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Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens $612 @ The Good Guys (with Bonus $150 EFTPOS Card)


Really good price for this camera. Ends up effectively being $462. Add for shipping.

EFTPOS Card Redemption

Original CAMERA15 Deal

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      I upgraded from exactly that camera that I got from that same deal.

      It is a beautiful camera and a noticeable upgrade, at this price it's worth it and you can use all your lenses

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    worth an upgrade if you own a nikon d3300? and if so can you convince me (other than price)..

  • How does this camera compared with Nikon D3400?

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    What this camera is capable of with the lens shown! :)

    • I got sold by this post, amazing quality!

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      Ouch, the amount of post-processing is hurting my eyes! Dont expect your pics to look like this unless you know how to use photo shop

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      Not that I’m trying to take anything away, because the pics are quite amazing, but people have to be also mindful that the comment from the owner says it was edited with camera raw and photoshop.

      The pictures are still amazing, but people just have to be mindful that those pics have been edited.

      • +1

        Agreed. Photography is a bit like cooking food.

        Having the best pots, pans, stoves and spices doesn't mean anything if you don't know how to put it all together.

        At the end of the day a microwave meal (a phone) may be better for you if you are not willing to invest the time to learn how it all works.

    • A lot of post.

  • Shame that it was pretty late for good guys 10% store credit boxing day. Otherwise ultimate deal

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    Thanks OP. Price matched at JB and used gift cards with 7.5% discount.

    • Which JB hifi? would you mind upload the receipt? Two stores in Melbourne all refused me this morning.

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    Thanks OP. Successfully price matched at $620 delivered at HarveyNorman online via online chat. Paid by AMEX with my unused offer. And $150 cashback eftpos from Sony. Make it effective $370 after all. Well, I must say its a great buy.

    • Hey are you able to share copy of your receipt? Thanks Roonaqdai

      • check your inbox! Hope it helps

        • Hi roonaqdai, could I please get a copy of that receipt too? Cheers.

  • This or the nikon d3400?
    Camera geeks please help, im just an amateur casual user.

    • +2

      This, much more compact

      Which means youre more likely to bring it and use it :)
      Quality is also excellent, albeit lenses are more expensive on the Sony system

    • +2

      A6000 is 10x better than d3400.

  • Can you let me know how is that $150 cashback EFTPOS works? Do you pay $620 at check out and Sony gives you a refund of $150 to your bank account later via EFTPOS?

    • It's EFTPOS Giftcard.

      • just posted below then saw this, you buy the camera fro $612 then have until end of January (or December?) to apply for the giftcard online - they send you an Eftpos gift card. If you price match it at a Sony store then they give you the card on the spot. (I bought there because I didn't have the HN Amex deal)

    • after purchasing (make sure you get the receipt or tax invoice from the e-mail) then go to the link provided, and upload the receipt. Sony will send you the EFTOS Gift Card in the mail (1 year expiry) from the date of purchase. you can use it on any swipe machine at the shops like a Bank card.

      • Great! thanks for the explanation guys

      • I remember getting these type of cards, this was for Fujitsu air conditioning, I withdrew the money into cash.

        • Isn't the "EFTPOS Gift card" similar to those "Load & Go" Gift cards from Australia Post? Can you please share how you were able to cash out?

  • Does this work in store or just online?

  • I'm contemplating moving from the Canon mirrorless range to the Sony because the camera is apparently so much better.

    However I own 4 EF-M (mirrorless) lenses and was wondering if it's worth moving from the Canon M range to the Sony's?

    • 22mm pancake
    • 11-22mm wide angle
    • 18-55mm (came with M3)
    • 15-45mm (came with previous M10).

    Thoughts anyone?

    • Getting equivalent glass for the Sony will be a fair bit more expensive

  • Any recommendations on best card to pair with this camera?

    • Samsung Evo plus 64gb

      • Thanks, grabbed one from OW for $38!

