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Smart Fitness Body Building Machine for Your Abs US $14.19 (~AU $18.66) Delivered @ Banggood


Package Included:
3 x Stimulator
2 x Abdominal Patch
4 x Shoulder Stciker
1 x English Manual

Model :7764442
Voltage:3V DC(2 x AAA Batteries)
Working Time:12 Minutes(Per installation time)
Output Current:MAX 9.8mA
Patch:19 x 17cm
Stimulator:7.5 x 5.8 x 1.8cm
Shoulder Stciker:20 x 7cm

1.Made of high quality Polyurethane(PU) material,close to your skin,good touching feeling and non-toxic.
2.A physical workout device for enhancing your muscles,make you can good body shape without even lifting a finger.
3.Using advanced technology, scientifically exercising your muscles will not harm your body.
4.According to suitable power and speed on body by low frequency,which make a rhythm and sort impetus on body.
5.Choice 6 modes,and it will get off power automatically after 12 minutes from stop when you forget power off.
6.Adhesive gel pad,if you feel uncomfortable when training,you can use wet towel to clean dirty side for regaining pasting again at moment.

When it presses the "Power on"and "rising intensity" button and the lamp comes to dawn little by little.
When it presses the : "Power off"and "down intensity" button and the lamp comes to dark little by little.
Button for both "Power on"and "rising intensity" ,"Power off"and "down intensity"intensity divides with 10 classes.
Button for mode choice by 6 mode(A-F)

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    • Just as effective too!

  • +2

    Thanks OP, I'm going to be huge.

  • Anyone actually tried these? Heard they do a decent job with stimulating your abs (if they are already there).

    • +44

      Used one on my sore back. Can confirm I have a 6-pack on my back.

      • +5

        I legit laughed out loud on that one, thanks mate :)

      • I hear that Coronas are good for working your biceps too

    • +10

      Pretty sure there's no proof these machines work… See https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/danozs-abtronic-advert....

      Downvoting due to product not doing what it claims

      • thx. Interesting read. release was 2003. new Abtronic X2 exposed again in news in 2015.

        But, didn't the Russian in the Rocky II Movie use it too?

        • "I must break you."

        • +1

          The Russian was in Rocky IV. Ivan Drago was the character, Dolph Lundgren was the actor.

  • +2

    Came for the stimulating comments, left disappointed…

    • +19

      Looks like you came too early…

    • +5

      I'm always disappointed after I come.

      • how much did you come

      • Don't worry, you will always have Mrs Palmer there to console you.

  • +4

    Don't believe this crap, workout and eat healthy

    • +27

      Agreed. Definitely important to crap.

      • -12

        Your joke is inaccurate. I said don't believe this crap not this is crap, if anything your joke should have said 'Agreed. Definitely important not to crap'

        • +4

          I don't think the "whoosh" was within earshot on this one.

        • -9

          Aww your sad you can't read properly

        • +1

          Don't believe this. Crap, workout and eat healthy.

        • -1

          @Mario1234: Keep crying

        • @Mario1234:
          You are 🤗

        • @dreamz: Nah i'm fine knowing that i understand the basic premises of the english language. Seems like you're just jumping on this trying to be funny (p.s it didn't work, since just repeating what i said about someone else is 5th grade level insults)

        • -1

          Wrong side of the bed?

        • @dreamz: Clearly running out of ides now

    • -1

      Is that one of the seven dwarves?

  • How does it work? Is it basically a TENS machine, but you place it on your abs?

  • You'll never get a six pack with this. They've been exposed in the past. Stimulate nerves for tiny contractions - you need massive contractions.

    There are so many ab machines. From someone who does work abs (and indeed if you do) it's easy to understand why most of these are useless. Sometimes you just have to put in some effort. But, with abs, all the exercise in the world won't do it either; you need to get rid of the fat on top of your abs so that the muscle definition can be seen. Abs are really worthwhile exercising even without the visible six pack - some say the most important muscle group to exercise, after the heart.

    • +3

      This guy packs.

    • u must have a huge heart ;p

    • I understand. So what machine do I need to buy to get visible abs muscles without doing any exercise?

      • +1


        • +1

          great. why buy when I can get tasered for free

  • +2

    Wonder if I can rig this up to a co-workers chair…

    • Hope your coworker isn't a woman or you will be accused of sexual assault. LOL

    • You'll need exposed skin for this to work. Do your colleagues wear pants? If so, you might have a small problem.

  • The man in the photo has not used steroids, I promise it!

  • pfft…everyone knows its all about 7 minute abs

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  • This machine is actually not bad if you are stimulating your abs after a good ab workout, helps get plenty of blood into the muscle and is a good way to finish. Keep in mind though there is a lot that goes into it before you use it, so if you have a decent routine and are in decent shape it will benefit you. If you are just starting though and want abs just eat healthy and train hard and don’t waste your money on this.

  • It'd actually be great if it worked, would be a great compensation for the fast food obsession so many on here have.

    Abs an be worked on but you'll only ever see them when your fat % is low. It's all diet.

  • +1

    Hang on, if this device can make your flapping belly into a hard six-pack abs, can you imagine what it could do if you strap it on your Little John???

    • strap it on your Little John?

      Shakin' Stevens?

  • +1


  • One of the product reviews on Banggood says "fast very very fast"…..what is very fast though? Delivery or objective of the product or the speed it goes to landfill.

    No offence but would make a cool Spider-Man costume on blue outfit.

    Edit: only one product review.

  • Does he come with the machine?

    • +2

      that's a rather personal question to ask …

    • +1

      It's not that type of machine!

  • If its too good to be true its too god to be true.

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