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Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB $1049, 128GB $1199 ($350 off RRP) @ JB Hi-Fi


$350 off RRP on the XL variants of the Pixel 2. Some colour/storage variants only available for delivery (JB delivery fees are very reasonable).

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  • Was over priced

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      You predicted that an electronic device, in an industry driven by rapid succession, and that will be superseded a year after it’s release, will decline in value over the course of time? Woah, man.

      • No one is denying the obvious, but the point I was making was in reference to the comment I made a few weeks in the deal I linked above, where someone couldn't accept that the price of the XL will go down any time soon. That was January the 8th.

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          So you commented on this thread specifically to leave a link to a previous post in which you argued with someone about future pricing of this device, and you feel that this post (which is not a drop in RRP, it’s on of many current smart phone specials at JB) somewhat validates your argument and proves you right in some way, and you now want recognition of this?

        • @aja12: had to sign in just to upvote this entire conversation lmao

        • @clankfan: lol, getting a few downvotes too :)


        it's heavy stuff man. Now I know why the price of Bitcoin is dropping.

        • a bit coin, which has no capitalisation is less than a physical phone so phones will only drop so far until they hit the cost of wholesale buying them.

          bit coins can fall back to their original capitalisation which is nothing.

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          @garage sale: things are only worth whatever people are willing to pay for them.

  • I like ice cream

    • There is not much wrong with the screens. Completely blown out of proportion.

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      • Well to be fair, there were many people commenting that the screen was well below sub par of a screen they expect on one of the most expensive phones.

      • blown out of proportion when it comes to just screen itself, but when the screen is on a 1400 bucks (full retail price) phone, its problems are not blown out of proportion.

        • The problem is the smaller Pixel 2 has a better display (sourced from Samsung instead of LG).

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      that seems to be the consensus with most phones.
      There's issues with the camera, the screen, battery life, bloatware, there's no updates, etc.

      I was thinking of reviving my nokia 3120, until I realised most people making these comments never owned the actual phone they're slagged.

    • At $1k I really don't think it's overpriced. I bought my 2XL during the Xmas sale at JB with gift cards - ended up paying around $850 for it.

      It is an amazing phone. When I first unboxed, the blue shift on my phone was very noticeable compared to my old Huawei. I was a bit annoyed, but after using it for a couple days, I completely don't notice it anymore.

      The software and the camera on this thing is amazing and definitely outweighs the non-issue (to me) of the blue shift.

      Overall, it is an amazing phone. Don't judge it by the negative reviews you see out there, because they all blownit out of proportion.

      • drose — how did you get the 2XL down to $850?

        Most giftcards are giving a 5% discount. Assuming you were able to get cards at 90c in the dollar, that assumes they were selling the phone for ~$950? Is that about right?


        • I bought off private sellers - Gumtree, facebook etc.

          I bought them just after xmas time, so i'm assuming a lot of people got giftcards as xmas gifts, but didnt want them, so sold them at a discounted price.

      • The Nexus 6P was $899 for the 64GB model, and $1099 for the 128GB model (or thereabouts). I still do not agree to this argument that phones should be priced over $1K just because they're a flagship model, and that's the only justification. Most companies seem to be following Apples trend which is to increase the price each year to make a greater profit margin. A thousand dollars (max) for a top end device with 128GB is acceptable, but definitely to not $1500+. I get that there's R&D, marketing, post sales warranty/support and a whole host of other things that the cost of the phone needs to cover, but still I fail to believe that a premium phone from Google that already use our data and usage stats to make more money off us when we buy their phone should be expecting us to pay such a high price. This is out right corporate greed. I am extending my usage of my 6P until I hit a bootloop issue, i break or lose it, or the battery life is too short to warrant keeping it. And the first device Im going to be looking at to replace it then will need to come in under $700 (such as the One Plus 5T). I managed to get my Nexus 6P 64GB for $740 within 2 months of the phones release which was acceptable, so will be looking around the same price point for a future medium/high end phone.

        • I agree with the majority of what you said and I too look for a similar entry price when it comes to phones.

          In Australia there is Apple and Samsung then everything else is daylight second. Google Pixel is trying to make it the big 3 but is not there yet.

          LG Nexus phones are not top end like the ones mentioned above. They are mid tier at best.If anyone ever pays over $1000 for an LG Nexus phone they have rocks in their head.

        • just fyi the nexus 6P was made by Huawei and thus there should be no bootloop issue ever. Enjoy using the phone forever! Jokes aside, the 6P was and still is a monster of a phone and if I had one, I probably wouldn't give it up until a new deal came along that was irresistible.

        • @zyn0:

          The 6P still has the microphone issue.

