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Xiaomi Aqara Window Door Sensor (Zigbee) - Milk White, US $4.99 (~AU $6.27) @ GearBest


Aqara Window Door Sensor - MILK WHITE $4.99 (~ A$ 9.76) - https://www.gearbest.com/access-control/pp_626703.html
Price: US$ 4.99
Coupon Code: AU16randSE
Limited to first 50 stock,1 times per account,AU,NZ,MY,SG,BD,LK only

P.S: This is supposedly the newer version but I don't what the differences are between this and the "Original" version.

Original Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor - SMART DOOR AND WINDOWS SENSOR WHITE - https://www.gearbest.com/smart-light-bulb/pp_257677.html
Price:US$ 6.99
Coupon Code: AU16randSE1

Limited to first 100 stock,1 times per account,AU,NZ,MY,SG,BD,LK only

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    Any known differences apart from size and shape?

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    Buy first check compatibility later

  • Got one of the smart door and window sensor , thanks

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    Cheers. Oh man. My three year old said to my support worker, today, when the bing went off for the door opening "I know, isn't it getting really annoying?!" Laugh.

    I love it, because I am disabled and I can let my kids be a lot more free, because I know if they are going somewhere that requires my attention (and valuable resources).

    Also can use them on cabinet doors, etc. They are just so handy for parents.

    • Hmmm.. cabinet doors - never thought of that. Maybe time to stock up on a few more of these. :)

      • +3

        OMG I just imagined a really mean spouse of a person on a diet having way too much fun with these.

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    How come 4.99USD is 9.76AUD????

    • It isn't. And I thought maybe 6.99 was, but it isn't either. Maybe they forgot to put free shipping on their order?

      • Yikes.. sorry, don't know where I got that from

        Edited the title now.

  • Could we please have a massive discount on these?
    It is time for Australia to move on to the next level.

    • weren't these on sale yesterday?


      • Nope.
        That's just the normal square switch that you can stick on the wall. Wouldn't pay more than $2 for that. I don't need it anyway. This one can control normal dumb light bulbs like a smart pro champ.

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          oh yeah that is next level.

        • +1

          I have requested a deal from the rep, let’s see what he comes back with

        • @stirlo: According to the rep due to low stock they can't do a coupon for it :(

      • crap I would have bought the wireless ones. why why why didn't I

        • setup alerts for these deals, with only 100 offered at a time the sales are over in 10 minutes.

        • @jayel: Yeah I've been setting up alerts for components, but I wasn't familiar with these. I kept thinking they were the wired switches.

      • Now I have to upvote this.

    • +1

      The lowest price that I saw was $31-32.

      Looking at the previous posted deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/355143 a lot of people will probably jumped on to said it will void your home insurance due to non compliance. I don't know.. but looking at the specs of this wall switch and the tear down + over voltage test on youtube, it is of very good quality then those cheap clipso switches that my place currently have.

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        Absolutely right.

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    AU16randSE expired? :(

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      • Well.. just bought the Original one instead. Not really sure what's the diff between that and the Aqara save for the price. As long as it pairs with the gateway okay, I'm not fussed

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          price, consmetics, otherwise little difference

        • @v00d00 AU: Thanks for that!

      • yeh :( spent too long researching and comparing.

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    How long does the battery last on a unit?

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    AU16randSE is expired

  • No difference besides appearance between the two sensors. Aqara is a Xiaomi-backed company that manufacture some of their smart home products.

  • You guys reckon this will work well with garage doors?

    I lost count the number of times my friendly neighbour has knocked on my door to say my garage door is still open.

    • I'Ve seen someone post that it does, indeed. They say it wont work on metal but I have mine on metal window frames and door frames and it works fine.

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      This, ive had this happen alot to me as well. Depends on your roller door, but i dont see why it wont work. I plan on doing the same thing, as well as using my xiaofang camera. It may also be a good idea (if you dont already have lights in the garage), to setup rules to have your Yeelights turn on in the garage when the roller door opens (and switch off when it closes).

    • I did note there's a maximum 2cm clearance for the sensor and magnet to work. Correct me if i'm wrong. Just trying to visualise where to install this at the garage. Also, has the battery issue been resolved in this new version?

      • Battery issue?

        • Read somewhere where the battery will always show up as 0% when it still has juice in it.

        • @hotchoc: this is partially solved and is a samsung smart things related issue.

    • Works great with garage door.
      The sensor and sender need to be placed very close together when door is closed (almost touching)

      One issue I haven’t resolved yet in the app is “alarm when open more than 1 minute”
      I need to extend that to more than “1 minute” but haven’t worked out how yet.

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    Do I need a hub for this to work?

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    AU16randSE is also showing as expired for me

  • I wish the cashback link would retain a link to the product.
    It's always a challenge to find the product that is mentioned!

    • Can't you add the product to cart first, activate the cashback, then just go back to your cart?

      • Does it work? Are you asking, or suggesting this as a solution?

        I would have thought the cashback gets triggered by going first to cashback, but who knows?

        • I'm both asking and suggesting, because I'm sure I've done it, but can't remember what I bought so can't look back on cash rewards if it worked.

  • Too bad first link expired, was looking forward to getting another for outside gate's

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    These deals seem to expire extremely quickly…

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