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20% off iTunes Gift Cards @ Myer (Excl $20 Card, 24% off w/ Officeworks Price Match)


For mobile users, check THIS PDF thanks to andrgram, it's a site printout of the linked page. There are issues with loading the site on mobile.

20% off is finally back :) It's been a while since a store has offered a flat 20% off.

Make sure to price match at officeworks to net 24% off, just show them the linked page I have put in the OP, it is near the bottom of the page.


From what I can tell, it's 2 Days Only.

Here's a Few FAQ's that I have noticed in the comment section:

Q: How do I get an Officeworks price match on these cards?

A: You can either call 1300 OFFICE or go in-store to price match, if you want $400 worth, just request 4 x $100 cards, I believe they either ship them to you or you pick up in-store if you call up. If you're in-store, just go to the counter with the cards and tell the clerk to price match, they'll do a quick check on the deal and match it.

Q: Can these cards be used to buy physical apple items in-store?

A: No, these are only for purchases within the app stores.

Q: How do I use this to fund my netflix subscription?

A: This Website covers all your quarrels. Thanks to cheaponos

Hope that helps people out a bit.

As always, enjoy!

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        • Would it be helpful if anyone here managed to score one from OW and post a copy of the receipt so that instead of showing them Myer’s link, we can use OW’s own receipt as a proof?

        • Yeah, i agree, but Officeworks didn't read it that way this morning! It doesn't specifically state that the others (not listed under the 9am to 1PM heading) are on sale all weekend.

        • @lemonty: 20% is already a decent deal and hasn't be done for a while. Just give Myer the business….

  • I bought $110 worth of Myer gift cards from this deal stacked with the Amex deal for $85. (22.72% off) I since tried purchasing iTunes gift cards with them on a different day at a different store, and was refused, so maybe Myer has changed their policy on gift card with a gift card purchases.

    • Oh damn, I’ll remove that from the FAQ’s then.

      • It could just be hit or miss depending on who serves you. 38.18% would be a great discount!

  • Sorry, noob question here… Like most of everyone else, I am only interested in Netflix. Now, say I buy 2x$100 iTunes gift cards, do I sign up with Netflix through iTunes and pay 14 months upfront (provided I take the $14mo subscription)? Or do you just leave your credit there and they take it month after month? And last one, is there a limit of months you can pay "upfront"? Thanks and I hope this helps someone else too

    • +1

      Yep they just take the credit month by month until it is depleted, don’t think you can pay a certain amount of time upfront.

      • Thanks!

    • +1

      Ditto what doweyy said. I currently have just over $340 iTunes balance, which will fund my Netflix sub for a considerable time (Just over 2 years at $11.99/month, assuming rates don't go up)!

      • Price has gone up.. Standard is now $13.99 and premium is $17.99.

        • My transaction history in my iTunes account still shows the $11.99 price, I was actually wondering why it hasn't changed. Not complaining!

        • @MathNerd: I received an email saying price will be going up from the 29th of December.

        • @tarken: Ah yes I remember that, and my last transaction was 13th. You're right, my next transaction will be at the updated price. Drat!

  • Can we buy online?

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      In-store only but you can order from officeworks over the phone if you like.

  • Do these gift cards need to be used within a year or something?

    • +1

      Haan bhaia.

    • +1

      Once you load them into iTunes they don't expire though

  • Is there a maximum iTunes credit balance?

    • +2

      It’s Apple. They’ll be happy to store as much credit as you’re willing to add.

      So no, no limit known.

    • I have $400 AUD in my account for paying extra iCloud storage

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    ISSUE:- Hey guys, I’m at Officeworks. They are trying to not letting me get the deal. I read there terms and condition of officeworks and they are trying to argue different types of terminology of ‘discounts’, such as, discount, promotion and catalogue. Trying to be patient and understanding, but they are on defensive.

    What should I do?

    I have read their terms and condition. There’s nothing related to different terminology.

    • +1

      No that’s bs, their Price Beat Guarantee allows it.

      What items are excluded from the PBG?

      Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
      Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)
      Stock liquidations (i.e. competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership)

      None of these are applicable, tell them to call head office to confirm it.

    • +1

      Call this number tel:1300 633 423 and ask them for the price match.

      • +1

        Calling, more polite, yet still difficult. They respectfully said their policy requires staff needing to have the ‘product’ on the website (in this case, Myer) to be able to match it. This enable internally they can check it for management purposes.

