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Mondella White Resonance Toilet Seat for Adults and Children $35 (Was $68) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Family toilet seat easy use for child, easy to clean, detachable quick release design
445mm L x 370mm W
Suits most toilets - top fixing
Easy to install
Soft close toilet seat and lid

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Bunnings Warehouse

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  • I kinda need this, I'll take a look.

  • Literally, money down the drain…

  • Any idea which section I can find this in?

    • Show the picture to bunning staff, they will let you know.
      The best way is to ring them to find out which store has it at the same price as its website states not all stores have the sale products. You may also ask the staff to reserve it for you.

  • Imagine the arguments about leaving the seats down in this household? Dad gets told off for not leaving the adult seat down, mum gets told off for not leaving the kid seat down.

  • Great idea and great price. Great name too!

  • Family toilet seat

    Not too sure I'd want to take a dump with my family.

  • This deal stinks.

  • I would steer clear of Mondella top-fixing style suites/seats..

    Top fixing is typically used in close-coupled systems where you can't access the space below the seat to 'bolt' the seat in as you'd normally do.

    Instead, you use a plastic grommet/anchor thing that you push in, then screw top-down into that.

    My Mondella anchor's have degraded quickly (twice) so I've ended up with a wobbly seat.. nothing worse than that in the first world.

    My third set seem to be holding well.. don't know why. I was about to use sealant or chem-set them on.. or throw the toilet out.

    Avoid this style attachment in a rental property.

    I contacted Mondella a few times but they never replied.