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Foxtel - Entertainment + Sports + HD + Free IQ3 $39/Month for 12 Months (Plus Installation $25/ $100) - New Customers Only


So Foxtel is about as popular as a fart in an elevator in these here parts - but IMO the one thing keeping them relevant is the sports coverage. As the clock quickly counts down to footy season I shudder at the thought of having to go through another season of listening to the Channel 9 NRL commentary team so seriously started looking into Foxtel deals. I almost jumped last week at a far less appealing pack but as soon as I saw this one I made the leap.
$39/mth for the first 12 months
Entertainment pack (Including Fox8, Arena, MTV, Universal, Lifestyle, Discovery, Nat Geo, Disney/Nick Jr)
Sports pack (Fox Sports 1/3/5/6, Fox Footy, Fox League, ESPN, Liverpool/Man U/Chelsea TV)
Free IQ3 box
No lock-in contract

Standard installation of $100 will also be debited from the first bill, but if your home already has Telstra cable coming in then you can simply order the Self-Install pack for $25.

Usual price would be:
Entertainment pack: $26/mth
Sports pack: $29/mth
HD: $10/mth
= $65/mth

In case you're looking to go the whole hog, Platinum HD also available at $111 with the same conditions as above.

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    • +1

      $35 for basic, sport and movies is actually a pretty good price point package.

      • Yeh, I’d go that. I’m only 3 months in, but think I’m only on a 6 month plan, so would handle most of the footy season.

    • +3

      I've done this for three years and always been offered a deal to stay on. Never paid more than $35 for entertainment sport and HD. Cancelled my service for good yesterday. Just don't watch it anymore. Give me $10 a month for HD sport only - and I'm back in.

    • Thats actually really good. Wonder if they'd give the entertainment plus or docos instead of movies… Will be worth a call!

    • Who did you speak to? Can I use your name to get them to match your deal..?
      Let me know - feel free to PM me, thanks

  • +1

    errrm. offer ends 28 MARCH so plenty of time to subscribe.

    $39 for reliable HD is a lot better than $44 for FOXTEL PLAY to watch NRL on sub-quality and over congested broadband on saturday nights.

    PLAY = "To access the Sport Pack, you need to add a starter pack. We suggest the Pop Pack at $15/month which means your minimum cost will be $44/month."

    seems like a no brainer.

    • thanks

    • You can choose a $10 pack so $39 on Foxtel Now too if you just want sports. And you can have 2 simultaneous streams so just split the cost with a mate.

      • sounds like a better option, as long as uve got good broadband (during peak hours).

        anything to avoid a long term deal with foxtel, just to get my 5 months of NRL fix, is a good thing.

      • Don't you get a foxtel now access for two devices with a normal foxtel box package?
        So if you played it right, you could possibly 'onsell' those to make this extremely cheap.

        • The Foxtel app (formally Foxtel Go) is different to Foxtel Now. No HD (quality is pretty mediocre really) and only available for phones, tablets and PC (ie. not for watching on the TV with Telstra TV, Chromecast/AirPlay, gaming consoles, etc). It's meant to supplement the normal Foxtel service.

    • +1

      The Entertainment pack on Foxtel doesn't get the better channels offered in the Foxtel Now Pop pack though - FX, Comedy Channel and Showcase.

      To get these channels and sport on Foxtel you'd need to shell out another $30 to get the Drama and Entertainment Plus packs, so that would be $69 compared to $44.

  • +1

    If only the Foxtel Now Box had PVR functionally. I would ditch their overpriced satellite service in an instant.

  • +13

    $39 on the face of it is a great price, but I simply can't, in good concience, patronise a Murdoch company.

    • +1

      Do you apply your conscience to all companies?

      • +8

        Just companies owned by Murdoch.

      • +4

        So you've never watched an episode of The Simpsons, X-Files or any Fox produced program? Because by watching it you are generating income for Fox.

        In fact even if you watch the AFL on Channel 7, you could be supporting Foxtel. Foxtel produces a number of AFL matches that are purchased by Channel 7. Channel 7 pay them for the privilege.

        Everything is related these days. You can't escape the evil clutches of Rupert!

  • +20

    I use to have Foxtel, can't stand the amount of ads are shown, ain't paying to watch ads. Amen to Netflix and Stan.

    • +1

      Yea the ads surprised me a lot when I got it way back. Never again.

  • +2

    Bring back Darrell Eastlake!