    • I didn't have any issues purchasing 2x $100 cards this morning at Officeworks. The guy looked up Myer's web site but the deal wasn't online, but he accepted the PDF posted in this article though. They could always call Myer to confirm if they wanted. OW dropped their price yesterday to $85 for $100 cards, perhaps in response to someone else's deal. I'd say if they are giving you a real issue, just go to a different store.

    • +3

      ISSUE RESOLVED:- Yay! Got it! Disni Arachchige Don from Sydney office is so helpful!!!! I asked her to give me customer service feedback. That might help her with her career. Raji from the Maribyrnong store was the difficult one. I understand his position but he kelp going back to the terminology of the wording of discount. Didn’t help.

      Anyway, all the best everyone!


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    After a set amount of calls and store reductions, officeworks would be better off just reducing the price

  • It can be found on site by scrolling to the bottom of the Myer website, click on Latest News then click "find out more" under Summer 2018 Week 24 Superweekend if they insist on looking it up.

  • Looks like they don’t accept gift cards for gift cards :(

    • You tried to use Myer gift cards?

      • Yes. Did you try?

    • I’m having the same issue at Myer Chatswood, NSW

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Managed to get some iTunes vouchers after 30 min on hold. Officeworks was super easy. Just asked if they could price match Itunes vouchers and she said “for the Myer deal? Yes of course we’ve been doing it all morning”. All done. Thank you

    • been on hold for 15 minutes, must be getting smashed

      • Been on hold for 45

        • 55, if the staff were not so useless at the store I would not have this problem

        • @geosyd:

          Me too - 55 mins now.

        • @geosyd:

          I'm at 35 min. I'll put their hold music on speaker phone and go to the toilet.


        • @futurenow: was at 1hr 15 min and gave up.

        • @JahjaMan: freakin been on hold for 2hrs…

        • @dingdong3000:
          I just went into a store. When I mentioned Myer, they already knew lol.

        • +1

          @JahjaMan: 1 45 hung up, went to the store and showed the prinout with no issue. I was trying to avoid it in case they gave me grief like some others

        • +1

          Same man. I must admit I was slightly anxious when asking about it. But they gave me no grief as obviously there were a lot of other people doing the same thing.

  • +5

    I just registered to post for the first time. I had no problem get 24% off iTunes gift card at officework Chadstone about 10 mins ago. The lady there was very helpful and friendly.

    • +3

      Thank you for registering account and reporting back, I appreciate it!

  • +1

    Officeeorks Bundoora, Victoria have plenty $50, $30 and $20 available. No issues in price beating Myer. Just purchased $300 worth, thanks op!

    No $100 card left though.

    • What do you do buy with iTunes gift cards?

      • Stuff that they sell on the iTunes store, like apps, music, movies, TV series, iBooks?

  • How are you guys showing proof of the deal? Are you just showing the pdf?

  • +3

    Price matched officeworks over the phone. maximum of 3 cards for $76 each.

  • thanks op :]

  • +2

    Officeworks Joondalup (WA), plenty of $100 cards left and price beat to $76 no problem just showed them the PDF.

    Don't bother phoning, I gave up after 1h45m on hold.

  • Still on phone with ow, queue is really long I guess. Waiting more than 20 mins

    • on for 35 so far, might give up and go in store

  • +1

    Went in store and got the price match + 5%. $150 iTunes cards for $114.
    No issues.

    • Thanks I think I’ll hang up now and head in store.

  • Officeworks Chatswood is not doing it. Pete from the store says have to be an advertised price. I guess I have to call officeworks hotline :(

  • +2

    Was litterly hanging up at the 45 minute mark and got someone finally. She was very helpful. She said there were only 3 people on and had 60 people in the cue.

  • 1hr 40min ……..

    I'm not giving up now!

    • Lol did you get it?

  • No issues getting it price matched at Officeworks, seems to be popular that all staff know about it.
    However the rep mentioned the offer was ending at 1pm today… :-/

  • Officeworks garden city brisbane - when I asked if they can price beat, they asked “the myer deal?” No need to show any evidence of the myer deal. Thanks OP!

  • Officework Lewisham (NSW), showed them the website, got 2 x $100 cards for $76 each. Plenty of $100, $50 and $30 left.

    Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    I had no problem with Officeworks Milton. QLD. The checkout girl was actually really nice about it. They have plenty of cards left where the check out line is

  • Glebe NSW no problem…picked up 2x$100 plenty of stock.

    Any stores not doing it are going against the policy of price matching…it’s there to get customers in the door and hopefully you buy other items or go back as a regular customer.

  • Price beat at Officeworks Fountain Gate 8:15 AM — $200 of iTunes cards for $152. Thanks OP.

