This was posted 11 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 25% off All 40g ($4.88), 200g ($21) and 500g ($48.75) Bags of Jerky @ Geronimo Jerky [Free Pickup in QLD or Add Postage]


Code word summertime
25% off all sizes, no limit

PICKUP!!! YOU MUST contact us at if you want to pick up order from our Woolloongabba store. This will save disappointment and time for everyone. We will then confirm when your order is ready. We will be open through the holidays for pickups so remember to wait for our confirmation or phone call.

We use Aus post 500g and under, 3kg and under and 5kg and under bags. Priced accordingly

Here is a list of our flavours with hot flavours separated.
1. Original (Garlic and soy flavour)
2. Buckshot (nice cracked pepper taste)
3. PowWow (really popular (brown sugar and ginger), teriyaki)
4. Spicy Shamin (Curry BBQ flavour-NOT HOT)
5. Stampede (guarana,(Energy) taste like gravy)


  1. Sidewinder (hot with habanero )
  2. Blazin Saddles (mid range hot)
  3. Flamin Arrow (Our hottest)

Geronimo Jerky has been away for a while due to very Major issues so I should explain.

We had major issues with landlord, asbestos damaged roof, no power when it rained for days and a landlord who wouldn’t return calls, letters or emails. We refused to pay rent after no response so he illegally locked us out. Our legal battle will continue for some time but we are trying to move on. My wife and I suffered dramatically but we have pulled our socks up and now that most of our equipment has been released, we are up and running again. I have had a team running for several weeks in our new premises testing everything and now we are ready to start producing again :-)

If anyone has had a non delivery we are now able to check previous order and access email and computers so please contact us on

Thank you for your loyal support-We have been with Ozbargain since 2009 :-)

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  • +1 vote

    They're back bois!!!!!! Time to stock up! :D

  • +1 vote

    Its still expensive per KG after the discount code. Given the history, there is also the risk the brand/email/domain has been captured by the landlord or someone else and lots of cash will be taken with nothing delivered.

    Saying that…grabbed some a while back before the dramas and the pow wow was really good.


      Nonsense comment. I ordered when they came back up online and had my beef delivered the next week. Go to their fb page or website and read up on what happened and what's changed. THE best jerky is back!

  • +6 votes

    Never again. Store never respected their customers.

    • +1 vote

      Get a grip. They explained the issues they faced. Cmon man. Give Em a chance. The big chief is a champ. And their jerky is the best I’ve ever tasted.

      • +7 votes

        What have they done since to warrant a second chance? Their last batch I had was very very poor. You are welcome to support them though. I'm just not going to. Your choice.


          Yep, more for us. I understand the annoyance of what happened, I personally waited something like 3mths, just figured it'd turn up one day and it did. Was super bummed when they went offline, hands down the best jerky I've tried and I couldn't find anything else that came close so just went without. So now the doors are open again, everyone has a choice.


    Good to see them back. Hopefully more flavourful than towards the end and with quick postage! Order placed :)

  • +8 votes

    Used to be a massive fan. I reckon a 50% off coupon code as a gesture of good will to ozbargain would win us back 😉.

    Your jerky is simply the best.

    Glad you’re back 🙂

  • +2 votes

    Lucky that I didn't order during the last saga but let's give him a chance. As said above, a 50% coupon would be really appreciated :) I tried lots of other jerky while he's away but have to admit Geronimo is the best for me, especially the sidewinder.

  • +1 vote

    Do you have any jerky that is sugarfree?

  • +1 vote

    Was going to order but read that last time people were waiting up to a month to even have their order sent. Not sure how keen I am for that wait.


      I ordered recently and was deli ered the following week. They had issues for sure but by all accounts it's a thing of the past. Worth a shot.

  • +1 vote

    Got this jerky a few deals ago, willing to give them another go since I missed the kerfuffle in their last deal.

  • +1 vote

    Took a chance. Any eta on postage to NSW ?


    @GeronimoJerky Could you please reply to email from a week ago inquiring as to how you sent my last order to the wrong address?


      Nothing? No comment or reply? I bought a bag the day you came back online, you (profanity) up the order and sent it to the wrong place and can't even apologise let alone explain. Really?


    again with the checkout issue for returning customers. Cant log in as returning customer, and being new customer with same email is not possible. Anyone else have this? Do I need to use a different email and sign up again to get around it?


    Aww, I just remembered this deal was on and it looks like the code has expired a tad early. Ah well, guess I'll just wait for the next one to put my order through.


    So did anyone who ordered from this deal receive anything yet?


      They sent mine to the wrong address and won't reply to my emails. Seems like they've retained the same custom service skills they used when they went under last time and just ignored everyone.


      Got my Jerky today. Very nice stuff. Thanks OP.


      Not yet. I contacted via FB as worried it’s a repeat of last time, reply was that they closed over Xmas and weren’t sending anything. I must have missed any references to the closed dates.

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