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Australia Day Thongs $1.99 @ ALDI


Bought these few years back and still using them. Might get a new pair

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    oi oi oi

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    Ah thats where I got the last pair :)

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      This'll go well with my Australian flag cape

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    My green and gold ones lasted a surprisingly long time compared to the discount Havaianas that I have tried a few times (one plug always breaks off, or the plug hole splits, after a few days). Even my $10 Target ones have lasted a few months now.

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    Only three pairs per outlet?

  • Any ones with the Aboriginal flag or indigenous design?

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      we moved fast with SSM but omg dragging our feet on this issue!

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      aboriginal flag has a copyright on it, so you're unlikely to see any Aboriginal flag merch.

      • A lot of merch factories source their content from western gubmint copyright websites…

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        probably the wrong day to sell Aboriginal mech anyway considering what happened

        • what happened

          What happened?

        • @Diji1:

          Nothing good for them

        • @Diji1: The day that the First Fleet of British ships first arrived and then proceeded to take over?

        • @Diji1: Progress.

        • @Diji1: Civilisation arrived on the continent

  • Hopefully they are better than the $1.89 pair I bought from there a few weeks ago because they didn't last me 2 weeks before they blew out.

    • Same thing happened to my pair of Havianas which I bought before going to Hawaii. Back to trusty Billabongs.

  • How hard wearing is the paint on these? Most other thongs start wearing off after a few weeks.

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      The one on mine is still intact but has faded a bit.

      • I dont use them much but mine look like new and the paint does not come off at all.

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    Kmart are selling plain brown ones for $1.50, for those who don't want the Aussie flag, etc.

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      • I have been using these Kmart ones for a while now, very impressive for the price, as the straps on cheap thongs are usually uncomfortable but these kmart ones are nice.
        Only fail was when I tried to push in a tent peg with that Kmart thong as they are quite soft, but that's a tough ask for any thong. Seem to be surprisingly durable considering they are also soft. Went back and bought 4 more pairs based on 1-2 months usage of my first pair.

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      That is so un-Australian, you should be buying these China made thongs with the flag on them.

      • China made thongs with an OZ Flag are probably still more Australian than China made thongs that are plain brown!

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    Where are they made?

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      Bondi Beach

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        Hand made by the bondi billionaires in fact.

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    I wonder if the JJJ online shop will be selling these?

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    THe thongs say Aussie, no mention of Australia Day. Im taking this straight to the ACCC for false advertising.

    • Just curious though can you report anything consumer related to ACCC? Do they take any sort of actions to protect consumers' rights? thanks

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    Anyone else here actually cannot use thongs? The part that goes between your toes is way too large for my feet, and i cant walk with them on hahaha, havent met anyone else like this yet :p

    • Nah, but can't wear thongs like this in general. Very flimsy and very uncomfortable. How un Australian am I…

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        Because you lack pain tolerance it's Australian to call you a wuss.

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      I'm with you. Can't wear the rubber pluggers.

      I can tolerate the ones with a fabric strap.

  • I got these thongs from Best & Less in December (to get to the $25 spend required for AMEX promotion) if anyone is interested in a green & gold Aussie pair. So far they're pretty good!

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    It's time for Australia Day matching socks and sandals

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    OP, any deal on Australia Day crocs?

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      Free in salt-waters at outback stores.

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      • I mean, y’know, people are entitled to their buying proclivities. Let there be a thousand blossoms bloom, as far as I’m concerned.

        But I AIN’T spendin’ any money on it, because in the mean time, every three months, a person is torn to pieces by a croc in North Queensland,

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    Why pay $1.99? Go barefoot mate for the true Aussie spirit!

  • Honestly, terrible quality. I bought a pair a few years back and they lasted 1 or 2 months. Good for a laugh but worth paying a little more for quality if you ask me.

  • Ugh, I don't want to see thongs on sale at Aldi.

    I want to see tools on sale at Aldi so I can buy tools on sale at Bunnings!

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    Woolworths are selling $2 thongs with Australian flag design - IMHO better than these.

  • Are these good for thonging people???

  • Interesting fact: anything bearing the Australian flag is restricted by customs and approval must be obtained for the design of the flag on the goods.

  • I prefer to look after my feet, flip flops are bad news

  • i'm a fan of the double plug thongs from k mart, $4.50

  • Straya day is great!

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    Might get shazza a couple of pairs . Valentines day not far away 😍

  • You know anything with the flag as clothing, towels etc are bad right? The flag should not be draped over your body, laid on the ground, stood on, or cupping your nuts. Just saying, if you want to respect the flag, this is the opposite of that. And a flag, or representation of such, is meant to be disposed of at the end of its useful life with dignity, not pop a plugga and drop in nearest bin.

    Oh and not my rules, Im just saying what the flag rules (not laws) are. Who makes the rules, RSL, ANZACs, people like that.

    Just sayin. Buy what you like. Not that these are flags, they just use the Southern Cross and Aussie.

  • Buy your Chinese made things from a German owned supermarket. GG

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