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Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens $612 @ The Good Guys (with Bonus $150 EFTPOS Card)


Really good price for this camera. Ends up effectively being $462. Add for shipping.

EFTPOS Card Redemption

Original CAMERA15 Deal

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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The Good Guys

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  • Nice!

  • Incredible price. I still use 2 of these after all these years because the image quality is so good. Definitely recommended for anyone wanting good quality on the cheap.

  • How much is the lens alone worth?

  • +1 this is a fantastic camera. Got mine from Best Buy in the US.

  • +1

    Great camera. Get a 18-200 mm lens for all rounder or 50 mm or 35 mm for potraits.

    • Hi Gaggy, I don't know much about cameras but i'm interested to get into it and learn.
      Is it so that the 16-50mm lens that come with the camera is not a good all rounder? Do you have any recommendation for a good 18-200mm lens? any link? thanks!

    • I have a rarely used silver 18-200mm Sony lens for this camera. How much do you think it worth? I don't have the camera. The lens is very well built with optical images stabiliser.

      • Hi Bargain Zombies,

        I had the 18-200 SEL version of the lens with OIS (black, the newer version of what you've got) and sold it for about $750, 18 months ago. Nice image quality and very usable lens, but it was pretty large and I felt it defeated the purpose of the mirrorless a little bit, but was a great single lens option for a day out shooting while travelling.

        Best to check on eBay, see what others are currently fetching for your lens.

        All the best.

  • I just got the A6500 but contemplating getting this just for the lens alone. Sony E mount lenses are pretty much always out of stock but how hard would it be to get rid of the A6500 body only for about $400?

    • The A6500 body is worth much more than $400. The SELP1650 is readily available for less than $200.

    • +5

      If you want to sell your A6500 I would buy it off you for $400 any day of the week. But really you would be doing yourself a huge disservice.
      Also for the love of christ, please don't slap a kit 16-50 lens on that body. Go buy something decent. Even if you cant afford much, something like a Sony 35mm 1.8 or a Sigma 30mm 1.4 would be more than enough for now.

      • The problem is I'm in ADL and pretty much every store doesn't have any Sony E mount lenses. You have to order a lens so I wouldn't get one til at least mid January.

        • +2

          Ok, no problems. There is absolutely nothing that can be done in that case. Absolutely nothing…… Any internet based store with postage/express postage has no chance of fixing that.

          Might as well ship me your A6500 right now.

        • +1

          What is it about Adelaide?

        • Diamonds in Rundle St have a fair few E-mount lenses in stock (and I think they have a decent sale on at the moment).

        • Camera House at Central Market keeps a few new and 2nd hand e mounts, both Sony and other brands. Got a 30mm 3.5 off them for a good price.

      • Agree. Sony 35/1.8 is arguably the best (or at least best value) lens for this camera.

        BTW, keep that kit lens, it's good for missus who has zero knowledge of photography but wanna play around with your camera.

    • -1

      Haha I'll even swap you this A6000 Kit brand new for your A6500

    • How did you even end up with an a6500?

    • -1

      Happy to buy your A6500 body for $400 if you are trying to get rid of it :)

    • -1

      I’d buy your A6500 for $400 if you’re serious about selling it

    • +4

      Wow the vultures coming in for his A6500! I think he meant he wants this deal for the lens, and would try to sell off the A6000 body (not A6500).

      • lol yeah that makes a whole lot more sense.

  • I wonder if HN would price match coupon codes, I still have an unused AMEX spend $400 get $100 back offer.

  • +1

    the g7x ii price is also unbeatable at $500 after discount.

    • I bought one yesterday and the final price after the 15% discount (and before the $50 Canon cashback) was $637.50 (from $750). Now they have reduced the price before the 15% discount & cashback to $637. That's just $491.45 for the camera. I am mad as hell now. I haven't even opened yet. I think I'll return it tomorrow. :(

      • +5

        You have to! Otherwise you will become DisabledUser1695.

        • +1

          Thanks for the encouragement. Back to the store tomorrow it's. :D

        • +1

          @AussieDaddy: Also I am sorry to advise that you have ranked down due to not having done your homework. The G7X II was $636 7 months ago. It is unacceptable for an Ozber to take 15% off from 'RRP' $750 and be content that it's a good 'deal'.

