This was posted 4 years 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LG C7 65" OLED TV $3479 + $65 Delivery @ Myer


However the E7 65" OLED is priced at a crazy $207,834.00

Original ANNIVERSARY20 deal

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    Lol. No C7 65 inch tvs on the webpage.

  • Forgot to mention at MYERS

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    I'm seeing $207801.00 for the 65" C7….think I'll bite when it breaks the $200k mark!

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      I'll give you the $7801 ;)

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      That's only like 10-12 bitcoins

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    When you go to checkout, the correct price is displayed- $3499.

    Also, using code: ANNIVERSARY20 gives additional $20 off.

    Total of $3479 (pickup).

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    Using a 10% discounted Myers gift card via a Cashrewards with in store pickup gets you the OLED FOR $3100 plus some loose change.

    • Guessing the 10% discounted Gift Cards are Not available anymore?

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        AGL has Myers gift cards at 5% off, did a quick checko and find that EBUY USA has the 65" C7 OLED AT $1500 (crashed down from USD4500). Reckon it's an indication that OZ will follow suit in the New Year.

        • 65" 1500? Post the link please

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          No it's not. B7 & C7 are both 2017 models. B6, C6 etc are 2016 models.

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          ebuyusa is a know bait and switch site that doesn't honour pricing. Check AVS. A OLED65G7P for $1799US when everyone else has it for $4996 US, yeah good luck with that.

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      with Myers' poor record of stock reconciliation between web and physical store I'd strongly advise against using giftcard to purchase something of big value like this. There's alway chance that you end up with few thousand $ of giftcard if thing turn sour. Better to buy using credit card, once pick up go instore do a refund and repurchase (if price hasn't changed).

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        Sometime they don't want to do a refund and repurchase.

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    B7 55" for $1999 is pretty good! ;)

    • This seller has it for $1999 with free Delivery plus extra 5% off.

    • Didn't video pro have it for $1850 a couple days ago ?

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        Yes. For about 3 minutes I think.

    • Heard C7 55" is much better than B7, with only few hundred bucks extra.

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        Panels are identical. Better save few hundred with the B7 and get a good sound bar.

        • Does the C7 come with built in Atmos speaker? I thought B7 has Atmos speaker too?

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        Panels are same across the whole range..

  • 6% of Myer gift cars at Suncorp

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      How many cars are they giving away? And where's the othe 94%?

  • I'm getting: "This item is out of stock"

  • Thanks for the post! Just price-matched it in HN ($3,499) & picked it up.

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      Just price matched at HN as well. Got free delivery as they will be doing a promo on boxing day for free delivery.

      • Ill be asking for this tomorrow

      • Any chance you could upload a receipt please?

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          I would, however they didn't have any in stock so i only put a deposit down over the phone for that price and do not have the invoice just yet.
          Sorry. However i'd be happy to upload once i do.
          But as Myer still have it listed i don't believe you'll have any issues price matching.

        • No worries. Thanks anyway. I tried calling a few stores this morning but all claim Myer has no stock hence won't price match. Best one HN store fferred was $3800.

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          Ok, well as soon as i get mine i'll upload a copy of the invoice unless someone who has already picked theirs up can.

  • Why is almost every TV out of stock at Myers?

    • Myers?

      Showing your age there mate

  • Looks like Sony OLED are discounted as well. Looking at picking up a 65" Sony!

    • Pretty sure the LG's are better TVs than the Sony, and cheaper too.

      • Not in this case. The new Sony OLED is the best out there at the moment. I just picked up the Sony 55" KD55A1 for $3088. Awesome price.

        • Oh yeh just had a look at the 55A1 reviews, does seem like a step up in most ways apart from a pretty big one - brightness.

      • From what I have read Sony is the best and the sound is pretty good so don't really need to buy a sound bar.

        Videopro has the best price so far with their 20% off on ebay …

        $4608.60 which is the best price I have seen. Harvey Norman was going to match it in store yesterday when I asked them and JB HiFi laughed at the price saying they should buy all videopro stock.

