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Hisense 55N7 55" ULED 4K TV for $985.50 / Hisense 55N6 55" UHD SMART LED TV $805.50 + More in Store Pickup @ The Good Guys


First time poster.

The Hisense 55N7 has now dropped to below $1000 for the first time since December that I can see on Ozbargain. Not as cheap as the $907.25 Bing Lee deal in December, but better than the $1195 being asked for at many other stores. The TV is a catalogue special for $1095, and until 7am Tuesday 6th February 2018 you can use the code SALE to get another 10% off for a final total of $985.50.

Other TVs are also work with the 10% off SALE code, including the Hisense 50N7 as well as other brands.

Edit - you can also try and pricematch the TV for $900 using Hirokuro's reciept here -

Edit 2 - Some Hisense 55N7 owners have reported some issues with their settings not saving and other issues. Hisense release a firmware upgrade a few days ago which has reportadly fixed some of these issues. Apparently there are improvements to 4K resolution as well. There's a thread on whirlpool about it here -

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    Been waiting for one of these, thanks OP. I don't suppse anyone knows the width between the stands? I can't find it in the specs unfortunately.

    • Yep thanks OP! I just bought the 55N7 from my local GGs. They have stock, so hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow. Happy days.

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    It's 38", If you are looking for a TV stand I recommend to get at least 45"

    • Too easy, cheers.

  • Is this good? Sorry, I have an old 40" Samsung Full HD TV that I haven't switched on for years, so I am out of the loop when it comes to TVs.

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      Do you even need a TV yet?

      • +11

        You're right, maybe not. Cheers :)

        • True ozbargainer right here.

    • You can buy this one and not turn it on just so you can say you haven't turned it on in years. =)

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    Don't forget CashRewards for 2.2% on TVs.

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    Thanks OP been waiting for a deal on the N7 so that I can price match at HN

  • Fantastic OP, I've been looking for the 55N7 for ages but as I'm stranded on this no-bing-lee island this is awesome. Ordered one, TGG web said they even had stock locally which is a first. Thanks a million.

    Funnily enough I was talking to a mate just before saying that this is what I want but can't get it without $300 shipping or otherwise inflated prices. Happy days.

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    I bought the Hisense 55N7 for $900 flat (+$35 in postage) by simply asking for a deal at JB the other day.

    Although this is still a good price for this model as it's normally $1195.

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      So you said you want a deal and they said how about we give it to you at 25% off?

      • +3

        Pretty much. I simply mentioned the cheapest price for this tv listed previously on Ozbargai n and the saleaman basically told me the lowest he could go.

        In saying this, I also previously asked a sales rep at a different jb store and was quoted $1000. Others woulnt even budge from the $1195 price tag besides offering free delivery. I guess it depends on who you get at the time.

        • +2

          I asked around at a few different stores in the last month what was the best deal they could offer, and mentioned ozbargin listed deals. Everytime I was told they would price match any current listed price but not expired deals. Well done, you found a sales rep that hadn't had their morning coffee yet!

        • Are you white or asian? And do you have a calm demeanor or are very very good looking.. How you do this

    • Can you show us a receipt for that? That's a great price.

    • Would love to a see a receipt for this if possible.

    • receipt please mate, if you could? Thanks!

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    I looked at the 55N7 in store today at HVN and the free to air looked jittery/delayed, was a bit put off by that.

    • +3

      I checked out the B7 OLED in store and it was playing FTA junk. It also looked terrible, so I wouldn't be too worried.

      • +1

        You kind of want your TV to be able to handle FTA well, it is a bit of a worry that new TVs don't do it well. It is pretty random finding one that does!

        • +2

          Free to air is low quality trash, do many people even care? It's been over 7 years since I've even had my TV connected to an aerial.

        • @G3ck0: Haha that reminds me that the only time there's anything aerial on the telly is when having guests with small kids over and the "just go watch some cartoons or something" comment comes out. Yeah, err, ok, umm, source TV, bah you bloody do it. At least my kids know better as they get more quality content from other sources.