        • @sky blu: It wasn't just that what motivated me to buy it this time. There's $50 cashback from Canon, plus up to $100 store credit from TGG's with C&C purchases between 26th and 27th of this month. I wouldn't have touched it otherwise. But now seeing that they have reduced the price even further, I am beating myself up for not waiting just one more day. But how they hell can one know they would pull that shit this quick? Now I am conflicted as to whether I have to take my store credit (not sure if it will actually be $100), as that would make it as cheaper as the current price with all the cashback and CAMERA15 code, or return it and risk it being sold out soon after. Now only two stores have stock in Adelaide.

        • -1

          @AussieDaddy: Simple, stay smart but don't get greedy. Proceed as (2) transactions:

          Original transaction: $637.50 - get TGG's store credit, whatever that amount may be. Apply for $50 Canon cashback anyway.
          New transaction: $541.45 - apply for $50 Canon cashback (check T&Cs if there's limit, or duplicate personal details may not be accepted. Use another family member's in that case)

          Return goods with original transaction's receipt within return policy.

        • @sky blu: I am not sure about Canon's cashback policy, and no family member living near me at the moment. The thing is, I am not really interested in cheating the system and claiming double cashback or whatnot. All I want is to pay lowest possible price for the damn thing in an ethical and legal way. After reading through TGG's "30 Days Price Guarantee", that doesn't apply to their own reduced prices. I.e., another brick & mortar store within 30Ks of TGG's store where I bought from should have the product cheaper than TGG's for that to work. And their refund policy has three conditions, of which I am not qualified. It doesn't say anything about a change of mind, and getting refund for a change of mind is a hit and miss. Depends on the store and the staff. So my only option is to come up with a good explanation of why I need to return it. I'll have to cook up something until the morning. Gonna get some 5 hours of sleep, so ciao.

        • +2

          @AussieDaddy: Well any reasonable person (aka normal staff) would see that you JUST bought the camera literally ONE day before the price change. Say that you are aware price changes come from head office and there was no way John/ the helpful staff could have let you know when he was helping you yesterday.

          Once you invoked empathy, proceed to a call for action: be verbally clear that you really want the camera, so you're NOT looking to return (i.e. they still got the sale). You'd be happy with a refund of the price difference ($96.05). That would be the best scenario. Otherwise, refund then re-purchase is okay, but you may lose the C&C store credit. Another option is a refund in the form of store credit, which may work out better for you if combined with C&C credit, save for a future purchase.

          Proceed to apply for $50 Canon cashback.

        • +1

          @sky blu: lucky save and good stuff :)

          I'm in the crap end of the boat cos picked up mine on boxing Day and already opened it. Stores aren't open here in WA yet, so emailed them asking to negate store credit and refund me the difference.

          Don't fancy my chances though from what I've read thus far - I do remember back in the day that JB hi-fi price matched themselves back when I bought a LG tablet and they gave me the $100 back.

        • +1

          @adrianhughes1998: It's situations like this that you should consider Shopper's Protection. Coles Mastercard's one is called "Account Cover Plus" and the Price Protection covers you within 24 months. With a bit of careful planning on statement date and payment, you'd be right.

          Would be great if you drop an update here as to what response you will get from the store.

        • @sky blu: thanks mate for this will check that out for future.

          Rang the store and guy gave me excuses that they screwed up the pricing on the website. Waiting for online enquiry response now.

        • +1

          @adrianhughes1998: just bought the a6000 from jb yesterday for 720. saw this deal this morning and got the sads but jb refunded the difference today with no issues! Long live jb

        • @DrFreeman: I've never had issues with JB. Well done mate. Getting the real shit's with good guys now

        • +4

          @adrianhughes1998: I rang the store a couple of times this morning and no one answered (probably busy with all the boxing day sales and stuff), so I went to the store this afternoon and got a full refund. Now I can't decide whether to buy the Sony A6000 or re-order the Canon G7X MII. Lol

        • +2

          @AussieDaddy: depends what your needs are. I hate mucking with lenses I am purely using it for video only. Slow mo , colour grading stuff.

