closest store has :/
          Oh and does porting from Coles prepaid count? Lol

        • @charmed_tiger6: I'm not associated with HN but I assume if the phone isn't in stock you'd still be able to get it and they'd just order one in or ship it to you.

          Coles should count, can't imagine why not.

        • @jacksbargain: Do you have to port in the old number by 11th? Don't you lose your credits (if earlier plan was pre-paid) or amount for the rest of the days in billing cycle in this case?

        • +1

          does this offer apply to recontracting customers?

        • You also get a bonus Galaxy Tab A if you get the Galaxy S8.

        • @JIMB0: where does it state this?

        • @charmed_tiger6:

          Sorry wrong comment, Im new to this lol

        • @charmed_tiger6:

          Yes it counts, most HN stores will not have an XZ in stock, (I do at the Aspley though) They can raincheck you one and you still qualify. It gets sent to the store and then you will pick up, 3-5 days normally.

        • @chumlee: I seen it on a flyer in store yesterday. It's only the 8" model.

        • @amirr1361: they dont stack with HN $200, just into a store and they showed me the email

        • @jacksbargain: hi, can u upload proof of purchase please, me stuck at HN and they dont want to give me the 200 gift card, thanks

        • @webtherapist: they should.

        • @amirr1361: thank you, I went into another branch and did it

      • +2

        Thanks, sadly I found it while looking at plans for my gf, I'm still stuck on a crappy old 4gb plan for my s8

        • -1

          buyout your current deal dude. I bought out my S8 10gb deal and signed to BYO $40 plan with 15gb now discounted to $30 and im still $15 better off a month.

      • +1

        They need to beat it, not matching it. Optus 4G in MEL have so many black spot and it keeps dropping out.

        I switched to the S8 deal on Telstra and couldnt be happier. Havent got any issue with it since.

        • Optus 4G in MEL have so many black spot and it keeps dropping out.

          I'm lucky in the sense that Optus coverage around me is all good, no black spots, always 4G.

          But I can understand your predicament and why Telstra is much better for you.

          The bonus this deal has over the Telstra one is you're not restricted to the S8 only and can opt for other phones. Optus may also include a 5GB bundling bonus for having multiple plans with them? Idk if that's still applicable for Optus though (this may have changed since the middle of the year).

          But the Telstra one, if you go via the JB Hifi $49 BYO deal -> $59 Telstra F & F deal, scores you a bonus $200 JB Hifi gift card.

          It's good to have choice now, as Optus, as of last night, had nothing on par with the Telstra deal (I was asking their live chat about it just last night, they advised they couldn't match the Telstra deal…..that's certainly changed overnight).

        • Yeah, I was with optus on a BYO plan for 4 months (was on Vodafone) and it was absoutely horrible. I think my local commute to work had like 4 dropouts and I just went with the Telstra plan and even though it's 5gb less, I couldn't be happier.

        • @MasterMirage: Get onto Telstra live chat - they're allowing lots of people (myself included) a bonus 5GB under a current promotion. More details in the Telstra thread.

    • Cannot see the iPhone 8 anywhere on the Optus site with this deal?

      • +3

        It’s here under the $59 20GB option.

  • +9

    Huawei Mate10 Pro $59 as well!!!!!

    • +1

      Found this on the the Huawei deal page. Would it apply to this deal?

      • +1

        It should be shouldn't it?

        • Good question haha. Would like to think so, but depends whether this deal qualifies as what's advertised in that banner or not.

          If so, it makes the Mate Pro 10 option a little sweeter (although don't know how much I'd use the VR camera, I'll take a freebie if it's offered).

        • +1


          Optus rep confirmed with me via live chat the VR camera offer does apply to this deal.

        • +1

          @Baltoski: I can confirm too that you get the camera as well, 10 days after delivery of the phone.

    • +1

      Thank you so much.
      I bit te bullet as soon as i saw this. Best value phone by far

      • You join got the plan with Huawei mate? How is it? :)

        • rip if it was dual sim i would of picked it up immediately

    • Does Mate 10 Pro supports Dual Sim ?

      • +3

        Sadly we got the only version out of three that does not come with dual Sim. Version L09…..

  • +1

    can you please add the link…tia

    • Link is in the post???
      It does take a little while to load fully if you are on mobile

  • Virginia deal has unlimited calls to a few countries and $300 for other countries included, so that's a better deal.

    • +2

      not when this has 4gb extra, unlimited Optus TV and Sports.

      This is better imo, and this is coming from a loyal Virginmobile customer.

    • +1

      lol tbh ive never once dabbed into my international calls pool

  • +2

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium also available for the same deal too

  • Damn, I just opted in Huawei Mate 10 Pro, 3 days Ago!!!!

    • Maybe they'll credit your account for a certain amount if you got it via Optus?

      What's your impressions of the phone please mate?

      • +3

        I will try chat with Optus people atm.
        The Phone is sublime, happy with the phone, moving from Nexus 6P. Has Optus Bloatware, but you can uninstall / disable them. Have to root to remove Optus startup screen tho.
        Nice Camera.
        Great battery life. Casual gaming usage, Webs, social media here and there. will leave 50ish percentage by the end of the day before I go to sleep.
        Overall happy with the phone, recommended especially with this price.