  • I got some alpha A-mount prime and macro lens and some beercans. Should I just buy the body alone and get adaptor?

    I can get the body at Sony for around $360 using Cashback and $100 store credit.

  • Age doesn't matter when buying a camera?

    • It shouldn't. I bought my 3 year old daughter a point and shoot.
      The A6000 might be a little advanced for young ones though.

      • I thought he meant age of the camera not the person

        • +3

          This haha

        • Swoosh..

  • +2

    This or a canon M6? or wait for new Nikon cameras?

    Naaah…I'll buy it

  • I missed the HN Amex deal (you can imagine how much I'm hating that), so just picked this up from a Sony store, no additional saving over TGG but you do get the eftpos card on the spot instead of applying and waiting for it.

  • high quality camera at a great low price, great for a gift. check the reviews on the internet, all positive.

  • +11

    I got one of these in one of last years specials and did a ton of research into all the lenses and came away with the following information.

    For some basic camera settings, look on youtube for some tutorials. Explore the different 'auto' settings, but the general consensus for quality is to set it to Aperture Priority mode and adjust to get the effect you want.

    Play around with the kit lens and find the focal lengths you enjoy using. Take this into consideration for when you want to get more lenses ie. do you want a portrait lens? a zoom? wide angle? low light?

    Some other lenses listed below if you are wanting more specialised applications:

    • The Sony 18-105mm and 18-200mm are fantastic zoom all-rounders and as mentioned above can be found sometimes for ~$700 or $800+, but obviously add quite a bit of heft to the system and make it less 'compact' as they are a long lens in comparison.

    Whether you keep the kit lens or upgrade it to one of the above, you are going to want some Prime lenses (fixed focal length = no zoom = you 'zoom with your feet') if you want more detail in your shots.

    • If you are shooting indoors/lowlight the Sony E 35mm F1.8 OSS can be found sometimes under $500. Think toddlers indoors. For more background/group shots, the Sigma 19mm f2.8 is your next bet at half the price but with no OSS and captures less light than the Sony.

    • The budget (talking price, not quality) portrait lens is the Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN Art Lens for under $200. Great detail but no optical steadyshot can be a bit of a bummer sometimes when running it handheld.

    • The budget wide angle is the Rokinon/Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Lens for around $340. Manual focus only, but considering the next options are over $800 and the fact that I basically only use it for landscape/astro photography with a tripod its fine. Need to be constantly adjusting the dial to nail dynamic moving lifestyle shots though.

    For a more informative in-depth rundowns of lenses/tripods/accessories I recommend watching some of the stuff from Lavikka Photography.

    • Thanks. Awesome summary

  • Thanks for the heads up. I actually purchased this camera yesterday from jb for $721. I took it back to jb today to have the price matched which they had no issues with and was refunded $100. Wooooo

    BTW - I've had a little play around with it and it is an amazing camera for this price

  • Missed out, sold out online

  • Sold out… missed out

  • Damn missed out.can I still get it this price in store?

  • I went to JB Hifi and bought the A6300 instead. It has many advances to warrant almost double the price.

  • Guys, they raised the prices of all cameras. FFS…

    • +2

      They have indeed. My A6300 was just over a $1000 after the 15% discount. That is not the case anymore :(. I was lucky to have left work early and went to the store that have stock and made the purchase. The guy at JB Hifi did not believe it but price matched it. I now can use my Sony 18-200mm OSS lens after 4 years in storage :)

  • Just picked-up from local store. It seems like their last unit.
    Also got $25 Sony voucher inside the box expiry 31 March 2018. Nice!

    • The A6300 came with $50 voucher. I have purchased a battery/charger pack with this.

      • Super nice!

  • Good guys just called, and told me no more stock for delivery. Offered to order more with a 2 week wait or a full refund. I chose to wait. Bro goes oseas 7th Jan, miss out on TRS :(

    • Are you still eligible for the $150 visa card? As that expires 31 Dec. May want to check that with them

      • I believe its end of Jan 2018

      • Promotion commences at 12:01AM AEDT on 15/11/2017 and closes for purchases at 11:59PM AEDT on 31/01/2018 (“Purchase Period”).