        • +1


          @AussieDaddy - Good to hear. So the store you went back gave you a refund, just like that? Change of mind is accepted?

          @adrianhughes1998 - So for a normal camera newbie (me) if the usage is about being to take good photos and shooting videos, then G7X Mark II would be a better choice? I read that it is a popular choice for the bloggers.

        • +1

          @sky blu: Sony a6000 is good at video too but from reviews I've read all round the g7x is better. Less of a learning curve as well tbh. I'd personally choose the g7x over and over again.

        • +1

          @adrianhughes1998: Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

  • +6

    So is the RX100 Mark III https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-cybershot-rx100m3-digita...

    Cheapest local stock (digiDIRECT): $736, that's already after 10% stocktake discount.
    The Good Guys: $762, $648 after 15% off, effectively $498 factoring in the $100 EFPOS card.

    • +2

      $548 after the cashback, not $498. Great price.

      • Thanks for correcting, it's $100 back for RX100 but I keep thinking $150 from this deal. :P

        RX100 Mark 3 effectively $548 (with 15% discount and $100 EFPOS card): https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-cybershot-rx100m3-digita...

        I wish my old man needs a camera right now, not a smart phone. :D

        • I've been waiting for a deal on the rx100 m5. Reckon M3 is good enough given that with this deal it is pretty much half the price? The main requirement is to shoot fast moving objects so I'm not sure how much better PDAF on the m5 is..

        • I have the M3, at this price M5 is not twice the camera. Check out the competition, the M3 is very capable: http://s-digitalimaging.com/winner-gallery-en/

          However, in my experience it doesn’t focus particularly quick, I guess you can pre focus through manual settings and wait for the object to pass. But it’s better to use a DSLR for those sort of shots.

    • +3

      they just raised the price. stupid mofos..

      • Wow! The price went up by $135 just like that, from $762 to $897 overnight!

        • Maybe it was an error like the store guy was telling me. Shit knows cos now there's no point going back to the store now to ask.

          Anyways well done to those who scored even more off with the discount overnight :)

      • +1

        It's good, saved my money.

  • +1

    Wow! This price will kill all competitions.

    • I just need HN to match it, but I don't need yet another camera. :D

      • +2

        I had harvey Norman price matched a apple10 code for a iPhone 8 Plus. Should be ok for the camera

        • Was it the same "apple10" that is going on now? It seems the code doesn't work on iPhone now.

          I'm thinking to get an iPhone from HN instead, would be nice if they can do a 10%.

          Edit: okay looks like that was an earlier offer different than this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/349438

  • +1

    Hi Guys, i am interested in buying camera also but more for business use. Not skilled with professional cameras and ti be honest i just want excellent image quality without learning too much about the camera. Can you recommend any good one in this sale?. Is this the one i should buy or some other user friendly (for person like me) camera is there? Thanks

    • Use your mobile phone camera.

      • Haha, thanks for the suggestion. Pretty much that's what i am using. But i assume, the image quality will be different with camera and phones.

        • +3

          Only if you have specific and demanding requirements. Then you still have to learn to use the camera properly.

    • +9

      If you have a decent phone camera and is generally happy with the image quality and prefer not to spend a lot of time learning/mucking about with another camera, then just stick with your phone camera.

      Phone camera:

      • Generally good image quality
      • Easy to use and operate
      • Photos are readily available for post and upload
      • Plenty of apps for effects and enhancements

      Real camera:

      • Better image quality if you know how to use it
      • Less smart enhancement, more manual control, need to learn
      • Potentially lots of time required for post processing
      • Need to transfer photos, some cameras support wifi, but still extra steps

      If you shoot still objects under good lighting, just stick with the phone. If you shoot fast moving objects, or things in challenging lighting conditions, then you need a good camera, and good lenses, and time to learn them.

      • Thanks browser, that was indeed helpful. I have decided to stick with phone for now as the business reqs are not too pressing for it. Great advice. Rhanks heaps

      • I'm in the same boat. Bought a real camera but struggling with even the focus… sticking with phone camera and a lot of editing. The only time when I can't use the phone is at events/night.