        • @G3ck0: I respectfully disagree. FTA is actually pretty decent now. A lot has improved in 7 years. Of course, all of the boring "reality" TV is there (probably less than pay TV though), but there's some great channels now. For example, 7 Flix is good, SBS is outstanding and there are a lot more great channels. Then there's the apps.

          The main problem with FTA is reality TV and cricket. Both of which are super boring.

        • @imurgod: Isn't it still 33% ads though? Nothing is worth sitting through all those ads.

        • @G3ck0: lol true. Funnily, I remember foxtel back in the day being marketed as no ads and then they crept in.

        • @G3ck0:

          ABC Kids is a god send really.

        • @serpserpserp:

          +1 to that!

  • Also I saw that the 60" TCL (60P2OUS) was going for $1099 at JBHiFi the other day. If I had the money I would have really considered dropping it on that TV.

  • What are the exemptions for this code? The T&C's are not very clear. I assume it doesn't apply to Apple as it doesn't seem to work on the already discounted $199 AirPods.

    • Selected Home Appliances, Audio and TV


      • AirPods are clickable from that link. shrugs Oh well, will probably just bite the bullet at $199 and stop being such a tightarse. Thanks for the reply!

  • Just not big enough :(

    • +6

      That's what she said.

  • Do you guys think TVs will be on special nearing WC season or would it be the opposite since more people are likely to want to get a new TV nearing WC?

    • What is wc

      • +6

        Water Closet, usually. But I'm guessing they mean World Cup (Soccer)

        • What's a water closet? Lol I'm scared to google it.

        • It's a toilet. WC is used by some countries

        • @pongky:
          WC is used by Real Estate agents and related industry here.

      • Russia 2018

        • Is that in June July?

  • Awesome - Just what I was waiting for. Looking for a 55"-65" to go on the wall in our outdoor area, will mostly be for footy and youtube music videos, etc so doesn't need to be super high spec, but it does need to process FTA decently.

    Am I wrong to think the 65N5 is a pretty good deal for $985.50?

    • I'd be interested to know what people think of the difference too. 10" extra for the same price, all I can see different is that the bigger one is an N5 and the smaller is an N7. I'm guessing big improvements have been made between the two series?

      • N5 and N7 are both in the 2017 series but the N7 and above are ULED models: Ultra Wide Colour Gamut, Ultra Local Dimming, Ultra 4K Resolution and Ultra Smooth Motion Rate. 55N7 and 65N7 both have Samsung panels too.

        • So what's the upgrade paying almost 20% more for?

        • +1


          N5 and N6 are UHD, but not ULED. They have cheaper 50Hz panels lacking some of the ULED features like wide colour gamut. I think you have to see them side-by-side to decide for yourself whether the difference in picture quality is worth the extra bucks.

        • @dazweeja: so just more gamut for wide color? Anything else like higher refresh rate or lower input lag or chroma subsampling 4:4:4 for pc monitor usage.

  • I'd say the 50" N6 at $715 is a pretty good deal.
    Save yourself $80+ over the 55" model, and also have it fit easier

  • +5

    Come onand give us the 75N7 at a sale price already…

    • +1

      thiiisssss… been waiting for ages!

  • +2

    I’m really tossing up this tv or the LG 49UJ654T.. can anyone help?

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for something around the 43" mark? need to get my mum a new TV for her bedroom and doubt anything bigger is going to fit.

    Was thinking about the Hisense 43N6 but can anyone suggest something better? Plex and the catch up tv apps would be nice to have built in and gaming isn't a concern.

  • +1

    Is the Sony KD55x7000e a better TV / deal at $995 delivered?

  • arghh.. wish there was a cheap deal for 65N7! Need it $1600 again!

    • According to pricehipster, it went down to $1350 in Nov last year at tgg. So i will not buy 1 unless it is at that price. :)

      • What?? That's an insane price! Sure it wasn't a pricnig error? What is pricehipster? I had a quick look and couldn't see historical pricing

  • +1

    I just bought this TV a week ago from TGG for $1050. Looks like their 30 day price guarantee won't even cover this.

    • Zach, can you tell me How? There advertised price was 1195 I think at the time ?

