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TCL 50” 50E17US 4K UHD TV $587 @ Videopro


Cheapest I found locally. I managed to get it to be price beat at TGG Oxley for $586.

I almost bought a TV from Big W but this seemed to have better display quality when I went to have a look at them in-store.

The 50E17US TV offers access to the latest smart TV technology. This stylishly designed TV provides access to all of your favourite content on demand, as well as excellent connectivity and user interface, with features such as mirror screening. Stream content on demand from popular apps such as Netflix, and GoLive3.0, and many others available from the TCL app store. Record live free-to-air TV to an external portable USB storage drive with the built-in USB port. Whether you have the TV on or off, the E17’s exquisite and stylish design makes it suitable for any home and lifestyle. It offers a slim body design that delivers an unparalleled immersive TV experience more than ever before.

Product Features

Smart TV
HDR *via USB only
DTS Sound
3 Year Warranty
Product Brochure
In The Box

Remote Control
Power Cable
User Manual

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    Dimensions W/Out Stand 1132 x 655.3 x 64.7 ( W x H x D mm)

    Weight with Stand 11.9kg

    Dimensions with Stand 1132 x 721.5 x 221.4 (W x H x D mm)

    Weight W/Out Stand 11.7kg

    VESA Mount (mm) 200 x 200

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    HDR *via USB only

    That seems odd.

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      Yea I'm not sure why it's only thru USB. Maybe someone here might have better information than me about this.

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      Very likely because it doesn't have HDMI 2.0a ports. Early HDR TVs were limited to only HDR playback via USB port only.

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    TCL getting great reputation these days but not sure if this set is recent enough.
    Also don't know what it means by HDR via USB only?

    • Curious as well; Would be all over this for 4K HDR gaming.

    • I bought a cheap TCL 32" TV a few years ago (not a smart one) for just over $100.
      The image quality was very good, surprising for its price.

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      There was a sticker on it that says "2017 NEW TCL UHD SMART TV". I'm assuming from that it's made in 2017. I could not find any reviews of this particular model as well. Probably not as popular as their C2 series.

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    Yes they are getting a great reputation for producing rubbish tv's
    Extremely poor service
    Its buyer beware

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      mind sharing how do you get it for $599?

      • I'm guessing he linked the wrong one and it's just the JVC Smart TV as per link below:

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        It is actually a price error. They have a similar model which doesn't included the sound bar for $599. I found there is 1 out of 5 has a different model no. So I check with Staff. SHE first refuse to sell at the price and remove the $599 tag on the specific TV. I tell her is is not right to change the price instantly after I have witness the price. Talk to her manager and manager agree the $599 price.

    • Also, your experience with the tv as well?

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        Haven't got time to use it yet. But I don't have a lot of expectations on it

    • Is this TV hdmi HDR? If so, I reckon that you got yourself much better deal

      • I don't think HDMI HDR. But I will still call it a fair price as I found the same tv on ebay but refurbish for $539

    • You got a bigger tv and soundbar. Confused with the comment.

      • Mine one is a discontinued product. And I got some not so good review from online. Bought it just because the price and my apartment need a new TV

  • Got this one 6 months ago.
    Decided to change to a Samsung one last month.
    The smart function is so shit and it’s impossible to install any other apps.
    Buy this one if you use it with a tv box and a soundbar.

    • Doubt it would be impossible. Sideloading might be a workaround.

      What version Android?

      • Tried many times but didn't work.
        And I tried all the methods I can get online including the adb pushing, but no luck.
        It's a TCL customized Android system which is extremely restricted.

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      Don't really care about 'smart' features.

      Hows the picture quality?

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        Not very impressive.
        But not bad for this price though

      • I compared it with the JVC, Polaroid and Viano TVs at Big W and I found this has better picture quality.

    • The "Smart TV" features on it seems sufficient for my use. I can cast videos (online or local) to it from my phone. It also has YouTube and Netflix app which already gives a good amount of videos to watch.