      • Expensive compared to other flagships…. You can get an S8 for 2/3 the price as a simple example. You could get a Note 8 for hundreds less while having way more features etc.

        • True, but I prefer the stock android experience and direct security patches and software updates that the Nexus/Pixel line offers.


          S8 is approaching 12 months, pixel is recently released.

        • Where can you get a Note 8 (true AU stock) for less than this?

        • @Trishool: Like what the S7,S8 and note 8 are getting each month? I mean if you like stock then yea that's a preference thing. I'm a hardware and software guy, I love software features, UI customisation (themes and other customisations etc) and great hardware. So really the only reason you would go Pixel is if you only care about having the best camera (by small margins in varying situations), security updates days or weeks before others, and 2 major software updates while experiencing the blandest and most basic software experience out of the box.

        • @wxyz234: It's still a current flagship phone. I bought the S8 new after selling my Pixel XL for less than it cost to buy the Pixel XL even though the S8 was much newer. The same will happen with the s9.

        • @OnlinePred: how have u found the s8 compared to pixel? more lag? +ve -ve please.

        • @rodie: My experience might be different to others, but here it is.

          I had 3 Pixel XL 128gb phones due to Mic/random reboot of death just for some background.

          S8 is not as SMOOTH or as quick as OG PIxel XL. Note 8 is much faster, but sometimes not as smooth when it comes to the animations. Everything looks better on the S8 screen compared to the OG Pixel XL. The speaker on the PXL is better than both Note 8 and S8. The PXL feels huge compared to the S8 and Note 8 because it's so wide. Pixel XL software is extremely basic and slim, it doesn't do much out of the box and has very little customisations and features compared to S8/Note 8. The S8/Note 8 look far better in person than the Pixel XL, although both S8 and NOte 8 get pretty slippery and oily in the hands due to the glass - but most would put a case on anyway - but this exaggerates just how wide the Pixel XL is and makes it feel even bigger and heavier in the hand.

          S8 on Oreo is a different beast, as the performance updates included in 7.1.1 onwards (which Pixel XL was released with, NOte 8 too but the S8 did not get), is what makes the phone so fast and smooth. So S8 on Oreo is faster than Pixel XL but perhaps on occasions not as smooth. I also owned a PXL 2 for a week before selling, it was extremely fast and smooth, but the phone felt and looked old compared to S8 and Note 8, and I don't analyse my photos enough to argue spending almost double on the PXL2 over the OP5t.

          I prefer the updates Samsung release as you get software enhancements throughout the year with new features, in addition to the new android version updates too. Pixels get exactly the same UI/features for a whole year before any changes, and often the changes are now are just changing the color or removing a feature etc.

        • @OnlinePred: To me, security weighs in above everything, even fancy features and S-Pens. If they are delayed by days or weeks, and during that time Im impacted, then you can imagine I wont be a happy chappy. Phones are easy to get lost/stolen or even hacked into, so timely security updates are really important to me for a device I carry with me everywhere I go in the outside world. Has the S8 got Oreo yet? Nope. My Nexus 6P got it MONTHS AGO (in fact its running 8.1 stock on a non-rooted device). Hopefully with Treble being implemented into more (new) phones this year as a part of Oreo, my concern around software and security updates will be reduced, but if Samsung / LG / Sony / Motorola continue down their track record, they're also going to be the ones I avoid like the plague.

          EDIT: Lets not forget the worst thing about custom ROM's/UI's, that they're terrible and unresponsive. Samsung phones, flagships etc, slow down after 6 months etc. My Nexus 6P is still snappy and responsive after 2.25 years (and this can be attributed to the monthly bug fixes and having the latest OS version available, and no bloat).

        • @OnlinePred: thanks bud for input. im on lg g4 and dying to throw against a wall soo laggy.
          so confused what i should get pixel 2, xz premium or s8. i just hate lag big time especially when you drop about $1k for a dam mobile. cheers

        • @rodie: If lag is literally all you care about, I would consider Pixel 2 or OP5t. If other features come into consideration then they will push you to other phones.

        • @Trishool: Security updates won't fix anything if you lose your phone. Also most security updates don't actually make your phone any more secure. Example being that the majority of security issues related to phones are user error when they install APK files from sources other than the Play Store - OR they open PDF documents without updating their apps.

          Application updates and choices are FAR more important than OS security updates IF you have any sense. Choosing what WiFi networks to connect to, using VPNs, choosing secure apps etc.

          Oreo adds nothing big in terms of security, a Pixel XL on 7.1.1 was deemed unhackable at the last hackathon a month or two ago. Infact at the same event, the S8 was able to be hacked, due to an app that wasn't updated and not related to the OS or security updates.