  • Officeworks Windsor [QLD] had no problems price matching. Limit of three per customer. Heaps of stock. Renae was a legend about the whole thing.

  • Would be helpful if someone took a photo of the Myer iTunes gift card stand

  • Five Dock Officeworks refused to price match Myer. They said that their system did not allow them to price override on iTunes vouchers.

    They currently are matching the 15% off at coles

    • +2

      Absolute bs that they’re telling you that, they can match it on their system without hassle as shown by many others in this thread..

    • +1

      I think you were the guy they were referring.

      I went to purchased $100, the guy called Daniel told me the same thing, cannot activate the card with the discount. He said he was telling all the customers the same. Since it was already 15% off ($42.5), I went ahead purchased it.

      After seeing all the post here, ppl had no problem purchase it with price match. I went back and asked for proper reasons. I asked whether their store is not participating or the staff did not know how to operate in the system. Then a guy said he will do the price match for me.

      However, after checking the system they were not able to do the refund. He told me that once the iTunes card is activated, it cannot be refunded. In the end I bought another $50 card for $38 (priced matched price).

      I hope this would be helpful for anyone who is purchasing it at Five Dock store.


      • +2

        Thanks. I am so annoyed that I was lied to.
        I showed them this post which had the instructions for them as to how they could call and verify how to process the deal.
        I've left a message on their Facebook page and see what response I get before I take it further.

        • +2

          Update: my complaint was addressed by the area manager (Casey?) and the store manager Imrose. I was invited back to the store, and purchased some cards for a slightly larger discount than I should have previously received. Imrose was quite apologetic and thankful I put through the feedback as he otherwise wouldn't have known. He has held an all staff meeting and said what happened was completely unacceptable and against Store policy. From the follow up, I will be shopping at Officeworks again and have Imrose's details if I run into any dramas.

        • @ben1980:

          Awesome news :)

  • Went to OW in Noosaville and asked to price match the Myer 20% off offer. Was told by the disinterested clerk they had that as well: “$100 card for $85.” Ah, well…

    In the end it took about 15 mins for them to confirm Myer’s offer on their website and then they matched it without further issues.

  • Just price matched at Fountain Gate at 1:00pm. Supervisor told the staff member serving me that it stops at 1:00pm so I just made it. Thanks OP!

    • I'm not sure how they can justify that against their own policy. Unless they actually lower their store prices to match, which technically gets them off having to price beat. You still get 20% off in that case.

    • The Myer deal ends tomorrow at close of business?

  • Just got some from officeworks

  • Went to Tamworth OW, met a lot of resistance. The clerk was trying to fight for me with his coordinator but she was not very helpful. She claimed it was not eligible for cashback, I read the terms and conditions to her and she said she would call her manager. I mentioned that head office and various other OW stores were doing it.
    The clerk said it would be easier if the actual price was on the Myer website which is fair enough. It's also harder since we don't have a Myer in town.
    In the end we compromised on a price match of $80.
    I will be following up with an email to clarify what is allowed and isn't allowed.

    Receipt: http://i64.tinypic.com/33lhuys.jpg

    • Definitely should say something about it to head office, especially if all the other stores have been honouring it alongside head office, they didn’t honour their price beat policy, only matched it.

      • +1

        At least you got the deal (in part). I had to walk away humiliated and was made to feel like a criminal… like I was doing something untoward

        • I'm sorry to hear about your experience, I really hope they help you out after your complaint!

        • +1


          As a person who has spent thousands over the years at Officeworks, I was surprised and disappointed at my experience. I'll be contacting their head office on Monday. I'll post their response here.

    • Thanks for posting this. Went past OW Darwin, not expecting much. They said Myers don't exist here so they can't, then said something about transportation costs for some reason.

      Then showed them your receipt and they accepted. I wasn't in the mood for an argument, they were not unpleasant about it.

      Thanks OP too

    • +2

      I did send them a long email complaint, probably have too much time on my hands, especially over $8!

      Email (names removed): https://pastebin.com/rZsNpguv

  • No problems at Officeworks on Kings Way in South Melbourne.

    Thanks OP!

  • if you've set up an officework account buying over the phone it goes faster. Can still buy up to 5 via phone as well

  • +3

    Just grabbed $200 from officework Blacktown, no drama and the staff well aware this offier. Paid 134.94 for 200 iTunes vale, what a deal ^_^

    • Wow. Can you post your receipt please ?

    • That's more than 5% beat…

    • +1

      For some reason they give me 32.5% discount , cant work out the math but happy about the price

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