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41 TISSOT Watches – Swiss Made, Featuring Sapphire Crystal - 28% to 67% off @ Amazon/eBay/Jomashop etc


Brand Website:
Swiss Made explained:

jomashop.com signup offer: extra US$20 off first US$250+ order

01 - ♀ Tissot T-Trend T-Moments T0091101705700 Model Facts:
watchdirect.com.au $370.00 US$99.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$121.00 = now $149.4259.6% off

02 - ♀ Tissot T-10 T0733101101700 Model Facts: Video:
chronospride.com.au $427.50 US$124.94 + US$10.37 Shipping = US$135.31 = now $168.9360.5% off

03 - ♂ Tissot Everytime Medium Nato T1094101803200 Model Facts: Video:
us.tissotshop.com $271.29 US$128.35 + US$9.77 Shipping = US$138.12 = now $170.3237.2% off

04 - ♀ Tissot Everytime Small T1092101603200 Model Facts: Video:
us.tissotshop.com $259.33 $150.58 - 5% code PICK5 = $143.05 + $32.82 International Priority Shipping = now $175.8732.2% off

05 - ♀ Tissot TXL Lady Watch T0613101103100 (description errors but picture and model no. are correct) Model Facts:
watchshop.com $541.43 US$135.00 + US$9.18 = US$144.18 = now $177.8067.2% off

06 - ♂ Tissot Classic Dream T0334101601301 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $275.00 US$133.99 + US$9.95 International Delivery = US$143.94 = now $180.1834.5% off

07 - ♀ Tissot T-Trend Odaci-T T0201091105100 Model Facts: Video:
watchdirect.com.au $380.00 US$124.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$146.99 = now $181.9452.1% off

08 - ♂ Tissot T-Classic Dream Black Dial T0334101605300 Model Facts:
watchdirect.com.au $360.00 US$138.25 + US$10.07 = US$148.32 = now $182.9049.2% off

09 - ♂ Tissot Classic Dream T0334101605301 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $275.00 US$135.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$157.00 = now $196.0128.7% off

10 - ♂ ♀ Tissot Quickster Black Dial T0954103705701 Model Facts:
authenticwatches.com $528.64 US$145.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$167.00 = now $207.7260.7% off

11 - ♂ Tissot Quickster Mother of Pearl Dial T0954103711700 Model Facts: Video:
chrono24.com.au $600.00 US$149.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$171.99 = now $213.9364.3% off

12 - ♂ Tissot T-Navigator Automatic Black Dial T0624301705700 Model Facts: Video:
montredo.com $830.81 US$249.99 – US$30.00 code BF1TS30 = US$219.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$241.99 = now $305.2063.3% off (credit: Member ilikeit)

13 - ♂ Tissot Quickster Silver White Dial T0954103603700 Model Facts: Video:
authenticwatches.com $466.44 US$159.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$181.00 = now $225.1451.7% off

14 - ♂ Tissot Classic Dream T0334101105301 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $325.00 $243.84 – 5% code PICK5 = now $231.65 Free Expedited International Shipping … 28.7% off

15 - ♀ Tissot Everytime T1092103303100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $400.00 US$169.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$191.99 = now $237.8940.5% off

16 - ♂ Tissot Tradition T0636101603800 Model Facts: Video:
watchdirect.com.au $460.00 US$179.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$201.99 = now $250.2845.6% off

17 - ♂ Tissot Tradition T0636101605800 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $400.00 US$179.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$201.99 = now $250.3537.4% off

18 - ♀ Tissot Flamingo T0942101611100 Model Facts: Video:
watchdirect.com.au $475.00 US$188.50 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$210.50 = now $260.5545.1% off

19 - ♂ Tissot PR100 T1014101103100 Model Facts:
anguscoote.com.au $400.00 US$189.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$211.00 = now $261.4434.6% off

