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30 Day (23GB) Extra Large Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher with SIM $4.90 (New Customers Only) @ Kogan


Looks like this deal is now back - Got one for myself! Please report if duplicate or expired.

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 23GB) - NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY
Comes with a FREE SIM Card!
Was $49.90
Save $45 (90%)

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  • +3

    Any idea when it needs to be activated by?

    • +4

      From T&C: "Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/01/2018. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date."

      • +1

        Perfect, thanks. Ordering one now.

    • Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/01/2018

      That's a no-go for me, I still have a stack of these from last time.

      • +30

        Thanks for the update, I was only just wondering how many you had.

      • +1

        When you say a stack, how many are you able to activate in one month.

        From my many attempts of activating multiple sims ( Free or $1-4.90 XL code vouchers ) over the course of a few months (all with same

        debit card ), and various conversations with Kogan call centre/live chat, I have worked out that you can only have 5 new services/new

        sims activation's per month on ONE credit/debit card.

        Interested to know what you do and your experience for this?

        • +6

          Please forgive my ignorance…it says for new customers only, does that mean if you have a service already then you can't use this offer or can you connect a new service and use this offer?

        • +1

          @DeepHorizon: wondering the same

        • +1

          As for "activate in one month" I would assume you could always use another credit card or family member's name.

          I have 3 current mobile phone accounts in my name alone, mine is on a plan and 2 different prepaid ones for family members. I have also given 3 different sim cards (in my name) to out of town friends; I believe only one is still active. All are with Vodafone, are prepaid except for mine which is on a regular plan (with free mobile).

        • +2


          Thanks for the info. I was referring to more than five active prepaid accounts/numbers specifically with Logan Alone on the One Credit card.

          Lot's of people here me included are using these XL sims only/mainly for data, hence the desire to activate multiple sims.

        • +2


          It means that you can't use this voucher code to recharge/top up an existing Kogan Mobile Number, but you can activate a new Kogan number with this Special First Month Voucher Code XL 30 day/$4.90 and included free Sim even with all same name account details etc.

          Hope that helps.

      • +2

        Would you be willing to sell some?

  • +2

    From website

    Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 31/01/2018. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date.

  • Can anyone please confirm if it works for existing customers?

    • +1

      No. new customers only.

      • OKAY, Cheers

        • +3

          sooo what constitutes a "new customer".
          New email?
          New Credit card?
          New Physical Address?
          or new ID paper work?
          If I gave Medicare card last time will different ID work instead?

        • +1

          @Scaregdearimasu: last time Kogan had this similar offer, I was able to get two vouchers given I was an existing customer.

        • +9

          I definitely have more than 5 Kogan sims registered under my own name using my drivers license. I believe the “new customer” requirement means you cannot use it to recharge your existing Kogan plan. However you can use it on a new sim for a new number or port over from another carrier

        • @Prince K:
          Oh well thats good enough for me. I just want the data and don't care about the number.

        • +1

          @Prince K:

          What this guy said, I've activated more than I can remember over the past few months. It must simply mean to have a new "number", rather than being a new customer or trying to top an existing number.

    • oooh wrong post.. sorry

  • +1

    Fkn bargain, thanks!

  • +1

    Unfortunately Vodafone reception is dog poo out in rural areas… Wish they used Telstra or Optus instead

    • +6

      Unfortunately Telstra and Optus reception is dog poo at my house 13km from Perth CBD. So glad they use Vodafone, it's the only carrier that I can get a decent signal with.

      • +2

        My experience too in Perth. I'm getting faster speeds on Kogan(Voda) than I was on Telstra Prepaid.

        • +1

          My experience is same on Sydney Trains to and from work. Optus is shit. Lycamobile is hopeless.

    • +5

      I thought this too. But I went from a 5 year Telstra customer, to using my 6th Kogan $4.90 voucher in 2 months.

      I live rural and the speeds are literally X5 compared to the Telstra network. And no dropouts anymore.

      I'm never going back to Telstra while I'm living out here :)

      • second this.

    • They are all dog poo where I live other than Telstra. I am Sunshine Coast hinterland in QLD. I had an Optus data sim in Optus Huawei 4G dongle running recently and could get signal often but no or very slow data (and no 4G). Dropped a Woolworths (Telstra) sim into the same (unlocked) dongle and got over 30 Mbps regularly on 4G. I can actually see bits of Maroochydore, Buderim and Caloundra from my house so still surprised about the lack of signal. Have not tried Voda for a while but it was rubbish last time I did.

  • I was on Kogan last month and port into Lyca mobile last week. Do you know if I am considered a new customer if I port into Kogan again ?

    • +1


    • +3

      Yes. Kogan - Vodafone - Kogan works.

      • Thanks guys

    • +1

      We're riding on the same boat ;)

  • +2

    As I use them for data only I just activate a new one monthly with the new number I've activated well over 5 this year with the same details

    • I have tried to do this before but the activation keeps failing(If i use the same CC). According to my understanding, this is mainly due because i try to activate using the same credit card which they seems to store in their system. When i use a CC that was never used before with kogan it seems to complete with no issues.