        Claimants must then register their Eligible Product between 12.01AM AEDT 15/11/2017 and 11.59PM AEDT 14/02/2018 (“Redemption Period”) by visiting sony.com.au/eftposgiftcard.

        • I thought I saw somewhere where it said 31 Dec, but have checked it and you guys are correct 31 Jan, so Kuro, you are in luck still

    • Cancel the order and price match at HN instead to get use of TRS?

      • you can't price match it without a valid link from TGG website.

      • HN wont match now, and no stock in [email protected] HN as well

  • +2

    If anyone is in the vicinity of Castle Towers (Castle Hill, Sydney) you might be able to get this deal still via the Sony Store at the Towers, they'll already have the deal recorded on their spreadsheet as being active since they price matched it for me there today so you might be lucky and them not check TGG has finished it. (I dealt with Brad and Calan, so they'd be your best bet)

  • Fuming as I didnt pull the trigger when the deal still fresh as I bought nikon d3400. Next time will purchase and ask to halt the shipment in to buy me some time to Make decision

  • +2

    Harvey Norman in store in WA was very reluctant to price match this.
    Manager wouldn't match it, came up with excuses like, it's a click and collect rather than an actual in store price.
    In the end after about 20 minutes they matched it to get me out the door.

  • I have a feeling that this is a price error. The listed price have already included the 15% discount. They have since corrected this.

    • Yeah, price for M3 went back to RRP. Before boxing day it was 544 (already had a 15% discount)

      Looks like someone turned off the RRP switch after boxing day but the CAMERA15 code was still active.

  • How many people will complain to ACCC for the fake stock or the delay of delivery?
    The good guys just want to cancel the order without any pension, which is not fair I think.

  • Is $720+150 cash back still a good price for this camera? Or should I wait for another sale?

    • +1

      It has been on sale many times before, and will definitely be again, since it's only getting older. Don't pay that much for it.

  • Just note when you lodge your claim they require a picture of the serial number on the camera itself, not from the box.

  • The store I ordered from was out of stock. I went in on next day as I received an email sayin it was ready for pick up. Glad I did it as they were able to organize stock transfer on the spot.

    Just been told it’s now ready for pick up. Thanks for the post. Nice upgrade from my A5000 which I got for $1 from a previous deal that was posted here.

  • Anyone had their claim approved yet? I submitted a Canon claim on the same day and it has already been approved and paid. Haven't even received a claim approved message from Sony yet.

    • I haven’t yet, I submitted the claim on 30/12/2017 and have yet to receive anything but the confirmation email. From my two experiences in the past with Sony eftpos bonuses, allow 6 weeks or longer for the gift card to arrive. :/

      • I received a phone call yesterday to say my claim was approved, no email. Now have to wait 2-6 weeks for the card.

  • Can anyone confirm what packaging their device came in? Tags, stickers, clear stickers on the lens and screen etc.
    Picked mine up via C&C today
    I suspect that mine is a demo unit or a returned unit because:
    1. The battery compartment has scratch marks from the side of the battery
    2. The lens looks like it has been cleaned using an alcohol wipe as it has residual spots
    3. The box itself wasn’t sealed with a sticker
    4. No tags on the camera (APS-C tag and NFC tag which appears in unboxing videos on YouTube)
    5. The software was updated to 3.20 which was released in mid-2016 but the clock was set to 2014 (So the completely dead battery wouldn’t make sense)
    6. The lady at the register laughed at the exact moment she picked up the box.
    7. No ‘new plastic’ smell

    Or maybe I’m just paranoid

    • Mine was fully sealed with a sony security sticker that I had to 'cut' - see this photo https://imgur.com/9jTrWWH
      Unfortunately, yours does sound like a demo unit. I would complain and get a refund or a new one.

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