20 - ♂ Tissot PR100 T1014101105100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $400.00 US$195.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$217.00 = now $268.8832.8% off

21 - ♀ Tissot Lovely T0580091103100 Model Facts: Video:
warchdirect.com.au $470.00 US$195.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$217.00 = now $269.9242.6% off

22 - ♂ Tissot Couturier T0354101605100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $475.00 US$228.38 Free Shipping = now $282.9840.4% off

23 - ♂ Tissot PR100 Silver Dial Chronometer T1014512603100 Model Facts:
metalsintime.com $719.78 US$257.95 + US$9.95 International Delivery = US$267.90 = now $335.3653.4% off

24 - ♂ Tissot Everytime Swissmatic T1094071605100 Model Facts: Video:
chrono24.com.au $616.00 US$249.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$271.99 = now $338.3145.1% off

25 - ♂ Tissot Tradition Chronograph T0636171605700 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $575.00 US$260.99 + US$9.95 International Delivery = US$270.94 = now $339.1641% off

26 - ♂ Tissot Quickster Chronograph T0954171104700 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $550.00 US$270.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$292.00 = now $361.8134.2% off

27 - ♀ Tissot Ladies Flamingo T0942103311100 Model Facts:
anguscoote.com.au $575.00 US$270.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$292.00 = now $365.5336.4% off

28 - ♂ Tissot PRC200 Chronograph T0554171105700 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $700.00 $399.00 – 5% code PICK5 = now $379.05 FAST ‘N FREE … 45.8% off

29 - ♀ Tissot T-Wave Ladies T1122103306100 Model Facts:
anguscoote.com.au $625.00 $366.32 – 5% code PICK5 = $348.00 + $38.28 International Priority Shipping = now $386.2838.2% off

30 - ♂ Tissot Tradition Chronograph T0636173603700 Model Facts: Video:
watchdirect.com.au $650.00 US$289.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$311.00 = now $386.8440.5% off

31 - ♂ Tissot V8 Chronograph T1064173603100 Model Facts: Video:
davidjones.com.au $725.00 US289.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US311.00 = now $386.8446.6% off

32 - ♂ Tissot Couturier Chronograph T0356171105100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $725.00 $358.86 – 5% code PICK5 = $340.92 + $49.84 Standard International Shipping = now $390.7646.1% off

33 - ♂ Tissot Couturier Chronograph T0356171603100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $675.00 US$315.99 + US$9.95 International Delivery = US$325.94 = now $408.0139.6* off

34 - ♂ Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 T0064071105200 Model Facts:
watchdirect.com.au $750.00 $442.86 – 5% code PICK5 = $420.72 + $16.19 Standard International Shipping = now $436.9141.7% off

35 - ♂ Tissot PRS516 Chronograph T1004171105100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $925.00 $499.00 – 5% code PICK5 = now $474.05 FAST ‘N FREE … 48.7% off … Make an Offer!

36 - ♂ Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 T0064071103300 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $825.00 US$373.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US395.99 = now 492.5540.3% off

37 - ♂ Tissot PRS516 Chronograph T1004173605100 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $1,000.00 $514.23 – 5% code PICK5 = $488.52 + $16.04 Standard International Shipping = now $504.5649.5% off

38 - ♀ Tissot Le Locle Automatic Ladies T41218333 Model Facts: [Video:]
anguscoote.com.au $950.00 US$449.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$471.00 = now $585.8538.3% off

39 - ♂ Tissot Tradition Powermatic 80 Open Heart T0639072203800 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $1,100.00 US$449.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$471.00 = now $589.6046.4% off

40 - ♂ Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Chronograph Automatic T0994271605800 Model Facts: Video:
anguscoote.com.au $1,325.00 $765.40 – 5% code PICK5 = $727.13 + $48.36 International Priority Shipping = now $813.7638.5% off