      • I walked in wanting to buy a different model, but they didn't have it in stock so the salesman said he do this one for $1050. I was already planning on getting the extra $100 credit for the TV but this worked out a bit better. If I waited though I could of saved another $80 using this deal, oh well.

        • Thank you.

  • +5

    @Zachs..Nope TGG are a pack of lying low life's..I bought this at last deal and before it was even delivered they had dropped the price $150 below the special price, when I asked about the 30 day price match they advised as I bought it through their eBay site there is no price guarantee.
    I told them that it was linked to their online company catalogue….. was told that I should have read the T&C at the bottom of the catalogue which is so small I cant magnify it to a readable size.
    Be very careful of buying from TGG ..they are misleading scum.

    • TLDR : you didn't read the T&Cs and got upset.

      • @serp….I couldnt read the T&C it was too blurred when magnified and when I spoke to sales team why my tv was not delivered and asked they still didn't tell me …so yes Im pissed at TGG.

        Also when I rang and told the person who wouldn't give his name at Dandenong store regarding the loss of motion control function he sighed loudly many times with the Yeah yeah response, told me it was a cheap end tv and will get tech to ring me…he never got back to me either ..surprise surprise.

  • Hisense TVs seem to have improved in the past few years but my model from a few years ago is terrible for watching sport. Any issues with FTA sport for the current models?

    • Have the N7, cant fault it in any scenario. Have a fetch mighty connected to it and FTA is supurb along with Stan, Netflix etc.

      • That fetch box is pretty great, parants had choppy shit tv, convinced em the fetch box would be good (PVR was wanted plus $1 a month movie pack) and their FTA looks great now lol. Fetch box fixed their issues.

        • Does the fetch box have an antenna? How does it fix it?

        • @serpserpserp: I assume the tuner is just much better then the TV's. Dad set it up, so I'm not 100% but my mum loves it lol.

  • +3

    Had this TV for a few months and it's certainly good for the price, though not without it's drawbacks. You need to turn off smooth motion to get rid of the Soap Opera Effect (as you do with most TVs), but for some reason it seems to come back whenever I turn the TV on, and I have to go to settings, switch smooth motion back on, then off again for it to go away. YMMV.

    Also while the picture and colour are generally very good, it does struggle a bit with HDR content. Sunny scenes in Horizon Zero Dawn have a tendency to blow out completely, and reds and greens can also become uneven and overexposed (not quite the right term probably) when watching sources like the 4k Bluray of Planet Earth 2.

    In its favour, the picture is generally very sharp, motion is generally well handled and I find the OS easy to use. Guess I'm just spoilt by having a KS8000 in the lounge room, which is just 20 or 30% better in every way.

    • +1

      That's because each input has it's own settings, and past that, each picture mode has it's own settings. So it's a web of default settings you need to configure for each input and picture mode.

      I've had the TV for about 3 months. Overall very decent. Some nitpicks: the OS I find easy but navigation with the remote slow. TV takes just a little too long to start up. Sound is a bit tinny. DLNA media player is spotty. Overall I would probably shop around if given the opportunity for to buy again, but I can't say I have a great relative knowledge of other TVs in it's price range.

      • That really helps a lot, thanks for sharing. What about the smart features, do you think it will handle youtube and 4k netflix? Since it's not android based I would think that it's just hisense proprietary software running it.

        • Handles youtube and 4k netflix no problems. HDR hasn't kicked in when watching Youtube though so that might be an app issue, works fine with Netflix HDR.
          One other thing to note is that while it has a built in media player (so you can just plug a hard drive in to the usb port) it can't play 4k content though this input. So i needed to buy a 4k blu ray player to act as a media player for 4k files.

        • @Birdseye: Are you sure? My older series 7 plays 4k via USB and even over the built in Plex (though i've not tried much with plex since i got a shield).

        • This has HDR too? wow what a great value, thanks for your response

        • @Xizor: I'll double check tonight but yeah, that's my experience

      • Yeah that's what I had thought, except it does it when it's the same input and picture mode as used before the TV is switched off. And 'Ultra Smooth Motion' shows as being switched off, but is actually activated (clear from watching a show) until I turn it on, then off again.

