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Linksys WRT54GL $15 WRT1200 $95 and AC3200 Tri Band Router $119 - 50% off Shipping Cost @ Warehouse1


Hi Bargainers,

We have some xmas toys for you:

Linksys TriBand AC3200 router $119 + shipping: http://www.warehouse1.com.au/LINKSYS-EA9200-AU-TRI-BAND-GIGA...

Also, the ever popular WRT1200AC and its predecessor the WRT54G:

WRT1200AC $95 + shipping: http://www.warehouse1.com.au/SMART-WI-FI-ROUTER-WRT1200AC-DU...

WRT54GL $15 + shipping: http://www.warehouse1.com.au/WRT54G

The 54G is obviously an old wifi standard, but when Linksys offered us the stock last month we figured people might want a cheap toy compatible with DDWRT firmware to play around with.


OZBDDWRT is a coupon code for 50% off shipping.

Any items on this post will be sent via EXPRESS post at no extra charge to make sure they are received before XMAS, if you buy other items also under the 50% coupon or in the same order we will try express those also if we can!

We also have stock in store @ Docklands Victoria, 3008 if anyone wants to pickup.



https://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Linksys_WRT54G/GL/GS/G... - WRT54G

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  • +7 votes

    WRT54G, darn that nostalgia.. That was the first ever router that i purchased when I was in university.

    • +1 vote

      $15 for a 54G wireless router seems like a bargain to me. If you're not on NBN that is!.

    • +6 votes

      amazed that they still have stock for such 10yrs+ device

      legendary router


      Same. Still have an old WRT-54G. One of the first wifi routers I purchased. Had to udse it when the ethernet ports stopped working on my modem to connect to theit via wifi. Although in todays speed terms 802.11 G is really slow, especially when transferring files between devices.

      WRT-54GL can be patched with DDR-WRT firmware to make a cheep wireless bridge for older equipment if you want to transfer files over wifi or connect to internet non wireless equipment


    No paypal !!!

  • +2 votes

    OP why is it cheaper on your eBay store for the AC1200? It's $135 Delivered with P5OZZIE, but to 4000 it's $137 on your own website?

    I would think that you'd make it cheaper to avoid ebay fees..

  • +2 votes

    Cheapest brand new WRT54G on eBay is $49.95 + $22.50 shipping from the states.


    Linksys EA9200 paid $127 delivered to 5000

    Is $194 pickup at MSY, ~$160 or so next eBay cheapest eBay (shipped from USA).

    Review: https://hothardware.com/reviews/linksys-ea9200-tri-band-smar...

    Very good value!


    How does that EA9200 compare with TP-Link Archer D7??

    • +1 vote

      I have the D7 and was looking to upgrade to a Asus RT-AC68U but they upped the price on eBay before I could jump in. Now looking at the Linksys EA9200 but I reckon the Asus is better.

      • +1 vote

        I have the D7 and was looking to upgrade to a Asus RT-AC68U

        AFAIK they're roughly in the same performance class: they sit 1 step down from this router in the deal as far as product ranges from various OEMs. ie this router would be a better upgrade than a ac-68u.

      • +1 vote

        Yeah my D7 sucks, I've noticed if I go on Hotmail or outlook, it'll just disconnect the internet and I'll have to go and physically turn the router on and off to bring the net back up.

        Annoying as hell, hopefully this new router will fix it.


          +1 I have the same issue with the D7.



          Glad to see I'm not the only one…did you try updating your firmware? I haven't done it myself, still running on stock firmware since I got it in 2014/15.


          @montorola: I don't have this issue but my D7 will lose connection to Internet for no obvious reasons after a few days. Running on latest and 2nd latest firmware previously.

          The Asus is almost 2x the price of the Linksys. Sure the Linksys is 1 step above it? I haven't seen really good reviews for the Linksys but plenty for the Asus.


          @montorola: Yeah I've tried updating to the latest firmware and reverting to stock factory settings but it still happens. I've noticed the D7 also seems to have weak signal on the 2.4Ghz band, even my ISP's modem has a stronger signal for that band.