41 - ♂ Tissot T-Race Touch Aluminium Black Dial T0814209705706 Model Facts: Video:
overstock.com $730.88 US$249.99 - US$50.00 code BFTIST50 = $199.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$221.99 = now $279.9761.7% off (credit: Member ilikeit)

42 - ♂ ♀ Quickster Silver Dial Unisex Watch T0954101703701 Model Facts: Video:
macys.com $472.38 US$174.99 - $35.00 code VD2TI35 = US$139.99 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$161.99 = now $205.5956.4% off (credit: Member WatchNerd)

Other watch deals:
Naviforce 9044 Watch (4 Styles) US$8.40 (~AU$10.60) Shipped @ Zapals
23 Watches - Citizen Eco-Drive 75% off + Extra 5% off + Make an Offer and Q&Q SmileSolar 50% off + Extra 5% off @ eBay many reports of delivery within 3 days of purchase!

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  • +2

    Large majority of watches will have replaceable/changeable standard straps so the colour of the strap shouldn't come into consideration.

    I would recommend you pick up whatever width watch you like and then get a shell cordovan strap on the aftermarket. There are cheap factory seconds from Germany on ebay for approx $50

  • +2

    I would be very cautious purchasing from Creation watches (or any of their sister stores).

    I purchased a watch from Downunderwatches.com (run by Creation Watches). When I received the watch, the movement was faulty and the case was missing a screw.
    Downunder/Creation would not do anything for me and kept telling me to take it to a Fossil repair centre.
    It wasn't until I got PayPal involved that they refunded my money.

    • +1

      None of these 40 watch deals are from Creation or downunderwatches.com.

      • Tissot PR 100 T1014101603100 is Creation's eBay store.

        • Oh I see. Then purchasers would still have PayPal protection.

        • SigmaTime is also creation? I suppose you know SigmaTime also have a website.

    • Hmmm, thanks for the heads up on these sellers or should I say - seller.

  • +1

    Anyone in Melbourne? Can you recommend a cheap and reliable place to get battery changed with pressure test?
    Cheers PJC, great post :)

    • Do it yourself but if you do it bad you will stuff up your watch

    • +1

      If you have a few quartz watches, it might be cheaper to buy your own pressure tester. They aren't really that expensive.

  • "Swiss Made" = LOL. Yeah, right, Swiss made by Japanese or Chinese robots in a big shed somewhere in Switzerland. Swiss Made used to mean precision hand crafting. Using the term today is just a con.

    • +2

      These are all Swiss Made.

      Swiss Made explained:

    • To be fair machine precision is far superior to hand crafting as humans can't match the tolerance that modern robotics can. I wouldn't call it a con but it is marketing.

      • As Top Gear once said “hand built just means a door will fall off” 😂

  • +2

    Wow this post is a work of art itself!!! Thanks OP!!

  • +4

    PJC and WatchNerd are setting standards on timepiece deal posts.

    • +3

      The gods of horological masterpieces.

  • +1

    Thank you. Good deal on SKX009K2?

    • +1

      Usually on ebay is the best with free shipping.

    • +2

      This seems to be the cheapest but I wish they had a better feedback rating:-

      $214.32 - 5% code PICK5 = $203.60 Free Economy International Shipping

      • +1

        Thanks PJC

      • +1

        Like you said, bad feedback, I would hold out longer.

  • +2

    Great post!

  • +1

    What do you guys think about these cheap watches?

    Pictures in this one makes it stand out

    • +1

      For 12 bucks they can’t be that bad. Just don’t expect quality leather (likely bonded leather) or longevity. There are 62 reviews which should give you a better idea.

    • +1

      A guide to Chinese watches, by some random person you've never met and have no reason to trust:

      Naviforce good
      Sinobi good
      Skmei bad
      Curren bad
      Everyone else probably bad, even when $10US or less you should always check watchuseek forums

      — fin —

      p.s. Lots of people will stand up for Skmei because of their g-shock knock offs. On this they score a "not bad"

      • thanks, I only really like Sinobi's design

  • +2

    The T-Sport PRC 200 Chronograph is quite nice. But prefer a smart watch.