        Kind of in the same boat - reasonably happy with the purchase for the price but thinking an extra 200-300 more might have got me something substantially better.

    • +5

      The Smooth Motion setting not being remembered is a bug.
      "Hi guys,
      A few days ago I found a workaround to my 65N7 failing to load the correct configuration for Ultra Smooth Motion on startup from standby mode. The following day I called Hisense support to tell them about the workaround, which causes other issues, and to restate that it is very important to me that they fix the problem. I got the impression that the guys I have spoken to at Hisense are onboard and will pursue this issue on our behalf.
      The workaround definitely fixes the Ultra Smooth Motion bug on my TV, but 2 downsides I have noticed are:
      - it seems to take a few more seconds for the TV to boot up and be fully operational.
      - the EPG is not fully loaded when you turn the TV on. i.e. If you turned the TV off while watching Channel 9, only Channel 9's various broadcasts will be loaded in the EPG when you turn it back on.
      Choose your poison. If you'd rather press almost 30 buttons to fix the USM issue, you need to nothing. If you'd like to fix the USM issue, but lose the fully loaded EPG and have a slightly slower bootup time for the TV, then perform the following steps that Hisense support emailed to me on the day that I contacted them to tell them of this workaround:
      1. Press the COG WHEEL
      2. Press OK on SETTINGS
      3. Press OK on SOUND
      5. Highlight BALANCE ensuring it’s set to 0
      6. Key in the numbers 1-9-6-9
      7. The letter M will appear on the top left corner
      8. Push the RIGHT ARROW to get to the DESIGN menu
      9. Scroll down to FASTBOOT and turn it OFF
      10. Turn the TV OFF and ON to clear the M"

      This fixed it on mine (N6 and N7).

      • Thanks Turbodude! I don't even have it hooked up for FTA so will definitely give this a go

      • Can confirm this fixed the settings saving issue on mine (after a couple of false starts). Takes ages but worth it. Might just be expectation bias but I think the picture looks a little better too

  • +1

    Looking at getting the 43" N6 so will use this deal to try and beat the price at JB for cash. Hoping for $600 so will see how we go.

    • +2

      At a minimum you should be able to use $619 @ Buy Smarte as a base to match/bid - - I did this a couple of weeks ago when I couldn't get one from Buy Smarte quickly enough and price matched in JB. In fairness, I was also impressed by the customer service of Buy Smarte and would have gone with them if I could have.

      • So you ended up getting the 43"? How is it and any complaints? Had planned to use it as a pc screen but just noticed the refresh rate is only 50hz..

        • +1

          I haven't used it enough yet to rate it - I got a bit ahead of myself with eBaying my TVs and ended up without one for the kids so mostly it's been kids movies, etc. That said, so far so good. Personally I'd find it far too big for monitor usage.

    • I went to HN on last Friday, they quoted me 43" N6 for $660. I did not buy it as I think I can get it cheaper.

      • Could definitely get it cheaper from JB with cash.

  • Pros:
    I have one of these and it handles 4K picture quality superbly. Sound is also surprisingly good.

    There is a tiny bit of input lag that I notice when using an android tv box, so might not be ideal if you want to use it for games.

  • No stores in QLD seem to have stock, so can only get it delivered.

    • Just had another look and there is 1 store that has it in stock now and it just happens to be my local store. Happy Days :)

  • I've had a 55N7 since Xmas. Replaced a Samsung 55" that was giving a "negative" photo type image after 5 years of fantastic use (but since buying the 55N7 and moving the Samsung to another room and back onto its stand, its been working fine since - hmmm!)

    The 55N7 is decent for the price. Picture quality is good. I think I read somewhere the N7 model uses a Samsung panel anyway (but not 100% sure on that). Fine for FTA here. Sound is crappy and tinny compared to the Samsung it replaced. Would suggest at very least a soundbar or surround sound system (has ARC for easy connection to sound system).

  • Will these type of deals be available for laybys?

  • Does anyone know if 55N7 will fit at the back of a honda civic with the box?

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