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35% off All 40g and 200g Bags of Beef Jerky @ Geronimo Jerky. RRP $28 down to $18.20 [Free Pickup in QLD or Add Postage]


Code word AussieAussieAussie
35% off 200g bags, no limit

PICKUP!!! YOU MUST contact us at [email protected] if you want to pick up order from our Woolloongabba store. This will save disappointment and time for everyone. We will then confirm when your order is ready.
Post charges calculated by weight.

Here is a list of our flavours with hot flavours separated.
1. Original (Garlic and soy flavour)
2. Buckshot (nice cracked pepper taste)
3. PowWow (really popular (brown sugar and ginger), teriyaki)
4. Spicy Shamin (Curry BBQ flavour-NOT HOT)
5. Stampede (guarana,(Energy) taste like gravy)


Sidewinder (hot with habanero )
Blazin Saddles (mid range hot)
Flamin Arrow (Our hottest)

We love Australia Day and normally sitting back in the pool having a cold beverage with my personal favourite, Buckshot. If you live in Tas, SA, WA or NT please order before end of day thursday so we can pack and send your order out Friday. Aus post calculate 5-6 working days so the sooner the better. We will pluck your orders out first.

If anyone has had a non delivery we are now able to check previous order and access email and computers so please contact us on [email protected]

Thank you for your loyal support-We have been with Ozbargain since 2009 :-)

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    It's been a while! Welcome back Chief…

    • Mate its been a rough and rocky road but 2018 is going to be AMAZING :-)

  • Do we avoid shipping if we pickup? Last time I ordered there wasn't an option not to pay shipping

    • Hello Mathiex, you can pickup if you like from our Woolloongabba Store if you order online

      • Are we able to meet you if we go there?

      • Yes but I still have to pay for shipping ? There is no avoiding the $9 shipping

        • I will check with it guy. But you can come in any day M-F 9am-2pm and say your from Ozbargain and get the discount.

  • +1

    We will pluck your orders out first.

    Chicken jerky?

  • Thanks for the post and welcome back. The smaller bags are best for me to take to work. Can I apply the to those?

    Love your jerky!!!

    • Let me work on that Bellpop

      • +1

        This is why I like you, you're so accommodating with your jerky.

    • Done :-) Same code

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    When I read "PICKUP!!! YOU MUST" I thought Yoda must have joined Geronimo :-)

  • Bought 4 bags :)

  • DONE-35% off both 40g and 200g bags of Geronimo jerky

  • Geronimo Jerky has been away for a while due to very Major issues so I should explain.

    But you didn't explain?

    Also , open through the holidays? Only Australia day to go and surely you are closed.

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    Saw the promo in FB, already put my order in. Hands down the best Jerky anywhere!

    • Any recommendations on flavours? And how long it lasts if unopened?

      • +1

        Pow Wow is delicious.

      • -1

        @kulprit I like a bit of spice and heat. My absolute favourite is Blazin' Saddle. It's not THE hottest but it's the best hit vs flavour combo for my liking. Also worth trying the other 2 hotties which are Flamin' Arrow and Sidewinder. To me they aren't as nice as Blazin' but they're worth a try.

  • Welcome back chief

  • Promo on the 500g bags plz. 200g is barely a snack!

  • -2

    Wow, at $140/kg, even less 35% = $91/kg at the discounted price. Sorry, I will stick with the likes of Black Protein at under $70 and a wider selection of flavours (and conveniently located in several major shopping centres rather than going to Wooloongabba). Biltong is also nicer and less dry than jerky.

  • +1

    I have really missed the Pow Wow. Welcome back!

  • Thanks mate. Just ordered. Shame the ‘where did u hear from us’ thing doesn’t have ozbargain as an option anymore!

    • Getting my website reviewed and replaced. I still think it could be so so so much better and easier. That will be one of the changes :-)

  • Just placed my second order since you guys have been back! Best jerkey in Aus imo. The pow wow and blazin saddles are delicious.

  • Still no way to do a pick up order and not pay postage? But deal ends today so can't walk in tomorrow?

    • +1

      Offer extended until next weekend :-)