  • +1

    30 - ♂ Tissot Tradition Chronograph T0636173603700(jomashop.com) Model Facts:(tissotwatches.com) Video:(youtube.com)
    watchdirect.com.au $650.00 US$289.00 + US$22.00 Priority Mail International = US$311.00 = now $386.84 … 40.5% off

    Great price almost the same price as what I bought it for when 18% ebay site wide sale.

  • +3

    There is now a new No.12 and it is a very impressive deal!

    • +1

      ETA auto.

  • +2

    The new No.41 is such a low price for a Tissot T-Touch it became a title changer.

  • -2


    Buy a smartwatch. How much is shipping from Joma?

    • Yeh, 'cause smart watches make you smarter, just like all those Fitbits over the years have made all that own them fitter!

      • I can check my messages and use it as a gps. What can you do? lol

        • +3

          I can swim at the beach with it, not charge it periodically, not buy a new one in 2 years because the technology won't be obsolete and be manly.

        • @ilikeit:

          I can swim at the beach with mine too and it has an in-built swimming tracking app that even counts laps, HR, type of stroke, efficiency, pace etc.
          Smartwatches don't go obsolete in 2 years.

          Charging it every 3 days (minimum) is not a big deal. You have to charge your phone every day. Leaving it on charge overnight is not hard. I'm sure even you can work out how to use a wireless charger.

          Face it man, you're living in the past.

        • +1

          @smuggler: Not arguing with you, but clearly we have different needs, wants and expectations for our watches.

          What beach are you doing laps of? Also, I am referring to swimming depths of more than 1m under water. I don't think an Apple watch is going to handle the rigour of pounding waves. Apple watch 3 "may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or the ocean. However, Apple Watch Series 3 should not be used for scuba diving or waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below a shallow depth.

          I already have enough necessary devices to charge. Charging is a big deal - 4 more in my house would be an issue with the myriad of phones and tablets. Plus, 3 days is not enough. Today I'm wearing my iconic Seiko SKX009, an extremely rigorous watch. Sure, the movement is basic and will only last 40 hours once off the wrist, but I know that with a cheap service, it will easily last me another 20 years and when I'm off the beaten track I won't have to worry about charging. Unfortunately, due to firmware and advance in technology, Apple watches will become disposable, obsolete keepsakes and have to be replaced at cost which I find is a bitter pill to swallow come replacement time.

          Different horses for different courses.

          PS - they are nerdy.

        • @ilikeit:

          Oh christ, wouldn't buy an APple watch or an Apple product until I die.

          Many beaches in Sydney have pools next to them. The swimming app works well for open water swimming too.

          Try a Garmin or Samsung Gear Sport. They both have 5ATM water resistant ratings. Work fine at 50 metres underwater. Just don't spend 2 hours at that depth.
          I have 30 power outlets in my house, so I cannot see how charging would be a big deal. Do people honestly base their decisions off of how many times they have to charge it a week? Seriously, get a power bank. You only have to drop the watch onto the magnetic stand.

        • +1

          @smuggler: 5ATM for swimming? Too risky.

        • @PJC:

          Samsung's V&V team aren't stupid.

        • +1


          They both have 5ATM water resistant ratings. Work fine at 50 metres underwater.

          Read this.

        • +1


          Do people honestly base their decisions off of how many times they have to charge it a week?


          It's the reason why I went with a Garmin Vivofit 2. Haven't needed to charge it since I bought it more than a year ago (in fact I'm freaking out a little right now because I don't actually remember how to charge it haha - I'm looking at it right now and there are no charging ports/points on the damn thing lol).

          I also have a cheap (compared to Tissot) Invicta watch that I love and for which I do genuinely use to check the time - much easier than looking at my phone or Garmin (which I have set to show my steps onscreen permanently by default).