          So if you think getting security updates days or weeks before others makes your phone more secure, you couldn't be more wrong.

          Also Nexus 6P has a major hardware issue that has a class action against it. Your blanket opinion of bloat and roms is also inaccurate. EG Note 8 on 7.1.1 is faster than Pixel XL on 7.1.1. S7E is on the same security patch as Pixel 2.

          Finally, if security weighs in above all else, you would be on iPhone as they don't rely on scheduled security releases, and they can send a patch when they like, while Google relies on scheduled releases.

        • @OnlinePred: I disagree with almost everything you've said. The monthly patch cycle fixes bugs and security issues. If one of those bug fixes makes your phone less hackable (eg someone can unlock your phone by entering a specific code X times on the lock screen), then yes these are critical, not just important for information/data security. I also keep my apps up to date, so that's not a concern for me and is in the control of the user, so not an issue with the device maker or the OS.

          The main thing I was trying to get across with OS updates is that companies like Samsung etc have their own UI which lag and it shows, this doesn't happen on stock, and they get the update directly from Google as soon as its available in their region.

          Also Oreo (like most OS updates) has also delivered some security updates. For example, Oreo 8.0 introduced StrictMode detectors, as well as security and privacy updates that include some which Google classifies as dangerous. Oreo 8.1 has added things like programmatic safe browsing actions. Not to mention the numerous issues they've fixed through the monthly cycle (eg Meltdown and Spectre). So yes I disagree that getting updates days or weeks earlier doesn't make a difference. It absolutely does.

          Not all Nexus 6P's have the (software) issues you are referring to (I haven't heard of any hardware issues plaguing the device). Mine is ticking along just fine. There are two other people in my office that also have a 6P and is working fine for them after each update. Some peoples experience with the device is not my experience so not sure why you're telling me that. My 'blanket' opinion comes from owning a Samsung Galaxy S1, S4, and Note 4, LG G3, Moto G2, a Nexus 5, along with 3 Samsung tablets. Not sure where you're pulling those performance stats from though, however I can tell you from my experience that devices not running stock start to lag after 6 months. I haven't experienced the same with my Nexus 5 or 6P.

          I am not on an iPhone just like im not using Linux on my desktop - it does not suit my personal needs and is over priced (the same reason why I refuse to dish out for the Pixel phones over $1K as well). And your assumption that Google releases patches on a scheduled cycle is also incorrect. Please read here.

        • @Trishool: that link just says that they did the Jan release plus a full ota zip….

          I owned S8, note 8, pxl and pxl2. I owned 2 6Ps, one with bootloop of death and other had battery dead at 30% issue. Great phones but flawed.

          With all those security issues you raised, you should know how programming works, no software is perfect, and user awareness trumps all. You will still be able to get hacked if you install dodgy apps, or open PDF documents in third party browsers or readers. The problem with stock Android is it has no software, it can't do much, hence why you need to install so many apps and icon packs etc etc, all of these apps reduce security and performance.

          Anyway if having the security date is valuable to you then that can't be changed. Like I said, Android held back security patches to suit their schedule while apple pushed their iPhone patches straight away. So if you cared at all about security patches you would use an iPhone.

  • tempting

  • Does someone know if they are Telstra version or Google store version?

    • You can only get a google version of the pixel. It's as clean as an iPhone is with no carrier apps.

      • Incorrect. I believe it will be a Telstra version. The XL 2 I bought outright from JB was a Telstra one.

      • but would require Telstra's approval to get updates? so not as clean as an iPhone then…

        • Mine was bought from JB and I get updates as soon as they are released from Google - the only connection with Telstra was the sim card they threw in.

        • @Jmark: You will sometimes get Telstra specific OS updates. There isn't anything Telstra branded just I guess it works better with their network.

        • Yeah this is the case. I think most people get confused with pixels. Telstra pixels aren't branded at all. They look pure but the security and software updates aren't pushed to the phones until approved by Telstra. This varies from a day to a few weeks thus far.
          It is discussed on the Telstra forums on and off
          It's worth noting it the phone detects a sim from another carrier its been discussed on Reddit that this issue will be resolved and the updates will start from Google direct. Once the Telstra sim is back in it realises and once again future updates go through Telstra first read about it here http://bit.ly/2DGj9mB or on Telstra croudsupport

        • @swimmingtoad: Probably worded wrong by me, but that was what I was getting at. Updates aren't by Telstra when it comes out of the box. The connection is the SIM card.

