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Samsung 55" UA55MU6103WXXY UHD LED LCD Smart TV $895.50 @ The Good Guys eBay


Not bad for those who missed out on the Myer deal.

Original 10% off Sitewide ($75 Minimum Spend) on eBay Boxing Day Deal Post

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    • +2

      same panel, just 10" larger for an extra $720… not worth it in my opinion. If you're going to spend that kind of money get an OLED or QLED panel.

      • any recommends ?

      • 10" makes it way larger.

      • -3

        That depends
        10” could be a big difference for people with big living room
        And if you are just watching free to air TV

        Who cares if it’s OLED
        You watch turd with 1:infinite contrast ratio it’s a waste

        • +3

          "Who cares if it’s OLED"

          People who don't watch 'turd' on their TV.

      • I would say that the difference between 65" and 55" is quite big (it's basically a 20% difference, at the end of the day). Whether you should go for size or picture quality depends on what you watch. If you watch sports during the daylight, OLED will make little difference to your viewing experience, for example.

        • +2

          You’re right, it’s quite a big difference. In fact, viewable area is 40% more in a 65 inch TV, compared to a 55.

        • @Millikano: Yes, I forgot actually! 20% in one dimension, so yes, 1.2 ^ 2 = 1.44 = 44%-ish in 2D. Thanks for the correction :)

  • +19

    Boxing Day tv deals are pretty underwhelming compared to last year…

    • Absolutely - There was nothing exciting

    • Absolute rubbish this year… I blame Amazon lol

  • +2

    BIG W has: Viano 65" Smart UHD 4K TV for $ 749.00.

    • +1

      Lol.. hard to complain about the price.

      I wouldn't say it's underwhelming, I'm not in the market myself but 55' OLED under 2k is pretty good. If memory serves me right, they were around 3k this time last year.
      Bring on the bigger sizes.

    • I contemplated buying one of them, but viewing in person the panel is awful…. colours were washed out, whites looked off, onscreen text looked slightly blurry..

      • Where did you view one and what were they showing? 4K HDR content is essentially reference quality on any OLED, 1080p Blu-ray still looks great, and free to air TV whilst not looking great, still looks as good as it can on a TV this size. The colours certainly shouldn't have been washed out, if anything they'd likely be over-saturated due to most stores leaving the picture mode on "Vivid".

        I understand if someone doesn't think the picture quality justifies the price tag, but there must have been an issue with the TV or the source if it was as bad as you say.

      • I think ranolpg may have been refering to the quality of the Viano. I agree that its horrid. Similar to Soniq, Braun, JVC big panels. They look terrible compared with Sony/Samsung/Hisense-N7

        • correct

  • +1

    Cheaper at bing lee ebay


    $880 after discount

    • how do you get the discount?

      • i assume same code, PUNCH

  • HDR any good?

    • +1

      Get the mu7000 for better HDR and response rate

  • +1

    I was holding off for a HiSense 55N7 but doesn't seem like that's gonna happen anytime soon, might buy this one instead!

    • +1

      I have been waiting for a deal on 55N7 too. Looks like the best price was on videopro eBay for ~$950 before Xmas. Very disappointing that no one had any sale on that tv.

    • I am waiting for the 55N7 too but I am not giving into the pressure of buying this! I have my doubts it will go on sale anytime soon though :(

    • I bought a 55N7 for $946 recently and it's a nice TV. It's annoying that it doesn't run android tbh, I can't watch Amazon prime nor can I get it to stream from my media server.

      If the included apps are good enough for you, then it's a good buy, otherwise looks for something with Android.

      Apart of those two things, very nice TV.

      • May I ask where you bought your 55N& from? I haven't found it for less than 1k at all the retailers I've been looking for!

        • +1


          It was $907 2 weeks ago at Bing Lee.

        • @brok9n:

          Yep, and $50 more 2 days before that deal (TGG 20% off all TV's)

        • I paid $934 at JB on Tuesday for a 55N7. Just walk in and tell them that's what the Good Guys offered you (it helps if you go to a store in a homemaker's centre, where there is a GG and HN nearby). I knew I could get the 55N7 for around $950 because JB did a 20% off Hisense for one day in mid-December.

          Everything is negotiable!

        • @XabiFernando:

          This isnt always the case… local jb would only go $100 down from ticket price and wouldnt budge at all…

          Bought a 65n7 from videopro for $1570 delivered.

        • @Jugganautx:

          I agree, depends on store.

          My successful purchase was from JB Northland (I'm in VIC). I told them my fake TGG price and then asked if they could match.

          Abouve 30 mins prior, I was at JB Thomastown. I asked them for their price, and then told them my fake TGG price, which I think was the wrong way to go about it. Thomastown's "can't go any lower price" was $1,150 (ticket price approx $1,200).

          I found it amazing how much variation there was between stores. Maybe Northland got given a much more ambitious sales target.

    • +1

      I'd suggest you'll be disappointed with the MU6103 if you've been looking at the N7. The only thing this has going for it over the Hisense is the smart platform is arguably a bit more user friendly. The N7 will do better HDR, handles motion better, and overall has better picture quality.

      • This is true but nobody seems to be discounting 55N7 and I've been waiting for a while, trialling the El cheapo from Aldi these days which is shit tbh

      • Compared both in store @JB Hifi Top Ryde for 4k video playing, hardly to find difference.

  • Got one of these for my mum yesterday. For an entry level panel, I was impressed! Very happy with the purchase.

  • Don’t forget Cashrewards, which will take it down to $885.55.

  • The 6103 model does not come with a smart remote thats why they have dropped the price
    the 6100 model does

    • What's In The Box: Samsung 55"(140cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV, Remote Control, Batteries, Power Cable, User Manual

      • It has a standard remote. Not the One Remote, which is essentially a universal remote for other devices.

      • -1

        Standard remote and no inbuilt wireless or bluetooth

        • Specs and info say inbuilt wifi

        • @Bertyee:
          Definitely has inbuilt wifi

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