          So my point is, why not have the best of both worlds? After all, we've all got two wrists right! :P

        • @brotherrfranciz:

          So my point is, why not have the best of both worlds?

          lol wut. Do people stare at you?

        • +1


          haha the Garmin is like one of those wristbands, so it's not shaped like a watch.

          Edit: And yes, people do stare at me because I am so damn good looking… ;)

  • +1

    Any ladies watch deals?

    • Look at the list of 41 watches and you'll see quite a few with this ♀ signifying they are for ladies.

      • +1

        Thanks, PJC.

        • Also, most of the watches on this post are for ladies and they will definitely arrive before Valentine's Day. Members have reported deliveries within 3 days of purchase.

  • +1

    How do I get the Jomashop $20 off? I signed up to their newsletter but didn't receive anything.

    • +1

      They send a $20 code to your email account. Did it show as available when you signed up? I can't see it anymore because I signed up with a fake email account, so I assumed it worked. It wouldn't apply to Nos. 12 and 41.

      • +1

        Doesn't show anything when u sign up. But I just received the email, takes a while to come.

        • +1

          If it no longer shows, then it must have expired, so I will remove from my description. Thanks for letting me know and I'm sorry you missed out.

        • @PJC:
          Got another email this morning, with the voucher! Must have had server issues last night.

        • @padman: In that case I'll return it to the description. Thanks again.

  • Anyone bought watches from Dubai? Are they cheaper there?

    • +1

      My searches came up with nothing cheaper, except sometimes a private seller on eBay.

      • +1

        Thanks, I meant buying from physical shops there, I have a stopover in dubai

        • +1

          Nope, definitely Not cheaper. Very much like Hong Kong, brands pretty much standardise their prices worldwide.
          Only time you get a deal is if you're lucky enough to find a clearance item.

          A few years back, I saw a TAG man's watch at a Jewellery shop in Watergardens Melbourne for less than half it's RRP, I told a friend who is a M A D TAG buff, by the time he got there (within 24 hours) it was gone, I had the photo to prove it.

          We looked online and any where we found the watch was selling for about 3.5K, the shop had it for $1900.00 or so with an RRP of 4.5K.

  • +1

    The sexy one pictured is the $800 one :(


    Edit: but fantastic post, thanks OP.

      • +3

        I love you =)

        • +3

          You sure PJC is okay with this?

        • +3

          @sky blu: What did you have in mind that PJC might not be ok with? ;)

        • +3

          @Wystri Warrick: My secret should be safe with you.

        • +1

          @sky blu: I hope my secrets are safe.

  • Just added - No. 42 which is an unbeatable deal on a Tissot Quickster, found by Member WatchNerd.

  • Cashrewards now have 6% cashback on watches at Amazon and using a parcel pick up point saves US$1.00. (thanks to Member WatchNerd)

  • Too many choices, Could PJC just recommend one with sapphire, titanium and date function?

    • They all feature sapphire crystal. Regarding titanium, I have seen many excellent used watches on eBay that are unattractive and difficult to sell, with numerous scratches because titanium scratches easily. Though titanium is light, none of these Tissot watches are so heavy that they will feel burdensome.

      As for recommendations … gender of recipient? … sporty/casual/dress? … chronograph/normal? … quartz/automatic? … budget? … and must it still be titanium?

  • +1

    Been eyeing this off for this last few weeks https://www.jomashop.com/tissot-watch-t108-408-16-057-00.htm...
    Anyone got any opinions on it? or experience with movement? seems well rated online.

    • +1

      That is much cheaper than current eBay prices. A fantastic watch for the connoisseur, but I have no personal experience re the movement.

  • +1

    This post is quoted at


    "OzBargain regular PJC has assembled a list of 41 discounted Tissot"

    • Ha! He mentioned my G-Shock post too.

  • anyone recommend some places to buy watch straps? looking for leather (blue-ish)

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