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PS4 Slim 500GB Black $289 @ BigW ($274.55 w/ Discounted Wish Cards)


Greetings everyone, heard about this deal from TopBargains, thanks to Nick123, and seems good for anyone who missed the Sony deals recently. Brings it down to a good price with discounted gift cards.

The price starts tomorrow as the pre-Xmas deals start tomorrow at Big W. Also comes with triple Woolworths rewards points with your purchase.

As always, enjoy!

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    My Woolworths staff discount will get 10% off BIG W for the whole of December. If anyone is getting one online, DM me and I’ll give you my card number you put in to get 10% off online. It will work out a tad cheaper than the price with the WISH discounted card.

    • Hi. I can’t pm you for some reason. Any chance to share? Thanks

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        They are a brand new user and this has been their only comment. PM isn't active.

        Plus you don't get 10% off staff discount on consoles.

    • Hey mate I would really appreciate it if you could inbox it to met, cheers :)

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      Hey mate can you turn your PMs on? Alternatively you can PM everyone here. We'll all appreciate it heaps :)

      Been waiting for a good deal like this for a long time and this sweetens it. Cheers and thanks so much!

    • Hey mate. Thanks for offering the coupon, very generous of you. I'd like to grab it off you, however you have to tick a box which allows you to accept messages from other users in your profile. If you could PM me the code that would be great :)

    • Hey man would appreciate the discount too, but also can't pm you. Thanks!

    • Hi could you please pm me as well? Cheers

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      The 10% off excludes Apple, Samsung, Gaming Consoles, Dyson, all Gift Cards, Digital Cards, DVD Kiosk purchases, BIG W Photo & BIG W Movie.

      You can still get 5% staff discount + use discounted gift cards to reduce it tho

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        so it wont work on ps4/ pro ?

        • It will still work but you'll only get the standard 5% discount on the stuff excluded so it'll be $274.55

    • Would like your member code too if you don't mind, thanks.

    • Would love the code too, thank you so much!

    • Could I please have too? I can’t find out how to DM you though.

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      You risk you card being cancelled and getting sacked, better for you if you make the transaction. that way you get the 10% off (staff) and can still pay with discount wish card

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      Hey mate,

      First off I just wanna say thanks for sharing around your code, its heaps generous.

      I would also like to have your code as well, if that's alright with you.

      Thanks once again

      Edit: Actually, no I don't want your code. It's too risky for yourself, and I wouldn't want to be the reason why you're sacked.

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        Mate, just wanted to say good on you for putting someone else first.

        It was just a nice thing to read.

        I hope Christmas brings forth a lot of joy for you and your family.

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          Username checks out.

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      Just be careful with that, I've had my discount card investigated for 'being used with an abnormally high number of credit/debit cards'.

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      ye dm me the discount code thanks

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      Mate, you'll get the sack. Guaranteed.

  • I’ve always been too scared to ask, but what are discounted wish cards? And what is wish?

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      Wish cards are the gift card program provided by Woolworths group which covers all of their subsidiaries :) You can get 5% off the cards through Cash Rewards.

      • So it's basically free access to 5% off Woolworths group giftcards? I guess that's okay.

        • +4

          It's more than "just okay", it's actually awesome.

        • I guess that's okay.

          5% off everything @ Woolies, Big W, Caltex, DM's etc, all day, every day?

          Yeah it goes alright.

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    Just a word of warning, unlike literally every other Playstation console (including the PS4 Regular and PS4 Pro), the PS4 Slim does not have Optical Audio output, which may be a slight dealbreaker for some. Otherwise it's quieter than the regular and looks better so there's no other detractors

    • Sorry but what do you mean by the optical audio output? I have the original ps4 and it only connects via hdmi cable?

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        I think he means TOSLINK. It's pretty weird that Sony took it out considering how many Sony sound systems have it.

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          They took it out because they thought it was unnecessary, which for most people it is as they usually have their sound systems wired so that all audio routes through the TV anyway.

        • @Lorindor: Do they? Virtually every TV I've seen can only passthru 2.0 channel PCM and Dolby Digital. Plugging directly into a receiver will usually allow every Dolby and DTS standard you can think of.

        • @LeifAlbor:

          Do they?

          I think you'll find that most set it up that way and don't use or need the optical out even if their console had one.

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        Optical cable is used to connect PS4 to many Surround sound systems, alongside HDMI to connect to TVs.

    • What the advantage of using the toslink output? Vs HDMI?

      I go HDMI - Reciever - TV

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        I don't think there's any advantage in your case but my guess is many households people might still have older receivers with no HDMI and so rely on optical.

        For my living room, I would have to do following:
        PS4 Slim> TV via HDMI >TV optical out to receiver

        Huge disadvantage: the stupid TV does not pass through 5.1 surround sound, only stereo :/ So I'm a little bothered there's no optical.

        • I getcha - thanks for clarifying.

      • One of the advantages is that my expensive headphone amp has a toslink connection but no HDMI connection.

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    Any deal starting tomorrow for the PS4 pro???

    • +1

      I don't know, is there?

      • +1

        Any deals in the future for Crystal Balls?

        • +1

          I'll have to get my tarrot cards read and get back to you, then hopefully we can answer asinasin's question.

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    I don’t want to steal OPs thunder but if anyone wants me to get them one for $265 happy to meet you at big w highpoint or Werribee plaza . You give me the cash I use my staff discount. Win win.

    • Not stealing my thunder at all, a further discount is always welcomed here, I encourage it and thank you for offering!!

      • My Woolworths card still works (don't work for them anymore). Do you know if there is any other staff discounts this Christmas? They use to do 10% of Woolworths/BWS for a weekend.

        • The 10% woolworth BWS day was Friday the 15th. Now double discount jsut at Big W till 31/12

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      I don't think 10% works on consoles?

  • Anyone with a discount card for bne ?


  • Silly question but can you pick it up or you have to get it delivered?

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      I think there should be a pickup option on the site.

      • It only said home delivery when I checked this morning. However I rang the Karingal and they said I can buy it instore for the same price!

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    For anyone who's considering buying this, you could now Price Match in-store @ JB Hi-Fi and use the 15% off Gift Cards to get it for $245.65.

    • will jb 100% price match it for you?

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        Yes definitely, it's a Brick and Mortar so they definitely will.

  • I ordered one. It won't arrive until early next year probably, knowing Big W, and I'll probably miss out on some better Boxing Day deals. But why not. I'm too lazy to go to the shops.

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