        • I got the Sony 65" OLED from JB Hi Go for $4996. I bought it with gift cards that I got for 10% off.. so my total out of pocket was about $4500

        • Nice!!!!

          Video Pro has it for $4875 incl. delivery … I could get David Jones to price match and i get 10% discount.

          However, have decided to wait for a bit - don't really need one and the LG deal for $3499 was awesome but may get better at EOFY!?

  • what about the C7?

    • It is much better than B7 they said.

      • Yeah where’s the dgoat al on it? Waiting for 2k

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          This one already a 4K TV.

  • Thank you so much!! Been monitoring this TV for a while. So somehow
    I got $10 off for delivery cost then paired with CashReward (2.8% off) so final figure including delivery is $3435!!!

  • Hai guys i'm so new on this you guys think bing lee and jb hi fi can match myers price? Please let me know,thanks a lot.

    • Bing Lee did not match for me

  • Back in stock.

    • Still getting the same error :(

      "Unfortunately, something went wrong.
      To continue with your order, Click & Collect is available or try again later"

      Tried 5 or 6 post codes (including 3000 and 2000) and all stores were unavailable so I'm guessing it sold out pretty quickly again.

      • Experienced the same problem. Went down to HN and they price-matched. Had to pay $59 for delivery but definitely the best price I have seen for this tv. Looking forward to delivery tomorrow :)

        • I've gone all the way to checkout and adding payment and it seems to work for delivery. Did you experience problems at this stage or before?

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          @neil: It wouldn't let me select delivery, received the following message "the following item is out of stock for delivery in your area". When i tried to select click & collect, all stores were unavailable.

        • Sorry, incorrectly quoted HN when this should have been JB.

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    JB Hifi price-match at $3475.
    Happy as Larry.

  • Hi , wondering which HN or JB Hifi price matched myers? tried a few and was unsuccessful …

    • JB at Knox City in Melbourne. Showed them the Myer deal on my phone - no further questions asked.

  • Went into Myers at Indooroopilly this afternoon and they said sold out and were not taking any backorders as they said the c7 may be a discontinued model.

    David Jones didn't have any Tv's but saw earlier today that they had $3499 on the same tv incl. install and delivery but has since been taken off their website.

    Just can't justify the additional cost of the Sony vs the LG even if the pq is better and sound is better. Our 55" plasma will remain our main tv down stairs with this going upstairs - plasma will eventually get replaced when it dies but not enough 4k streaming content around to be bothered really.

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    Went to HN to price match Myer, the Sales person agreed to but last minute after careful though, i realized that $3500 is a ridiculous price to pay for a TV,

    Will stick to my 2015 Sony 40" TV which i bought second hand for $100 until 65" OLED drops sub $2000

    BTW, cost price for HN on the system was $3600 for the LG C7

    • I have the same reaction every time I consider buying. Do I want a 65" OLED? Hell yeah. Do I need a 65" OLED? Probably not.

      I'll keep flogging my decade old 50" Panasonic Plasma till it gives out or 65" OLEDs drop to the $2K mark or I get the NBN (or all of the above) - it's not as if I can even take advantage of 4K with my crappy internet anyway.

  • Thanks OP. I'm away on hols and I've been watching and waiting for a sub 3500 price. I called my local HN and told them I was a regular customer and would they price match. He put me on hold for 2 minutes before agreeing to do it if I paid now over the phone. He split over two amex cards so picked up $200 in amex rebates. Happy camper.

    • Did the same but with 6 AMEX cards… :-)

  • Hi, first post;

    travelling in Poland, but been following this thread and missed out on purchase; Guess I'm waiting for CES 2018 models.

    but the price of this set today in Poland is 10439 PLN including an XBOX 1; which is 3835AUD minus xbox cost.

    So the discounted price of this unit is pretty consistent.

  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to share I purchased mine today from HN Liverpool NSW for $3499. They had 9 left in the holding site.

    Good luck.

    Should be here in a week.


  • Apologies I meant Myer @ Liverpool


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