  • I thought the prepaid recharge option (Vodafone new or old customers) was pretty good:

    $20 for 35 days, unlimited talk and text and 12.5 GB.

    That is the half price special offer for Data Combo Starter Pack; usually $40. Data offer ends 31/01/18. 9 GB plus 3.5 GB bonus when you opt in via text.

    • +2

      this is $4.95 enough said

      • That's all I read too…
        Oh and 23gb ;)

      • Yes thats what I meant … Thought I had a pretty good deal there but this is even much better!

        Going to recharge the Vodafone prepaid mobile with $20 for 35 days, then change to the Kogan 365 day prepaid plan $152.10 SMALL*; unlimited talk and text. Only 2 GB data pm but this particular mobile does not get used for much data. Will be able to port same mobile number too.

        I have not had any problems with Vodafone and was told that Kogan uses Vodafone.

        *ps. Kogan sent an email to say they were posting 2 sim cards (1 for friend) with the SMALL offer; paid $152.10.

  • +2

    Does anyone know if I can buy this voucher, port my number over, use it for a month and then use the 365 day voucher after (23 gb also). Fairly sure I can just wanted to make sure.

    • I've got the same question.

    • for sure.

    • Yes I've done this.

      • hey mate, i'm planning on doing this too. Is my understanding correct (i.e. did you do this and it worked?)

        I'm currently using a Koganmobile plan, but its expiring and I want to take advantage of these new offers.

        Is it possible to:
        - get this 23gb voucher
        - then port my existing kogan number over to it
        - use up the 23gb in one month
        - buy the 365 deals currently on discount
        - add it to the same number


        I'm ok with getting a completely new number to (i.e. not porting at all in step 2). My main concern is whether step 5 is possible (adding the 365 day voucher to the same number on this 23gb deal).

        Cheers and sorry if that is a little hard to understand!

        • +1

          I'm currently using a Koganmobile plan, but its expiring and I want to take advantage of these new offers.
          Is it possible to:
          - get this 23gb voucher
          - then port my existing kogan number over to it
          - use up the 23gb in one month

          You need to port out (to another carrier first) then port back in if you want to use this $4.90 23GB voucher.
          You can activate a 365 voucher instead if you can't bothered.

          I'm ok with getting a completely new number to (i.e. not porting at all in step 2). My main concern is whether step 5 is possible (adding the 365 day voucher to the same number on this 23gb deal).

          Yep you can do a $4.90 one month activation on a new number (or "new account" by porting in), then as that one expires, then activate the 365 voucher.

        • @cwongtech: brilliant, thanks!

        • @modernwalls:
          You can first see if this deal works as a recharge voucher
          According to this comment

          Historically when I tried it didnt work but might as well try your luck!

        • @cwongtech: Will do, cheers. I considered going for the Optus $30/ month for 12 months @ 15gb data, but after seeing the numerous issues with billing on Whirlpool i might just go for this haha :)

        • @modernwalls:
          This is only good if you live in a good Vodafone coverage area, but seeing as you have an existing service, I'll assume you're happy.

          Good thing about kogan is they automatically upgrade existing customers to new data allowances offered to new structures on existing plans.

          I originally signed up at 14GB, now at a whopping 23GB, didn't even have to lift a finger!

        • @cwongtech: I recently moved to Sydney, so I've yet to try out Voda's coverage there.

          So I might try out the $4.90 before committing to a whole year.

          Thanks for the tip though and yes I agree they do look after their customers!

  • +1

    now you have done it again kogan!

  • Damn I just bought a sim card the other day for the $30 per month (30 Days 6GB) prepaid plan. I haven't received or activated the sim yet though. Is there a way to apply this to the sim instead to use for my first month?

    • you can try delaying activating your 30 per month sim. You need to contact them for the exact date of delaying activating the sim.

    • I don't think there should be be a problem with the sim card as it is not activated yet. Usually there is a date given that a prepaid plan expires … must activate by… etc. When the sim card comes ring and ask them to activate the sim with this $4.95 plan (as new customer). All depends on the requirement for the $30 plan (if it says "new" only). Still I would wait for the sim card to arrive first. Could always buy the $4.95 plan in anothers name.

      • Cool I'll try calling them and see if they'll give me this offer for the sim once I get it, thanks

  • +1

    "Looks like this deal is now back"
    i didnt know the previous deal was expired.

    • Me too. I was sure the old one had expiry originally of 31 December then extended to 31 January.

      Just went to have a look and it appears it was marked as expired some time yesterday. No idea why though. Link

      • They show as sold out, deal gets deactivated then they add more

  • Does anyone know once one month usage is up…What do you do? Just leave it and disregard? No need to call up to cancel or anything right?

    • Just leave it, as long as auto-recharge is off, no calling or cancelling required.

    • Usually these prepaid plan sims still work; cannot make calls, sms or use data once credit is used up though. If not recharged within 12 months then the sim becomes inactive … Well, that is with Vodafone anyway. So it only takes a small recharge, before 12 months is up, to keep the number still active.