        • +1 vote

          @ozbooty: Check this post. Seems like the D7 has a time-based issue, or is affected by something remotely. All D7's are failing.


        Triband is only going to be an improvement if you have a use/need for the extra band, ie guest network off the main one or you have lots of devices all going at once splitting their loads between the 5ghz channels (office or a family of heavy users at home ie streaming/downloading/copying files).

        Seems it is a 1ghz Dual core. As far as I can work out they added up 1gz+1ghz + 3 small integrated processors to make it pentacore "2.96ghz" total…..funny stuff.

        For a $119 for a triband though, why not? You could probably sell it and get your money back if you don't like it.


      Wi-Fi has much higher theoretical maximum speed due to having twice the 5Ghz performance available to compatible devices (which also means it can do 2 people at the same maximum 5Gz speeds as one person on the D7).

      Also CPU is 2.93Ghz across dual (? or 4 cores ? .. it has 6 cores total) cores vs 1Ghz dual core.


    Any deals on Linksys WRT1900ACS?


    Any specials on the Linksys EA6900 v1.1?

    Going for $97.00 delivered on ebay.


    If you are wanting to use AC based routers on OPenWRT etc you won't obtain the same range or throughput. Good AC WiFi need proprietary software.


    Paypal not working anymore??


    I'm doing a volunteer work with one of the non profit community organizations, they need to extend the internet coverage from one building to another
    (separated by a main road), I measured the distance is around 50m between buildings.

    At the moment they buy 3G dongle to cover the internet on the other building.

    As a non profit organization, they need to save cost, do you guys think buying 2 x WRT54GL and modify it with ddwrt (set one as a wireless bridge, while the other one as receiver) is a good move to help them?

    They don't need fast speed internet, they just need an active internet, and potentially this will be a cheaper solution , than buying subscription to a 3G dongle.


      Have a look at tplink outdoor access points


      Or a more expensive option


      Sub 100 bucks generally for one.

      You will need 2, one on each building.


        Thanks for this info!, I suspect I can get away with a single unit (TP link base station WBS210 + antenna CPE210), if the client laptop is close to a window?


          From my understanding, the base station has the antenna built in and allow for additional connection to a dish for extra range.

          For what you require, if you have good line of sight to the other building, you might be able to get away from only a single CPE210 mounted on the building where you have the internet and aim it towards the window where your laptop is. Otherwise, worse case is to add another CPE on the other building which would be stabler that way, and can network the two buildings together. All you need is to bring up a network cable up to the CPE and that will provide the power and network connection.


    Hello rep, I have a question - it says 9 days remaining, does that apply to the coupon code or the promotional price of the items? Or both?'

    Also, could you tell me if the Linksys EA9200 it is compatible with Opticomm FTTP or will I need to purchase a separate modem?

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    You website needs a lot of work… Seriously, why do computer stores generally have such crappy sites. Trying to get the categories to show takes like 10 seconds, it then gives you like 50 sub categories then when you select routers for example it gives you more sub categories..what the hell man.. oh and select wireless routers from near the top and it gives you nothing???


      Wow interesting reading for the first couple of paragraphs. I wish they have the summary of it, I found it too long for a midnight reading…


    a bargain from the same shop seven years ago:



      They are expanding for sure (the ad 7 years ago was for the Sydney store), as I've bought hdd from them here in Melbourne. Very good sales rep on site :)

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    For the AC1200, is it version 1 or version 2? At least for the LEDE firmware they say "v2 needs newer wifi driver"


    I read some reviews about people complaining that the EA9200 is unstable, needing reboots and having WiFi dropouts. Can anyone verify this?


    Hey REP, I just ordered the EA9200 yesterday, and today received a tracking number showing it is sent by Parcel Post. Given the holidays, that means it won't reach WA until the new year. You said:

    Any items on this post will be sent via EXPRESS post at no extra charge

    What happened?

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