        • @swimmingtoad: It's 100% Stock Android, No Telstra, No JB HIfi can or will control the future updates for pixel 2 XL bought from JBHifi. You can even join the Android Beta Program to get the updates faster than the normal releases https://www.google.com/android/beta . If you are locked to Carrier then you cannot do all this.

        • @vis:
          If using a Telstra sim it will change that though.

        • @swimmingtoad: I did not put Telstra Sim but even though you put Telstra Sim in it, it doesn't automatically carrier lock it to Telstra, it doesn't makes any sense whatsoever.

        • @vis:I never said anything about carrier locks.
          Telstra sim will cause updates and security updates to be somewhat delayed as they then need to be approved by telstra prior to pushing to the devices.

        • +1 vote

          @swimmingtoad: Software updates most probably will happen when you are connected to WiFi, if you are in doubt switch off telstra mobile data or remove the sim card, Telstra cannot stop / interfere with your mobile software or security updates.

        • @vis:

          They can on the pixel and do. You need to insert a non Telstra sim and then update.
          Maybe we will leave it at that.
          I have a Pixel 2 XL and have linked the pages of discussions. Otherwise Google Telstra pixel updates for yourself.

        • @swimmingtoad: Or download the OTA files from Google and flash manually, no delay.

  • Think I am going to have to bite the bullet this time and do it. Very unhappy with my OnePlus 3T right now.

  • This beats the last jbhifi lowest price right?
    But no home mini?

  • This phone is amazing, been using since out.

  • +1 vote

    I have the original Pixel XL, if i did not, I would definitely get this phone. I will wait until Pixel 3 i think.

    • I have the Pixel XL too, and will most likely pull the trigger on the XL2 today.

    • I had the Pixel XL 128. Had some pretty severe issues on it seemingly related to a hardware/memory fault (ie. after reaching a certain GB usage the phone would start restarting, a factory reset and safe mode trial would still do same thing), so ended up going through RMA process. There was a huge delay on the Google store side with the RMA process, I was sent back a bubble wrapped phone only despite sending in all accessories, ended up with a huge back and forth, about 40+ emails, and ACCC action about to be instituted… long story short I got sent a pixel 2 XL 128 brand new.

      The pixel 2 is a fantastic phone, yes, there is blue tint when you angle the screen, but other than that the camera quality has been mistaken for my 6D with the post processing that it does for bokeh effect. The CPU is noticeabley faster, the sound via the included dongle is amazing (using my xduoo amp + senheisser 6xx headphones). Overall the phone is a noticeable improvement from the Pixel.

  • Ahhhh, not sure whether I should get this or keep waiting for the Note 8 to come down to $999 price tag from Black Friday sale back in November..

    • im thinking also a galaxy, but having owned a galaxy s4 previously it was laggy as… dont have confidence with galaxy mobs even the new shinny s8

      • Really can't compare s4 to a modern phone. The OS is lots cleaner in Samsung phones than it used to be.
        Ref: I went from s4 to s8.
        Curve edge is only thing that occasionally annoys me. S9 release should push prices down again.

        • thanks for reply. how long have you had it for? any laggish behaviour? if you could return these mobiles within 30days i would jump more quickly. but these mobs are expensive as these days.

        • @rodie: I got mine couple months ago from binglee for around 800.
          Seems fine to me for lag. I changed dev options for draw rates. Battery use seems to have gone up a bit but i am yet to get below 40% by night.
          Hopefully they release android update soon as that makes more perf improvements.

        • I am still using an S5, which has been fine up until the last year with painful ads popping up. I previously had the S2 and S4, which were still working well and so given to friends. I do not use half the features the phone offers though.

          Have been told it is the downloaded apps that are making it lag with those painful ads, but no one has told me which apps are causing it:

          Have Google maps, Yahoo Mail, Navigation, torch and a few Mario, Star Wars and Pokemon apps.

          Have even considered doing a factory reset and refusing any updates, but unsure of the result.

          Any suggestions? I don't like having to pay for mobiles, so wait until I am offered a freebie for a small term of patronage.

        • @JediJan: see if you have Peel remote installed as that updated and started putting ads on my lock screen of s4!
          Google apps should be ok for no ads not sure of yahoo or the games though.

        • @Gandalf the Thrifty: Thank you for suggestion. Not very tech savvy, but yes, have seen some mention of Peel Remote on the lock screen. Not sure how to, but will have a look-see if I can find and delete it somewhere. I had the feeling it may be the torchlight app. Would be a nuisance if it is Yahoo; they put ads just about everywhere these days (on top of Inbox listings). I use Yahoo for my emails so it gets a fair bit of use each day.

  • Anyone know where i can get a JB gift card from?
    Was thinking ebay for cashrewards?