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Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch USD $3.85 (AUD $5.12) Shipped @ GearBest


Only 500 units available at this price (ignore 'pieces left' on landing page). Restricted to one purchase per Gearbest account. Use coupon SMARTARSE at checkout, which only works with AU IP addresses and a logged-in Gearbest account. Select Unregistered Air Mail to avoid additional shipping costs. Enjoy :)

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    What's the use of this?

    • It makes Homer a smartarse.

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      Controlling devices connected to a Xiaomi Gateway, e.g. Alarms, power-points, sensors etc without having to use the app (after configuring actions in the app, can do multiple with one press).

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        Thanks. I don't have Xiaomi gateway, so no use for me I guess.

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          Thanks. I don't have Xiaomi gateway, so no use for me I guess.

          What kind of OzBargainer are you?
          They are the new Eneloops, only smarter!

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        It's also a door bell button. The gateway is the speaker that can be programmed to activate and make a door bell sound when the button is pressed.

  • +4

    Any deals on the xiaomi multifunctional gateway?

  • i dont know wht it does either but got one any way

    • +5

      You're probably gonna have a bad time lol

  • THanks TA. Purchased :)

  • Thanks got one

  • can these fit on external type gpo's?

  • Can we get this for NZ as well?

  • Any deals on the 5 in 1 kits?

  • +4

    Crap! I thought this didn't require the multi functional zigbee gateway. Already bought it. Guess I'll need to get the whole system now.

  • is it mandatory to have this (or other xiaomi smart devices) hooked on to internet or will it work smoothly even without an internet connection?
    wonder if anyone tried to set up private network and get these devices hooked on to that network rather than exposing them over internet.

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      Run through home assistant

    • Originally the gateway required an active internet connection.
      I believe a later update removed that requirement, but I haven't tested it as I've move over to a Home Assistant server as it's so much better.

      • So if I run home assistant, I don't need a gateway? I can just get the window sensors, etc, and program/script all through home-assistant?

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          You'll need a gateway to talk to the switch as the devices use zigbee (extremely low power use and operates as a mesh network aka one device can pass on packets to another if it's out of range of the gateway). The gateway is both zigbee and wifi.

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      You can do this with Home Assistant - everything stays controlled locally within the LAN. You can then firewall off the Xiaomi devices to stop them contacting the China servers, but you will lose the ability to use Mi Home app.

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        even without homeassistant once setup the xiaomi gateway you don't need the internet connection for a lot of functions.

      • cool. that sounds bit promising. could you please elaborate on what features / app functions will i be missing out on? sorry but i'm a bit newbie to home automation scene. i want to try it out looking at various exciting deals being posted here on ozb but security is bit of a concern to me. so if it must be online, then i would rather stay out of this.
        i know it does have some level of security standard (or at least claim to) but as various devices have different levels of security, i prefer to keep all such devices off the internet at all times. if they can work without internet, i won't mind to setup a separate network and spare a dedicated wifi router on this network for my phone to talk to gateway via wifi access point on this network. will i be able to use Mi Home app features and control devices with this kind of setup?

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          Once you home assistant up and running you wont need the mihome app at all. Home assistant hosts your own web server, where you can control all the devices. Once you forward the ports so you can access the server from the WAN, you can control from anywhere eg. turning lights on and off etc

        • @jackwoz:

          so do you need to use a web browser on your phone
          or is there an home assistant app you can use to do this remotely?

        • @pinkybrain: Yep you need to use a web browser

        • @jackwoz:

          did you install home assistant on a rasberry pi
          and keep that to also to be online?

          what kind of devices are you turning on remotely from outside the house?
          plz give some examples.

        • +1

          @Rutger: I initially had it running on a raspberry pi zero w, but eventually moved it to an ESXI virtual server. here s a screen shot of my current page: https://imgur.com/a/98wok

        • @jackwoz: Are you using the Xiami PIR's? Do pets set them off (cats specifically, not larger pets like gorillas)?

        • +1

          @shamowfski: I have the aqara and the xiaomi sensors and yes both my cats set them off.I have to position the sensors mid height and point them up

  • Look forward to a deal on window sensors.

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    Does not work for me, after applying code it actually increases amount to be paid.

    • Worked for me at 10:30.

    • same for me (EDIT: as in not working, price went up) EDIT 2: It worked, was looking in the wrong place (sub total has correct amt)

  • expired I think didn't work for me either

    • Works fine for me, did you login first?

      • my bad.. was browsing through VPN.. bought one thanks TA

  • +1

    Make sure you only select qty 1 and look and the price at the bottom of the checkout page

  • I can get the price, but it charges me $1.50USD for shipping.

  • Thanks TA !

    Now need a zigbee plug to go with my button :)

  • I bought the 'Home Kit' and waiting for it to arrive. Is this included in the home kit? or should I buy this separately?

    • Yes and yes

      • Thanks,

        So it's included but it's worth buying another one? Any tips on how I can use two of this same device?

        • They're individually 'mapped' within the app, so you give each switch a name and can assign actions from there. Definitely worth buying more at this price!

  • -1

    So I can flush my toilet while I am in my bedroom taking a leak? Cool!

  • any chance of power bank code?

  • Do you guys think they'll put up a deal for the NILLKIN CM - WCP II ?

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