        • +2

          Thanks mate for replying to me, definitely leaning towards this after hearing about your experience.

          Looks great and sounds great and we're in need of a new phone.

          Goodluck with Optus, hope they come to the party for you.

        • Update.
          Online people can not do anything about this situation.
          Offer me to cancel the plan and recontracting the phone with the new deal.
          Sounds silly.

        • @wndtanaka:

          That's unfortunate mate.

          Optus Live Chat staff have never done me any favours/deals, they've always been very cut and dried in any dealings I've had with them.

        • Bad luck. Store do not want to do it, even though, online rep put a note on my account.

        • Is the Huawei easy to root?

        • +5


          Try buying it a drink

        • +2

          @wndtanaka: Optus has 30 Days Satisfaction Trail offer (Also advertised on their website). You can return the phone & cancel the plan, just pay for your usage. Then recontract again.

          Hope it helps.

          More Info, copied from Optus Website —

          Try our Network for 30 Days

          Cancel anytime in the first 30 days with no cancellation fees if you return the phone in good working order and pay for what you owe. Pay your plan fee, monthly handset charge and any excluded usage. New services only. Limit one trial per service”

        • +1

          A Telstra staffer told me that when you contract online that the 30-day change of mind policy was law. However no such law exists when you buy in person.

        • @Viper8: but It is Optus, worth a try !!

        • @OzSikh:
          Oh if you mean doing it in person then yea.
          I meant that when online everyone does it cos they have to. :)

        • @Viper8: the promotion is

          Try our Network for 30 Days

          I don’t see why it won’t be applicable for in store purchases.

        • +1

          @OzSikh: thanks for the info. I will try that.

        • @OzSikh:
          Never said it wouldn't be?

    • Cooling down clause?

    • -1

      is Huawei Mate 10 Dual Sim ??

  • I don't think you can do the uni student discount. It says on the home page "Not available in conjunction with other offers." Just waiting for someone to confirm this.

    • +2

      No, I tried, you have to go to the student hub section and it's not offered there.

  • Damnn this was very tempting.. but I'm going to just wait for the new flagships in 4 months.
    Still have 3 months on my current S7E plan, payout of $150

    Btw this deal isn't appearing on student hub for Optus. I could not get an extra 10% off for being a student

    • nice..im going to pay out galaxy S8 preorder on $94, and then sign a new contract today, then sell my new handset and i should be a lot better off financially.

  • +2

    Is this an online only plan or can I get in store as Well?

    • i just talked to the chat support and they said it was only available over chat …

    • Online for recontracting customers.

      I went to Optus store as my Optus contract has expired, after wasting my time waiting for being served and then was told they are not aware of the offer…they then said they cannot do this offer instore unless I add extra $10 for package moving from Samsung (existing) to iPhone (new).

  • virgin is better as it offers 100 bucks credit. For me 16gb and 20 gb data make no difference as I normally use 8gb-10gb per month

    • +3

      for me i stream Google Play music everyday, and i Netflix on my lunch break…both unmetered on optus..they are probably bigger draw cards for me…

      It'd be worth noting for all Virgin signup's that their unmetered music streaming offer ends March 2018 no matter when you sign up.

      • for me i stream Google Play music everyday, and i Netflix on my lunch break…both unmetered on optus..they are probably bigger draw cards for me…

        Sure, as long as the phone battery is unmetered unless your phone is always plugged into charging point while you are busy using unmetered entertainment, mate.

        • um ok? I was talking about included features that would have me choose lotus over virgin mate. Especially as Virgin piggy's off the Optus network anyway.

      • That's just a disclaimer, they'll probably renew it (though no guarantees). Last year they said the same thing, but I still have unmetered music streaming.

        • Oh OK… Thsts really promising to hear. My mate on virgin was considering cancelling his google music otherwise.

  • I am currently on byo $40 and out of contract. I have to pay $15 extra for epl. Does anyone know if I Could sign this deal and no extra for epl?

    • +1

      Ask live chat is my advice, see what they can do for you.

      They've never been able to go out of their way for me, but hey you don't know unless you ask.

    • +1

      yes should be ok. As long as the deal shows the Optus Sport logo. Man i wish i could give you my free Optus Sport…i dont think ive ever touched it lol

    • EPL is free with the $59 plan. Just checked.

    • +2

      Just submitted my order. It might be an ok deal for someone else but pretty good for an existing out of contract customer wanting the epl.
      Check gumtree and iPhone8 64gb could be sold for $800, which makes it less than $26 for 20 gb data plus free epl for two years.
      Btw, thank u for all the replies.

  • Thank you, just upgraded my phone plan to iphone8 256:) Perfect!

  • Taking out plan differences between this an she virgin deal.

    Which phone is the better. Re: screen and camera wise?

    Was just about to bite the bullet on the s8+ on virgin.

    Coming from a Sony z3/LG G4.


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