    $39 for the first 12 months, can't beat that. I got the first 3 months free.

    • +2

      How did you get the first 3 months free???

  • +1

    I have foxtel through Telstra, out of contract. I wonder if I could take up this offer?

    • +2

      In my experience, cancel with Telstra then start a new contract with Foxtel. Don't do a port from Telstra to Foxtel direct… they stuffed everything up, was getting two bills and Foxtel were refusing to honour the offer they had despite live chat records of me asking them. It took about a month of ringing every second day to get it all fixed and on the offer they said was available if I ported.

      Never again.

    • I am also with Foxtel via Telstra. I called them yesterday to ask them to match this offer. First guy said he couldn't. So I said I'd migrate to Foxtel direct. The next person on the phone, when I said why I was migrating, said they could match the offer. So all good and didn't have to migrate.

  • This is a great deal, but is it available with Foxtel Now? I have an Old terrace house with almost no access to install the cable, it would be much easier If I could just use my Optus cable internet (the Optus coax cable internet was installed when I had the floors ripped up, now the front room is sealed, so its near on impossible to get a cable under the front rooms). I don't think I can dual purpose the Optus Coax for Foxtel duties can I?

    • Deal is not available with Foxtel Now. They have deals with the full version of Foxtel because they lock you in for 12 months and then they bank on you paying extra once the deal finishes.

      There are no contracts with Foxtel Now. It's all month by month. If you want Sport in HD on "Foxtel Now" the least you will pay is $10 (Docos Pack) + $29 (Sport) = $39 per month.

      • really, $39… i got $44. link?

      • +1

        Here's a link to the Docos pack ($10 per month)

        All other base packages are $15.

        Then you add in an optional Premium package. eg. Sport ($29)

        Hope this helps.

        • +1

          Lifestyle, Docos, and Kids pack are $10 each. Drama and Pop are $15.

      • This deal is not on 12 month contract. It's month to month

        • No. The deal specified on the link below is for a 12 month contract:

          "The live sport you love
          all in one place, $39* a month
          for 12 months "

          If you get "Foxtel Now", then you're on a month to month contract.

        • @jelko: you get that price for 12 months but could cancel after the first. Check thefine print:

          *Min cost $139.03 (incl $100 std install fee) on direct debit for 1 month based on Sports HD Combo with an iQ3.

        • -3

          Fair enough. But who is going to get a satellite installed and box delivered for just one month? Once you cancel you need to return the box to Foxtel so it's not like you can watch Foxtel for a couple of months, suspend your service for 3, then reactivate it for another month.

          Anybody who would only subscribe to the full version Foxtel for a single month is irresponsible and wasting Foxtel's money and making it more expensive for every other user.

          If you want a month to month flexibility then they should use the Foxtel Now service.

        • +1

          @jelko: Imagine caring about wasting a Murdoch company's money… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • There is OPTUS Tv Featuring foxtel. Which runs though Optus Cable Coax. Not sure if they will price match though.

  • Very tempted for this one, but like many am not a fan of Foxtel.

    Does anyone know another option to watch AFL on a big screen live? I know there is the web and app, but these seem VERY locked down now with no air play and purposely lower quality to limit to 9 inch screens.

    Any tips?

    • No. Foxtel or Channel 7.

      • Thought that might be the case. We also moved to another state than our normal team, so even less likley to see our team on free to air.


        • You could go to the pub and watch the footy for free (well for the cost of a beer or 2)

    • +1

      Yes, with an AFL Live pass:

      $99/season all you can eat, or FREE if you are a Telstra mobile customer.

      You can watch it on the TV screen with an Android TV, Android TV Box (e.g. Shield TV) or Fire TV running Kodi and the Aussie TV add-ons:

      The add-ons only support legal Catch-up TV or paid services like AFL Live or NRL Live.

      • To add to my own message, you could run Kodi on a RaspberryPi too, but Shield TVs and FireTVs are easier for most…

    • WatchAFL and a VPN. The bit I'm trying to figure out is how I would Chromecast it to my TV while I'm connected to the VPN as the Chromecast would be on another network technically. Could do it router side if I didn't have the default telstra router.

  • +3

    I tried to cancel foxtel yesterday, and rather than lose my business they offered me the mini pack.. $10 per month.. 10 channels and keep your iq box and can tape free to air etc… max 12 months on this offer then back to your most recent package.. not very well publicised but i guess this forum would know all about it..