  • Still luv our last of the good plasmas 50" ST60 by Panasonic got for under $1k ($997) in a Ozbargain dick smith sale / appliancesonline price match many xmas day eons ago (still used with synology nas, foxtel now puck, amazon fire/kodi and whatever else is in the hdmi) but i have been curious and not able to find if TCL are selling equivalent model to Wirecutter's CURRENT best tv #TCL #55P607 and #55P605 https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-tv/ along with their best small tv with roku https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-small-tv/

    Bottom line their USA series of models seems good (4k, HDR, Roku inbuilt, pause live TV, 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 incl HDMI ARC) but like OnePlus we get the crap models ?

    Not seeing similar specs/prices downunder (stating the obvious i know but usually u can match them even if they cost 2-3x more)

    The USA model; "offers most of the popular streaming services with simple navigation and can even pause live TV using the OTA tuner. The 55P607’s Wi-Fi remote works through obstacles and features a headphone jack, so you can listen without disturbing others, and the remote integrates a microphone for voice search… The TCL 55P607 ticks off almost all the required boxes for a high-end TV today. It produces image quality that matches much more expensive TVs while also offering better media streaming services and some extra features costlier TVs don’t have. The TCL’s 72 zones of full array local dimming provide deep blacks without washing out shadows and also produce bright HDR highlights. The set’s HDR support covers both HDR10 and Dolby Vision protocols. Streaming apps come in the form of a built-in Roku, which has the widest selection of apps along and an easy-to-use interface. The remote even offers a built-in headphone jack for listening without disturbing others. The TV’s preset movie modes make it simple to get good picture quality without much fuss, and the iOS and Android app offer the ability to do more advanced image calibration for those with the necessary tools."

    Any insights appreciated….

    • I called TCL not too long ago and asked what the equivalent of the P607 in Australia is and they told me it was the P20US.

  • The US models seem have been out for quite a while and it doesn't seem like they are bringing them to Australia. The specs they get over there seem that much better than those we get here.

    I bought a budget 60 inch model 60p20us, feature wise and ease of use is awesome. Picture quality is pretty good - it does have it's down points - a bit too much light bleed and viewing angles aren't the best. For $800 i'm happy with it and will keep me happy while OLED prices keep dropping.

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    I know this is "ozbargain" but for the sake of an extra $200 you could get yourself a superior name brand TV over this trash..

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      Which TV would you recommend that is an extra $200 that would be better?

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        For some lower income earners that extra 200 is nigh impossible to get on top of the rest

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    I'd rather buy a decent second hand telly off Gumtree then this junk.

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      And you know it's junk how?

      Please inform us with your experience with (junk) TLC TVs.

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        TCL quality is worse the soniq

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          Please refer to my post above.

        • @jackspratt: My Brother bought a 65" TCL as a replacement for a Hisense that has a watermark in it from Harvey's and the Picture quality was very poor compared to the Hisense. Tho it might be because im used o Sony TV quality

        • It might depend on the model you get. I got a 2017 TCL 55" from Costco and it was next to the entry Sony 55" when I was deciding. After examining the TV's pretty closely side by side the only real difference I could see was the viewing angle was better on the Sony. Sony was 1k+, TCL was 749, The TCL came with android and more HDMI inputs .

          Super happy with the new TCL.

        • @asa79:

          So your comment is based on your experience of 1 TV?

        • @troyarr: So your saying that the TCL is better then Sony?

        • @jackspratt: He had it replaced and the next was the same. But guessing that most here dont really care too much about picture quality

        • @asa79: It's a low quality inferior brand, I'm sure the TV suits its purpose for many.

        • @LUTSlit: Please refer to my earlier post.

          It appears the TLC TV brand has gone from "junk", to "low quality inferior", but you haven't/can't explain why.


        • @jackspratt: Cheap and nasty. What more do you want? Perhaps you can explain why it is comparable to absolutely anything else on the market.

        • @LUTSlit:

          Cheap and nasty. What more do you want?

          So that's it ……….. OK. :)

        • @jackspratt: PS. The brand is TCL :)

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  • $1 discount is pretty good for TGG Oxley. Three times I've been there - for an iron, a vac and a coffee machine and they've refused to honour their price beat guarantee despite relevant conditions being met. Same salesman with no customers each time and same suggestion to go next door to JB or Harvey Norman. JB beat the price all 3 times.

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    Found one cheaper, posted a deal.