      I have never had a prepaid mobile on automatic recharge … on Vodafone.

  • Can you then buy one of the current 365 deals to top-up once the 30 days is over?

    • This one "SMALL" ($152.10 cheapest but only 2GB per month) says "for new and existing customers":


      Just have to watch the expiry date for the activation for the new voucher … ie.

      This one says:

      "must be purchased by 31/01/18 … voucher expires 28/02/18."

      Follow the link for the terms and conditions etc.

      I received an email after purchasing this to say Kogan was sending 2 sim cards; 1 for a friend.

  • +2

    I got this Kogan sim last deal and decided to use up the data before it expired last week. In the house I could just get 4G in a certain room and could download at 3.1MB per second!
    This is much much faster than my home ADSL2 connection. I am 4 km from the exchange so only get 0.8MB per second best.

    • That's only 25Mbps. Wait till you experience LTE Advanced up to 300Mbps. Then bond it with an NBN connection to get 400Mbps.

    • These speeds are always a bit strange to me … Like why is an iPad almost always 10 times faster using the wifi from the nbn, than say a laptop and even the mobile? Yes, I agree that wifi is way faster than ADSL2. (Today is the first day I have heard mention of 5G too!) I must admit that I saw some work being carried out on a new tower close to home today too; looking good!

  • +2

    Bought one to test it out. If it is better than what I am currently getting with Optus it could be a full time switch.

  • +5

    registered to say thank you, great deal! thats what ozbargain needed.

    • +4

      Welcome, you are now a professional and don't pay normal price for anything.

  • Just in time for me to take full advantage of 1-month free Netflix again ;)

  • +1

    Will the sim arrive before 31st to be able to activate it considering Christmas holidays and all ? Activation day is day 1 of the 30 days right? Sorry, for such questions, I'm total new to this. Thanks

    • +1

      you have until 31st January 2018 to activate it, so don't stress!

      • Thanks MiaSanMia… I for some reason read it as 31st Dec 😁

  • This also came up last week on the Dominos website when finalising order, if only this had six months expiry

  • I added the voucher to cart, but upon checkout it says that the cart is empty. Retried numerous times. Anyone else with the same issue?

    Edit: Works successfully on a phone's Chrome browser but not on the desktop's Chrome browser.

    • worked fine on chrome desktop for me

    • Did the same thing with me first time; second try and it appeared in the cart. I use safari on OS X.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, grabbed mine!

  • So, I purchased 2 (separate orders, same Kogan account).. if I activate one as soon as it arrives & the other one just before 31/1/18, does that mean I’ll have 46gb to use in a little under 2 months or am I reading this wrong?

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Got the card today, tried to activate but where to put the EXTRALARGE code (it say Invalid Voucher)?

    • The voucher code should have been emailed to you shortly after you paid. "EXTRALARGE" IS NOT A CODE.

    • Maybe check your junk folder.

      Should have gotten an email shortly after purchase something along the lines of "Your Kogan Mobile voucher for order number XXXXX"

      From there once you have the sim need to activate it via https://accounts.koganmobile.com.au/activation

      Once that is completed can access your account via https://accounts.koganmobile.com.au/customer/login

      • thanks guys, the email lost, rang kogan got it through phone after 1/2 hour wait.

  • +2

    Hi All,

    I bought this on Wednesday for overseas visitors… Paid the express post only to be told by Auspost I'll get it next Wednesday(I accept this as its a busy time of year).

    My problem tho is my visitors arrive tomorrow. So I thought I'd reach out and ask if anyone in Perth has 2 spare sims they will to give me. I'll happily replace it when I get mine.

  • +2

    PSA: These work as a recharge.

    Source: I've just logged in and entered the voucher code when prompted to choose a plan to recharge my current just-expired $4.90 Kogan sim, instead of the need of porting out and in in order to use another $4.90 code.

    • Doesn't work when I try.

    • So when the month was up, or when you ran out of data? I got to try this!

    • Would be awesome if true but have some doubts based on NEEDHELP'S comment..

      1 vs 1 right now!

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Long time Telstra customer here, was miffed when they recently canned the carrier billing option in the Google Play store, so am voting with my feet and giving Kogan (Vodafone) a whirl. Funny, down the bottom of the order confirmation email it said "you may also be interested in" and had some links to two blood pressure monitors…. Should I be worried about the mobile service? Haha

  • Can this be picked up from a supermarket like Woolworths?

    • No i think it's delivery only.

    • If you need to switch in relatively short time, I suggest you give it a miss as Kogan Sim Card gets delivered very very slow .. almost snail-likened.

      • +1

        They're free though and don't really expire for a while - I've got ~10 stacked up to ensure I've got one ready whenever I buy a voucher.

        • I agree and not arguing anything you said but for first starter with Kogan .. they won't have any Kogan SIM nor any stacking up, so really reliant on the SIM delivery. I was just highlighting the risk for (first timer) folks needed to switch in short time.

        • +1


          Yeah, just adding that tip for first timers - stock up on SIMs with your first order!

        • @dyl: They seem to be sending two sims with every order, so it's easy to build them up nowadays :)

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