    Fox Sports News
    Sky News
    History Channel

  • +1

    Maybe for 12 months in bold + in title lol

    Shouldn't be more than $39/Mo anyway, bloody crime how much they charge

  • +4

    Foxtel sux, why the hell would anyone pay to watch constant ads.

    • Even if it were the best entertainment experience in human history it would still be half-owned by a company run by Rupert Murdoch. If it were the only way to watch live sport, I'd give up watching live sport. Yes, I've got a bit of a problem with Rupert Murdoch. And yes, paying to watch ads?

  • +4

    Mehhh not worth the money.

  • Wow, that Entertainment pack is just garbage. Essentially you are paying $39/month for just the sport.

  • Fraudband partly brought to you by foxtel.They can barely compete with HD streaming let alone 4k streaming. evilcorp wont get a cent from me.

  • If it's any help you can easily get 3 months free on top of that plus they'll place a satellite dish on your roof as a free install if you can bear it since they are trying to cut ties from the NBN-owned cable

    • +1

      you're the second person i've seen indicate you can get 3 mths free on top…is that just by ringing/online chat and asking for it or is there a deal on top i'm not aware of?? ta

      • +2

        i signed up as a new customer booking in an install and asked for cable but i have problems with nbn not being ready yet so i have no lead in cable

        i refused satellite and they called me back a day or two later to try to sell it offering me free install one month then two months then three months free but i still refused it because i don’t want a satellite dish

        so you can get platinum for 3 months free then call to disconnect and you’ll get the $35 deal or whatever described above

  • I’m renting. They used to have Foxtel here. Can I do self install or do I need something I got already installed that says Foxtel ?

    • Yes. Just did it. rang and asked for this deal with free self install. Done, setup yesterday… only pay $39 month to month.

  • -2

    If someone gets this I'll pay you to be one of the devices!

  • +8

    buy a 99 cent .edu email address on eBay (or just get one free by googling how to do it…)

    this gives you Google Drive with unlimited storage. unlimited. following the word unlimited? :P

    Then you can have a bunch of mates or just yourself use your raspberry pi's or pc's or whatever device you have Kodi on…. install the gDrive plugin on it and setup and obtain the Google OAUTH code. really easy to do.

    this gives Kodi full access to your google drive and it uses it as a Library just as if it's a local drive. Now back to the first part. Google Drive is unlimited storage. You can use it as an incredible dumping ground for as much media as you want and family/friends/whoever can all have full access to that in their lounge room.

    If you feel bad about taking advantage of education accounts you can pay Amazon around $10 a month for unlimited cloud storage on Amazon servers. Some guys on reddit have ridiculous amounts of data on there and no one bats an eye. Setup a script on your google drive account and set it to run the script every few hours and it will scan for new movies and tv shows, create .strm files of it and then you set each kodi device with a cronjob for rclone copy and aim it at the folder the script creates.

    once setup, all you need to do is obtain movies/tv and dump it on your google drive. it will then be automatically be fed to all kodi devices you want to access it. You wont be relying on ridiculous quality streams you find online, theres no chance of takedowns because you arent publicly sharing it, you control the quality of what goes on it and it's live and on demand on as many devices you want.

    cost? 99 cents for the email if you buy it on eBay or completely free if you get an edu yourself or about 10 a month with AWS.

    then feel better about yourself not giving Foxtel any money at all for being scumbags

    • Wow.. Cool concept! :)

    • +1

      Cool idea. Sports is the drawcard for a lot of people though.

      Certainly interested in the .edu email though.

    • I had zero idea about this. Purchased one. Might not necessarily use it for streaming but unlimited GDrive will definitely make my storage dramas go away.

    • Didn't know about unlimited g drive, nice! Anyone know if addresses are supported also?

      FYI, AWS is no longer unlimited,

    • Where do these films come from?

  • For sports package, how is this deal different from the Telstra offer

    • The only difference I see is that this has no lock-in contract and the Telstra one is 12 months.

  • Always the new customers, but no rewards for loyalty. My folks have had it since 1996 and never received anything for it.

    22 years…

    • +1

      Your folks must be the ideal sort of customers Foxtel wishes all subscribers were.

      And by being so, contributed to creating this greedy media giant.

  • The $100 install makes it much less attractive.

    Can you order a self install kit for $25 if you already have a satellite dish?

    • Yes. Just did it. rang and asked for this deal with free self install. Done, setup yesterday… dont pay $25 for self install kit!

