expired 20% off iTunes Gift Cards @ Myer (Excl $20 Card, 24% off w/ Officeworks Price Match)


For mobile users, check THIS PDF thanks to andrgram, it's a site printout of the linked page. There are issues with loading the site on mobile.

20% off is finally back :) It's been a while since a store has offered a flat 20% off.

Make sure to price match at officeworks to net 24% off, just show them the linked page I have put in the OP, it is near the bottom of the page.


From what I can tell, it's 2 Days Only.

Here's a Few FAQ's that I have noticed in the comment section:

Q: How do I get an Officeworks price match on these cards?

A: You can either call 1300 OFFICE or go in-store to price match, if you want $400 worth, just request 4 x $100 cards, I believe they either ship them to you or you pick up in-store if you call up. If you're in-store, just go to the counter with the cards and tell the clerk to price match, they'll do a quick check on the deal and match it.

Q: Can these cards be used to buy physical apple items in-store?

A: No, these are only for purchases within the app stores.

Q: How do I use this to fund my netflix subscription?

A: This Website covers all your quarrels. Thanks to cheaponos

Hope that helps people out a bit.

As always, enjoy!


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