      • Totally agree with you.

        I know so many people using a real camera because it's "cool" but shooting everything in auto mode without understanding anything of the 3 basics, (Aperture, Shutter Speed & Iso).

      • Surely a proper camera on auto mode beats a phone camera!
        How hard is it to stick the SD card into a computer?

        • +1

          Not hard if you have access to a computer at the time you need.

          Image quality is subjective, and depends on the intended use. Will you print the picture, how large? Is it for background wallpaper, what size? Just to email around or post on social media, compressed? Use it for online profile, 200x200? Who is the audience? Is it for commercial display or personal record keeping? Will people notice or care about image quality?

          You decide if the extra expense, learning curve, bulk to carry around, setup time, and post processing justify your intended use. Remember that it is not something that can slip into the pocket, you need to make a conscious effort to carry the kit around, and yet another device to charge.

          Also, to properly use the camera additional equipment maybe needed, such as tripod and speed light. Before you know it, you are lugging 5kg of kit around and wondering why? :P

          I guess at the current trend, real cameras are largely for 2 types of users:

          1) Professionals - tool of trade
          2) Hobbyists - no expense or time will be spared for that perfect shot :P

  • This is a really good deal, job Hi-Fi price matched during the last Boxing Day sale for me with Sony eftpos promotion. They also gave an extra 15% on lenses. If you looking for a mirror less camera at this price, this is a good deal.

  • I'm about to go on holiday overseas in a few days time.. Would this be eligible for a TRS claim? Not 100% how it works.

    • +1

      Yes, this would be eligible for TRS.

    • +3

      Yes, this is over $300, includes GST, and within 60 days. Based on $612, you should get $55.64 back.

      Download the respective TRS app from the app store, or just fill in the online form and then print out the QR code: http://trs.border.gov.au/

      (Use the app or QR code print out to join the fast queue.)

      • Cheers mate will do. Can't go wrong with a $400 compact camera for the travels!

    • make sure the name matches on the invoice with your drivers license/passport (same person leaving must be the purchaser) and I think you can't open the product.

      • Product can be used.

  • +1

    don't forget cash rewards :)

  • +4

    Have been using it for couple of years
    Fantastic camera
    Very solid and compact

    Make sure to get Sigma 30mm f1.4 with it.

    • I use the Sigma 19mm as my default lens, then a 55-200 when playing with Zoom. The Sigma is a great value wide lense.

  • I guess if you have Nikon d600, not worth to get this? Unless you want portability?

    • +1

      I have the D3400 and am tempted to get this as an intro to mirrorless, though decent lenses for the sony seem expensive, making it hard to decide…

      • I have the d3300 and this seems a slicker package (mirrorless / wifi)

  • +6

    Thanks OP. Not a problem price matching at HN online. They were happy to price match as long as it was an advertised code on the GG website. This was to take advantage of the Amex $100 credit.

    • Thanks for the tip. I just did the same. Took all of 2 mins via chat.

      • can you split credit card payment online? I have a couple of AMEX offers to use.

        • +1

          I don't think you could do it, coz for my case, they basically created a coupon code and send me a link with attached coupon to my cart with the product, then I will just checkout as normal, which means only one card can be used. Not sure if we can split payment for normal checkout like that.

  • +1

    Price matched HN and got the AMEX deal👌 After cashback it is $371. Thanks OP!

    • I saw the amex offer rego closed. So the offer is only current for those who registered?

      • Yep only for those who registered some time ago👌🏽

  • -1

    I have a5000, would the a6000 have all the features of the a5000? Also what's the amex deal?

  • Should I upgrade from my $359 Dick Smith Sony NEX-F3? Substantial difference?

    • The alpha series are the best, when I was researching, nex didn't come close to it.

    • I'm really fighting the urge to upgrade. This seems like a great deal. But my NEX-F3 still takes pretty decent pictures…

      • man this is tempting to upgrade my NEX-5N

        Price match HN amex deal, sell off NEX-5N body and claim TRS - will only be about $180 for the upgrade

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