  • +3

    Will not pay one cent to Murdoch and co.

  • No Premier League

  • Called up to cancel foxtel so I could take up this deal under my wife's name but the gave me entertainment sport and HD for $36 per month so pretty happy with that.
    Apparently because I have been a customer for 2 plus years I am entitled to deals on my account everytime one runs out I call back to activate another.

    • How long is the new deal Last for for you?

      • 3 months but she gave me a date to to ring back and get it extended by another 3 months.

    • I asked about $36 but told can only do $39 price saved for 12 months but no lock in contract. Still happy, but just to save someone else the trouble for asking for $36.

      • i wuould have paid $39 to be locked in for 12 months but they wouldn't let me have that

  • I'm paying $65/month for HD Sports on Foxtel. This new deal is for new customers only (I called twice and tried to get switched over but they said no). I'm wondering if I can just cancel my foxtel, wait 30 days and jump on this new deal as a new customer? Is 30 days disconnection enough time to be considered a new customer?

    • no need to actually go through with disconnection, just order cancellation and within a day or two you’ll get a retention call with the same deal

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bit the bullet with these clowns and took up the offer.
    As I was a previous customer some years ago I've still got the dish etc which is all GTG. This enabled me to be self-install ready thus only had to dish out (pun intended) the 25 clams instead of 100 :)
    Did the whole bizzo online in less than 10 minutes and they reckon 2 - 7 days I'll be rockin'!

  • Now if only I could get this with the 29 buck sports pack taken out, and pay 9 bucks a month, and finally have a reasonably priced Foxtel plan.

  • I pay $62 per month for the platinum HD package with foxtel.

    1 friend signed up, he got 2 additional boxes as multiroom. Another friend and I use those boxes. We live at opposite ends of the country. Every now and then he calls up and whinges about the price he pays and they give him sports at half price or other meager deals. But the real saving is splitting the cost. I wonder how many multirooms you could get before they got suspicious?

  • Yay I posted this deal on my birthday and it's my highest rated yet. Best day EVER!!

    • +1

      Happy birthday!

  • +1

    Pardon my ignorance but if I have an nbn connection installed in the house that is HFC, will a Foxtel box plug in also…?

    • Same question here!

  • For those interested in this offer, you can add other packages and still get the $26 discount, as long as Sports is one of the packages.

    Entertainment, Sports, Movies, HD = $59

  • I'm paying $89/month for Essentials $50, Sports $29 plus HD $10.
    Without a lecture on Foxtel, can I negotiate better? Cable is not an option, satellite only.

  • Are there similar deals for Foxtel Now, the online version?

  • Been paying $65 a month so called them and they switched to this deal for 12 months starting now.

    • How was that $65 broken up, and how did they explain what you have now achieved?

  • +2

    You should be able to get further discounts by starting the signup process online (go all the way so they have your contact details but don't submit). You'll then get a call the next day from their special offers team who'll try to sign you up. From there you should at least get offered free install, some extra channel packs for free, or you might be able to get a further discount. Play hard to get and they'll ask you what is needed to get you across the line. Happened to me today.

    • What did you get?

  • Just got off the phone with Foxtel to cancel. Plan was for the wife to sign up for this deal. Fortunately they offered the same deal as an existing customer. She did also dribble the loyalty being with them for a few yrs, dont think that's really factored but hey..

  • For those who are currently with Foxtel from Telstra, call up Telstra and they will match this package special from Foxtel. I just tried it now and it works. Saved myself $26 per month as the same package with Foxtel from Telstra is $65 per month.

  • Existing Customers - Used Chat feature and got the $39pm deal instead of my current $65pm. Only difference was no iQ3 included, but then no $100 fee. Valid for 12 months but no contract so no minimum period.

    • I just did the same thing with Telstra - rang up and said 'disconnect' - they asked why, i said, better deal thru foxtel. She said, what are they offering, I told her and she said she'll match it, including the iQ3 box.

  • I too called up to cancel and was immediately offered the $39 for 12 months deal (was previously on the $65 for sports + HD packages)

  • Managed to call up and say either give me the offer of $39 or i disconnect and was given the discount straight away!!!

  • Looks like foxtel have free Standard install now.

    The live sport you love
    all in one place, $39* a month
    for 12 months
    + No lock-in contract + iQ3 box fee waived* + Free* installation
    + 12 HD sport channels + 45 Entertainment channels

    That might help a few people.

    • Can you link to this deal? I can only see one with $100 install.